Single Tones

Symbols through Lilliya and Text through Thomas Weber, "Oasantar"

Nature: Active
Forgiveness is the basis of all unity in that all is allowed; yet all is healed. In using the vibration of forgiveness, nothing sticks, and therefore all karma is released. As forgiveness is made a part of the aura, all interactions become a blessing. Forgiveness made manifest is the thousand-petal lotus in the heart of the Bodhisattva that projects joy and compassion upon all.

Nature: Passive
Structure is the formation vibration which when applied holds the space for layering other vibrations together for the completion or creation of a thought regardless of the creational level. Much as a cup contains or holds the space for a potential mixing or blending in third dimension, structure provides a siLilliyar function in the energetic realms. Another way of perceiving structure is as a template or gridwork through which other vibrations may be woven. Yet another function of structure is to provide a pathway for creation, development or communication.

#3 - POWER
Nature: Integrative
Power is the vibration that motivates, challenges, embodies and carries to fruition the vibrations that blend with it. By itself, power provides a basis for action, including the drive for expansion and completion through the fundamental integrative nature. As power moves in any direction or all directions simultaneously, that which aligns with power moves with it in radiant wave after radiant wave. Unity-based power is whole unto itself, flowing in nature, always seeking to expand through collaboration, yet totally content to be complete in and of itself.

Nature: Active
Compassion seeks always to unite, healing that which is not whole, supporting that which is whole. Compassion senses that which is in imbalance and allows for wholeness or balance or equilibrium to be re-established or retained. In extending, compassion is action in essence, healing in expression. Unity compassion cares not about perpetration, rather it cares only for collective healing beyond the collapse of structure.

Nature: Passive
Breath of Life governs or allows for the infusion of animus or that which provides any creation with forward moving, expansion-based intent. In choosing to move, the breath of life chooses freedom over stagnation and provides for evolution as a result. The Breath of Life allows in its essence the foundation of expansion without forcing any specific change.

Nature: Integrative
Non-Conditional Love integrates all aspects of a creation with the commonality required for common purpose or alignment. As an expression of being, non-conditional love is in allowance of all expressions of God/Goddess/All That Is. Non-Conditional Love is uniting in nature, seeking always to align.

Golden White
Nature: Active
The Freedom tone or vibration provides the essence to move all things aside that do not serve the evolutionary path of the moment. Freedom will simultaneously cause all that supports the jump up in evolution to amplify the energy. There is no middle road with the freedom tone. Whatever supports the drive to freedom remains and is amplified and whatever does not support is pushed or left aside.

Pale Lavender/White
Nature: Passive
Divine Union creates the understanding that the active and passive modes of knowledge, awareness and beingness must join in purpose for a whole or complete consciousness to be created. All aspects are to be seen, understood and blended into completion.

Nature: Integrative
Unity Consciousness brings together into wholeness all aspects of awareness within so that each consciousness is known to be an aspect of the whole. Then no separation exists between any consciousness, and communion between all consciousness becomes possible. Unity consciousness does not recognize a boundary as a barrier. Rather, the boundary is a point of differentiation of purpose and is worthy of honor and respect. In this way, unity consciousness blends every aspect of the whole in respect, as all contribute to the completion of the vision.

Pale Golden White
Nature: Completion
Non-Conditional Governance provides the closure or completion of the first nine tones of creation. This completion is the result of combining all the aspects contained in the first nine tones in the creation of the tenth tone. Through the modulation of its capability, non-conditional governance can blend with and provide direction or purpose for any combination of the first nine tones. Like holding the boundaries for a kaleidoscope, which in rotation is constantly changing while maintaining focus and direction, non-conditional governance allows for unlimited expression within the boundaries of the tone.

Pink - Lavender
Nature: Active
Jurisdiction is like a boundary in that within jurisdiction describes where an influence may be applied and therefore implies where it may not. Jurisdiction is somewhat like structure in that it allows a layering of alignment in a specific area. Jurisdiction in a sense could be seen as the purpose implicit in every consciousness. To the extent that purposes align, then a structure may be created which has a natural boundary of influence related to aligned purpose.

#12 - HOPE
Peach - Gold
Nature: Passive
Hope requires a basis in compassion, as hope is a vision beyond what is and is fueled by compassion. Hope is visionary in nature, yet the invocation of hope also implies a forwarding of the vision to the creational aspect. As hope is held, energy is moved in relation to hope and is guided to realign circumstance. Note that hope is passive in nature, providing a possibility of change through vision and being without moving into the space of action.

#13 - PEACE
Turquoise - Silver
Nature: Integrative
Peace is a centering tone that allows all to exist and move without the need to change anything. As peace is embodied, all change large or small is viewed with equanimity as an opportunity to express in yet another way. Invoking peace in any situation provides the opportunity to view the circumstance from a unity perspective.

Pale Gold - Lavender
Nature: Active
The Abundance tone or vibration calls forth in any moment what is required for the unity expression of the moment to be fulfilled. Abundance is filling and embracing with flowing movement at its center. Abundance creates so that no lack is experienced for lack is incomplete, and in lack fulfillment cannot be experienced. Creative abundance is whole and allows each experience to be complete and fulfilling.

Pale Pink - Golden White
Nature: Passive
Prosperity is visionary in nature. Prosperity is a state of being where one holds the vision of soul for the expression of life as the expression of life. As one moves closer to the body and soul fusing, the time difference between holding the vision of soul for life expression and the physical expression of the vision gets smaller. Invoking the prosperity tone and blending it with the vision of soul brings forth the creational response.

Lavender - Silver
Nature: Integrative
Magnitude is integrative in nature, weaving energy into a tapestry of wholeness or completion. Magnitude breathes fullness into a creation, allowing expansion and therefore evolution as the unity expression of the creational act. Invoking magnitude into any creational act invites the creational aspect to add its signature and thereby bring forth a perhaps unseen creational fullness.

Peach - Turquoise
Nature: Active
Intuition is the creational channel or tone, which may be thought of as communication from creator to creator of the vision that is to be expressed in the moment. Intuition may be thought of as localizing the creational vision within the appropriate creational influence. Being guided moment by moment in the expression of creation allows all creation to expand and flow and evolve. This also allows each creator to expand and flow and evolve.

Pale Lavender - Pale Pink
Nature: Passive
Function is the tone that is visionary in nature and contains a larger picture definition so a creator may understand how each creation contains and works with each other. Function allows for and contains meaning in vision so that unity in creation is maintained through unity of vision.

Pale Gold - Golden White
Nature: Integrative
In the unity language of light, perseverance is siLilliyar to fueling a vision with energy over time until the manifestation of the vision occurs. Perseverance also implies alignment with the result, as unity allows for all creations to be in alignment, and perseverance creates this form of wholeness.

Turquoise - Golden White
Nature: Completion
Stealth is completion in nature and therefore contains all the vibrations from glyphs 11-19 to create the stealth tone or vibration. Stealth implies a quiet, imperceptible fluidity in modulating other vibrations in the creational act. Stealth moves in between and through all levels of creational desire and vision in the act of consolidating creation in wholeness and consistency.

Pink - Peach
Nature: Active
Consciousness is the vibration of awareness and applied knowledge and is therefore action oriented. Consciousness is expansive movement, always seeking evolution through interaction, pushing toward the unknown. Consciousness also implies purpose and seeks to align with other consciousness of like purpose. Consciousness is event driven and remains aligned until the commonness of purpose is completed.

Pale Lavender - Peach
Nature: Passive
Internal is the tone of presence, the knowledge of self at the center of one's beingness. Internal also implies the relationship between soul and form, not in an active sense but rather in the cooperation or blending between the two in providing the evolutionary experience. Internal is observance in the stillness.

Pink - Pale Pink
Nature: Integrative
External is integrative in nature and seeks to keep experience in balance. External blends the desire to interact and align with internal correction and observance. In integrating the expansiveness of consciousness and the solitude of presence, external provides wholeness during the journey, which is expressed as balance.

Turquoise - Pale Pink
Nature: Active
Oneness reaches upward and inward to connect with greater aspects of self. Always reaching, oneness seeks connection to source and the corresponding inclusion in the potential of the void. In the linking upward and inward of one source to the next comes the clear knowing that the enfoldment of All That Is is a process. One's ability to express in the process becomes a function of acceptance of oneself in the oneness.

#25 - TRUTH
Peach - Silver
Nature: Passive
Truth is the tone or vibration of oneself as it emanates from source. As an aspect of source, the expression of truth is the expression of source. As one surrenders more and more to source, the expression of oneself becomes a clearer, more complete expression of source and source and source as far as one can reach.

#26 - ACTION
Gold - Golden White
Nature: Integrative
The tone action integrates reaching for and expressing of truth into a way of being that is unique for each aspect expressing in any plane of reality. Beingness is the act of surrender into that which one is and simply expressing. Action is iterative in that the more one integrates reaching, expressing and surrendering, the more one is able to represent and be source.

Turquoise, Pink - Golden White
Nature: Active
The tone fluidity allows one flow, progression and the ability to change and maneuver as one’s truth requires. Fluidity implies movement regardless of circumstance as well as a desire to remain fluid or in movement which pushes toward evolution. Fluidity wraps around truth to provide momentum and clarity as truths build and cooperate in the evolution of a creation.

Lavender, Turquoise - Pink
Nature: Passive
Purpose is the vibration that provides alignment for truth in all manifestation. Purpose also implies direction, and although passive in nature, purpose is the allowing factor in any collaborative construction, regardless of the magnitude or dimension.

Peach, Turquoise - Pink
Nature: Integrative
Integrity is the tone that integrates or weaves together flow, alignment and direction so that each contributes to the overall living of the life in balance. Integrity follows the searching thought in pulling together what has been discovered into the whole being. In the flow of integrity, one stays in the flow of source.

Gold, Pale Lavender - Lavender
Nature: Completion
Balance as completion combines vibrations 21-29 into yet another tone capable of interacting with each and all of the combining tones. In the modulation, balance brings forth in the moment the exact layering of tone to express source most completely, most fully. As each weaves a reality, the expression of source must balance with all other expressions, none more important, all in unity.

#31 - HONOR
Pink, Turquoise - Golden White
Nature: Active
Honor is the basis of relationship, of interaction, of communion. Honor allows each truth in equality as modes of expression. Honor promotes interaction, which expands evolution, widening the path to greater interaction. Honor seeks communion as the fulfillment of expression. As honor broadens, the connection to source broadens, promoting broader relationship and fuller expression.

#32 - DREAM
Peach, Silver - Golden White
Nature: Passive
Dream is possibility where large futures flow. Dream is passive in nature, its use in observation as inquiry or exploration outside of the creation desire yet contributing to it. Dream allows wave upon wave of possibility to flow by with no particular need to interact or touch.

Silver, Lavender - Pale Pink
Nature: Integrative
Illusion is the integrative vibration of creative desire as it relates to group creation. Illusion weaves vision as possibility and the creative the path of interaction together to create a consensus reality. The tone of illusion is the dominant tone or basis for a creation constructed in unity as illusion seeks to expand, remaining in movement, allowing for all expressions of source.

Pink, Lavender - Pale Pink
Nature: Active
Passion is the vibration of creative movement. Passion seeks to interact with other aligned passions, creating a flow in a direction, hence a movement. Passion propels forward in creative fervor from source desire to evolve in constantly new modes of endeavor. Each moment of being, complete and ecstatic, with no thought other than the creative dance is the essence of passion.

Silver, Lavender - Golden White
Nature: Passive
Creativity, passive in nature, provides the path for the flow of creative movement. The tone of creativity emanates from source in the vibration necessary to forward the vision of source. Each aspect of source radiates a unique tone of creativity that when fully expressed allows evolution to be experienced by all.

Pink, Lavender - Peach
Nature: Integrative
Sexuality is an integrative tone that blends passion and creativity, using itself wherever and however necessary to fuel and promote the creative vision of source. The application of unity sexuality always promotes growth, expansion and movement in expression as the vibration of sexuality underlies and influences through its nature all evolutionary expression.

Peach, Gold - Golden White
Nature: Active
The friendship tone joins together two or more aspects of conscious awareness. Friendship is alignment and common purpose. Aspects join in friendship as the tones are in harmony. Friendship is active, implies movement and growth, and seeks continually to join source and consciousness.

Turquoise, Pale Lavender - Golden White
Nature: Passive
Communion is the vibration that blends awareness having already demonstrated friendship. Communion is like a path that when followed allows awareness to be in the presence of another aspect of itself. Communion is an immersion into the depth and breadth of another creational experience.

Lavender, Peach - Golden White
Nature: Integrative
Dance of Life integrates friendship and communion, expanding a creational experience, which delights in expressing itself as an aspect of source, into a moment-by-moment orgasm, releasing light and joy while promoting expansion.

Gold, Silver - Pink
Nature: Completion
Community is a completion tone, which combines tones 31-39 into a new tone having the ability to orchestrate the tones 31-39. Community calls forth the full expression of each of the combining tones and can inspire and direct large creative undertakings. Community moves evolution forward through enabling creative acts among multiple awareness.

Peach, Pale Lavender - Pink
Nature: Active
Honesty is the tone that seeks truth sharing. Source chooses to always move outward, interacting in new ways with source. Honesty joins truth so that a new creation is possible if chosen. Blending or sharing of truth expands truth and therefore evolves truth.

Pink, Turquoise - Lavender
Nature: Passive
Communication is a map or opening or translation that allows truth to interact and understand. Communication allows truth to remain centered and consistent unto itself while opening to and comprehending other truth. Communication provides mirrors and direction for truth to reflect and evolve.

Lavender, Silver - Pale Lavender
Nature: Integrative
Unseen Worlds is the vibration that integrates honesty and communication into an evolutionary exchange and creational act. Unseen worlds permit truth to expand into greater wholeness but only through surrender to greater truth. The act of surrender allows unseen worlds to create the learning space.

Gold, Pale Gold - Golden White
Nature: Active
Unspoken Worlds allow for truth beyond current boundaries in expanded awareness of self. Providing an actively changing creational environment, unspoken worlds create greater and greater opportunity for truth to expand. In blending with and surrendering to unspoken worlds, truth has the opportunity to become what it did not know itself to be.

Lavender, Silver - Pink
Nature: Passive
Underwater Worlds is the vision from which awareness aligns to generate movement from the known. In embodying experience from the unknown, the dynamics of creation are symbolized into conscious awareness, expanding the pathway of truth.

Turquoise, Light Gold - Pale Pink
Nature: Integrative
Worlds Upon the Land seeks to unite multiple truths in a creation allowing each separate truth to expand and evolve as it will. Worlds Upon the Land integrates unspoken worlds and underwater worlds for truth to further realize the opportunity in surrender.

Peach, Pale Pink - Golden White
Nature: Active
Human Species is the tone that allows truth to align with truth in the eternal surrender, seeking always to become a fuller, more complete tone while expanding the awareness of creation.

Silver, Lavender, Pink - Golden White
Nature: Passive
God/Goddess is the tone of the path, the vision, and the embrace; the magnitude of which in surrender expands so that truth can only become the beacon of All That Is and realize itself as an aspect of the beacon.

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