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Complete Ascension Workbook

The Complete Ascension Workbook has been compiled from all teachings to those in our Self Study and Group Mastery Program over time and since the program was born in 1999.  The Workbook is a concept that the Earth Mother came up with as she saw a requirement for a complete set of teachings to guide those choosing to ascend at this time in history. 

Not all will study directly with Lilliya; and so these teachings are offered up for self study and introspection.  It is the greatest hope of earth that this information shall allow each choosing to work with the materials and apply the focuses offered to create a complete ascension in this lifetime.


Earth Mother

Lilliya & Oa



We request a nominal donation to retain balanced giving and receiving.  The reality of this workbook is that it took Lilliya months and months of writing to bring through.  This is their gift unto humanity and those who read of their information.  However Lilliya also maintain healing planes in association with each who shall work with these materials.  And so a small donation is requested in exchange to retain balanced giving and receiving for the healing offered.

Donation for the Complete Ascension Workbook is $45 including shipping and handling.  The CD Rom also hosts a complete graphics section including new Language of Light books and images, Messages from the Earth Mother, Great White Buffalo, and Transmissions IV. 

The Complete Ascension Workbook can be ordered in conjunction with other products at a reduced donation.  See our Order Form for details.

NOTE:  The Earth Mother chooses to disseminate the Complete Ascension Workbook in an electronic-only format to prevent the further consumption of the tree kingdom through printed matter. 




Recommended Audio CD's


The Earth Mother recommends the following Audio Meditation CD's to compliment the Complete Ascension Workbook studies:

Deep Healing

Audio CD

This CD allows one to attune to the healing temples for ascension and learn about how one's field evolves

Mastering Dream Weaving

Audio CD

This CD assists in the understanding of conscious dream weaving for the purposes of creating a unity based dream and life




Complete Ascension Workbook I

Mastering Unity Within

and Community Without 

Data CD Rom 


The Complete Ascension Workbook II

is now available!


The Complete Ascension Workbook is a fully formatted pdf book on CD Rom that is over 700 pages long from beginning to end and contains information never published upon our web site.  Information gathered from the written materials of those in the Group Mastery Programs since 1999 have been compiled into an easy to read and work with format of written materials following by worksheets for introspection. 

The workbook has been created by the consciousness of the Earth Mother to support those who are ascending in creating as complete an ascension as possible in this lifetime.  This is perhaps the most recommended reading to those sincere and devoted to their spiritual path of ascension.



WORKBOOK OVERVIEW:  Here is the overview of the seven chapters and worksheets associated with this 700 plus page workbook:

Chapter 1:  Archetypes and Archetypal Nature

This chapter delves into the archetypal nature of the Anu, Anu Slaves, Red Nations Peoples and the Grand Masters with the larger heads.  A sample of this chapter is available for review  Chapter 1  The purpose of this chapter is to analyze the archetypes of others around oneself for the purposes of releasing ancestral agreements and karma.  If one has a difficult time discerning the archetypes of others, then it is suggested that one reads chapter 3 as they are more greatly defined in relation to one another in this section of the workbook.


Chapter 2:  Thought Form Analysis and Transmutation

This chapter delves into thought-form and belief systems utilized to construct the current DNA that humans exist within in present time history.  How thought-form affects one's creation or personal life dance is discussed.  The workbook goes into the 144 concepts or beliefs that humans have constructed their lives and bodies from; and intentions for transcendence into the language of light and unity based paradigm are offered.


Chapter 3: The Dance of the Human Archetypes

This chapter delves into the dance between archetypes.  More information about the history of humanity than has ever been exposed upon our web site is included in this chapter. This is also the longest chapter in the entire workbook. The purpose of this information is to trigger one's personal ancestral karma for forgiveness and transmutation.  The worksheet associated with this chapter goes through the major spiritual lessons that human history offers up for all ascending humans to forgive.


Chapter 4:  Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow 

This chapter delves into group dynamics and how humans arrange themselves in a pecking order from top to bottom in the dance of life.  This information perhaps more than any other chapter speaks to the revelations of those associated with our school over time.  The worksheet allows one to assess how one dances with other groups and what position one tends to take in the dance of life.  Intentions to step out of the game and into the dance of unity in lieu of competitive patterns are offered.


Chapter 5: Managing One's Energy Field in Ascension

This chapter is a lengthy essay of the energy dynamics of the evolutionary field and unconscious dynamics between humans .  All information gathered through those in this school about the energy field in ascension is discussed in this section.  The worksheet offers suggested focuses and intentions for times that one is experiencing a "bad ascension day".  For many in our studies, they have found this particular chapter an ongoing useful resource to assist in the management of their personal energy field.


Chapter 6: Managing One's Grid Work and Biological Ascent  

This chapter delves into information to support the management of one's own biology through ascension.  More details about retaining one's health and the nature of the biochemical changes in the crystalline blueprint are offered up.  The worksheet section allows one to gage the current state of one's biological ascension through muscle testing or pendulum testing.


Chapter 7:  Dream Weaving and Manifestation

This chapter delves into the details of how to consciously dream weave and manifest one's hearts desire.  Manipulations to the dream are discussed and tips offered in the worksheet section on how to manage the dream so that one is more likely to manifest one's intentions in the dance of life.


The Complete Ascension Workbook II is now available!




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