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Rowen Fox

 Ascension Consultations

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  Bearer of Evolution

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void_dancer @hotmail.com





Rowen Fox

e-mail:  void_dancer@hotmail.com


Hello, my name is Rowen and I offer ascension consultations in collaboration with the Earth Mother, the Nature Kingdoms and the amalgamated ancestors.


From as early as I can remember I have had an awareness of, and communication with the non-physical. However, such communication has not always been harmless. Learning discernment in guidance has been an ongoing ascension focus for me and in many respects was one of the most enduring lessons of my early studies within SSOA. Many children are terrorised by the non-physical into giving up their power at an early age, and this occurred for me too. The human form is designed to channel spirit and yet for many of us, as a result of such childhood trauma, we set no boundaries surrounding how that channelling is to occur. This is quite a distortion on the truth of the human species in regard to the non-physical, as in reality the power of command over that plane rests here in the physical.


Although I have felt deeply connected to the nature kingdoms my whole life, it is also fair to say that from the age of about 7 onwards my connections to nature were superseded by the communications of the false gods. Those communications led me to be forever comparing myself to the seemingly sophisticated and self-realised world around me. In such comparisons I invariably came up short, for I was made fully aware of my own apparent shortcomings.


As a result, I spent much of my young life and teenage years trying to be all that others might want me to be. This included throwing my energies into music and drama, which seemed at the time to be the very best means of achieving maximum appreciation for minimum effort. Such triumphs were at best short-lived, as needing the approval of others was only a mirror for my own internal need to feel loved from within.


At the age of 19 and while studying music composition at a local university, I was diagnosed with what appeared at the time to be manic depression. I was also supporting myself financially at this time by giving readings for a psychic “hotline” and it’s probable that it was my own opening up of the unconscious during this period that contributed to my depression. In any case it was the process of removing myself from antidepressants that was the beginning of my own conscious ascension journey. I started to examine every negative thought I experienced and erased those which were most obviously designed to keep me powerless or miserable. Within a year I had also come into contact with Lilliya’s earliest channelling, which then enabled me to anchor my physical ascension journey in earnest.


I am enormously grateful for the channelling that Earth and Nature continue to make available through Lilliya to ascending humans, and for my own experiences in and out of the Spiritual School of Ascension. In particular I have rediscovered and deepened the connection I have to the nature kingdoms, and to my Tao within. This connection, now re-established, can never be taken from me, and this is one of the greatest gifts. Ascension allows everyone to begin to hear the communications of nature again, over and above the clamour of the false gods.


The restoration of my life purpose, which is ascension, has begun also to restore the love from within that perhaps wasn’t accessible before due to my own internal patterning. It gives me great joy to be able to share and assist others on the same path. In addition to offering consultations I also continue to compose classical and chamber music channelled in collaboration with Earth and Nature and this brings great internal fulfilment.


I offer one-hour consultations for $65 AUD or USD. Each consultation is individually tailored to focus upon those issues, which one is clearing in present time and under the guidance of Earth and Nature. In particular, I work very closely with those nature kingdoms who may have a physical presence in the region where one lives, and these can include Kookaburra, Bear, Hawk, Wild Pig, Horse, Crow and Mouse (who is in nearly everyone’s home!).


If you feel resonant with the information offered here, please contact me to arrange a reading time. I can be reached at void_dancer@hotmail.com


Many Blessings