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How to Utilize the Language of Light to Facilitate Ascension

Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, "Lilliya"
April 6, 2000


Late in 1999, the directors of the Spiritual School of Ascension (SSOA) channeled through 48 glyphs known as the Language of Light which are a representation of tones or vibrations for a new thoughtform. The thoughtform of the Language of Light bridges humanity's current polarity-based belief systems into a new non-polarity or unity-based thoughtform.

The tone of the Language of Light can be likened to the tones of creation (also known as the Bija Mantras) which are the tones necessary to sustain life in the third dimension. Earth and all living things on her including humanity are transiting from the third to the fifth dimension or, in other terms, ascending. In order to accomplish this goal, a bridge of tones that will create a pathway from the third to the fifth dimension must be constructed.

From late 1998 through late 1999, SSOA was given the project of mapmaking a pathway to bring forth ascension beyond Initiation 1024 for the human species. Those who gathered for the Year-Long Group Mastery Program had the common goal of creating this map. It was through the group initiation process that the map was constructed a little at a time over the course of fifteen months. These tones also allowed a small group of individuals to succeed at ascending their forms from 1,024 to 5,024 strands of DNA or attain the state of the Bodhisattva in their physical reality and personal ascension. The Language of Light were the vibrations and tones utilized to transform and transmute their embodiments in ascension.

Ascension is a biological feat in which the form rises in vibration a little at a time to gradually enter another dimension. As this occurs, thoughtforms prevalent and important at another time simply fade away. The further you move up in vibration, the old fear-based thoughtforms have no room to continue to be run in your life experience and are replaced by a new paradigm of unity consciousness.

The genetic information to attain Bodhisattva has recently been made available to all in human form who choose to ascend at this time in history. The glyphs are available on our website under the 'Language of Light' section free of charge. In addition to the glyphs themselves, there is a tarot deck that can be printed straight from the site on to your own color inkjet printer, along with a handbook of information about each glyph (provided you have Adobe Acrobat Reader). SSOA anticipates printing an official Language of Light deck, book and banner at the end of 2000 and will utilize the proceeds from their annual International Ascension Conference for this purpose.

We are guided to share with each of you a few of the ways in which the Language of Light can be incorporated into your life to fuel you personal ascension. Many of those who are affiliated with SSOA have begun to utilize the Language of Light in their healing and teaching endeavors.

One affiliate, who is a massage therapist, runs the Language of Light all day in a posh day spa as she sometimes works on up to seven to eight clients per day. Not only do the clients comment about feeling unusual sensations not generally experienced in a massage, but many return again and again for treatment because they experience a more effective result with this particular therapist. Additionally, this therapist rose to the vibration of Bodhisattva more rapidly in her personal ascension than any other affiliate in the group! You cannot work with the vibrations of ascension day in and day out without ascending yourself!

Yet other affiliates have begun to utilize the Language of Light in place of Reiki symbols and offer Language of Light attunements. The Language of Light is the next higher octave above Reiki. Reiki was designed to bring forth a certain phase of awakening in the human experience, and the Language of Light can effectively take the process to the next level. The Language of Light transcends all patterns of attachment and ownership, which is not so for the symbols of Reiki. It is attachment that must be released a little at a time in order for the next phase of ascension to come forth.

Attachment can be viewed as tiny cords of energy that run between a person and all people in their lives, or the objects, pets and plants they own. These attachments must be released in order to ascend, because the cords themselves deplete the field of chi on an ongoing basis. Like a leaky tire, each cord creates a hole in the field through which chi can flow. In ascension, you are forever releasing cords and sealing your field to a greater and greater degree to hold a higher and higher amount of chi, thereby holding a higher vibration. Each etheric change also brings forth a related biological change that allows the form to hold a higher vibration on a molecular and cellular level.

Attuning another to the Language of Light first requires becoming attuned yourself or embodying each tone of the Language of Light. There are many healers in SSOA (see our  Consultations section) who offer these attunements as a part of any healing session. However, you can also simply bring the Language of Light glyphs into your ongoing life experience and focus on the tones, bringing them into your field a little at a time.

The tones themselves are much like a scale. Tone number 1 is the lowest vibration, which is known as 'Forgiveness.' This vibration, as it is embodied, brings forth a certain sector of biological ascension along with changes in the etheric and subtle bodies that surround the form. Tone number 2 is a little higher in vibration and is known as “Structure.” Again, as tone number 2 is embodied, it also brings forth the next sector of biological ascension along with changes in the etheric and subtle bodies that surround the form. Each tone contains all of the information necessary to ascend through each next phase of ascension.

Please note that you must first attain Initiation 1024 or become crystalline in form before you can begin the next phase of ascension to Bodhisattva and embody the Language of Light. However, even those striving to embody 1024 will benefit from calling on the vibrations of the Language of Light nonetheless, and utilizing the Language of Light for this purpose should fuel a most rapid rise through Initiation 1024.

The glyphs in the Language of Light are divided into four main categories:

ACTIVE: The first category of glyphs are 'Active' in nature. Active glyphs denote change and will fuel change within the embodiment as well as your life experience when focused upon. The active glyphs can be likened to the 'inner masculine' or the doer side of oneself. Oftentimes, the doer side is missing or out of balance in your life experience. It is the doer side that manifests or creates what you envision on the physical plane. So focusing on the active glyphs will facilitate change along with manifestation. Change and ascension are synonymous. You are forever changing, releasing and letting go to embody a new way of relating to the world in the act of ascension.

PASSIVE: The second category of glyphs are 'Passive' in nature. Passive glyphs denote inner change or inward examination or processing. In the act of ascension, you are forever releasing old patterns and embracing new ones. It is during the inner act of processing that these changes are born within. Focusing on the 'passive' glyphs will assist in the act of processing or change within. The passive glyphs can be likened to the 'inner feminine' or the 'being' side of yourself that retreats from the outer activities in your life experience to take time for the internal process of transmutation.

INTEGRATIVE: The third category of glyphs are 'Integrative' in nature. Integrative glyphs allow for the active and passive sides of yourself to come to balance. Sometimes, you are overly busy in your physical life and fail to take the time for 'being' or your inner process. At other times, you are so focused on the 'inner process” that your life's details are not handled. It is the integrative glyphs that bring about a balance between the time spent outwardly and inwardly focused in your life experience. Additionally, this shift allows for the balance of the masculine and feminine sides of yourself from within. It is only in the absolute balance of the dance of the masculine and feminine within that Divine Union is experienced. So the integrative glyphs assist in bringing forth Divine Union into your life experience.

COMPLETION: The completion tones anchor each of the many tones before it into a single tone. For example, tone number 10 anchors each and every one of tones 1 through 9 within it. Tone number 20 anchors each and every one of tones 11 through 19 within it. So completion tones denote the completion of a certain phase of development in your experience of ascension and are more complex in nature than the Active, Passive or Integrative tones of the Language of Light. The experience of completion often leaves you experiencing the 'high' or plateau of balance for a certain time frame before the next phase of ascension is moved into. Completion denotes that all aspects of a certain phase of development in ascension have been embodied in full, and you have come to a state of balance therein.

Completion tones can also facilitate the completion of a certain phase of your life experience, such as the end of a relationship or long-term job. In ascension, you are releasing or completing all karma that is third-dimensional in nature. This needs to be so in order to enter the next dimension of experience beyond the third. Sometimes, the end of a long period of a particular experience within your life comes hand-in-hand with the completion of this karma. As you leave behind the old, a new life awaits as the change is transited. The completion tones are helpful during these periods of change within your life when focused upon.


As you embody all 48 vibrations of the Language of Light, one at a time in the sequence they have been anchored and have anchored all the biological and etheric changes therein, you have attained Bodhisattva in your personal ascension. Attaining Bodhisattva brings forth a new way of relating to the world that transcends attachment and 'ownership' and embraces unity awareness.

Unity awareness is not easily understood in the current human paradigm. Unity consciousness places the greater good of the whole over and above any single individual need. An example of this is that any act of an ascending individual that would inhibit Earth's ascension would not be allowed in the unity paradigm. The greater good of Earth's ascension would come before any personal issue in a human ascension and therefore prevail.

Embodying unity consciousness as a group is the next phase of development for those affiliated with SSOA. This transition from fear-based to unity-based relations in a group are not necessarily easy, and there have been many changes in the organization as this paradigm was embodied. SSOA will effectively re-anchor the unity-based blueprint for 'group' in the human experience as the organization embodies the next phase of the Language of Light in full.

As any group ascends, it also holds a particular vibration at large. The group initiation process, as written of by our channels, describes the process that SSOA went through in order to embody the Language of Light as an organization.

The Spiritual School of Ascension effectively embodied the last note within the Language of Light (#48) as a group in December of 1999. The group is continuing to spiral up in vibration. Following the single notes in the Language of Light are what is known as 'Dual Tones' which take two of the first 48 notes of the scale and combine them to create a new and higher vibration with a new meaning.

On June 1st, the first set of Dual Tones will be added to the 'Language of Light' section on our website. SSOA only makes this information available as they master these vibrations in their process of group initiations. SSOA is on target to embody the last dual tone in the Language of Light (#96) during their annual event known as the International Ascension Conference in September of 2000. We anticipate that all 96 dual tones will be added to the website no later than December 2000.

The International Ascension Conference event serves many purposes. Earth Mother, the consciousness of the Earth Mother, is overseeing this event which is designed to gather a small group of individuals (200-300) to support Earth Mother in a major sector of her global initiation process. Earth Mother is on track to embody Global Initiation 1024 in September of this year. There is always human karma that must be released as any phase of global ascension is completed. The gathering serves to release all human karma necessary to allow Earth Mother to complete Global Initiation 1024. It also allows many initiates from around the world to take major sectors of 'completion' in their personal ascension simultaneously, thereby contributing their energy to the push necessary for Earth to ascend.

As you embody each dual tone in your personal ascension, you begin the process of ascension from the state known as Bodhisattva to what is known as Mahavishnu (or embodying 15,000 strands of DNA). Mahavishnu-level ascension embodies an octave higher yet in vibration from Bodhisattva. The genetic material to Mahavishnu is still in the mapmaking process but is anticipated to be opened to humanity at large come January 2001.

Earth as a whole is most rapidly rising in vibration. In order for humanity to keep pace and not be left behind, it is time to move rapidly forth. We invite each of you who are ascending at this time to utilize the Language of Light to fuel your momentum forward in your personal ascension. For those whom the concept of ascension is new, we invite you to 'Intend to Ascend.' It is through the conscious intent to ascend that ascension is brought forth in any human who chooses to do so at this time in history. The choice to ascend means that you will cease to experience death as the outcome of your life experience and will live to see a new era of peace, joy, unity and love to be born in the human experience on Earth.

Until next time, many blessings on your journey.


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