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Messages from the Mineral Kingdom


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The Complete Ascension WorkbooK II

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This new workbook has been compiled by the Earth Mother from the map carvers of ascension over the many years and focuses upon the emotional issues required transcendence over to master Bodhisattva level evolution


   Mastering Intention

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Blessings from Nature Tarot

Our long awaited tarot deck from our Inspirations from the Nature Kingdoms section!  This deck is designed to work with the Language of Light Tarot.  Enjoy!


This section offers a series of articles direct from the Mineral Kingdom in association with the ascension of earth and mankind.  The mineral kingdom holds great understanding of the movement of energy required to ascend.  It is their hope and dream that in working directly with their kingdom that they may support one's evolutionary journey home.

Each new article beginning with the Rose Quartz piece begins to define the "Quad Tones" of the Language of Light.  Quad Tones are macro commands that command all single, dual and tri tones of the language of light into a particular movement that allows holographic knowing to flow.  Quad Tones are necessary to learn the movements of before one can begin to learn the Language of ONE and cross into the new dream of the Great Central Sun.

NOTE:  In our articles, the family of Anu is called "Annanuki".  Other authors have called this group of humans "Ananaki" or "Annanaki".  The actual name of this family was "An-na-nu-ki" from the karmic archives of the human species.  If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one's ancestry.  It is for this reason that our articles spell the name as we do.


The awakening of Lilliya began over a decade ago as she opened to her inner reality or the nonphysical dreamtime realms that surround the human species.  She studied her own energetic changes in association with ascension, and over time opened to channel her soul, oversoul and source, the earth mother and nature kingdoms along with the Tao, a force that sits outside of time and space and form, to make information that each wished humanity to understand available to each who so chooses to study of our materials.

Ascension makes possible a new life to blossom that is disease free, pain free, and restores the ability for each to become the dreamer and the dream.  Through ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one's life, and then live to experience the life intended.  This is the gift of ascension.  It is Lilliya's greatest hope that more shall choose the spiritual path of ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this path makes possible for each.  For more information about Lilliya, see "Consultations".


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