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Carol Anita



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Oregon, USA


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Carol Anita Kopp

e-mail:  aflowerdream@yahoo.com



I grew up near the forest on the edge of a large city in England. I remained close there until a couple of years ago. My journey has been one of a relatively shy individual, learning and discovering and wishing to change the world around myself. In a way, this is how I have seen map carving…working on creating a new path through, so change can happen. 


We all want a better day for ourselves and our ancestries, especially if our ancestry has lead us to experience trauma, or feel powerless, or small, in the dance of life.  I guess also, it will be that we know from deep within that we have the power to change things into something more unity based and gentle through transcending within our own genetics. Being a part of this change has been my life’s passion.  I see now that a lot of my truth is to help heal the journey of relationship.


This has lead me to experience some things I would not have chosen for myself in my life. However they have all lead me to feel passionately about what I am working on as a map carver. I feel grateful to have been given an opportunity to help change the dance for our ancestries and for earth.


For me, community is also about people healing the dance of relationship, in all it’s variations, so that we can live in joy together along with earth & nature, and feel supported, whilst being allowed our sovereignty.  Feeling the pod based flow whilst holding space for a International Ascension Conference helped me to see that this was indeed possible. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to leave this nurturing & supportive feeling within a group, how different it is to how groups have felt to me before. However I see that the dream I was aware of years ago for how things could be, is possible, and is therefore worth pushing for.


I started out working in the catering & hotel trade for a while and then moved on to a clerical position for a benefits agency. I was very drained in this job which I held for a long time. So I chose to study some therapies to become more sovereign in my income and to do what I was more resonant with doing, which was to work within the healing modalities. This I was successful at for quite a while until moving away.


I now live in the USA due to marrying a US citizen, and have worked in preschools as a way of healing the inner child.  Moving away from friends and family to a new place has been culturally different and an adjustment has been necessary. I am thankful and appreciative to all the people I have known in my life. There have been times when I have missed the familiarity of people, and places and ‘words & phrases’ I have known around me in prior times.


Why?  After a certain length of time I think we can get pretty fixed in the ways of our culture. And can often feel the need for a familiarity 'fix' to help us feel secure or that we belong. You see often people who move from one country to another country will find each other and form there own 'community' abroad.


This is how ascending community will be a great bonus, to transcend this need to culturally band together to feel accepted or understood. It will be quite apart from the outside world and so our programmed cultures will begin to drop away more completely so that we can really create a new way of being as an ascending group. Maybe this is very necessary. Or this is what I have seen from within my experience. I know that change is important so that we can bring in a new way of being.


Nature spoke to me a few weeks before going to my first International Ascension Conference in 2002. I was told that it was time for me to leave my home country and that I would be missed, and to prepare myself for this change. I was given time to release some attachments and do some emotional purging before I actually left, less than a year later.  I met my partner at that International Ascension Conference and my life moved into a huge shift.  I am grateful for my partner, and the learning we have had to go through has sometimes felt extensive, but necessary.


We are both determined on our path together to discover what needs to be discovered to heal our ancestries, and live our truth and truths.  In Sept 1997 my ancestors lead me to a place where I was shown through some kind of porthole in time (whilst in the mountains) the possibility that divine union between the male and female was achievable. This is what myself and my partner are working on helping map carve a way towards, in this lifetime.


If any of this resonates with you and you would like a reading, please contact me at: aflowerdream@yahoo.com.  The donation for a consultation is $70 per hour.  A series of 6 one-hour consultations can be orchestrated over a 4 to 6 months period for a donation of $350.


The Complete Ascension Workbook Series  A special series of three or six consultations with Ed and Carol Kopp designed to focus upon working with the Earth Mother's Complete Ascension Workbook I and II.


The Living Orchestra Series of Consultations A special series of six consultations with Ed and Carol Kopp designed to focus upon managing the music of one's field to create a more greatly harmonious life dream.


Inner Male and Female Healing Series  A special series of consultations with Ed and Carol Kopp designed to focus upon healing the inner male, inner female and inner beloved to restore greater peace and balance within and create more harmonious relationships without in one's own partnership or family; also for those desiring to clear patterning to create the ascending beloved.


Chinese Herbs and Regeneration Oils  I have been tincturing the Chinese Herbs for Ascension for some time and now offer these lovely healing agents to others outside of SSOA.  I also have created regeneration oils and creams from the tree kingdom recipes that Lilliya has brought through over time.


I look forward to hearing from you