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Mastering Compassion

Meditation CD


Please join Lilliya for two

timeless meditations:

  1. Mastering Compassion. This 30 minute meditation provides a new blueprint for holding the field as the map carvers have fostered in the past year or more for other map carvers outside of our association to attune unto and master.  There is a guided recasting for the healing of the polarity of love and non love so that compassion may be born within.  Anasonya (The Inner Earth Mother) is present for the healing offered.

  2. Journey with the Ancestors.  This 35 minute meditation takes you with your ancestors into the inner earth to experience the movements of love that once were fostered through the gold kingdom and before it was mined; and into a dream remaining from the 35th dimension within the Great Cetral Sun in which earth was spawned as a creation of the Tao.  The Tao blesses each for a restoration of truth founded upon compassion within.

The Inner Earth Mother and Nature Kingdoms have created special dreamtime planes to hold the healing, blessings and anchoring offered through these timeless meditations.  Many may find this useful in connecting to earth, nature and one's Tao within.  We hope that each finds these meditations helpful in mastering one's personal ascension in this lifetime!

Donation for each Mastering Compassion audio CD is $25 including shipping and handling.  For a $35 donation one will receive the Mastering Compassion CD along with another CD of one's choice.  See Order Form for details.




Special thanks to Gigi Rondeau

for the beautiful art.

The Earth Mother perceives that this particular set of meditations shall be useful in learning to master a state of compassion  within.  It is only as the heart mends of difficult life experiences that compassion can be born; and compassion is the state of being fostered for those mapping to Bodhisattva level this lifetime.  As compassion takes flight then a love can be reborn within; and as enough masters such a state then love can be reborn in the human kingdom upon earth.



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This meditation CD features

 beautifully composed music of

Ed Kopp from his

Instramental Seasons CD


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