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The Complete Ascension Workbook

Series of Consultations

with Carol Kopp and Ed Kopp


A Series of Readings to Compliment

Working with the Complete Ascension Workbook I and II


You could say the ascension process is a journey back to wholeness and a reuniting of the lost parts of self. Sometimes this process is not easy as the lost and fractured parts of self are the pieces that splintered off due to trauma, and sometimes the complexity of ascension can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately the Earth Mother and Lilliya have compiled the Complete Ascension Workbook to assist with this important journey back into wholeness.


The Workbook is an essential ascension tool that is very useful in addressing patterning that one requires transcendence to achieve a complete biological ascension in this lifetime and does it in an easy to follow format. Ed and Carol are passionate about the Workbook and they continue to use the Workbook as there are always more layers to work upon in one’s ascension journey. We are offering two series to assist those who could benefit from the incredible amount of information and healing offered therein and we hope many others find the benefits of this beautiful tool of ascension.


Working with the Workbook Mini Series: 3 Sessions $180


The mini series is for anyone whom has the Complete Ascension Workbook. We can address anything that you wish and assist you with any areas that you may have gotten stuck on or need more clarification to fully understand, forgive and transcend.  We can address Workbook 1, Workbook 2 or any combination that serves you in your journey.


Working with the Complete Ascension Workbook Series: 6 Sessions $350


This series is designed for those who wish to get a thorough understanding of the major concepts in the Complete Ascension Workbook and get assistance in applying the concepts to their own life. This series is flexible for wherever one is at in one’s ascension and the following is an example of some possible topics that can be addressed in this series


Session 1: Understanding the Archetypes and Group Dynamics

Related to Chapters 1, 3 and 4 of Workbook 1


All relationships have a karmic foundation due to a list of karmic characters that have colored the human dance on Earth. As one learns who the major characters are in one’s life one can then go about beginning to clear the related karma so one is freer to create new relationships that allow for joy, honor, freedom and unity. In this session we can address the key karmic characters in your life and the underlying karma necessary to forgive so you can be freer to have more joyful relationships in your life.


Session 2: Learning How to Transmute Thought-Form

Related to Chapters 2 in Workbook 1 and Chapters 2 and 3 in Workbook 2


Our lives are defined by our thought-form. Change your thought-form and you begin to change your life. In this session we will address your current thought-forms and explain techniques that allow you to transcend fear based thought-form into more unity based thought-form based on the Language of Light. As your thoughts become more unity based so will your relationships, life and biology also become more unity based which leads to greater health and more peaceful relations with others in the dance of life.


Session 3: Managing One’s Field and Biological Ascent

Related to Chapters 5 and 6 Workbook 1 and Chapter 4 Workbook 2


It is the physical body that ascends and it is the physical body that must be included in all parts of one’s ascent otherwise one will only schism over important biological aspects which will lead to disease over time. In this session we will begin to address how to manage one’s energy field and the space between as well as address any physical issues that one may be dealing with so the body can come into greater balance.


Session 4: Learning to Manage One’s Dream

Related to Chapter 7 Workbook 1


There is not one aspect of one’s life that is not affected by one’s dream.  As one learns how to manage one’s dream for the body and the life then one can create a healthy body and fulfilling life. In this session we will explain techniques to better manage one’s dream so that you can learn to be the dreamer and then live to experience the dreams you have dreamt.


Session 5: Beginning to Heal the Inner Family 

Related to Chapters 1, 2 and 3 Workbook 2


As one ascends one begins to understand that each person in one’s life is a mirror for an internal part of self. One’s inner self could be described as one’s inner family where all of one’s age ranges are within the internal family that is you. Ascension is an internal journey and working with the inner family has been found to be very useful in addressing the fractured or wounded parts of self that need to be retrieved and healed. The Earth Mother has addressed many of the core emotional patterns that need to be transcended and we will explain these techniques in this session allowing one to get more familiar with working with one’s own inner family.   


Session 6: Learning the Lessons of the Grand Masters and

Transcending Seduction and Non-Love Patterning

Related to Chapters 5, 6 and 7 Workbook 2


If you are reading this you may have some Grand Master inheritance and if so then you may be driven to understand the history and the spiritual lessons that are related to your ancestors so you may forgive and create a new future for yourself and your inheritance. We can also address seduction and non-love patterning which will highlight where you may be seduced or use seduction to manifest what you desire. As the seduction fades then one’s authentic self can shine forth by embodying the integrity inherent in you truth which then allows one to start to embody their truth in action and fulfill upon it in this lifetime.


E-mail Carol Kopp aflowerdream@yahoo.com

or Ed Kopp soundslikeunity@yahoo.com

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