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Light Wave and Divine Partnership

2011 Study Program

Facilitated by the Tao through Lilliya Malalani

2011 is the year that we are giving birth to a new program in relation to the ascension of those affiliated with Spiritual School of Ascension and our new organization Light Wave Synergy, School of Evolutionary Fulfillment.  The program in 2011 shall focus upon anchoring new light wave based patterns in those mastering their ascensions; and also with a large redirection into the divine counterpart and twin flame karma of our ancient ancestors.  The karma for divine partnership is important to address as it is the seat of all destruction in its origins; for it was as the twins and counterparts destroyed one another that we fell as a species into vast darkness.  As the karma is released and cleansed there is a new opportunity to move towards love within and between those choosing to be in partnership this lifetime; as well as in our friendships and community building associations.

This program is open to anyone who resonates with our purpose and wishes to add light work to the consensus based ascension you have already mastered; or for those who have been working with light in their ascensions to date.  The program consists with an intensive workshop each half year following by two 90 minute consultations, one per quarter.  The consultations will be longer and more thorough and those within the program can also have additional consultations as needed upon Lillliya’s schedule as she shall also be offering readings to those outside of the school.

There shall be special transmissions to those in the program that shall take off where the Living Dream Transmissions depart.  Living Dream Program Transmissions and Complete Ascension Workbooks I and II shall be offered up as study materials for this program for those who wish to look at their personal ascensions more deeply.  The materials are offered as a gift of the Tao and in respect of all the work that has transpired in Lilliya’s association over time, many of which have departed but contributed greatly to consensus based ascension.  Perhaps those joining the program anew will find these materials useful; however our main focus shall be light wave movements and healing, transfiguration of organs glands and systems into their health and ascension, along with healing the heart through clearing divine partnership karma so that love can be born as one’s foundation to live one’s dreams from.

The Intensives are intense and shall focus upon specific topics for healing and global service work.  The Intensives shall only be open to those within the Light Wave Divine Partnership  Study Program. We anticipate one workshop open to those outside of our study program in 2011 and following our events in Taos New Mexico in the fall.  Each Intensive fulfills upon global service work.  Global service work is about aiding the planet and our fellow humans to ascend by clearing the region that the event is fostered along with anchoring patterns that support and sustain global light work.  Lilliya is now focused upon global light work in which light grids and movements are to be anchored that support the evolution of the whole; and primarily to anchor love vibrations of the Tao to trigger earth’s self healing.


Self Study Donation


The self study donation is $275 per half year and includes one 90 minute consultation with Lilliya per half year.  Additional consultations can be made by request at an additional donation of $175 each. 


Full Program Study Donation


The donation for the full program is $1000 per half year for singles and includes attendance of one Intensive and two 90 minutes consultations, one per quarter and all the written materials offered. 

Couples can register and are treated as a single energy unit for $1500 and includes attendance of one Intensive and two 150 minute joint consultations per half year.

To attend an additional Intensive the donation is $600 for singles and $ 900 for couples in any calendar year. 

To register and to answer further questions

please e-mail Lilliya at


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Light Wave and Divine Partnership

2011 Intensives


Healing the Issues of Body Level Love and Divine Beauty

HeaLocation:  Sandpoint Idaho

Intensive Dates:  4 Days in February 2011

Location and details to be announced


Please join us in beautiful Sandpoint Idaho and near the Canadian boarder for a four day intensive to focus upon learning new light wave techniques for healing and regeneration along with transfiguration of what is deteriorating or aging within one’s body or health circumstance.  Transfiguration along with light infusion is a lovely means of ascending and healing the body and maintaining one’s youthfulnessNew techniques for light fusion and soul infusion shall be offered to those attending.

The issues of body level love and beauty pervade the human condition.  Most do not love the body enough or perceive it as a divine instrument of beauty.  In the lack of love within for the cellular structure there is self rejection that only leads to rejection of the beloved within and without.  In feeling not beautiful enough for the love that one could receive, one rejects the love offered in the divine union of the Tao leading to aging and deterioration of the health of the biology over time.  In learning to love our bodies and perceive them as divine in their beauty we begin to heal an age old wound that splintered the divine counterparts and twins a part leading to rejection of self and all that this causes within and without.

Rejection of self is an ancient wound that is holographic.  In focusing upon the wounds of the Divine Counterparts and Twin Flames, we heal collective holographic karma that runs very deep.  The rejection of the body is also a nemesis pattern.  It is one’s nemesis that rejects oneself in the polarity of love and hate.  Sometimes the divine counterpart or twin does not perceive their partner as beautiful or attractive enough; sometimes the counterpart or twin rejects the persona or traits of their beloved.  In the rejection there is a deep pain and also longing to be loved that is carried forward over time; and the karma itself causes a repeat of the dance of rejection in the dreams of those seeking the beloved in present time.  As the wounds are healed there is a greater possibility then of manifesting the beloved; or learning to love oneself more deeply from within releasing the self rejection that is associated.  This is the purpose of this gathering.


Manifesting Divine Partnership Within and Without

Location:  Sweden

Intensive Dates:  4 Days in April 2011


Divine Partnership is a state of being in which one loves oneself and one’s beloved and also each relationship in the dance of life and unconditionally.  The love that flows through divine partners is most exquisite when it is pure; when it is impure it leads to the experience of the nemesis in which one attempts to destroy the other through unconscious sorcerery or dark dreams of abuse and destruction.  We will begin to explore more greatly nemesis dances leading up to this event and as the remainder of the year unfolds. 

The Nemesis is opposite oneself.  For every part of oneself that is one way there is a nemesis as long as one is held in polarity.  In ascension, poles are gradually unified and one comes more greatly to the middle path.  In the middle path the nemesis ceases for the moment, until one ascends further opening to one’s unconscious that has yet to be unified.  The unconscious nemesis also creates an opposite in dream time.  For every one that is a sorcerer in the physical towards oneself, there is a nemesis that is loving and healing in nature in dream time.  For every sorcerer that there is in dream time, there is a loving human in the physical that is healing unto oneself.  : Although this sounds confusing, it is this karma that we are gathering to explore and begin to heal so that physical and dream time can become unified into a whole and complete fabric that loves.

 We shall be exploring Transfigurative and Transformative paths of ascension and how they conflict or unify.  The unification of the two thought forms behind these two paradigms is fusion; and in fusion thought-form the nemesis or opposite ceases.  Lilliya is heading towards fusion thought form in her own evolution and it is hoped that more shall follow suit in our association; as it is in fusion that real love can be born within and without.  Fusion thought form unifies the poles enough that unconditional love, peace, unity and freedom can be born within and then without in one’s life dreaming.  This is the purpose of this intensive.

Surrendering to the Beloved Within

Location:  Taos New Mexico

Intensive Dates:  3 Days in September followed by a 4 day workshop open to those outside of the school

The art of surrender is a beautiful pattern to master for oneself or with one’s beloved.  Surrender is an act in which one gives in or gives up what does not serve.  In a state of mastery, one surrenders to one’s beloved within those aspects of self that one would consider ego or negative ego and in so doing transcends to greater and deeper levels of unity and purification within.  The purification is a form of fire that burns in the act of surrender.  Surrender is also often felt as a sort of death within.  In recent months Lilliiya has died and died and died unto herself to foster the recent changes in her life dream to bring forth the nemesis and divine counterpart teachings.  This has been necessary to move her remaining ego aside to a clearer level of writing and teaching that is Tao based.  This teaching is Tao based and comes from what we shall call the Heart of the Tao which is knowledgeable about tantric energetic formations and divine relationship understanding.

In a divine relationship, one surrenders to one’s partner, first the female unto the male and then the male unto the female to balance out the energies between the two.  In the ritual of surrender, one will give up to one’s beloved not only all that one is, but also those attributes of self that need to be purified to retain the relationship and one’s life in harmony.  Then the beloved returns and restores those parts of self that are of one’s truth causing a pacification within of each.  The surrender ritual between partners is intense and forms a deep heart connection and is only for those who are sincerely life partners as the separation can cause a deep wound in one or both as the heart can be ripped a part in not honoring the ongoing union following such an exchange.  However Lilliya has entered such exchanges in dream time and has learned to defuse herself from them and repair the heart so that the wounding can heal.  Some who have experienced this type of exchange in a tantric experience may be wounded from the experience and this is an opportunity to mend during the workshop if this is the case.

Light waves that are tantric in nature shall be explored in the intensive and workshop to follow.  The workshop to follow shall be four days of more general relationship teachings that may be of interest to those attending the entire event.  Meditations to heal the heart and release deep level issues of failed relationship or rejection of the beloved within or without shall be focused upon.  This is a time of healing of relationship; and first and foremost to heal the relationship within oneself and unto oneself.  This is the purpose of these two events.


Retreat for Couples

Location:  Idaho or Hawaii

Retreat Dates:  Holiday Season 2011


This is a special week of Christmas and New Years for couples that wish to spend some time with Lilliya focused upon intimate relationship patterning that can foster divine union more greatly.  Although Lilliya is not in partnership at this time, this is anticipated to manifest in the coming few years.  However the couples are Lilliya’s mirror of her own partnership and she shall clear her karma along with the group to prepare herself for divine relationship.  Those joining her will learn many new aspects of the divine relationship dance from the Heart of the Tao and Lilliya’s ancestry that shall augment each partnership into new heights of joy, ecstasy and tantric energetic movements that sustain one another through the tough times of any relationship ahead.  This is also a special time of blessings and honoring the earth mother’s heart so that she too may self heal as the love flows between the beloveds in tantric union with one another and as a group.



We hope that each that desires to heal within and work upon the special patterns we are focused upon in this year of 2011 may join us.  We also invite those interested to join us in our program and receive all the benefits of the teachings offered through Tao thought-form over the years as well as into the future.


Many blessings of Aloha

Lilliya Mahalani

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