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Complete Ascension Workbook II

The Complete Ascension Workbook II takes off where Workbook I left off.  Over the past three years Terra (earth) has compiled information gained from ascending map carvers into an easy to read and digest format that helps one transform the emotional patterns of disunity and non-integrity into another state of being in which greater love, peace, joy and truth may emerge within your life experience.

As more ascending initiates master a state of integrity and unity within, then integrity and unity will become global thought-form that all humans will attune unto.  As this comes to be so,  the transformation of human civilization will begin. and a new era ahead will be born.  We hope that many more will join us in working with these materials for your personal transcendence and path of ascension ahead.


Earth Mother

Lilliya & Oa



We request a nominal donation to retain balanced giving and receiving and help support Lilliya upon the physical plane. Donation for the Complete Ascension Workbook II is $45 including shipping and handling.  Workbook I and II can be ordered together for a special donation of $75.

The Complete Ascension Workbook II can also be ordered in conjunction with other products at a reduced donation.  See our Order Form for details.

NOTE:  The Earth Mother chooses to disseminate the Complete Ascension Workbook II in an electronic-only format to prevent the further consumption of the tree kingdom through printed matter. 





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The Earth Mother recommends the following Audio Meditation CD's to compliment the Complete Ascension Workbook II studies:

Healing with Nature

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This meditation CD created by the Earth Mother through Lilliya is useful to aligning one's dream to the natural world order and dream of all kingdoms that support human ascension at this time



Healing the Heart

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This meditation CD created by the Earth Mother through Lilliya is useful in healing traumatic remembrances that caused the heart to shut within one's current life or ancestral experiences so one may learn to love and bless again


Mastering Intention

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This meditation CD created by the Earth Mother through Lilliya is useful in mastery over uniting power and love so the love is empowered upon the physical plane.  Uniting power and love is associated with dual tone mastery of the Language of Light







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The Complete Ascension Workbook II

Mastering Integrity

in the Dance of Life 

Data CD Rom 

The Complete Ascension Workbook II is a fully formatted pdf book on CD Rom that is over 450 pages long from beginning to end and contains information never published upon our web site.  Earth has compiled information gathered over the past three years of transformation of those map carving ascension within the SSOA study programs to support yet others who are mastering their personal ascensions outside of our care.

Whereas The Complete Ascension Workbook I focuses upon biological ascension, group dynamics, the nature of the energy systems of an ascending field along with conscious dream weaving, Workbook II focuses upon the emotional patterns that must be transcended in order to bring greater balance, unity, love, integrity and truth into one's dance of life.   All initiates willing to work with each workbook will benefit from this information in creating a deeper and more profound level of inner transformation and a more thorough and complete biological ascension regardless of level one can  master this lifetime.

We suggest for those of you that have not worked with The Complete Ascension Workbook I  to do so before working with the materials from Workbook II as the information does build upon itself in vibration and understanding.  Those who have taken the time to work with this information have constructed a more thorough and complete biological and emotional ascension than those that have not in Earth's own experience.

Those destined to work with these materials have agreements with the Earth Mother to do so.  The agreements will include ongoing and personal support of your ascension in dream time and during meditation on the part of Terra (Earth's consciousness) and the Nature Kingdoms supporting evolution in the human dream at this time.  We recognize that these materials are possibly ahead of their time as most who have agreements to study this information are indigo's or pale indigo's that have yet to mature enough to participate.  This information is offered up nonetheless for other map carvers who are willing to go inward and transform your inner landscape creating a new life that is more greatly unity and integrity based.

Earth, Lilliya have put forth much effort into bringing these materials together. The nominal donation we request is really not enough to even begin to cover what is offered energetically speaking.  There is healing offered with each workbook in agreement with the Earth Mother and her angels that is her gift to those willing to walk the path of ascension at this time in history.




WORKBOOK II OVERVIEW:  Here is the overview of the seven chapters and worksheets associated with this 450 plus page workbook:

Chapter 1:  Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and

Unconscious Harm

This chapter explores the energetic and personality based issues of shame, judgment and the unconscious harm that this causes in the dance of life.  Underlying genetic causes such as electrical DNA and geometrical patterns are explored that cause the experience of shame and judgment upon the physical plane.  Inner family healing techniques are offered up in the worksheet to aid in reprogramming oneself for unconditional acceptance and love of self and all others.


Chapter 2:  Transcending Fear and Loss of Information,

Assessing and Transcending Birth Archetypal Nature

This chapter delves the nature of fear in relation to the loss of information required to stand in ones' truth and power as an ascending human.  Many humans lose their information in childhood and teenage traumatic experiences; and such losses are assessed in the worksheet section so that information required to ascend can be retrieved.  Thought-form as it relates to the difficult dreams one attracts into the dance of life is also discussed so that a better understanding of how fear based patterns and dream align is and can be transformed leading to sweeter and gentler times ahead upon the physical plane. 


Chapter 3: Transcending Competition and Disunity

Releasing Mechanical and Fear Based Thought-Form and Programs

This chapter delves into the the patterns that are competitive and disunity based and how they are related to the thought-form one hosts and traumatic childhood and ancestral experiences.  A concise method of releasing mechanical and fear based programming is offered from the Earth Mother's own work with ascending humans.  As fear based programming is released new patterning that is Dual Tone in nature of the Language of Light can more readily take hold in an initiate's field. The new archetypal natures related to the new astrology for ascension are also discussed in this chapter so that initiates can assess their ascending signs and language of light based truth in action.


Chapter 4:  Transcending Imbalance

Assessing Algorithmic Patterns of Disease

This chapter delves into the nature of energetic and physical imbalance as it occurs in the etheric body along with physical form and that underlies disease.  All disease is related to algorithmic hot spots in which too much chi is delivered to a particular organ gland or system via the nervous system; the heat generated over stimulates the cells and combusts the molecular structure leading to disease of the associated region.  In polarity, there are also algorithmic cold spots that never receive enough chi and such organs, glands or systems also decay over time leading to disease. This chapter explores the underlying thought-form of hot spots and cold spots in each part of the body and offers up intentions for transformation of the energy field and biology into the middle path in which all parts of the body receive just the right amount of chi to retain one's health. 


Chapter 5: Transcending Usury, Ownership

and Patterns of Non-Love

This chapter delves into the nature of how humans own and possess one another along with the properties and possessions one accumulates over time.  The ownership creates attachment between one's etheric body and all other persons, places or objects that one owns that continues to deplete the field of enough chi to ascend.  The history of ownership and attachment is also discussed along with the genetic causes, and the workbook section offers up inner family healing techniques to begin to reprogram oneself for non-attachment and unconditional love through the mastery of more dual tones in the ascent ahead.


Chapter 6: Transcending Seduction and Illusion

Becoming the Authentic Self

This chapter delves into the energetic formations at cause of seduction between the two or the many as related to the seven major energy centers of the field.  Techniques are offered to step out of the game of seduction through reprogramming the inner family to emerge into the authentic self.  Seduction causes energetic movements in which one can become stripped of vital information to ascend and therefore is necessary patterning to transcend in the continued mastery of any initiate.  Special dual tones are offered up that support the transcendence of seduction through "master commands" over one's boundaries and field.


Chapter 7:  Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons

of our Grand Master Ancestors

The workbook concludes with a lengthy essay from records that have been compiled over the past few years and in the ascension of Lilliya about the Grand Masters, a group of 50 or so larger headed humans that relocated unto earth 50,000 years ago.  Through a series of manipulations by dark nonphysical forces, the larger headed ones created a load of karma that now must be understood and forgiven on the part of all ascending initiates in order for real ascension to take off for humanity.  The problems caused by the Grand Masters are discussed with intentions for forgiveness offered up in the worksheet section.  A new set of archetypes for the Guru pattern that have been defined in recent months of the ascent of the map carvers are also discussed. The spiritual lessons of the six key Guru Archetypes are also offered up in the workbook section with suggested intentions for forgiveness.






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