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About our Affiliates

If one is in crisis or wishes to have a better understanding of one's personal process of ascension, we invite you to consider working with those offering consultations and healing from our site.  Please read all the biographies to discover those who you most 'resonate' with. As always, use your heart and intuition to guide you.  Those offering healing from our site are inside our Mastering the Living Dream program and anchor earth, the nature kingdoms and one's own over soul and angels in any session.

There are many comings and goings in group ascension.  Those who have different paths and truths separate from the school each year into a journey of their own making as they have completed their contribution to the current map of ascension we are carving.  It is for this reason that our affiliates will change from time to time upon our site.  There are also always new affiliates joining our program to take the map carving process to the next leg of work, and some of these also add their biographies for healing if it is appropriate to their life purpose.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.  We also wish each who has danced with us in the past the very best.



The Earth Mother

The Tao

The Director

Director, Spiritual School of Ascension -  USA

Our Affiliates

Rowen Fox

Ascension Consultations, Healing with Earth and Nature, Understanding the Unconscious, Australia

Heather Harmony

Ascension Consultations and Counselling, Connecting to the Tao Within, Biological Self-love,


Carol Kopp 

Ascension Consultations specializing in Inner Family Healing and Relationship Issues, Oregon USA 

Healing the Inner Male and Female Series  The Living Orchestra Series  The Complete Ascension Workbook Series


Edward Kopp 

Ascension Consultations to Remember One's Truth and Heal the Inner Beloved, Oregon USA 

Healing the Inner Male and Female and Beloved Series  The Living Orchestra Series  The Complete Ascension Workbook Series



Silvija Krizanac "Nanya"

Consultations in English and Croatian, Working with Nature and the Lemurian Ancestors along with Anasonya s(Inner earth Mother)  Croatian Translation



Jenny Martin 

Ascension Consultations, Working with the Ancestors, Working with Earth and Nature to Heal, Idaho USA

Special Series Working with the Ancestors  Healing the Inner Family Series 


Rareş Sebastian
Ascension Consultations, Energy Acupuncture, Fairy Circle Healing, Story Telling, Body Care, Working with the Tibetan Ancestors ,

Romanian Version coming soon

Henrik Westberg

Ascension Consultations to Remember One's Beautiful Internal Music - Sweden

Swedish Version