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The Spiritual School of Ascension is a collaborative organization under the direction of Lilliya and Anasonya, the Inner Earth Mother and Tao.  The purpose of the organization is to bring forth human ascension and support the global ascension of Earth.

Ascension is the process by which any planet, star, civilization or species evolves. In the evolutionary process, the biology of the form is altered allowing the form to increase upward in vibration and temperature from week, to month, to year, to decade. As this is accomplished gradually and over time, the form enters first a fourth dimensional existence and eventually another dimensional existence in its choice to return "home" to where it was spawned.

Earth is choosing to return "home" to where she was spawned.  Earth was spawned нарзанная галерея в кисловодске from a spark of thought-form in the Tao. The Tao is what Lilliya has defined as a part of herself and all that exists that sits outside of space and time and form and directs creation.  Earth is learning to attune to herself or her Tao within to guide her in her return journey "home".

Earth and your sun are two of 4 suns ascending simultaneously within your creation.  This is the underlying cause of "global warming" as each creation recovers from the many falls in consciousness in their experience, the temperature within rises.  Earth is heating up due to her ascension, as ascension brings about an increasing vibration and higher rotation of molecular structure, which is the underlying cause of the increasing heat of earth.

The process of ascension is not new, nor is it a rapid process. Earth has been increasing in vibration since her last ice age. It may take thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands for Earth to return "home" to the Tao.  In the meantime, Earth is moving into a new dream and field rotation related to the Great Central Sun that she fell from millions of years ago and upon other dimensions of thought-form.

Humanity must come along for the ride for the journey into a new dream and field rotation associated. Each species is choosing to ascend at this time in history, which includes the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms. The collective of human ascension is also beginning to be fostered now and shall allow for a gradual rise in awareness and into a new era ahead that is unity based.  Collective ascension is being fostered by earth through the birth of ascending little ones who shall trigger ascension in their parents, classmates and teachers along with friends and other associations.

The pathway for human ascension is becoming clearer.  The map carvers in affiliation with the Spiritual School of Ascension have created a map to a particular level of evolution that we have called "Bodhisattva".  The Bodhisattva masters compassion in action.  The Bodhisattva makes agreements to exist in world service unto the Earth Mother and in so being supports the evolution of the whole.  The Bodhisattva creates a unity based life and learns to dream weave their own dreams, becoming the creator that the human vessel was meant to express as a spiritual being.  Many others will follow the map that those within this school have carved and continue to map carve in relation to becoming the creator of one's own life experience.

We have many sections of earlier materials upon our site that we invite you to explore. For first-time viewers, the articles within the "Nature Articles" sections "Messages from the Earth Mother"  and "Messages from the Great White Buffalo" gives a nice overview of the experience of ascension in the human dance. The "Messages from the Dolphins and Whales" gives voice to our fully conscious brothers and sisters of the aquatic realm who have much to say to ascending humans.  The  "Inspirations from the Nature Kingdoms" and "Messages from the Creepy Crawlers" sections allows the nature kingdoms to speak forth their truth and purpose in relation to ascension and in collaboration with mankind.  The "Messages from the Ancient Ancestors" give voice to the large headed Grand Master humans seeded upon earth from Sirius with great spiritual knowledge. 

More recently, we have introduced a "Creating Community" section.  This section is devoted to bringing forth information on sustainable living practices. Within the Creating Community section we have many new series of articles including  "Messages from the Plants and Trees" that are focused upon self sustainable thought-form.  The "Messages from the Mineral Realms" offers an attunement to the quad tones of the Language of Light.  The "Messages from the Dolphins and Whales II" section and carries on with new information shared from our fully conscious brothers and sisters of the sea.  Many in our study program also contribute to our free quarterly journal that is filled with essays about life upon the ascension path, poetry, articles from nature and children's stories in our "Community Journal" section. 

We have some additional sections pouring through Lilliya that are geared to a more general audience.  The "Letters from the Hawaiian Ancestors" fulfills upon  agreements made between Lilliya and the Hawaiian nation long ago to bring forth information that will allow for the momentum towards sovereignty and freedom to live from what the land and sea can provide.  The Native American ancestors have begun a new section to provide ancient holographic red root race knowledge to those who are ascending at this time in history in the "Letters from the Native American Ancestors" section. 

The "Language of Light" is a unity based thought-form that is emerging amongst all ascending species upon Earth. The Language of Light is constructed based upon symbol, energetic movement, color, tone and sound. Within this section, we present a static representation of the first 48 single tones, and have added dual and tri-tones as they were mastered. One will notice that there are no destructive based thought-form within the Language of Light.

The Language of ONE section is a new holographic language related to energy flow that forms crop circles around the globe.  Crop circles are static images of holographic movement and a new language that earth is ascending into at this time of global evolution.  The Language of ONE is one step beyond the Language of Light in vibration and flow, and is associated with the dream of the Great Central Sun. 

There are three new written sections offering information in Language of ONE thought-form.  Recently the Tao has created a section of written materials to explore what it means to become the creator within of one's life and dreams "Messages from the Heart of the Tao".  The Nature Kingdoms also responded by creating a new section in Language of ONE thought-form "Inspirations from Nature II".  And recently the Earth Mother has added her series on becoming the creator within "Messages from the Earth Mother IV."  You can see in this that we are an evolving organization and the materials presented upon the web site also evolve into new thought-form that better sustain ascension in each cycle ahead.

The Spiritual School of Ascension produces two larger events per year called "International Ascension Conference". International Ascension Conference allows each affiliate of the Spiritual School of Ascension to take their spiritual initiations, make presentations and share their gifts and talents with those gathered. Those gathered serve the ascension of all of Earth by co-agreeing to release the next layer of human karma necessary for Earth to move up in vibration. Given that many in human form are not ascending, these events assist in supporting Earth in a manner that would not be possible otherwise. They are also joyous moments in which many come together in unity to accomplish a common purpose supporting both human and global evolution alike. And so we invite each reading the site to consider joining us for one or both of these events in the upcoming year or years ahead.

The director, Lilliya, offers two levels of study programs in "Group Mastery".  All programs are facilitated through Lilliya by the Earth Mother, the Ancestors, the Nature Kingdoms and the Tao.  Mastering Unity Within Self Study is designed to support those working with the  Complete Ascension Workbook.  Workbook I is a 700 pages of written information with worksheets for introspection written by the Earth Mother consciousness to support ascending humans.  The information has been drawn from everything that has come to be known about creating a complete ascension from all that have studied with Lilliya over time in the Group Mastery Program.   Workbook II has also been recently released and focuses upon the emotional changes associated with the internal mastery of ascension.

For those that desire to take the dance of ascension one step further and master conscious dream weaving, there is another program known as Mastering the Living Dream.    The purpose of this program is to more greatly open up to one's unconscious and learn to consciously manage one's dream for one's body and ascent ahead along with one's life expression upon the physical plane.  Humans are a fully conscious species and are designed to consciously dream weave as the creator of your existence, and this program aids in the restoration of these capabilities within the human species. 

It is our heartfelt desire to see humanity ascend to a new level of awareness known as unity consciousness. In unity, one enters a peaceful state of co-existence with all species upon Earth. And it is for this purpose that our organization has been founded, to serve in the momentum towards unity within the human dance. And in so accomplishing this task, a new era of peace, joy, abundance and love can unfold for the human civilization.

We thank each whom has contributed to our journey, both past and present. The dance of ascension brings forth many completions following by a new cycle of evolution. As such, there are many whom are no longer present in our lives, but have provided the necessary insights to enable the map of ascension to be carved. We honor these individuals greatly for their contribution. We also look forward to the continued dance with those that join us at our International Ascension Conference or Group Mastery Program this year and in the decade ahead!


Anasonya, The Inner  Earth Mother

The Tao

International Ascension Conference

To experience our collaboration first hand, please join us for our most magical events! 

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