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Healing the Inner Male and Female

Series of Consultations

with Carol Kopp and Ed Kopp


A series of consultations

designed to focus upon healing the inner male, inner female and inner beloved

to restore greater peace and balance within

and create more harmonious relationships without in one's own partnership or family

also for those desiring to clear patterning to create the ascending beloved



Ed and Carol have been ascending as a couple since 2003 and each have had a deep interest in male & female dynamics for much of our lives. After meeting we realized that our birth charts are "trined" which means that we are in essence "opposites". What Carol is in the conscious Ed is in the unconscious and vice versa. Although we may seem different to each other we are in reality each other's mirror for our own unconscious. This allows us to unveil and clear many more patterns than would have been possible otherwise as we are living with our "visible unconscious" in each other. This is a grand gift as it allows for a much deeper level of understanding and awareness of who we each are within ourselves and also in relating to each other. It is through this understanding that we wish to offer the following series in the hopes of assisting others who wish to heal the rift between the male and female within, heal painful relationships from the past or present, or come to a more whole and balanced state within one's own inner family which then correlates to more harmonious relationships with those in one's life.


We are passionate about understanding the dance between the male & female and inner beloved and we have different gifts and talents as clairvoyants, that is why some of the series offer an opportunity to have a reading with each of us to get a more complete perspective from the ancestors who wish to share about the subject of relationship.  We work closely with the Earth Mother and our Ancestral Counsels in all consultations offered.

We look forward to connecting with each that feels they may benefit from these series.


Ed and Carol


Series Designed For Men


This is a three part series that the ancestors will channel through Ed to help the ascending male understand his role and the karma and patterning that is addressed and needs to be transcended for those ascending in a male form this lifetime. Issues surrounding work, family, opening the heart, misuse of power, loving one's body, lust vs. love, relating to the feminine and any other issues can be addressed in relation to your personal needs or circumstances. At this time in history there is a sincere need to gather more powerful and compassionate males that are able to open their heart. The ancestors hope this series assists in allowing more men to come forward and ascend and contribute to the ascent of Earth. 


The three consultations are each 60 minutes long and can be spaced one to three weeks a part to allow time for integration.  Cost for this series is $180


Series Designed for Women

This is a three part series that the ancestors shall channel through Carol to help the ascending female within understand her gifts and ascending role in feminine form. Do you allow your inner female to fill your dream so that it can be filled with what you desire to see manifest? How do you relate to the male and his gifts? Do you live from the future or a future possible dream? What can the female ancestors help you with in your life as a female this lifetime? There are female ancestors that understood a happy life in the role of female that may choose to come forward and share. What are the issues of the inner female? They are often around retrieving power but may not be as each is unique in their expression in feminine form. We the ancestors can help address your feminine issues.

The three consultations are each 60 minutes long and can be spaced one to three weeks a part to allow time for integration.  Cost for series $180

Series designed to look at Male and Female or Inner Beloved Issues

This is a three part series designed to look at the issues between the male and female in relationship to each other also known as the Inner Beloved. We can address the inner male and  female dance or address any personal relationships that maybe difficult due to karmic circumstances and patterning. The ancestors will assist in highlighting patterning and karma necessary to clear so that through understanding and forgiveness a greater sense of completion can occur and then a more joyful dance can be created. You can work with either Ed or Carol as the channel or a combination of each if desired.

The three consultations are each 60 minutes long and can be spaced one to three weeks a part to allow time for integration.  Cost for series $180

Divine Union Series

This is a 5 part series designed to look at both the inner male and female issues  and nature of the relationship and also the relationship between the inner male and female or inner beloved. Each person is unique with different experiences in their relationships within the inner family. The ancestors have experienced all things over time and in this series we will share in the ancestral wisdom in regards to relationship and sustaining a state of divine union. In one's red ancestry one will have memories and ancestors that had successful harmonious relationships. As these records are brought forth then the pain of the current dance one might be in can more easily forgiven and transcended when viewed from the bigger picture of one's ancestral tapestry. Through the forgiveness one enters a deeper state of "Divine Union" where one is at peace with what is in the moment.

We can offer this series of readings to be shared between the two of us so that you can receive a different channeling through our unique expressions, some from a female vibration and others from a male vibration. Due to this you may get different approaches that help understand the inner male and female that dovetail between us within this series. 

The five  consultations are 60 minutes long and can be spaced one to three weeks a part to allow time for integration.  Cost for series $300


E-mail Carol Kopp aflowerdream@yahoo.com

or Ed Kopp soundslikeunity@yahoo.com

for more information or to book a series