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Fatty Acids and Ascension
The Herb Kingdom through Lilliya

April 22, 2009


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Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Herbal Kingdom is happy to write for ascending humans again today.  Today we wish to share of some special fatty acids derived from fruits and nuts or seeds that hold tri tone vibrations and also are helpful to consume to aid ascending biology in retaining its health and regeneration.  Fats are an important substance to the health and well being of the biology.  Many fats today are difficult especially if they have been hydrogenated or processed through high heat. 

Heat destroys the necessary fatty acids that the body requires to sustain its regeneration.  Heat also causes fats to become rancid and in particular if oil is heated more than once in deep frying.  Therefore consuming deep fried food source is not a good choice to retain one's health.  Rancid fats are those fats that ascending biology must replace in order to sustain its health.  Eating rancid fats only adds a problem on top of an ongoing problem within the biology rather than helping to resolve it for the purposes of self healing. 

Consuming healthy fats that can be used to replace rancid fats within the body and therefore is helpful to retaining your health in ascension.  Healthy fats are cold pressed or expeller pressed and organic.  Eating some good fats cold as over one's salad as well as heated in one's cooked food is one manner to provide daily healthy fats in one's diet.  However even if one eats healthy fats, there may be fatty acids missing that are not prevalent in all cooking and culinary oils, and so the suggested fats in this essay are to supplement what is missing in one's diet to aid each in retaining one's health through regeneration in ascension.

Hydrogenation causes the fat molecules to rearrange themselves in a format that cannot be digested and then clogs the arterial walls along with liver, kidney and spleen ducts leading to disease.  The label "No Trans Fat" does not mean that the fats are healthy as they still have been hydrogenated but supposedly watched in their formation so that deformed molecules are not created; this does not make the fat produced any more digestible however.  The Tamanu and Kikui Nut Kingdom wrote a lovely essay about the problems with food processing and how it creates health problems for ascending humans.  The Herb Kingdom refers each to this article if you have not read it already.  (See "From the Tamanu and Kikui Nut Kingdoms" for more information.)

The good news is that there are resources of other oils that can supplement the diet with all the fatty acids required to sustain your health and well being along with regeneration in ascension.  Lilliya have come to their own realization about the requirement of certain fatty acids and have added them to their diet.  The problem is that although they eat a very good and mostly organic diet except sometimes when on the road, the body was not receiving enough of the necessary fatty acids or oxygen required to sustain itself in health.


Here the herb kingdom will point out something else, and that is that ascending crystalline biology requires more oxygen than the environment can sometimes offer, or the lungs can gather.  Lilliya recognized this in their latest trip to the mainland where each became ill with cold and flu like symptoms, something that had not occurred before.  In essence the problem is a lack of oxygen and it had been building for over a year due to the biological structures that they had ascended into from more ancient times.  In more ancient times there was upwards of 1000 times the oxygen available upon earth due to more land and open space and no ocean.  Earth was a virtual plant and herb paradise and the lush landscape created so much more oxygen than today one can hardly compare.

Oxygen deprivation causes many problems.  Oxygen is antimicrobial and also antiviral and what Lilliya have been struggling with is that the non-crystalline state of earth leaves them subject to ongoing exposure to bacteria and viruses that also did not exist in ancient times.  The end result was that they have been becoming overrun by such agents of destruction as there was not enough oxygen in the blood neutralize it and they found themselves becoming ill as a result.  The solution has been a lovely product known as "Cell Food" which provides a liquid substance that breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen in the blood and also provides trace elements necessary for cell regeneration.  This product has helped Lilliya create enough oxygen to now recover their stamina and health along with regeneration.  Other ascending humans may find this product or other liquid oxygen useful for this reason.

Lilliya are guided by earth and nature to give the body whatever it requires to ascend and sustain themselves.  However the solution to their dilemma of not enough oxygen has led each of them to choose to create a a biological substance siLilliyar to the one in Cell Food that shall convert water to oxygen, breaking it apart while in the blood.  There is the capacity for a small amount of oxygen to be created in the kidneys; and this blueprint is a part of crystalline biology.  But it is not enough and so another solution will be found as this is the truth of the map carvers.  So Lilliya will not be dependent upon this product forever and will find an internal solution to the problem of lack of oxygen upon earth.  This will allow future ascending humans to have enough oxygen even if Terra has yet to regenerate herself in full.

Many humans today suffer from many symptoms that may be more the result of oxygen deprivation than one is aware of.  Therefore the choice to intake liquid oxygen into the blood stream may be useful for many others to overcome certain ailments enough to ascend.  So this is also so for essential fatty acids that may not be present enough in the diet enough to sustain one's ascending health. 


What are fatty acids?  They are fat and acid chains that play an important role in sustaining the health of the biology.  One of the more popular fatty acids that humans are attuning unto today in the health industry is in the Omega 3 category.  These fatty acids related to Omega 3 are helpful in many ways in sustaining health; and they are generally not present in fats that are consumed regularly or cooked.  Omega 3 oils lubricate the crystalline biology in special manners to allow transport systems to function better.  Omega 3 oils will allow the transport of the waste through the intestines to flow more readily; and also the blood to flow through the veins more easily so that all nutrients arrive to where they are destined. 

Omega 3 oils also help the beat of the heart, veins, and capillaries to sustain itself to pump the blood through the body.  Crystalline veins, arteries, and capillaries  all contract as the heart beats.  The crystalline heart grows creating four additional ventricles that are within the first four.  Many that are diagnosed with an enlarged heart may have actually developed a crystalline heart with six to eight ventricles.  The new ventricles create the subtler beats that cause the arteries, veins and capillaries to also constrict to push the blood to where it needs to go to assure that all cells are fed within the crystalline structure. 

Humans age with non-crystalline biology as the blood flow is generally poor to many regions and some cells simply die off due to lack of nutrients or become sick as toxins fail to be carried off.  As the crystalline circulatory system develops, not only an enlarged heart may be perceived, but also high blood pressure may be a symptom of ascension.  The higher blood pressure is caused by the constricting of all veins, arteries and capillaries to assure that all cells are reached by the blood to be fed in order to regenerate.  Crystalline or unity biology regenerates rather than deteriorates every cycle and so the higher blood pressure is a part of the regenerative nature of this type of structure.  The crystalline veins, arteries and capillaries are created out of another type of blueprint that withstands the higher systolic pressure without breaking.  Some of the substances that the body requires to create and sustain a crystalline circulatory system requires omega 3 fatty acids in the diet.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also useful unto the crystalline liver function.  There are two additional liver glands that grow just at the waistline in crystalline biology adding to the size of the Buddha belly in ascension.. The liver glands develops many types of enzymes to break down fats of all kinds that are released and transmuted in the act of biological ascension as well as build fats required in the new genetic blueprint.  Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful to the regeneration of the liver itself.  Fats tend to go rancid and so the liver is consistently subject to going into distortion due to filtering or transmuting rancid fats out of the blood.  Omega 3 fatty acids help to neutralize the damage done due to the rancid fats moving through the liver itself leading to the sustenance of its health. 

Omega 3 fatty acids are also useful to the spleen.  There is one additional spleen that also develops in the crystalline blueprint and on the other side of the body adding to the expanded waistline.  The spleen not only creates blood fluids and certain white blood cells for an improved immune response in the crystalline form, but also filters out distorted blood cells or other substances not helpful to the health of the blood.  The spleen itself can go into distortion due to the toxins or unhealthy blood cells that it is filtering; and the omega 3 fatty acids help in the repair of the spleen as a result.

Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful to the overall process of regeneration of the form.  Crystalline cells have the capacity to repair themselves rather than die off.  The hormonal system detects the distortion that the cells have gone into and nutrients are then delivered necessary to the repair.  One nutrient supplied is generally omega 3 fatty acids which helps the fat surrounding the cell to be replaced in the event that it has gone rancid.  Rancid fat leads to sour music which distorts the cells ability to metabolize efficiently, and if unrepaired leads to a sick cell that requires replacing.

In non-crystalline biology, the body is not capable of creating its own Omega 3 fatty acids.  Crystalline biology has many glands associated with the liver that can produce some of this category of fatty acids on its own.  However in providing enough of this fatty acid in one's diet, one supports the process of sustaining one's regeneration and health from the outside in. 

Over time and in ascension there have been two groups of thought-form; one that is purist and believes that all should be able to be created from within.  Those ascending of this nature generally became ill and died long before the second group which believed in giving the body whatever it requires to transmute the biology.  At this time humans have fallen so far it would be difficult to orchestrate ascension into health without giving the body what it requires for the task.


There is also the category of Omega 6 fatty acids.  Omega 6 fatty acids provide a different purpose within crystalline biology.  Omega 6 fatty acids are essential to the hormonal system including the development and sustenance of the crystalline thymus gland  hormones, the pituitary gland ascension hormones, and the regeneration hormones along with the hormones in the reproductive system.  All hormones are an elaborate communication system that allows the body to understand its own state of being, such as what requires repairing, ascending or containing as in an immune response to an infection.  Omega 6 fatty acids are necessary to the construction of the crystalline hormonal system.

Omega 6 fatty acids also play a role in cell re-growth and repair.  In the act of ascension, human growth hormone continuously flows from the pituitary gland and allows cells to ascend into new blueprints growing into another genetic structure.  If the crystalline cells have become damaged or distorted to a point that they cannot be regenerated, then new cells grow in their place.  Omega 6 fatty acids are a necessary component in the process of crystalline cell re-growth. 

Omega 6 fatty acids are also necessary to the respiratory system.  The respiratory system includes the crystalline diaphragm or Buddha belly that allows sugar to be converted from oxygen inhaled through the lungs.  The process of creating sugar from oxygen requires omega 6 fatty acids within its chemistry.  In parallel omega 6 fatty acids are also necessary to the digestive system and are a part of the chemistry known as enzymes that break down food source as it moves through the intestines.  Crystalline intestines grow many pockets with many enzymes necessary to break down vegetarian food source so that more nutrients are extracted, and this requires omega 6 fatty acids.

Omega 6 fatty acids are also necessary to the crystalline brain and nervous system.  There is a fatty substances that coats all nerves and this is developed with omega 6 fatty acids.  The fatty sheath around crystalline nerves enhances the movement of algorithms produced by the brain such that all organs and glands and systems are stimulated enough to cause regeneration of the whole.  The brain also evolves into a new biochemistry that allows for unity algorithms to begin to fire through the nervous system.  The new crystalline biochemistry involves Omega 6 fatty acids.

There are actually so many parts of the body that require omega 6 fatty acids that it is difficult to retain one's health without them.  However let us suffice to say that this is a common fatty acid in most good oils that are expeller pressed of nuts seeds or vegetables that it is easy to obtain enough through the diet.  The crystalline biology can also manufacture omega 6 fatty acids from other fats if there is not enough to fulfill upon all that they are to do upon a biological level. 

Some diseases today are considered the result of excessive Omega 6 fatty acids in the body which scientists think cause inflammation or heart disease or diabetes.  The herb kingdom believes that the diseases are more the result of hydrogenated or processed oils or rancid fats in the diet and not Omega 6 fatty acids.  The omega 6 fatty acids may interact with the processed oils or rancid fats in a negative manner that then causes certain health problems.  However the underlying cause is really the consumption of processed and over cooked oils that the body is incapable of breaking down from the herb kingdom's point of view.

It is also so that some diets are filled with substances that host excessive Omega 6 fatty acids and that some humans may not be ingesting enough of the other category of fatty acids.  For the overall heath of unity or crystalline biology, there is still far more Omega 6 category of fatty acids required to regenerate than Omega 3, 9 or 7; and therefore more of the fats containing them should be a part of the diet.  Supplementing the diet with other oils rich in Omega 3, 9 or 7 may be useful due to the high prevalence of Omega 6 in many of the oils that ascending humans cook with or the nuts that you consume as a vegetarian. Most nuts and expeller pressed nut oils including almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, macadamias, sesame seeds, and hazelnuts are high in Omega 6 fatty acids.  These are the best oils to therefore cook with to provide the Omega 6 necessary to ascending biology.  If one eats out frequently, then one can supplement the diet with raw nuts for the same health benefits.


Omega 9 fatty acids are helpful primarily to the crystalline immune system.  The crystalline immune system develops 18 types of white blood cells to consume a wide variety of bacteria and viruses that are non-supportive of the health and well being of the crystalline biology.  Each of the white blood cells attune to a particular destructive molecule to gather up and transmute into an inert substance.  It is omega 9 fatty acids that are important in the construction of the mechanism that attunes each white blood cell to the destructive agents in the blood to be gathered. 

There is another level of white blood cell available unto those moving beyond 9000 strands and into another level of crystalline genetic information that is capable of modifying itself to gather up and transmute any agent of destruction in the blood and adjusts itself to the chemistry necessary to do so.  This type of white blood cell is considered "conscious".  The restoration of a conscious white blood cell is equivalent to a restoration of consciousness to the human dream.  Therefore the recovery of this blueprint is a sincere step towards a restoration of full consciousness to come ahead for humanity at large.  This particular white blood cell requires omega 9 fatty acids to adjust itself to the infection at hand.

Omega 9 fatty acids are found mostly in olive oil as a common cooking oil.  The crystalline body also does produce Omega 9 fatty acids as needed, however providing some olive oil or or olives to the diet daily or weekly is useful to assuring that each has enough omega 9 fatty acids to support the crystalline immune system.


Omega 7 is a less spoken to fatty acid that is helpful to repair of mucous membranes of the mouth and digestive and urogenital systems.   The mouth and digestive system along with urogenital areas are exposed consistently to bacteria in the environment that can be difficult for crystalline biology.  As a result the fats coating the cells in such regions can go rancid leading to gum infections, indigestion or vaginal or prostate infections.  As enough omega 7 becomes available, such regions can be sustained in health.  Omega 7 fatty acids also aids the fats in such regions that have gone rancid to repair themselves.

Omega 7 fatty acid is also helpful for the regeneration of the eyes, ears, nose and sinuses that can be exposed to air born particles that cause such regions to become irritated or degenerate.  Omega 7 also aids the skin and hair in regenerating itself.  One of the few oils that is known to have omega 7 fatty acid is macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn oil.  Lilliya enjoy macadamia nuts as a snack and the oil upon their salads.  Lilliya learned to add sea buckthorn oil to her regeneration oil and massages this into her skin following her bath each evening.  We will add the regeneration oil recipe at the end of this article as it can be so useful unto ascending humans.

The skin is porous in the crystalline blueprint and can absorb nutrients as well as cast off toxins that the biology is releasing .  Bathing and mud baths are useful therefore to detoxify the body in the act of ascension. Lilliya take weekly mud baths and nightly baths as a result.  Lilliya has learned to brush the skin in the bathtub to trigger the pores to more greatly release.  Then she adds a few tablespoons of her regeneration oil and massages it into the skin before retiring.  Within an hour or two the body has absorbed all the oil which is helpful to her skin regeneration as well as regeneration throughout the biology.

Oa has been less fond of the feel of oil upon his skin.  As a result of this and over time he became depleted of enough omega 3 and 7 fatty acids that Lilliya had been receiving through her skin each night.  Oa has since gone on gel capsules of some of the below oils to supplement his form with the necessary fatty acids to retain his health.  Lilliya also have discovered that taking sea buckthorn oil internally is also helpful to her ascending biology in addition to the application upon the skin. 


Tri tones are a more complex movement sound tone and color than single or dual tones.  You will notice in the original  Tri Tone and Herb section, the movements were created by combining 6 or more herbs together. In the Dual Tone Herb section, we provided a list of some herbs that hold dual tone vibrations in a single substance.   In this section, the Tri Tones are also held in a single substance, but all are oils and not derived from the the leaves, stems or roots of plants.  Why is this so?  Oils and fats con hold more complex movements than other parts of the plant kingdom.  Therefore sometimes you will discover that the seeds, nuts or berries of the plants host an oil that can hold Tri Tone thought-form of the Language of Light.  We present the 10 oils below that hold Tri Tone vibrations.  (See Dual Tone Herbs and Tri Tones and Herbs for more information.)

Sometimes initiates need to ingest substances to learn Language of Light movements.  Why is this so?  The movements are derived through the kundahlini flowing through the minerals of the bones that then catches upon the fats of the body to create the Language of Light spinning in one's field.  The nutrients in the herbs allow the fats in the body to ascend into a format that can hold Language of Light movements. 

Proteins and liquids cannot hold the movements of the Language of Light; although the water element will catch the sound that one's movements produce.  Create a sweeter sound within the water in the blood and cells and it will sweeten the body level dream leading continued ascension into health.  This is why those map carving are also choosing to focus upon inner music at this time, as this also is another means of retaining one's health in ascension.  The Herb Kingdom suggests the Earth Mother's latest recorded meditation CD for this purpose.  (See Mastering Harmony Within for more information.)

The fats in unity or crystalline biology go through many modifications over time and become increasingly good at holding Language of Light thought-form, and in further ascension into holding the Language of ONE thought-form.  The Language of ONE actually requires fatty acids to hold the movements within any ascending field.  Therefore this information is also presented for the continued ascension of the map carvers beyond unity and into the oneness paradigm.  (See the Language of ONE for more information.)

The herb kingdom suggests that initiates find cold pressed and unrefined versions of the below oils to supplement your diet or to massage into the skin.  There are health food organizations that offer some of the below as gel capsules for easier ingestion. One can also purchase the culinary oils and add a tablespoon to one's smoothie or salad dressing each day.

We hope each finds this information useful to your continued path of ascension into health; or for some your recovery and ascension out of disease ahead.  We invite you to commune with the herb kingdom in support of the recovery of your genetic knowledge to ascend into so that a whole and complete set of records can be constructed.  We also invite you to work with the Earth Mother's Complete Ascension Workbook to look at all the energetic and emotional patterns requiring transformation to create an ascension into health ahead.


The Herb Kingdom


102. Collaborative Structure
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Community, Structure and Human Species

1. Evening Primrose Seed Oil
The Tri Tone movement of Collaborative Structure is held within Evening Primrose Oil and has to do with orchestrating all parts of the structure to move forth to regenerate and ascend.  Evening Primrose Oil will aid the initiate's in learning how to collaborate with others also upon the path of ascension; and for their body systems to learn to collaborate enough to regenerate.

Evening Primrose oil is known for its capacity to help balance the reproductive hormones within the female form, although males also will discover that it helps balance male hormones as well within crystalline biology. Evening Primrose oil is also known to help heal joint inflammation and stomach ulcers along with autoimmune diseases.  Evening Primrose oil can be taken internally or also applied to the skin and hair to aid in its regeneration; and has been found helpful in the healing of eczema and psoriasis or other skin afflictions.  Evening Primrose Oil is a good one to include in your regeneration oils to apply to the skin each evening as a result.  Evening Primrose oil is high in fatty acids associated in Omega 3 and 6 category. 

In ascension Evening Primrose oil is most useful in aiding the body in constructing the crystalline hormonal blueprint for the thymus, thyroid, pancreas, thyroid, reproductive system and regeneration system.  If one is struggling with metabolism, reproductive cycles or the regeneration of the body, this is a good oil to ingest as one muscle tests each day.


106. Consensus Reality
Nature: Completion

The Symbols Communion, Jurisdiction and Power

2. Borage Seed Oil
The Tri Tone movement of Consensus Reality is about building your own consensus as a human being in terms of your body level dream and life expression.  Borage Seed Oil holds this tone and will aid each in creating an internal consensus that supports your health as well as energetic participation in the ascending consensus upon earth.

Borage Seed Oil is known for its capacity to heal the joints of inflammation and is useful to treating arthritis or auto immune afflictions.  Borage Seed Oil also helps reduce inflammation in the lungs and therefore is useful for treating colds as well as asthma if taken internally.  Borage Seed Oil is also useful in healing skin ailments and can be used in your regeneration oil as well. Borage Seed Oil contains fatty acids associated with the Omega 6 category.

In ascension Borage Seed oil in particular is most useful to the regeneration of the breath of life system or lungs and diaphragm.  The oils in this seed will aid the development of the crystalline diaphragm and the enzymes necessary to create sugar from oxygen.  If one is struggling with one's breath of life, then this is a good oil to ingest as one muscle tests each day.


117. Evolutionary Plan of All Species
Nature: Active

The Symbols Dream, Purpose and Communication

3. Flax Seed Oil
The Tri Tone movement of Evolutionary Plan of All Species is held by Flax Seed oil and aids in aligning one's ascending genetic blueprint with the holographic template that one is drawing upon.  Flax Oil holds this tone and will aid each in aligning their holographic blueprint for the ascension ahead.

Flax oil has fatty acids known to be helpful in healing heart disease, arthritis and inflammation of the joints, stomach or intestines.  Flax seed oil is less useful to the regeneration of the skin and therefore not recommended in your regeneration oil.  Flax seed oil is associated with the Omega 3 category of fatty acids. 

In ascension Flax Seed Oil is most useful for the regeneration of the stomach and intestines in particular.  If you are struggling with digestion problems or intestinal strife, then this oil is good to ingest as one muscle tests each day.  Flax Seed oil will also assist those choosing to embody a vegetarian intestinal tract that is far more efficient in obtaining proteins from vegetable resources.


120. Multidimensional Awareness
Nature: Active

The Symbols Intuition, Consciousness and External

4. Rose Hip Seed Oil
The Tri Tone movement of Multidimensional Awareness is held by Rose Hip Seed Oil and opens one up to one's holographic knowing within.  The holographic planes are multidimensional and host multidimensional ancestors that are also choosing to return home at this cycle ahead.  In opening to the multidimensional holographic planes, one can begin to retrieve genetic information lost upon other dimensions of life that one's inheritance has also lived.  Rose Hip Seed Oil will aid in the retrieval of such records so that one can ascend into the best possible healthy genetic blueprint ahead.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is not ingested as much as rubbed into the skin.  It has been found to be useful for the dissipation of scar tissue, healing of sun damage and also release of wrinkles.  Therefore this oil is recommended to be applied directly to the face or added to your regeneration oil rather than ingested.  Rose Hip Seed Oil is related to the Omega 3 category of fatty acids.

In ascension Rose Hip Seed Oil will help the fat underneath the skin in repairing itself if it has gone rancid.  Rancid fat under the skin can lead to sour music that then can lead to sour dreams in the dance of life or disease if left unattended to for long enough.  So Rose Hip Seed Oil assists ascending humans in retaining sweet music along the skin to creates sweeter dreams in the dance of life.


121. Multi-Creational Awareness
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Consciousness, Inner and External

5. Black Cumin Seed Oil
Black Cumin Seed Oil holds the Tri Tone Movement of Multi-Creational Awareness.  This movement helps align ascending humans unto others in the new consensus for ascension and in relation to the multidimensional consensus that is also ascending now upon the dimensions above earth.  One finds one place in relation to the whole in association with this Tri Tone.

Black Cumin Seed Oil is an ancient seed used in Egypt and Turkey to cure almost any ailment in rimes past.  Black Cumin Oil hosts over 100 substances including many vitamins and fatty acids that work synergistically together to help the body heal.  It is known to aid in healing autoimmune diseases and cancer, aid digestion, and help with asthma and allergies.  Black Cumin Seed is also known to help heal troublesome skin conditions and can be added to one's regeneration oil.  This oil is rich in Omega 6 and 9 primarily.

In ascension, Black Cumin Seed Oil is useful to support the crystalline immune system in developing and sustaining itself.  Therefore it is most recommended for those struggling with immune deficiencies or who are intending to develop the 18 white blood cells associated with Crystalline biology.  There is also some records of the "conscious" white blood cell in this oil's memory for those moving on in your ascensions ahead and towards full consciousness.


122. Multi-Creational Divine Timing
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Breath of Life, Inner and External

6. Kukui Nut Oil
Kikui Nut Oil holds the Tri Tone vibrations of Multi-Creational Divine Timing.  Everything in the ascending consensus upon earth and in the multidimensional ascending consensus has a cycle that leads each forward in their journey within and for the whole.  Those ascending learn to keep up with the cycles within each month or year upon earth and in so being are pulled forward along one's path in greater ease.  Kukui Nut Oil will aid ascending humans in learning to align in divine timing with the whole to foster one's evolution.

Kukui Nut trees were brought to Hawaii by the Tahitians in recent history.  The nuts create a lovely oil that is nurturing and healing to the skin.  Kikui Nut Oil has been known be helpful in healing eczema and psoriasis or other skin afflictions including scars and acne.  Kukui Nut Oil is also helpful to maintaining the health of the hair and can be used as a hair mask.  Kukui Nut Oil is high in omega 9 fatty acids. Kukui Nut Oil is not ingested as much as used externally at this time.  Hawaiians would rub this oil also on the genitals to soften and also cure inflammation.

In ascension Kukui Nut oils are useful in retaining the sweet music in the fats of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.  It is a good oil therefore to add to one's regeneration oil.  Kukui Nut Oil also makes a nice base for massage oil or could be a part of the base of your regeneration oil. 


123. Multi-Creational Divine Dance
Nature: Active

The Symbols Dance of Life, Inner and External

7. Tamanu Oil
Tamanu Oil holds the vibration of Multi-Creational Divine Dance.  This vibration allows for the dreams that one is living as an ascending human to align with all dreams within the ascending consensus and multidimensional ascending consensus.  As such one dreams dreams that are in alignment with the whole it more greatly allows for their fulfillment upon the physical plane.  Tamanu oil will help ascending humans live their dreams as a result.

Tamanu oil has been used both topically and internally to cure all kinds of ailments.  The Tamanu Tree is indigenous to Tahiti but also found in Southeast Asia. The oil has been known to cure hemorrhoids, scrapes, cuts, burns, insect bites and stings, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, diabetic sores, anal fissures, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, eczema, diaper rash and herpes sores.  It has also been used to cure conjunctivitis athlete's foot, nail infections, ringworm, arthritis and severe burns.  Tamanu oil contains a substance that aids the skin in regenerating including scars.  Tamanu oil is rich in omega 3 6 and 9 fatty acids.  It is used topically at this time more than internally and is a good addition to one's regeneration oil; or to be applied directly to afflicted parts of the skin.

In ascension, Tamanu oil aids scar tissue in regenerating.  Regeneration of scars is sometimes difficult in ascension; and Tamanu oil provides several key substances that allow scar tissue to break down more easily. Scars are generally held in place by emotional turmoil of some sort within the ancestry or from present life experiences, including surgery.  As the emotional charge releases, the scarred region can draw upon another genetic blueprint and self heal.  Tamanu oil allows the emotional trauma to release upon a physical level.  This is an excellent substance therefore to apply directly to one's scars or add to one's regeneration oil to be absorbed and taken to wherever it is needed in the body.


125. Multi-Creational Unity
Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Unity, Inner and External

8. Palm Fruit Oil (Unrefined)
Multi-Creational Unity is a Tri Tone vibration and movement that Palm Fruit Oil holds.  This movement creates unity with all others within this dimension and upon the dimensions above that are ascending.  In the unity together one's ascension is more greatly sustained.

Palm oil is a common oil that is often grown and harvested in Africa.  The refined oil itself is used heavily in the production of margarine, ice cream or vegetable cooking oil at this time.  We are not speaking of processed palm oil as a helpful substance unto ascending humans.  If anything processed palm fruit oil is very harmful for ascending humans to consume as it can be rancid due to how it is processed even though it tastes o.k.  This is the problem with cooked and processed oils at this time; they tend to be already rancid before they are consumed.  We are speaking of organic palm fruit oil that is cold pressed and unrefined as a useful substance for ascending humans to ingest.  Palm fruit oil is high in omega 9, beta carotene and a saturated fatty acid that is actually useful unto ascending biology.  This is a good oil to bake with as a result.

In ascension Palm Fruit Oil that is organic and unrefined is useful to the regeneration system.  The regeneration system is a hormonal system that detects what cells are failing to consume enough sugar to retain their health; and then substances are transported via the blood to aid the cell in repairing itself.  The saturated fatty acid in Palm Fruit Oil is helpful unto the regeneration hormonal system in detecting what cells are beginning to die off.  Palm fruit oil is a heavy oil that will clog the pores of the skin and so is not recommended for your regeneration oil.


127. Stewardship
Nature: Active

The Symbols Magnitude, Truth and Dream

9. Coconut Oil (Unrefined)
Coconut oil holds the Tri Tone vibration of Stewardship.  Stewardship is a state of being where one is supporting the whole of earth in all that one does along with the multidimensional consensus that is ascending and we are a part of.  Coconut oil will aid ascending humans in learning to be good stewards of earth.

Unrefined coconut oil has been consumed for thousands of years by humans living in the tropics.  Although coconut oil has many properties including saturated fats, such humans did not suffer from heart disease or other ailments associated.  Coconut oil is known to not become rancid over time or when heated .  This is rare for most oils and therefore is a useful one for ascending humans to fry their foods within.  Lilliya have turned to cooking their vegetable tempura with small amounts of coconut oil and this is a healthy manner to consume fried food and with an oil that is also nurturing unto their ascending bodies.  Lilliya also use coconut oil to create creamy dressings due to its thick nature, such as home made ranch dressing.  Although coconut oil turns solid at lower temperatures, it liquefies at temperatures below the body level allowing it to easily melt and then digest.  Much like olive oil, coconut oil has enough omega 9 to prevent it from going rancid. 

In ascension, unrefined Coconut Oil has many fatty acids and also a saturated fatty acid much like Palm Fruit Oil that is useful to the regeneration system.  Coconut oil also contains antimicrobial ingredients that aid the immune system in its task.  Coconut oil also contains a fatty acid found in mother's milk.  This fatty acid in particular is helpful to renewing very sick cells supporting the regeneration of more cells in each cycle in so being.  Coconut oil is a heavy oil and is not recommended for the skin as it tends to clog the pores.  Coconut oil is very helpful to the hair and can be used as a hot hair mask or in small amounts as a conditioner  Just rub a small amount of warm coconut oil through the hair before retiring and shampoo the next morning for lovely shiny hair.


128. Co-Creation
Nature: Passive

The Symbols Communion, Creativity and God/Goddess All That Is

10. Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea Buckthorn oil holds the Tri Tone vibration of Co-Creation.  Co-Creation is an act of choosing to create one's life and body level dreams in collaboration with the dreams of the Earth Mother, Nature, Soul and the Tao, one's god goddess within.  Sea Buckthorn oil will aid initiates in learning this movement so that co-creation with earth and all that is can unfold.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is perhaps one of the richest oils containing omega 3 6 9 and 7, beta-carotene and many other vitamins and nutrients.  Much like Black Cumin Seed Oil and its medicinal benefits in Turkish and Egyptian history, Sea Buckthorn is considered an ancient useful medicinal plant in Chinese Medicine.   Ingestion of Sea Buckthorn oil has proven helpful for the digestive system with inflammation or ulcers, gastritis and crones disease.  Sea Buckthorn oil is considered an immune system booster, helpful to the production of insulin, and helpful to heart disease.  Externally Sea Buckthorn oil is known to help with sun damage, premature aging of the skin, and skin regeneration. 

In ascension, ingesting Sea Buckthorn Oil is useful for balancing the hormones related to the metabolism, including the thyroid hormones and insulin production in the pancreas and blood sugar in the diaphragm.  For those failing to ascend into the full range of hormones associated with the crystalline metabolism, Sea Buckthorn will assist.  For those struggling with metabolism problems of excessive weight gain or a lack of enough body fat to hold one's vibration, Sea Buckthorn will aid you in coming to balance.  Upon the skin, Sea Buckthorn will aid the skin in regenerating and is a useful substance to add to your regeneration oil.




The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Crystalline skin will absorb nutrients through the pores along with release toxins.  It is best therefore first to cleanse the skin by having a long hot bath and brushing the skin while in the tub; or having a mud bath before applying.

The regenerative skin oil and face oil are to be used at night and will be absorbed by morning and will go to those regions in need of the associated nutrients throughout the biology to allow for regeneration of one�s organs, glands and systems.  This oil is therefore useful to massage into the skin every night before retiring. 


Original Recipe from the Tree Kingdom:

6 ounces apricot, avocado, jojoba or grape seed oil base

2 tablespoon Calendula Herb Oil

1 tablespoon Comfrey Herb Oil

3 tablespoons Evening Primrose Oil

2 tablespoons Sea Buckthorn Oil

1 tablespoon Rosehip Seed Oil

1 Tablespoon Tamanu Oil


Additions to the original recipe:

1 Tablespoon Borage Seed Oil

1 Tablespoon Black Cumin Seed Oil

You can use Kukui Nut Oil as the base or as a part of the base oils if you prefer

Lilliya has also discovered plum kernel oil as a base oil and has a lovely sweet and fruity aroma


In an 8 ounce glass jar, pour in 6 ounces base oil of apricot, avocado, jojoba, kikui, plum or grape seed oil (any one or a combination of each as one muscles tests best for one�s skin.)  These are good base oils as they do not clog the pores and are easily absorbed over night.  Then add the other oils you muscle test useful to your particular skin one at a time and shake well before using.  You can also dilute the regeneration oil as it is so rich into a lighter body oil version by adding 4-6 tablespoons of the above mixture to another 6 ounces of carrier oils of choice.


Lilliya rubs her face with the rich regeneration oil each night and then massages a small amount of the diluted body oil on to her skin before retiring .  The regenerative oil can be placed in the bath along with essential oils of preference and salt or green or white clay.  Also the oil can be used to make a nice regenerative salt scrub.  Mix 2 tablespoons of regenerative oil with 1 cup sea salt or Epson salt and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.  Mix and rub liberally over skin and rinse off at the end of each shower.


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