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Light Wave Synergy

Now online !

Healing and Consultatons
e have many gifted healers mastering their personal ascension offering their service over the telephone or internet 



Director of SSOA,  USA

Rowen Fox

Heather Harmony Canada

Carol Kopp
Oregon, USA

Edward Kopp
Oregon, USA

Krizanac Croatia

Jenny Martin
Idaho, USA

Rares Sebastian  Romania

Henrik Westberg




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Try the Messages from the Dolphins and Whales, Messages from the Earth Mother or Messages from the Great White Buffalo sections.
Also see the
Language of Light section for a new unity based language that fosters ascension.




Products that Support Ascension

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To be added to our mailing list and receive the latest articles first hand, please e-mail us your e-mail address only as we are no longer guided to send printed matter by the earth mother due to the ongoing destruction of the tree kingdom in manufacturing paper.

Group Mastery Study Program

We offer two levels of study including a self study of the materials produced by the Earth Mother in support of ascension.  Each study program offers one to one consultations with the Earth Mother, The Heart of the Tao and Ancestors through Lilliya to aid in one's personal transformation.

2010 Year of the Deer Moon Calendar


About Nomi

We are sorry for the delay in communication about Nomi.
Nomi has become ill and ... Please click here > About Nomi

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We have altered our email address to:
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Exiting the Dance of Extreme Polarity    

A new essay from a new section "Letters from the Consciousness of Buddha" that explores the polarity cross and how to step into the new holographic wheel of truth in its place. 


From the Owl and Elk Kingdoms  

New from the Inspirations from Nature Part II section offering blessings for ascending into sustainable biology.  This section is designed to work with our Blessings from Nature Tarot.  Enjoy!


Language of ONE Definitions 91-98

Earth continues to map the new Language of ONE thought-form from recent crop circles associated with the Great Central Sun Dream.  Definitions 91-98 share with us new movements associated with changes in dream time. 


Summer 2010 Community Journal

Our free quarterly journal with over 90 pages of articles from nature, essays from those in our study programs, poetry, vegetarian recipes and more. Enjoy! 


The following is the text format versions of the many essays appearing in our journal. Those contributing offer one-to-one healing consultations over the telephone or internet.  See "Consultations" for more information.  For earlier articles see "Messages from Our Affiliates".


The Ancestral Perspective on Polarity Reversals  Ancestor Sara offers up suggestions to aid in the polarity reversals ahead effecting all of earth.


Instrumental Seasons

Instrumental Music CD recorded by Ed and Carol Kopp featuring music behind the latest Mastering Compassion meditation CD


Mastering Compassion

Our newest Audio CD fearing two guided meditations with Anasonya, the Inner Earth Mother through Lilliya.  These are advanced meditations in support of the map carvers of ascension in mastering an inner state of compassion.  Special thanks to Ed Kopp for the beautiful acoustic music that is featured behind the two meditations.


Earth Enters the New Dream

From the Inner Earth Tao offering information on recent global shifts.  New from the Messages from the Heart of the Tao section offering blessings for entering the new dream with the Earth Mother..


The Ascension of the Seven Buddhas

A new essay from a new section "Letters from the Consciousness of Buddha" that describes the seven incarnations of the Buddha lineages and their ascensions and purpose as ancestors today.




Polarity Changes Ahead

The Inner Earth Mother offers up suggestions on how to unify polarity to create a wholeness dream ahead.  With a guided meditation to help unify the polarities within of light medium and dark.


Keys for Managing Dreams of Natural Disasters 

The Inner Earth Mother offers up keys and a meditation to anchor dreams for mild earth movements and weather change to offset natural disasters in your region of origin.