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Yale University experts conducted an experience with 27 volunteers who admitted to having practiced Ouija board more than once.

The researchers asked each volunteer to present three scenarios. The first reflected memories of spiritual sessions, the second was the most stressful situation of the past year, and the third was a period of peace and tranquility. Researchers monitored brain activity in each of the three cases using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Compared to stressful memories, the Ouija board images elicited a smaller response in the striatum and thalamus. At the same time, the memory of the tranquil period entailed a stronger response in the left inferior parietal lobe than did the spiritualistic sessions. However, the latter showed the same brain activity in all participants in the same region, the parietal lobe. This discovery, the researchers say, will help better understand the causes of mental disorders in the future.

In May, scientists from the University of Tokyo described a way to connect neurons using microscopic plates. These devices allowed them to form a controlled neural network of two cells, in which biologists controlled the growth of axons.

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