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Healing the Heart

Audio CD

Please join Lilliya for these two timeless meditations to help heal the wounded heart and inner family through ascension:

1. Healing the Heart.  This 34 minute meditation assists one in opening the heart through the clearing of psychic armoring in the auric field and chakras along with releasing karma for rejection, unrequited love and internalized hatred from this life and one's ancestral lifetimes.  One also addresses body level non-love stored in scarred memories of ancestral trauma due to disease or mutilation of any kind towards the physical.  Such scarring leads to disease and deformity over time and as one releases such scarring, one has an opportunity to ascend out of such patterning.

2. Healing the Inner Family.  This 30 minute meditation assists one in healing the inner family along with the wounded child, teenager, adult or parent.  Techniques are shared for editing traumatic life memories along with past life experiences so that there can be a completion with the associated emotional charge and pain within.  In so doing, one begins to construct a new foundation and operating system for oneself founded upon unity, collaboration and unconditional love.  As this becomes one's operating system for life, so it also becomes one's life experience through ascension.

The Earth Mother and Nature Kingdoms have created special dreamtime planes to hold the healing, blessings and anchoring offered through these timeless meditations.  Many may find this useful in connecting to the healing temples for ascension in the aurora.  We hope that each finds this useful in mastering one's personal ascension in this lifetime!

Donation for each Healing the Heart audio CD is $25 including shipping and handling.  For a $35 donation one will receive the Healing the Heart CD along with another CD of one's choice.  For $90 donation one can order our complete library of six meditation CDs.  See Order Form for details.



This Meditation CD accompanies the article in Messages from the Earth Mother III "Opening the Heart" and "Healing the Inner Family"


The Earth Mother perceives that this particular set of meditations shall be useful in opening the heart and healing the inner family for greater unity within.  As unity is mastered within, then unity relations is mirrored within one's day to day expression leading to more a joyful life experience.


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