Language of Light

Tri Tones and Herbs
The Herb Kingdom through Lilliya

May 29, 2006


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Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

There has been much written about herbs in the many articles that we have posted upon this web site to date.  See "Language of Light and Herbs" that share of the 48 herbs and single tones associated with ascending the biology to a new "crystalline" and regenerative structure.  See also "Working with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension" for some general information on how the herbal and flower kingdoms supports healing through evolution.  Also "Chinese Herbs and Ascension" for some general tonic herbs that support and correct the energy flow through the meridian system for maximum health and continued resurrection of the body.

The below information is herbal combinations that are useful in treating certain physical symptoms that can be problematic in ascension from time to time, as well as support those who are choosing to ascend out of disease.  Herbs are very specific unto each human, and therefore the list of herbs presented in a suggested grouping for specific problematic conditions.  Ascension causes cycles through the body in a specific order, and therefore the requirement for certain herbs may be only necessary in given times of the year that one is altering a particular part of the biology to crystalline genetics.  The Herb Kingdom recommends the "Complete Ascension Workbook" for a thorough set of information on causing the entire biology to become crystalline through intention as written by Terra, or the consciousness of earth.

It is up to each human to muscle test if each herb is useful unto your own personal condition, and only choose those that are.  Also it is up to each human to muscle test or pendulum the dosages of each herb to be taken, as it may vary from as little as 5 drops of a particular herbal tincture to 35 drops, 1, 2 to 3 times per day.  Also the length of time that you may put yourself on any particular treatment may also vary from several weeks to many months or longer, and should be muscle tested, as taking herbs after they are complete with the healing offered only creates more toxins that the body must remove.

Some combinations that are most useful at any time of ascension may also cross over the various groupings listed below.  A particular condition may require most recommended herbs from one section below, and a few others from other groupings.  There are also some herbs not listed below that are upon our Language of Light and Herb List that may also be useful, and so perhaps crosschecking with all 48 herbs and adding those that are additionally required is best.

Herbal tinctures can be made from teas containing the herb in a dried form.  You can boil one cup of water and add 4 tea bags of the associated dried herb allowing it to diffuse for 3 hours.  Then reduce the water by boiling off the excess until you have a few tablespoons of syrup.  Place 1 portion of the syrup with 1 portion vodka or vegetable glycerin in a clean dropper bottle.  To clean the dropper bottle, place 10 drops colloidal silver and add water to the bottle and allow it to stand for 1 hour.  Pour out the water and fill with the herbal syrup and glycerin or vodka.

Another manner of creating herbal tinctures is to put 1/4 cup of loose herbs of choice in a jar with 1 cup vodka.  You can use either dried or fresh herbs from your garden in making the tincture.  Put the jar in a dark cool place and allow the herb to diffuse into the vodka for 3-4 weeks for dried herbs and 1-2 weeks for fresh herbs.  Shake the jar every few days for maximum diffusion.  Strain and pour into cleaned tincture bottles.  If you have not the time, you can also contact Sherry Stapleton who makes the herbal tinctures for those in our school and works directly with the herb kingdom to do so. 

There are also tinctures available on-line as well as through local heath food stores.  The herbal kingdom recommends blessing the tinctures procured and attuning them unto the associated kingdom for maximum healing benefit.  Simply hold the tincture in your hand for a few minutes with this intention and so it will be. Take only the dosage of each herbal tincture that you muscle test or pendulum to be suited to your particular physical condition.  Alcohol is useful as it will hold other vibrations that glycerin will not.  You can bless the tincture with the alcohol calling upon the consciousness of the herbs to participate in your healing through the "medicine" taken. 

Herbs can better asses the circumstance from inside the body once we have been consumed.  There are now a Temple of Herbal and Vegetable Kingdom Assessment for this purpose in the Healing Temples for Ascension in the aurora .  You can attune to our temple in meditation or dreamtime to receive your assessment once you have consumed the herbs for a few days that you muscle test to ingest.  The herbal kingdom will assess genetic and energetic anomalies from inside your field that require altering in order for health to be restored in any part of the body through ascension, or health to be maintained in future ascension.  Then you can make the appropriate intentions to release the associated karma and anchor the new DNA that will correct the patterning that has gone into distortion in addition to continuing to take your "medicine".  If you have difficulty hearing what the herbal kingdom has to say, there are many that offer consultations associated with us from this web site.  See "Consultations" for more information.

The combination of herbs below also assist in learning Tri-Tone concepts of the Language of Light.  Tri-Tones are creational concepts.  Your body is your own creation.  In learning to address the body as an entire creation, one can pull parts of the body that are ill or in discord into better harmony leading to better overall health for the continued evolution "home".  Tri Tone concepts are also related to the new dream of the Great Central Sun that Terra (earth) is entering at this time.  The Tri Tones will therefore assist more humans in crossing into the new dream and learning what it takes to amalgamate and balance light and dark enough to do so.  It is for this reason that we offer this information at this time in history.

Not all Tri-Tones are incorporated as herbal remedies at this time and in the below information.  Only 12 of the 44 Tri Tones are listed but are perceived as the most important to learn in order to create overall harmony and synergy between various parts of the biology to sustain maximum health in ascension, as well as anchor a new rotational energy flow that can enter the Great Central Sun Dream.

We hope that each finds this information useful in your continued evolution. 


The Herbal Kingdom

Terra, The Consciousness of Earth


100. Creative Self Expression
Nature: Active

The Symbols External, Breath of Life and Passion


Always muscle test which of this group of herbs in each section best supports your physical healing and ascension and only ingest these.  Also muscle test dosages and and length of treatment as this will vary from ascending initiate to initiate.

1.  Lungs and Diaphragm

Suggested Herbs:  Feverfew, Comfrey, Bloodroot, Oregon Grape Root, Passion Flower, Shepherds Purse

The development of the crystalline diaphragm is important to the ability to maintain a higher frequency in ascension.  The diaphragm grows outside of the rib cage creating what Lilliya has fondly called a "Buddha Belly" as Buddha developed a very large diaphragm of this nature to ascend to the fourth dimension long ago.  This is perhaps why statues of a happy Buddha depict him with a large protruding diaphragm and stomach, as this is the shape of ascension beloved.  (See "Ascending into Regenerative Biology" for more information.)

The above herbs will assist in clearing the lungs of phlegm and toxic mucous from ascension.  Many colds or chest conditions are really toxins leaving the bronchials or chest via the lungs.  Ascension also requires learning "Conscious Breath".  Conscious breath has two attributes; one of which includes remembering to take a deep breath every five minutes.  Each time that one takes a deep breath, one will ground unto the earth mother and sustain the rotation of one's chakras and field.  This is important to ascension as if the field ceases to rotate, you not only become tired but also will cease to move up in frequency or even maintain the frequency that you have attained.  Many of the above herbs allow for the remembrance of conscious breath, and in particular Feverfew.

The second attribute of ascending lungs is the ability to "Circular Breathe".  Circular breathing allows the inhale and exhale of physical and etheric vessels to align, or in other terms, breathe in and out at the same time.  In so doing, the etheric vessel can provide all the oxygen that the physical vessel requires to continue to evolve and oxygenate the blood, and the etheric body receives all the ether or carbon dioxide it requires to provide the necessary gasses to the etheric blood.  As the two work together, one will never be oxygen deprived again.  Lilliya have found as they have mastered circular breath that they do not experience oxygen deprivation even on lengthy plane flights of 10 hours or longer, or in stuffy hotel rooms.  Oxygen is important to the resurrection and regeneration of every cell in the body and is important to have enough of.  The above herbal combination will be useful in mastering conscious breath as well as circular breath, and in particular Bloodroot and Oregon Grape Root. (See "From the Acacia Trees" for blessings for Conscious Breath.)

The ascending diaphragm is capable of converting oxygen into many types of sugar.  Over time five types of sugar are developed from small to medium to large in size to feed hungry crystalline cells so that they may hold a higher vibration.  The higher the vibration of the form, the more sugar that the crystalline structure requires.  The required blood sugar is produced through the crystalline diaphragm, which is why you could never eat too much once you have ascended into the crystalline form.  There is therefore no point in dieting once you have become crystalline.  Lilliya have had students who have gone on one week fruit fasts for detoxification purposes and lost no weight as the diaphragm sustained their weight as well as their vibration.  The above formula will also provide assistance in anchoring the blueprint for the crystalline diaphragm and all types of blood sugar required to support the increasing metabolism of a higher frequency biology of the crystalline form, and in particular this is so for Comfrey, Passion Flower and Shepherds Purse.

101. Collaborative Dream
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Dream, Community and Function

2. Regeneration System (Thymus and Regeneration Glands)

Suggested Herbs:  Evening Primrose, Bloodroot, Osha, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, Corydalis, Datura, Alum Root, Ginseng, Reishii Mushroom

The regeneration system is an intricate formation of hormones that are generated from the pituitary gland that buds to have a 1000 nodes, each of which produces a necessary hormone to ascend.   There are also ducts in the back of the neck that must open to allow the ascension hormones to flow into the body to allow for biological changes.  Intending that these ducts open more fully will speed up the process of ascension and this group of herbs can assist in this, and in particular the herb Evening Primrose.

The regeneration system also relies upon the budding of the thymus gland that grows up the sternum and connects to the lymph system and thyroid.  The thymus is a master gland that creates hormones that regulates the ascension process as well as the regeneration of the body.  Regeneration in ascension equates to cells that receive proper nutrients to rebuild rather than dying every seven years or less as one ages.  Regeneration as it works properly leads to de-aging or becoming more youthful in the physical regardless of age.  Regeneration that is not working properly will lead to continued aging in ascension instead and therefore if this is a symptom that you are having, the above herbs shall assist and in particular, Datura, Coydalis, Osha and Alum Root.

The regeneration system is also associated with reproduction as there are glands that grow in the balls and mounds pubis of the male and under the labia minor and in the mounds pubis of the female that produce regeneration hormones that interconnect with reproductive cycles each month.  The above herbs will assist in the anchoring of the blueprint for a complete set of regeneration glands in the reproductive system, and in particular Vitex, and Saw Palmetto are useful for this.  Bloodroot assists the body in attaining a deep sound state of sleep that assists the cellular structure in regenerating through rest.  Ginseng and Reishii Mushroom are good overall tonic type herbs for regeneration and sustenance of the crystalline biology.

104. Collaborative Unity
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Honor, Unity and Integrity

3. Blood, Heart, Circulatory System and Lymph System


Suggested Herbs:  Burdock, Red Clover, Dandelion, Nettle, Sorrel, Hops (beer)


Other Treatments: Gin and Tequila, Chelation

Cleansing the blood is a useful ongoing focus that will be helpful in ascension.  The blood is the main carrier of sugar and oxygen along with other nutrients to the ascending or regenerating cells, as well as the main source of the removal of decay or other debris or toxins as well as bacteria and viruses from those regions of the biology that are ascending.  Many of the above herbs are good blood cleansers providing substances that will attach unto toxins and carry them to the waste management systems of the biology, and in particular Red Clover, Burdock, Sorrel, Dandelion, and Nettle.

The circulatory system goes through many alterations in the crystalline blueprint.  The above herbs will assist in the integration of the proper blueprint for the heart and circulatory system as well as lymph system in ascension and in particular, Burdock, Red Clover and Dandelion hold this blueprint.  The heart receives a blueprint for six ventricles rather than just four.  The six ventricle system causes the chest to expand along with the ribs to make room for an larger heart.  This occurs in the genetic blueprint between 3800 and 4200 strands of DNA.  The larger heart and six ventricle system creates enough blood pressure to assure that all cells are fed in ascension and through all parts of the circulatory system.  Most doctors today are in fear of high blood pressure, and crystalline blood pressure will be higher out of the requirement to feed all cells in the body and therefore reach all regions via the veins and arterial system.

The crystalline arteries and veins are a stronger and a more elastic structure that withstands the higher blood pressure of the six ventricle heart.  The crystalline arteries and veins are also less subject to tears or build up of plague.  One way to assist in dissolution of plaque in the arteries that has built up due to diet and age is to have a shot of gin or tequila each night before bed for 3 to 6 months and as one muscle tests. The gin or tequila will dissolve the arterial plaque and may be an inexpensive form of "Chelation" for those who do not have a weak liver or alcoholic tendencies. 

For those that are older or are prone to alcoholism, there are also programs that assist with the removal of plaque from the arteries known as Chelation.  Removing the plaque from the arteries may be essential to sustaining one's health and continuing to regenerate within older initiates in particular.  Chelation is created as many minerals are ingested or intravenously introduced direct to the blood that attract the plaque from the arterial walls allowing it to be then purged through the circulatory system and to the waste management systems of the biology.  Many of the above herbs are helpful due to the mineral content within them and in particular this is so for Red Clover, Dandelion, Burdock and Sorrel which hold chelation properties.  Beer or hops is useful in triggering the right amount of fluid within the blood as well as the proper viscosity for optimal capacity for the blood cells to carry nutrients or wastes to their destination. 

The crystalline lymph develops its own vessels that also feed the crystalline structure that is closer to the lymph system than the circulatory system.  The lymph develops the capacity to carry oxygen and sugar to cells closest to their veins as well as white blood cells in the event of infection in neighboring regions of the biology.  The lymph is a passive system requiring movement to turn; it is for this reason that we recommend a gentle 30 to 40 minute walk or swim each day to adequately turn the lymph to properly feed the crystalline cellular structure and maintain one's health. 

105. Collaborative Governance
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Non-Conditional Governance, Stealth and Communication

4. Pituitary and Pineal Glands, Mastering Ascending Thought-Form

Suggested Herbs:  Lady's Mantle, Evening Primrose, Mother's Wort, St. John's Wort, Datura, Horse Chestnut, Sorrel

The Pituitary Gland buds in ascension to produce over 1000 biochemical substances necessary not only to ascension of the body, but for the perception of a unity way of existence that rises above the thought-form of light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong.  It is in the alteration of the nervous system through a new biochemistry that is stimulated and supported by the Pituitary Gland that another way of being which is gentle, loving, forgiving and desires to collaborate and unite with others comes forth in the human species.  Development of the Pituitary is therefore a very important attribute of ascension as a new type of human can be born as a result of the evolutionary process.  The above herbs will assist in the budding and development of the new chemistry that allows for ascension as well as another way to perceive the world around oneself, and in particular Lady's Mantle, St. John's Wort, Datura, Sorrel and Horse Chestnut.

The Pineal Gland develops to receive light through the eyes and convert the light into Language of Light or Language of One frequencies that are then administered through the nervous system to each organ, gland and system as well as the molecular structure of the entire body.  Taking time to sit in the sun each day for about 10 minutes is a good way to assure that the Pineal Gland receives enough light to sustain the molecular structure with the necessary vibrations to sustain life and continue to ascend.  Development of the Pineal Gland to its proper crystalline blueprint will be assisted by the above herbs, and in particular Mother's Wort, and Evening Primrose.

113. Unity of All Species
Nature: Active

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Unity and Land-based Worlds


5. Waste Management Systems (Intestines, Kidneys and Bladder)

Suggested Herbs:  Cammomile, Lobelia, Angelica, Chickweed, Urva Ursi, Blue Cohosh, Cascara Sagrada, Senna, Flax, Aloe Vera

The waste management systems are important to ascension as there is an ongoing build up of pus and other cast off portions of cells that will collect in the blood stream and intestines over time.  Maintaining proper bowel function therefore is important as a means of removing wastes in the ascension process.  Many of the above herbs will help stimulate the bowels for a more fluid function if you are prone to constipation, and this is especially so for Cascara Sagrada, Senna and Flax along with Aloe Vera.

The kidneys develop larger ducts as does the bladder in ascension that allows proteins and fats and larger molecules cast off in the process of ascension to leave the body through the urine.  Bubbly urine is not uncommon amongst ascending humans as a result.  Urva Ursi, Blue Cohosh and Chickweed stimulates the kidneys and will assist in the integration of a blueprint that allows for more rapid detoxification through the bladder and kidneys.

The intestines are generally too scarred to be resurrected and will turn.  The turning of the intestines involves the construction of an entirely new small and large tract over the old; and then the old is sloughed off much like one would pull a sock inside out.  During the turning of the tract, you will experience many many bowel movements in a single day and several days over the course of a week.  Cammomile, Lobelia and Angelica may be soothing at such times and will assist in the development of the new tract and the turning process. 

For those proceeding on in ascension, Burdock in particular will also assist in the anchoring and development of the new vegetarian intestinal tract which grows after about 4200 strands has been embodied.  The new tract creates a series of pockets within the intestines (3 in the small intestine and 2 in the large) with new enzymes that are secreted unto the waste moving through each section.  The enzymes allow for a more greatly digested food source that allows for protein to be more easily absorbed from plant sources. 

114. Truth of All Species
Nature: Passive

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Truth

and Land-based Worlds


6. Immune System and Spleen


Suggested Herbs:  Echinacea, Astragalus, Golden Seal, Chaparral, Yarrow, Corydalis, Pao d'Arco, Reishii Mushroom

The Crystalline Immune System develops 18 types of white blood cells that are useful to the gathering up and dissolution of viruses, bacteria, toxins and other debris that is released in the act of ascension.  The new white blood cells are manufactured in the spleen along with the other components of the blood that the spleen also regulates, filters and manufactures.  The above herbs will assist in the integration of the new immune system blueprint into the Spleen and in particular Corydalis, Echinacea and Astragalus .


The Crystalline Immune System is also capable of handling viruses and bacteria from ancient times released as scar tissue is transmuted in the act of ascension. There are many viruses from more ancient times that can again become active in ascension creating a cold or flu like symptoms.  During such times taking immune herbs shall assist in clearing the infection so that health and a recovery can rapidly occur.  There are also viruses that are from bio-warfare in the era of the Anu and Atlantis.  Sometimes as these types of viruses emerge due to the resurrection of scar tissue, a new type of white blood cell may need to be formed to tackle the manner in which the virus or bacteria reproduces.  The immune herbs above will assist with this.  (See "From the Willow Trees" for blessings for the crystalline immune system.)


In current times, there is also bacteria and viruses that are at a vibration beneath what the crystalline immune system recalls when it existed in an earlier time in your ancestry.  This bacteria and viruses from present time are generally introduced through ingesting food or water containing them, or through the vaginal area of women in the act of swimming or bathing.  Because the crystalline immune system may not recognize bacteria that did not exist at a time that Terra's overall vibration was much higher, low grade infections can occur often in the eye, ear, nose and mouth region due to the consumption of food and/or poor dental habits.  Or they can also form in the vaginal area due to bathing or swimming.  Echinacea, Golden Seal and Chaparral along with Pao d'Arco are good herbs for treating low grade infections.


Often the minor infection may be related to a form of thrush or yeast or other fungus.  The low grade infection can cause regeneration problems in the region of infection or other regions if it spreads to other parts of the biology.  It is therefore important to treat low grade infections rather than allow them to spread. 

115. Honor of All Species
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Honor and Land-based Worlds


7. Muscles, Fat, Skin and Hair


Suggested Herbs:  Angelica, Comfrey, Ginger, Nettle, Osha, Black Cohosh, Flax, Horsetail, Milk Thistle


Other Treatments:  Aloe Vera, Oil of Avocado, Jajoba or Apricot Seed, White or Green Clay. Baths and Mud Baths, Salt Scrubs, Sun Baths, Hot Oil Treatments for Hair Conditioning

Crystalline muscles more greatly hold fat interspersed throughout the structure due to how fat or lipids coat each cell in the crystalline form.  Therefore those seeking a low fat measurement in weight training or sports training may be disappointed in the overall fat content that is measured even if one is on the thin side but has ascended into crystalline biology.  The added fat surrounding each cell allows the muscles to hold a higher frequency than their pre-crystalline bio chemistry and this is what ascension is all about.

Body fat goes through another transformation to a lighter and smaller molecular size that can hold as much energy movement than a more complex or larger form of fat that has prevailed in the non-crystalline structure at 2 strands of DNA.  Many discover that they downsize a little as the new form of fat is embraced.  The above herbs and in particular Nettle, Angelica, Flax and Osha shall assist in integrating the new blueprint for crystalline fat.  Foods such as avocado, coconut, nut oils and nuts in general will provide the necessary lipids to the formation of the new crystalline body fat.  (See Foods that Heal and Support Ascension for more information.)

Crystalline skin is the largest organ of the form and has a new structure with fat that surrounds each cell and new oil glands that increase lubrication creating a softer buttery skin that tends not to wrinkle.  The herb Horsetail and Ginger shall assist in the development and maintenance of crystalline skin. 

Crystalline hair can be thicker and healthier in nature as the hair does not become dry as readily.  Horsetail shall assist in embodying the crystalline hair structure or creating new hair growth where you are bald.  Crystalline hair responds well to hot oil treatments once per week, with 4 parts olive or other oil of choice and 1 part lanolin (sheep hair oil).  Rub oil throughout the hair and put a shower cap over the head and let the hair "cook" for an hour or more and then shampoo out.  Crystalline hair will turn out shiny and soft after the hot oil treatment. Hair may also grow where there was no hair before such as upon the face for women, along with the entire body for both men and women.  Although many may prefer smooth skin, and particularly upon the face, legs and arms for females, body hair assists in allowing a pathway for toxins to travel out of the pores and be released along the surface of the skin, and then showered off when bathing.  Larger amounts of body hair also create a natural sunscreen. 

The skin is the largest organ in the body and can be the easiest way to detoxify the form in support of ascension and especially in the event of a cold or flu like symptoms or cancer for that matter.  Taking a daily bath or swim is very helpful to releasing toxins through the pores of the skin and is a good ascension practice. Baths can have white or green clay thrown into them for the purposes of providing the body with minerals.  The crystalline skin can both release toxins and receive nutrients, and so small amounts of minerals can be absorbed through the bath with clay within it or in a mud bath.  One may wish to filter one's bath water as a result so that one does not absorb other toxins from the local water supplies.

White or green clay mud packs can be spread all over the body and then allowed to dry and shower off in the event of a really bad ascension day or case of a cold or flu.  This stimulates vast amounts of toxins to be released and provides minerals to places under the skin that perhaps do not have as much blood flow to receive the necessary nutrients for regeneration.  Salt scrubs stimulate the skin to release more toxins following each shower and are a good recommended daily skin treatment for ascension.  Brushing the skin with a skin brush will also stimulate the pores to release more toxins.  Sun baths of 10 to 20 minutes per day allow plenty of fire element to reach the skin for the purposes of regeneration.  (This does not include the use of tanning machines which are so electrical that they are not recommended.)

Skin can also be aided in regeneration by placing Aloe Vera blended with other oils upon the surface for nurturing and healing.  Recommended skin oils include avocado, apricot oil, jojoba oil which each can easily be absorbed by the crystalline skin and therefore will not suffocate the cells.  Mixing a few drops each of Jasmine or Ylang Ylang essential oils in with 4 ounces of the above oils makes a soothing skin oil for the regeneration of face and body.

116. Divine Union of All Species
Nature: Completion

The Symbols Divine Union, God/Goddess All That Is and Fluidity


8. Nervous System, Brain and Spine

Suggested Herbs:  Skullcap, Oregon Grape Root, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Wild Yam, St. John's Wort

The nervous system goes through many modifications in ascension that lead to another biochemistry altogether.  The new biochemistry makes room for the brain to fire in a new sequence of thoughts or algorithms that lead to unity based consciousness.  The unity based consciousness then translates into a human that perceives the world from a new vantage point that honors, loves, accepts and is at peace.  The ascension of the nervous system and brain is therefore as important as the development of the pituitary gland to the awakening unto unity based consciousness.  The above herbs Skullcap, Oregon Grape Root, and Passion Flower will assist in the anchoring of a new blueprint for unity based biochemistry within the nervous system.

The spinal column goes through a series of modifications in ascension that cause the fluid within the spine to become capable of holding photonic energy flow.  This modification is best supported through the herbs Valerian Root, Wild Yam, and Passion Flower.  Sometimes the transition to the new fluid causes many muscle spasms in the back and these herbs will also be helpful in allowing the muscles to relax so that one is not in pain in the changes that occur within ascension.

117. Evolutionary Plan of All Species
Nature: Active

The Symbols Dream, Purpose and Communication


9. Bones and Ligaments (Bone Marrow and Teeth)


Suggested Herbs:  Hops, Comfrey, Yarrow, Devils Claw,  Lady's Slipper, Shepherds Purse, Horsetail


Other Treatments:  Brushing with Salt, Rinsing with Essential Oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Rosemary

Crystalline bones are much less brittle than non-crystalline bones and are coated in a substance that is siLilliyar to cartilage that is soft and spongy.  The end result is a bone that is less likely to break in impact and will bend and then recover.  Crystalline bones require another type of calcium that is found in many of the above herbs such as Comfrey, Horsetail, Yarrow and Hops.  One can also supplement the diet with plenty of yogurt, raw pumpkin seeds and coconut as the necessary components to crystalline bones can be drawn from these three food source when combined. Bones are sometimes difficult to resurrect as they are the densest part of the form and Devil's Claw will assist with this if bones are failing to ascend.

Crystalline ligaments also stretch much like a rubber band and are less likely to be injured and recover more rapidly if over stretched.  Crystalline bone marrow creates another type of red blood cell that holds a different kind of iron as well as other minerals that better attracts oxygen and sugar as well as waste in the blood.  Lady's Slipper and Shepherds Purse will assist in the blueprint of the new bone marrow and building of crystalline red blood cells.

Crystalline teeth will regenerate and self heal of any formation known as "cavities" in present time.  Due to all the bacteria in food that is non-crystalline, good oral hygiene is suggested to maintain the health of the crystalline teeth and gums.  Rinsing with water and sea salt several times per day in particular will kill most bacteria problematic to crystalline teeth and even will destroy the bacteria that forms plaque.  Brushing with sea salt will also whiten the teeth and remove existing plaque as well.  Making a small bottle of 4 ounces of water with 10 drops each of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon oil and rosemary and rinsing once to twice per day will also assist in destroying problematic bacteria that leads to cavities.

118. Divine Timing of All Species
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Breath of Life, Function and Balance


10. Metabolism (Thyroid, Pancreas, Liver and Adrenals)


Suggested Herbs:  Milk Thistle, Ginger, Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Horsetail, Sorrel, Lady's Mantle, Oregon Grape Root


The Thyroid goes through many changes in ascension including the development of five types of hormones that allows for a metabolic rate that ranges from resting or asleep, consciously dreaming or meditating, awake but not moving, awake and moving to exercising vigorously.  Each level of activity requires a different metabolic rate and this is the gift of crystalline metabolism. 


The Pancreas undergoes siLilliyar modifications in ascension anchoring a new blueprint that includes five types of insulin that each causes the cells to consume a variant range of blood sugar depending upon activity level of the body.  The herbs Ginger, Wild Yam, Sorrel, Horsetail and Lady's Mantle along with Oregon Grape Root will assist in the development of the different types of thyroid and insulin hormones in ascension.


The liver has the role of cleansing the blood and maintaining the blood sugar by the creation or breaking down of body fat.  There are two additional blood cleansing organs that Lilliya has called Liver 2 and Liver 3 that develop in the ascent to Bodhisattva.  All three of these organs filter blood of toxins and maintain body fat in support of one's vibration.  The herbs Milk Thistle and Dandelion are helpful in anchoring the blueprint for the crystalline Liver.  Cleansing the liver ducts as well as kidney ducts is also useful in ascension and watermelon juice or eating watermelon is useful in the dissolution of plaque that has collected in the liver and kidney ducts.


The Adrenal Cortex goes through modifications that responds to the new biochemistry in the nervous system.  This new response is less fear based and more attentive based.  What this translates into is less stress and a greater sense of inner peace.  The herb Wild Yam as well as Horsetail is useful in the anchoring the modifications to the Adrenal Glands.

119. Divine Dance of All Species
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Stealth, Structure and Dance of Life


11. Digestive System (Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Gall Bladder)


Suggested Herbs:  Ginger, Chamomile, Lobelia, Comfrey, Poke Root

Other Treatments:  De-Parasite Programs, Complete Meals for Ascension


The Digestive System in ascension includes the digestion of one's food and the enzymes produced in order to do so.  Crystalline digestive enzymes are more complex as they are released in the stomach and will break down many food substances that were problematic to the pre-crystalline system.  The stomach lining improves with a larger layer of mucous to offset the stronger enzymes.  Often allergies to certain foods disappears in the evolution of the digestive system to the crystalline biology.  The above herbs are useful in the development and sustenance of crystalline digestion and the associated digestive enzymes.


In ascension, digestion is more than physical and involves digesting the spiritual lessons in the dance of life.  Often indigestion is really taking on the spiritual lessons of another and trying to assiLilliyate them.  In returning the spiritual lessons of another, the digestion can resume its proper function in the nonphysical and then will straighten out in the physical.  All the energy systems of the body are more thoroughly explored in the "Complete Ascension Workbook" and we guide those dedicated to their path of ascension to work with these materials.

Yeast can be a recurrent problem in some digestive systems causing excessive gas and flatulence.  Boosting the Immune System is one way to begin to cause the body to respond to the low grade infection that yeast represents.  Yeast can often be associated with parasites which will alter the pH enough to allow the yeast to grow.  Therefore de-parasite programs are useful to assisting a digestive system laden with yeast. There are many de-parasite programs available through health food stores or on-line.  De-parasite herbs include wormwood and black walnut primarily and are combined with cloves which kill the parasite eggs and colloidal silver to kill the viruses that the parasites carry.  Parasites exist in all vegetation and anything eaten raw can cause them to enter the digestive system.  Often parasites grow and reproduce in the intestinal tract and then spread to other parts of the body leading to decay and disease.  Therefore removing the parasites is helpful not only to digestion but the regeneration of other parts of the body in ascension


Diet is important to ascension to allow for the proper nutrition that allows for the transmutation of the biology to the crystalline form.  The plant kingdoms have written a host of articles about diet for ascension.  See "Dietary and Nutritional Suggestions in Ascension", "Foods that Heal and Nurture the Body", and "Complete Meals" from Oa's Kitchen.

128. Co-Creation
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Communion, Creativity and God/Goddess All That Is


12. Reproductive System


Suggested Herbs:  Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Cramp Bark, Ginger, Vitex, Saw Palmetto, Shepherds Purse, Wild Yam, Ginseng


The Reproductive System is intricately tied to the Regeneration System in the crystalline biology.  Reproduction is not only about having a child or being fertile, although this is a part of the purpose of the organs and glands in the reproductive system.  Reproduction is really about sustaining the hormones necessary to youth the body and regenerate as well as co-create with soul, the Earth Mother and the nature kingdoms in one's dream upon the physical plane.


Upon a physical level, the testes and ovaries grow many new small glands that allow for new reproductive hormones.  The new reproductive hormones are not subject to the push and pull of the tides and one can choose to cease to reproduce through conscious intention.  This occurs as all eggs in the female ovaries are removed from the system.  Shepherds Purse, Vitex , Cramp Bark and Saw Palmetto assist in the anchoring of this blueprint for crystalline reproductive hormones as well as the development of the crystalline reproductive glands. 


Giving birth is also a pain free experience if all crystalline hormones are in place in the Pituitary, Thymus and Reproductive System at the time of birth.  The crystalline hormonal system creates its own anesthetization that is released as the female goes into labor allowing both mother and child a joyful experience of birth.  Interestingly enough, Lilliya have a student in their program who gave birth this way as the incoming child held the information and produced the necessary hormones.  Their second birth was an entirely different experience and the birth was filled with more pain as a result.  However the first child is now an adult and experiences reality from a very different place due to the Joy Hormone that she exists within.  Pain free birth is related to the joy hormonal system that is produced through the thymus and pituitary glands of the crystalline biochemistry. Blue and Black Cohosh will assist in the development of the joy hormonal system as well as the hormones necessary to give birth in joy.


In ascension, the reproductive system is related to the sexual energy and kundahlini energy flow which sustains' ones existence by spinning the expanding energy flow as well as energizing the entire etheric vessel to hold a higher frequency.  The movement of the kundahlini and sexual energy runs through the etheric uterus in the female and prostate of the male.  Building a strong kundahlini energy flow is helped by the herb Wild Yam and Ginger.  There are also many Chinese herbs useful in building a strong movement of chi through the kundahlini and meridian system.  See "Chinese Herbs for Ascension" for more information.


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