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Chapter 1

The Earth Mother makes possible this information for those thinking of joining us in our

Mastering Unity Within Self Study Program. 

Please also download the PDF of the  Worksheet to accompany these materials



The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

November 16, 2004



Dear Beloved,


We are excited to begin the materials for this workbook. We wish to state that each may share of the introduction and first chapter with others outside the program that may be interested in creating community.  Chapters two and beyond, however, we request that you not share unless the individual is in the program.  The reason for this is simple; there is healing associated with the materials.  The purpose of those in the program is to test run the healing planes constructed by the Earth Mother that are associated.


These planes will not be available to those outside of the program except for the first chapter, until they have been test run enough that Earth deems them ready for greater exposure.  This is how you are contributing to this program and these materials, by being willing to test run the introspection and healing offered.  We anticipate that by the end of 2005, we will make the materials that have come through available unto a wider audience as earth is ready to test run the healing offered unto more individuals.




The first area of focus is upon archetypal nature.  All humans follow a script whether they exist in a Reptilian or Pleiadian or Sirian dream.  Scripts and holographic planes merged during the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt some 15,000-18,000 years ago (60,000-72,000 human years).  Therefore one will find all scripts in all dreams, whereas this was not so prior to this time in history.  Up until the Pharaohs, Sirian archetypes occurred in the Sirian and Reptilian dreams, and Pleiadian Archetypes in the Pleiadian dream.  The Pharaohs being Annanuki and Sirian in lineage were the first to cross over blending the Sirian archetypes with Pleiadian archetypes.  As they ascended far enough to alter global thought-form, suddenly all holographic planes merged causing all archetypal natures to prevail in all dreams of both Sirian and Pleiadian nature.


It was due to this shift that humans from different dreams moved to other continents in the era of Atlantis. Up until this time, moving from one continent to another was not feasible due to a lack of technology.  All technology was lost following the nuclear holocaust of the Anu; and the technology was a part of only the Pleiadian dream.  Therefore up until the Pharaohs, the possibility of those in the Sirian or Reptilian dream having technology, as you know it today was not possible.  It was only as the holographic planes converged that a dream for the Pleiadian technology became a part of the Sirian and Reptilian dreams.  This occurred following the era of the Pharaohs.


The era of Atlantis that followed the decline of the Pharaohs brought this possibility of technology to physicality.  Much as in the current cycle underway world wide within the human dream, the Atlantean civilization developed radioactive devices that parallel the devices utilized today by the Inner Earth peoples.  These devices allowed for travel due to their ability to cancel gravity.  Much like the aircraft today that shuttle humans from one continent to another, craft that was anti-gravity in technology prevailed in the era of Atlantis, allowing humans to travel the globe for the first time in human history.  During the era of the Anu, such travel was limited to the Anu themselves or their preferred slaves, or to transport slaves destined to die to the concentration camps.


As humans moved about upon continents, dreams converged from different creations as well as lineages due to the interbreeding between those of different inheritance.  As dreams converged, the human dream became a bit of a tangled mess.  Upon a personal level, those who were half Anu and half Reptilian often did not know what dream that they belonged unto, and this lead to feelings of great unworthiness.  Hence the thought-form of “half breed” that occurred in those ancestors who blended between extensively different tapestries of ancestry.


Upon a collective level, where dreams converge is often confusion; sometimes the confusion causes discord of great difficulty in present time and clashes between cultures. An example of this is the discord between China and Tibet; Tibet has a purely Sirian dream and China a Reptilian dream.  Over Tibet the dreams converge creating conflict.  The conflict of archetypal natures creates ongoing misunderstandings between the Chinese and Tibetan cultures, and from the misunderstanding, creates the desire to dominate and control what is not understood.  The Chinese are always trying to dominate and control the Tibetans.  The Reptilian dream will never understand the power of those in the Sirian dream or visa versa; and this creates conflict along with patterns of dominance and subordination.  The Chinese dominate by force and the Tibetans through spiritual understanding.


In parallel manner, the conflict between India and England in the era of Gandhi occurred due to misunderstandings between the Pleiadian and Sirian dream.  The British did not understand the spiritual nature of the Sirian dream in India; they tried to dominate through force.  Gandhi won through spiritual knowledge.  He reverse polarized the ownership of England over India to another plane of reality and as this occurred, England withdrew allowing India her independence.


In the present time Middle East, there is great misunderstanding of culture on the part of Western based leadership.  From the fear of the increasing terrorist and fanatical behavior of some in the terrorist Pleiadian dream woven by Merduk long ago, the West has chosen to attempt to dominate through force; hence the wars upon Afghanistan and Iraq as of late.  The only real solution to these problems is the phase out genetics and dream associated with terrorist humans wherever it occurs in present time relations.  Such genetics are scattered all over the world due to the interbreeding between humans in the Atlantean era along with present time.


As all karma for this type of terrorist or warrior human is phased out of the incoming gene pool, this type of human will fade in human history along with the associated dream.  As an ascending human, one can also cancel the dream in the now and anchor a peaceful Sirian dream in its place; this will minimize the terrorism or terrorist acts such humans wish to create surrounding where one lives.


As incoming children are born at 3000 strands only, this type of genetics will be phased out.  All incoming children are anticipated to enter the world at 3000 strands beyond 2014.  There is still karma to be released associated with the Anu, Anu slaves and terrorist slaves.  As all such karma is released, the genetic materials associated along with the Pleiadian dream will be returned to the Pleiades where it originated.


Through the examination of archetypes, those in this program and those studying these materials over time will begin to release the karma with Anu, Anu slave and terrorist slave archetypes.  In time, as enough in adult form focus upon this, all karma shall be released.  As all karma is released, the associated genes shall be phased out of the gene pool for incoming ascending children of Anu, Anu slave and terrorist slave DNA.  This is the purpose of these materials.  The Pleiadian dream shall be the first dream to be removed from the collective human dream over time.  This Pleiadian dream removal shall allow enough harmony and holographic flow in the human dream for entrance into the Great Central Sun in 2018.




The Reptilian dream entered the dance at a much earlier time period in human history.  Humans that interbred with the Reptilians existed at 15,000 strands of DNA in vibration.  This occurred over 60,000 years ago and before the arrival of the Grand Masters upon Earth. The Reptilians added their holographic nature to the Inuit and Tibetan root races in the interbreeding, along with Reptilian DNA.  The DNA from the Reptilians altered the crystalline diaphragm as they had a much slighter structure in physicality.  The result was the loss of conscious breath in the Inuit and Tibetan Root Races, and the requirement to eat more to subsist.  Eating small amounts of berries or creating tinctures for health was prevalent in these root races up until that time; following the Reptilian interbreeding, the associated offspring required eating more to subsist.


Not all Tibetan and Inuit lineages were blended with Reptilian lineages in the initial interbreeding.  There are those in China and India today that hold a more pure ancestry to Tibetan and Inuit form without the distortion of the Reptilian DNA.  Such humans tend to be larger, like the Polynesian race, and will more readily develop the crystalline diaphragm in ascension.  These humans tend to have a round face and larger cranium in present time as well, and those associated with the Grand Masters will have a large head upon the light body planes of reality.  Those associated with the Grand Masters may ascend in adult form to 9000 strands and map carve a path for others to follow.  Most of those of this type of ancestry have not been involved with the Spiritual School of Ascension as Lilliya have minimal Tibetan or Inuit ancestors.  As a result, they have attracted more of parallel ancestry to Native American, Polynesian and Aboriginal (Australian-Lemurian) ancestry.


We are not sure if Lilliya will ever tackle the ascension of those of Eastern ancestry in large numbers and to 9000 strands.  The reason for this is that one can really only can legitimately guide another in the understanding of the personal dynamics that one shares in one’s own process of ascension.  Lilliya do not personally understand the process of ascending Tibetan and Inuit lineages, as they are not prevalent in their ancestry.  However there are those map carving for these lineages and who are a part of the new consensus; they are just not a part of this organization at this time.




There are two holograms one inherits; one is a BODY HOLOGRAM.  The body hologram is received from one’s mother or father and was passed down from their parents directly through the family tree.  During the era of the Pharaohs many manipulations occurred and sometimes holograms were exchanged between humans.  This did not occur in any prior time period upon Earth per future records.  Over the past few months, how the holograms were manipulated has been sorted out and corrected in all human birth tapestries.  One may therefore find that one has a different hologram now than if one examined one’s holographic nature at another time and through information published upon our web site.


The BIRTH HOLOGRAM is defined by birth time.  In essence, birth time holograms are associated with a wheel of 38 archetypal natures that are dominant as birth time every 20 or so minutes around the clock.  These are the archetypal natures we are examining extensively in this chapter.  These are also the holographic natures that begin to be transmuted to the new astrology for ascension through the integration of the crystalline genetic materials.  In essence, one modifies one’s birth time archetypal nature through ascension, causing one to move increasingly towards the middle path of unity and away from extremes of polarity within one’s persona.  This is the gift of ascension at this time.


The body hologram cannot be modified adequately in the ascent to 3000 or 9000 strands.  Body holograms can only be modified in the ascension beyond 15,000 strands, and at this time there may not be adult ascension beyond 9000 strands allowed.  Therefore the body hologram can be an accepted part of one’s persona and will be modified through continued ascension in the future generations associated with oneself.


We have written briefly about the holographic archetypal natures associated with the human species in other materials offered upon the web.  Our goal here is to go into greater depth of understanding so that one can map out the archetypes for those that one has lived with as family, married, birthed as children, been the beloved of or friend of in this lifetime, or worked with.  In mapping out one’s circle of influence, one will more readily understand the karma between oneself and one’s associations over time.  In understanding the karma, one will be more readily capable of releasing the karma allowing for the birth of unity relations within oneself.  As many gather who have mastered unity within, unity without and harmonious community relations can then be born.






THE PLEIADIAN ANU (Greek and Roman Gods)


1.  INNANA or APHRODITE, Goddess of Love


In the history of the Annanuki, Innana and her family came to Earth in search of gold to sustain the life of their home star system, the Pleiades.  Innana was a beautiful light haired female with blue blood and turquoise skin.  It is interesting to note that it is blood that determines skin color.  The Pleiades is filled with blue-green suns and the blue blood and skin is resonant with their solar system.  The orange red sun of Earth’s solar system is more resonant with red blood.  Innana and her relations chose to live underground or indoors as much as possible as a result.  Much like fair skinned humans today, the sun badly scorched the Anu skin.


Innana extended her life 18,000 human years.  She was already well over 1000 years old in Pleiadian timeframe as she arrived upon Earth.  Pleiadians appear to live naturally to 1600-1800 years before aging.  Often they choose death by euthanasia as they begin to age, even in present time.  Earth understands this so from the records of the Anu.  Extending one’s life so long may or may not have been acceptable in the Pleiades.  Therefore Innana and Merduk (Hades), who were half brother and sister by marriage of the associated parents, chose to come to Earth for an alternative purpose of being capable of creating immortality.  Mining the gold was a secondary objective, although they did indeed accomplish this task.


Technology was expensive to mine the gold.  Instead of spending loads of Pleiadian funds upon technology, the idea of creating a slave race to do the hard work became the chosen plan of action.  Supposedly the Sirians had already created a slave nation for this purpose and had seeded it upon Earth.  As Innana and Merduk ventured into the red nation dance to procure their assistance to mine gold, they discovered that these peoples had no interest in helping them.  These peoples lived a very “barbaric” life from the perspective of the Anu, who had vast technological resources at their disposal.  The Anu therefore decided that they were indeed superior to these red nation peoples anchored by the Sirians to long ago.


Some of the red nations peoples were captured and while alive were experimented upon genetically.  This caused the entire root race associated with those experimented upon, which were primarily Native American in origins, to go into fear.  Ultimately part of the Native American root race DNA was blended with DNA from each of the Anu members producing a slave of half red and half Anu archetypal nature.  Innana was blended with the red nation hologram God Goddess of Love to produce the Slave Hologram known as Eros, God of Seduction.  Each of the Anu likewise was blended with a red hologram to create a slave hologram, leading to 12 slave holographic natures that will be discussed in greater detail below.


In the beginning, the slaves were bred in laboratories, treated as chattel, and raised in cages, much like a kennel for dogs or stable for horses in present time.  Over time, the slaves were educated to read and write as well as participate in other activities, such as dance, music, cooking, raising food and farming, and sex.  Zeus and Innana were heavily into sex and utilized sexual energy to regenerate themselves and to extend their lives.  This was not so for other Anu family members who chose to extend their lives in another manner.


Innana and Zeus had rampant sex with the slaves.  One famous lover of Innana was David.  David was the child of a slave female of Pan hologram and Zeus.  David was a beautiful male and responded to Innana as if he were Anu; but alas he aged after his 300th birthday and over time became very angry and bitter towards her due to his inability to attain immortality.  Innana and David’s offspring, which was a daughter, mourned her father’s death in the end, and went insane.


Innana married 800 times in her lifetime; each wedding was to a special “slave” male.  Each wedding was more elaborate than the next.  By and large the desire for elaborate weddings is all associated with the Innana archetype.  Innana would spend most of her time each week making love, or educating the slaves on tantric techniques, or watching the slaves have elaborate orgies as entertainment.  This occurred up until slave conception went out of control due to manipulations of the false gods to the female reproduction cycles.  After this sex was frowned upon by the Anu, and became reserved for them alone or for slaves that were married.  This may be the underlying cause of the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent that tempted them with sex.


Later and out of boredom, the Anu chose to create a miniature Pleiadian civilization with a group of slaves.  This occurred in the regions surrounding Mt. Olympus now known as Greece.  Slaves were given technology to a certain degree and educated in a political and economic system that parallels human civilization today.  The Anu enjoyed watching their slaves, often frequenting their restaurants or attending their plays and music festivals.  The Pleiades was a long way from Earth, and visits home became increasingly infrequent the more developed the slave civilization became.  Innana and her family were treated as royalty by all slaves, and were considered their Gods and Goddesses.  Greek and Roman mythology is founded upon the era of the Anu and was attuned to as the dream for the slave civilization has continued to be broadcast upon this region since the nuclear holocaust of the Anu some 30,000 years ago.


Innana extended her life by pushing her karma for death upon the slaves. This occurred in yearly sacrificial rituals where female slaves were bred in Innana’s name and raised in temples to be sacrificed as virgins at the age of 14 to 16 (generally thrown into an active volcano).  Over time the slave life became shorter and shorter in duration due to the death karma of the Anu pressed upon them.  In the beginning the slaves lived 500 years and aged after 300 years of life.  Towards the end and shortly before the nuclear annihilation due to the war between Innana and Merduk, the slaves lived only 175 years and aged after their 100th birthday, as their life had been taken to extend the lives of Innana and Merduk well beyond the life of any other family member.


Each of the other family members became so bored with life upon earth after 9000 years of life extension that they eventually went home to the Pleiades, wrote their memoirs and chose euthanasia to end the life.  They left in their place and upon Earth one offspring of parallel holographic nature and lineage to keep the game going for the others that chose not to exit physicality with them.  Therefore the character known as Zeus actually had three humans holding this role, as did most other Anu family members other than Innana or Merduk.  It was only Innana and Merduk who chose to extend their lives double the length in time of all others.


The longer Innana lived beyond the age of 10,000, the more insane she became.  Over time and due to the continued mining of gold upon Earth and the removal of minerals that were sent to the Pleiades, Earth’s frequency rapidly and radically dropped.  Perhaps Innana should have returned home, but she found herself so wrapped up in the dance of life upon Earth, this never occurred to her.  Over time even her lovers and husbands could not satisfy her.


By age 15,000, Innana was so bitter and angry that she determined that Merduk, her half brother, was the cause of her unhappiness.  To a certain degree this was true, as Merduk had hated Innana for a long time, and had been having his own elaborate sacrificial rituals involving slaves of Innana holographic nature.  These rituals cast spells around Innana to destroy her and cause her to go insane.  Indeed the spells were working; but instead of Innana committing suicide as Merduk hoped, she turned upon Merduk and chose to try and destroy him instead.


A war broke out between them as Innana turned 17,000 years of age.  The war lasted 1000 years and culminated in the nuclear annihilation of Earth.  Slaves were bred specifically to go to war, as those that had been bred for other purposes did not hold enough stamina for the task.  The wars were battled out much like one would play chess; with other family members watching the battlefields like one would watch television.  Over time, family members became bored with the game.  One by one each remaining family member that was the second or third generation of the original Anu chose to return to the Pleiades, and each chose euthanasia at the end of their respective lives.


This left Innana and Merduk to battle it out alone.  Innana eventually trapped Merduk in his favorite pyramid without the mechanism to open the gate.  She contemplated allowing Merduk to starve to death therein; although after a few weeks she chose to release him.  This was a vast mistake, as Merduk went on to detonate the two largest nuclear weapons that Earth has ever experienced in this dimension.  The end result was that Earth rolled upon her side and it took her over 8000 years to recover.  Merduk committed suicide as his spacecraft hit Mars.  Innana returned home only to choose euthanasia to end her life.


Innana lived so long and exhibited many forms of patterning prevalent in those who are related unto her in present time.  By and large, the life was extended for so long that no human in present time inherits her entire archetypal patterning.  If anything, one inherits a portion of Innana’s persona in present time and in the fall to 2 strands of DNA.  Perhaps this was not so during the era of Atlantis and before humans dropped below 1024 strands, but it definitely is so in present time.  In Earth’s estimation, there are three main categories that Innana Archetypal patterning may be expressed in present time.



Those expressing this archetypal nature of Innana are in the continuous search or quest for the perfect beloved.  They may have one relationship after another, and will be prone to having many extramarital affairs if they do marry.  Generally no partner is ever enough, and the relationship that may be happy in the beginning will eventually go sour, after which those of this archetypal nature will end the union, moving on to the next potential conquest.  Those of this archetypal nature may also create multiple marriages that are elaborate and expensive in a single life.


Lilliya had a former real estate associate acquaintance that exhibited this pattern in full; they had relationship after relationship, and appeared to enjoy the romance in the beginning the most.  As soon as the romance ended, so did the relationship, and they were on to the next conquest.  Lilliya’s former psychic teacher had this archetype as the birth time hologram and grand master archetype as the body hologram.  Her teacher was always in pursuit of a lover, and went from relationship to relationship over time.



Those expressing this archetypal nature of Innana enjoy power.  Often those of this nature end up the head of a corporation or in a position of governmental power in present time.  Seduction is the main manner in which those of this archetypal nature hold power; as Innana was known for the power of her seduction in the business pursuits when she was alive.  Often Zeus would have Innana seduce and make love to those he was trying to make a business deal with in the Pleiades, and this would adequately cause a contract to be signed thereafter.  Sometimes those of this nature will use their sexuality to seduce, sometimes just the sexual energy that prevails around them and is enough to create the “deal”.  One example of this archetype in recent history is Marilyn Monroe.



Those expressing this archetypal nature are warmongers.  If they are in power, they will use their power to create war or conflict wherever they go.  If it is power over an institution or corporation, a corporate take over or lawsuit against another might be the result.  If they are in power over a country, they will use their power to create conflict within their own country or with other nations, which may even lead to war. Bush is a good example of this archetype in action at this time in history; Stalin was another example.


2.  ZEUS, Supreme God


Zeus considered himself supreme god in association with the slaves.  In association with the Anu and the Pleiadians, he was a businessman.  It was Zeus that created the necessary arrangements to sell the gold and other minerals of Earth unto the Pleiadians, who then converted the gold to dust that was used to hold the golden octave in their solar system.  This of course also depleted the golden octave unto Earth that sank rapidly in vibration as a result of all of the mining.  The final straw occurred as Zeus sold 18 large mineral clusters to a group in Orion and removed them from Earth; these minerals had been imported from another creation to Earth to hold the ice shields in place on the part of the Sirian scientists 150,000 odd years prior.  As the minerals were moved, it took only 18 weeks for the rain to begin to fall as the ice shields collapsed.  It rained for 9 weeks straight thereafter creating your oceans.  This incident is also known as the great floods.


Merduk foresaw the collapsing ice shields and rescued the rest of the family from their home, flying them in spacecraft to Mars until the rain ceased.  The original Anu home was in a deep valley and with many tunnels into the inner earth.  This valley much like all other deep valleys of the time flooded with water becoming your oceans.  It was after this that the Anu constructed a new home upon Mt. Olympus, which stood high above the ocean.  Most of their closest slaves died in the floods.  They began again thereafter training slaves to be their most desired servants.  Mt. Olympus eventually sank in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.


Zeus was not only a businessman that made the Anu a fortune in Pleiadian and Orion funds, but also a husband unto Athena.  Athena, goddess of wisdom, was married to the original Zeus who lived 9000 years due to life extension practices.  Over time, the dissonance of Earth upon their Pleiadian fields caused friction between Zeus and Athena.  Zeus was also unfaithful, which was one of the ongoing focuses of their dissonance.  Zeus held a type of sexual energy that did not flow in a fluid manner upon Earth; this lead to ongoing stuck energy in the groin, which caused Zeus to have a rampant appetite for sex.  Zeus was known to corner red women and molest them until from their own desire they would enjoy themselves.  Over 180 children were born due to such unions over time.


In the slave arena, Zeus created a sexual playground for himself during the early breeding of these paired down humans.  Innana would train the female slaves in ways that pleasured Zeus; all of this was hidden from Athena, but Innana felt she understood Zeus in her own pursuit of a series of slave lovers.  Zeus would then disappear for a time feasting upon an orgy of slave lovers providing him with all his desired sexual fantasies.  It was from this game that the idea came to be to create a vacation retreat surrounding meeting one’s sexual fantasies.  This was the first phase of a project that grew to be much like Disneyland over time, although it featured a theme park of slaves and not animated machines.


Over time, thousands of men flew in from the Pleiades to enjoy the Anu slaves trained in their sexual practices.  One might think of this as an elaborate brothel, with dancing girls, lap dancers who would sit naked at the dinner table, and orgies in rooms graced with furnishings suited to all sexual positions known to man.  The girls were trained in the Pleiadian language, and later Orion language, as they extended out to Orion men with parallel sexual needs.  Zeus was less successful at enticing Pleiadian women to have their sexual fantasies met with slave men, although there was the occasional female visitor.  The sexual theme park ceased to exist in the creation of the oceans, and after this Zeus turned to other interests choosing not to recreate the sexual vacationland again.  The land associated with these records is in the Southwestern US and Los Angeles today, which may be why Disneyland formed in this region and due to the dream associated.


Zeus finally divorced Athena and married Hestia.  Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, did not enjoy sex.  This was perfect for Zeus who then had an ongoing excuse for all of his sexual pursuits, which he enjoyed more than marriage anyway.  Hestia appeared to be the perfect wife and stood as an example of the good wife for the slaves.  Over time and as the Anu slaves began to procreate out of control, marriage became a prerequisite for having sex, limiting the number of slave children born.  Zeus made sure that the slaves feared the Anu about this, and would punish those who violated the new sex code through death.  This was sufficient over time for the slaves to change their free sex habits with one another to a rigid moral of marriage.


Zeus chose to end his life after age 9000 had been lived.  He extended his life not only through sexual energy movement but also drinking the blood of the slaves as an elixir of life.  Zeus’s son, also called Zeus followed his reign for another 4000 years, also choosing euthanasia in the end like his father.  Zeus II married the other of Athena heritage following the original Athena’s death, playing out the same dance as his father and the original Athena.  Zeus II did not marry the successor to Hestia however, as she was his mother.  Zeus III was the son of Zeus II and Athena II; Zeus III succeeded his father and lived another 4000 years.  He also ended the life in euthanasia but upon Earth.  Zeus III disliked sex, perhaps in polar counterbalance to his grandfather, and never birthed a successor.  Here you can see that polarity reversed over time amongst the Anu.


Zeus, like Innana, lived for so long along with his successors that it is improbable that one will see all patterns of archetypes expressed by Zeus in a single human at 2 strands of DNA.  Much like Innana, Earth has split up Zeus into two prevailing archetypes that may be expressed in all human dreams around the world.



The human emulating this archetypal patterning may be a porno star.  They may tell you that they love sex and can never get enough, and that they are always “horny”.  This type of human, if they marry, will most likely cheat much like Zeus cheated upon Athena and Hestia.  If the wife dislikes sex, perhaps she is glad that her husband seeks lovers outside of the marriage.  If it is a woman exhibiting Zeus archetype, she will be just as likely to cheat upon her spouse as a man hosting such patterning.



The human emulating this archetypal patterning will be quite the accomplished businessperson.  Perhaps one could even think of them as a business “shark”.  Those heading large corporations today and working their way up to CEO, or becoming the entrepreneur that begins the multimillion-dollar company are highly likely to hold this archetypal patterning within.  Corporate takeovers occur as two or more of this nature competes for dominion over a particular industry.



The human emulating this archetypal patterning will be “holier than thou” and preach extreme morals, especially surrounding sex.  Behind the scenes however this individual will not practice what they preach.  Many a present day fantasist in Christian fundamentalism reflects this archetype in action.  Muslim fanaticism can flow from the same roots in present time.  Those that sit against Gay marriage or are anti-abortionists are another example of this archetype expressed in present time.


3.  DIANA, Goddess of the Hunt


Diana was a beautiful Pleiadian sister to Zeus, cousin to Innana.  Zeus and Innana had brothers for parents in the Pleiades.  Diana loved nature and would spend her days somewhere in the woods or swimming in the bountiful lakes and streams of Earth.  Generally she would utilize special anti-gravity craft to go someplace secluded and be with nature.  Due to her relationship with nature, she could easily capture different species and bring them back to Merduk for his scientific examination and experimentation.  Diana would seduce the animals into her presence and then capture them; hence her title as goddess of the hunt.


Diana also was hunted and haunted by Zeus that wished her for a lover, even though she was his sister.  One time Zeus cornered Diana in the woods and was about to rape her when Innana flew by, and rescued Diana.  Innana then had a long talk with Zeus about having sex with family members and how this is not acceptable in Pleiadian ethics.  Zeus never attempted this again, but it is also an example of how hunting and being hunted down are two extreme poles of the same behavior and if one has one polarity than one will also experience the other.  Diana ended her life by euthanasia at age 6000.  She found less interest in life extension and chose not to leave a child as heir to her throne.  Diana never had children nor did she ever marry; if anything she was afraid of intimacy with men.


Those exhibiting the Diana Archetypal patterning may love to hunt; perhaps they venture each year to the woods bringing home a heap of wild game to stock one’s freezer.  Sometimes those of this nature also enjoy being upon the battlefield hunting down other human “enemies”.  Those exhibiting the opposite patterning may find themselves victims of rape, violent crime, or death upon the battlefield.  Many who exhibit Diana archetypal patterning may also find themselves in fear of intimacy, sex or marriage.


4. ATHENA, Goddess of Wisdom


Athena was the wife of Zeus.  Their long marriage of 3000 years ended in ongoing discord and battles. Some of the battles caused Athena to wind up physically beaten.  Athena longed to prove that she was beautiful enough for Zeus so that she could be his only conquest.  Alas this was never fulfilled upon, and Athena did not marry again after her divorce was final and for the remainder of her life.  She died feeling bitterly rejected and unloved.


Athena tried to fulfill herself by creating educational programs for the slaves.  After her divorce to Zeus was final, she buried herself in the slave civilization, educating the slaves in history, philosophy, religions that were Pleiadian derived, as well as art, dance, music and theater.  Education became an important foundation of the slave civilization as a result.  Slaves required education as their paired down holograms left them with so little remembrance of anything in childhood that they had to be taught to read and write as well as speak.  Athena ended her life in Euthanasia at the age of 8600.  She left a child, Athena II, to take over her responsibilities.


Athena II married Zeus II child of Zeus and Hestia; although they were half brother and sister, this type of marriage was allowed by Pleiadian law.  Athena II and Zeus fought over his sexual promiscuity; their fighting often leading to physical harm of Athena II.  Like father like son perhaps.  Athena II never divorced Zeus II however, and produced four offspring, two of which became Athena the III and Zeus III.  The children were much like the parents; Athena II and III continued focusing upon the educational systems of the slaves as their main life expression.



Those exhibiting the Athena archetypal patterning may have volatile relationships that tend towards physical and emotional abuse.  Often the desire to have the relationship work will cause the abused one to return to the union in spite of the abuse.  The spouse may recurrently cheat upon the one with Athena archetype.  This archetype also leads to the experience of worthlessness in relationship.



Those exhibiting the wisdom part of the Athena archetypal patterning may be involved in education in the current paradigm.  This archetype may be expressed as the schoolteacher or principal, the professor at the university or director of the theater or music.  Sometimes this archetype also ends up in positions of governance due to their wisdom.  This archetypal nature seeks to negotiate and not war, and understand through the intellect the position of another.


5.  HERA, Goddess of Marriage


Hera was married to Apollo, God of Communication.  Hera and Apollo had a peaceful but sexless marriage that lasted 4800 years due to life extension practices.  Hera became heavily involved with educating the slaves as to how to have good marriages; hence her position as goddess of marriage.  Hera created an elaborate set of vows that are not unlike the vows exchanged in marriage today.  These vows, much like intentions, were meant to create a happy union between those who were married.


After the Anu chose to limit sexuality to limit childbirth amongst the slaves, Hera became actively involved in setting up temples for marriage and birth control, and making sure that all slaves bearing children were married.  This caused the birth rate to drop by 70% and in particular as the slaves went into fear about sex due to the stance of Zeus.  Hera would also counsel partners having marital difficulties in her spare time.


Hera ended her life in euthanasia at the age of 6000.  She left Hera II and Apollo II as her children.  Hera II could not marry Apollo II as they were brother and sister and Pleiadian law disallowed this.  Hera II had an affair however with Zeus II producing Hera III, which created vast family conflict between Hera II and Athena II.


Those exhibiting the Hera archetype today may be marital and family counselors in present time.  Sometimes they can be expressed as the priest or minister who offers marriage ceremonies unto others.  Those of this archetypal nature tend to create dull but lasting relationships, or have unhappy affairs with married men or women and possibly producing illegitimate children.


6.   ARES, God of War


Ares was the brother of Zeus and perhaps the most short-lived Anu upon Earth.  Ares came to defend Earth as Pleiadian territory and property when a group of Orion rebels attempted to take Earth away from the Anu.  Ares rounded up a group of Pleiadian soldiers to defend Earth as their territory.  This conflict lasted only 8 years, after which Ares returned to the Pleiades.


The Ares archetype can be expressed as the military commander that defends his or her country; or that willing to go to war over what one believes in.  Sometimes this archetype is expressed in the gifted attorney who is successful at defending legal territorial rights of their clients.


7.  MERDUK OR HADES, God of the Underworld


Merduk was the half brother of Innana.  This character extended his life as long as Innana.  Over time, it was Merduk that created the life extension practices for the entire family.  Merduk was a scientist that was half Pleiadian and half Reptilian in birth inheritance.  Merduk had a very strange set of features that included a large white head with big bulging eyes.  Most women found him distasteful in appearance, and perhaps it is for this reason that his only lover was Persephone, a red nation girl and daughter of a high priestess in their society that was brought home by Zeus after he had raped and killed the parents.  Persephone was given to Merduk to raise at his own request, as he never anticipating having any children of his own.


Merduk fell in love with Persephone, and she with him.  They married as Persephone turned 13.  Persephone was never really accepted by the remaining Anu as a part of the family, and most looked at Merduk in disdain for his choice in a wife.  Persephone did not know but half of what her husband was up to, as he kept his strange laboratories and experiments locked away from her.  Persephone birthed 5 children with Merduk.  As she discovered that Merduk was bleeding the youngest child to death to extend his life, she committed suicide by throwing herself into an active volcano at the age of 175.


Merduk went crazy after Persephone died, and this is when the war upon Innana began.  Merduk blamed Innana for telling Persephone where the blood was coming from that extended their lives.  Persephone entered a large room where many red nations peoples and her own missing child was chained to a bed, blood dripping into glass containers from their heels, wrists and neck.  This was more than Persephone could bear and she committed suicide in great anguish.


Merduk was the most bizarre of the Anu cast of characters.  He enjoyed experiments of the most painful kind.  Merduk not only was involved in the original incubation of the slaves, but the blending of human DNA with animal and aquatic DNA, producing mermaids and centaurs along with half human and half lion life forms.  These life forms were kept at the vacationland for sex and offered in a living exhibit, until the region ended up under the ocean due to the collapse of the ice shields.


Merduk lost his initial laboratory after the ice shields broke.  He was the only Anu family member that refused to live upon Mt. Olympus; instead he moved into the inner earth at an opening near Earth’s crown.  He entered and exited through a cave, hence his role as god of the underworld.  Most of his experiments remained hidden from the rest of the Anu family, although he would bring forth the necessary elixirs for each to extend their lives.  Often the Anu did not know what exactly they were eating or drinking, or why the sacrificial rituals of the slaves were necessary to their extended lives, but they followed Merduk as his techniques created the desired outcome; they did not age or die.


Merduk lived longer than any other Anu; he was 19,000 years in age when he committed suicide by crashing his craft into Mars.  Merduk went to war against Innana perceiving her as the enemy of all times and at cause of Persephone’s suicide.  The war which began as a game became increasingly caustic unto each in their energy fields; for the war was not only about the slave soldiers upon the battlefield, but a psychic war to see who was going to remain in control over Earth.  In the end, both lost due to the nuclear annihilation of Earth, following which Innana could not continue to live, and Merduk committed suicide.  Much like Innana, Merduk has many archetypal patterns due to the long life that he lived.  Most humans will not exhibit more than one of his patterns at 2 strands of DNA.



Those expressing the Merduk in Love archetypal pattern will most likely fall in love with someone of a different nationality and culture.  Perhaps the parents will be very upset at the prospective girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse of their child.  Perhaps they will disinherit the child due to the life choices or refuse to see the couple once married.  The love between those of this archetypal nature may be a little bizarre, codependent or have large age differences as well as cultural differences.  A recent example of this type of marriage occurred with Elvis and Pricilla Presley.



Those expressing the Merduk the Scientist archetype will most likely be involved in science or computer science in present time.  Some may be involved in laboratory experiments as physicists, in the creation of drugs in association with medicine, or in the creation of surgical practices.  Some may even be surgeons in this lifetime, along with dentists.  Those of this nature may have no ethics, and it is for this reason that they will be happy to experiment with cloning sheep or cows, or humans if allowed.



Merduk at war archetypal nature expresses itself in many ways in present time; those who participate or authorize torture in prisons is one form of the expression of this archetype in present time; those who are willing to detonate nuclear weaponry or create nuclear weaponry in present time in another example.  Saddam Hussein and his military regime is a good example of this archetype in action in present time.  This archetypal nature will generally prefer to destroy the world than give up.   Hitler is another recent example of the Merduk at War archetypal nature.


8.   APOLLO, God of Communication


Apollo was the stepbrother of Zeus due to another marriage of his mother. Apollo came to Earth to assist in creating the communication systems and energy flow necessary to allow for the continued life of a Pleiadian form.  Earth had vastly different energy flow than home along with a yellow-orange sun; Apollo is the one who engineered 1900 pyramids along Earth’s surface and 100 inside the Inner Earth to suspend an electrical flow as redirected from Orion and Alpha Centauri unto Earth.  The electrical flow supported the life of the Anu, but deteriorated all other life upon Earth including the red nations peoples.  Once the electrical flow was in place, communication between Earth and home was viable via telecommunications systems or satellites strategically placed every so many light years apart between your solar system and the Pleiades.


Niburi, another planet once in your solar system was moved to the Pleiades due to Apollo and a business deal between Zeus and Pleiadian counsels.  One of the communication devices between Earth and the Pleiades holds Niburi’s original orbit in your solar system to this day. Niburi is a dying planet without life left much like Mars in present time.  Mars was brought to your solar system on the part of Sirian scientists from another creation just like Niburi was moved to the Pleiades; both die because they have an incompatible genetic structure to the solar system that they were moved unto.  By the time that the Anu arrived, Mars was only alive in its core.  This too died in the past quarter millennium.   One could say that Apollo created by karma for himself for tampering with the solar system, much as did the Sirian scientists of long ago.


Apollo married Hera and brought her to Earth.  Hera embraced her role as one of the Anu as she was Pleiadian.  Apollo continued to be the family counselor attempting to settle disputes amongst all parties.  Apollo was also known for his speeches written specifically for the slave civilization to inspire them to live their lives in peace and unity; hence his role as god of communication for the slaves.  Apollo and Hera left earth for the Pleiades after 8000 years upon earth.  Both chose euthanasia to end their lives after their memoirs were written.  Apollo II and Hera II carried on as brother and sister.  Apollo II was equally gifted at communications information and devices.  Apollo II never married or produced offspring, and ended his life in euthanasia at 4600 years of age.


Those expressing this archetype today may be involved in telecommunications or communication systems of all kinds in current human technology.  Computers and computer science is another area of expression for those of this archetypal nature.  Sometimes those of this archetype end up in education or positions of leadership or as authors of books due to their ability to communicate in a manner that others understand or are inspired by.


9.  HERMES, God of Death


Hermes was a son of Merduk and Persephone who chose to take on the responsibility of managing the populations of the slaves.  Hermes set up the death camps and work camps for rejected slaves.  Slaves produced too many offspring from the point of view of the Anu in their slave civilization.  The Anu chose not to allow the populations of their slave cities surrounding Mt. Olympus to grow beyond 2 million humans.  A part of the reason for this is that the Anu themselves feared an uprising if the numbers became too great.  So the sick, deformed, ill and aged or misbehaved were removed and sent off to camps where they died generally within a few years.


Some of the slaves were exported to mine gold or to work in factories producing goods exported to the Pleiades for profit.  Gold was mined up through the war that broke out between Merduk and Innana.  As the war swept over the lands, the Anu became obsessed with it and forgot about the gold altogether.  Hermes was a strange looking human, much like his father and never married or had children.  Hermes died at age 4800 of euthanasia, but not in the Pleiades but rather upon Earth.


Those reflecting the Hermes archetype in present time may be involved with death, such as those in the mortuary business, or they may work in prisons or insane asylums as guards or wardens; or as the boss of a sweatshop.  Those who planned the annihilation of the Jews and Gypsies for Hitler are also an example of this particular archetype in action.


10.  DEMETER, Goddess of Fertility and Health


Demeter was the daughter of Apollo and Hera and took on the role of prescribing birth control to the slaves to diminish their populations.  Demeter studied medicine in a famous Pleiadian medical school at the request of her parents, and brought back all the most current medical knowledge unto them for their life extension practices.  Such knowledge was also offered to the slaves in terms of managing their health.  A medical school founded by Demeter was opened after she returned to Earth from her long studies.  The medical school educated the slaves as to their own biology and treatments useful to their health.


Demeter married Dionysus while in medical school in the Pleiades.  The two relocated unto Earth to take up the job of providing medical information unto the Anu and creating the slave medical program.  The Pleiades has many planets of paired down human form that were governed in a parallel manner as the Anu and their slave civilization; so this practice of educating paired down humans with less knowledge was and probably is still an accepted practice and considered “humanitarian” in nature.  Therefore Dionysus was pleased to accept this role; however he found the dance of the other Anu family members difficult.  Dionysus divorced Demeter as a result after only 75 years of marriage and returned to the Pleiades thereafter


Demeter never remarried.  She gave birth to one sickly female child that did not live past the age of 20.  The cause of the child’s disease may have been the decline of Earth in frequency.  Demeter continued with her involvement with the medical schools of the slave civilization until she chose to end her life at the age of 4400 through euthanasia.  She returned to the Pleiades to write her memoirs and to end her life. There was no successor to Demeter or Dionysus.


Those associated with the archetypal nature of Demeter may be involved in the medical field of all kinds, from doctors of all forms of practices, to nurses or nurse practitioners in the allopathic tradition.  This archetype is also represented in all medical schools and teachers therein.   Those advocating birth control and abortion are also expressions of this archetype in action.


11.   DIONYSIS, God of Illusion


The slaves were becoming increasingly unruly in association with one another.  Crime had grown to become an all time high by the time that Demeter and Dionysus came to Earth.  Dionysus became a proponent of drugging the slaves as a solution to their unruly behavior.  Drugs of many kinds were introduced including those that are not unlike marijuana today.  Marijuana is actually a plant from the Pleiades brought to Earth by Dionysus specifically to sedate the slaves.  It was later used for the manufacturing of clothes and rope just as hemp is utilized today.  Marijuana succeeded at causing the slaves to feel happier, and to forget why they were upset with one another or their Gods, the Anu, thus resolving the potential uprising that the Anu feared.


Dionysus having not grown up within the Anu family was well aware of their rather strange relations and odd behavior.  He introduced many drugs that appeared to create better relations amongst the Anu.  These drugs were also highly addictive.  Over time and after he left, the addictions became increasingly costly to sustain, as the drugs required being purchased from the Pleiades.  Innana actually bankrupted her own Pleiadian fortune in the purchase of drugs to sustain her and the remaining Anu family members in a false sense of happiness.  Dionysus would often be the one to go to the Pleiades, pick up the drugs and bring them back for the family to enjoy.


Opium was imported from the Pleiades as well.  After Innana no longer had any money left to purchase the drugs, she opted to grow her own importing many forms of poppies, and farming them with the assistance of the slaves.  Opium was Innana’s favorite drug.  Innana smoked the opium as well as injected it much as heroine is injected today.  Opium was also used by the slaves; however it had a parallel affect upon their biology as in present time human form, and it would eventually kill those addicted to the opium.  Opium was more resonant with Innana’s biology and did not deteriorate; but it may have contributed in the end towards her increasing insanity.


The remaining history of Dionysus is not known as the records are in the Pleiades.  Those of this archetypal nature may be involved in drugs of any kind, legal or illegal.  The “Banditos” or drug traffic runners of Mexico and South America are one example of the Dionysus archetype in action, as are the Opium traffic runners from the East.  Also those involved with medical drugs and prescriptions of all kinds may be associated with Dionysus archetype, including medical drug research and manufacturing, or psychiatrists and doctors who prescribe drugs to patients.


12.   HESTIA, Goddess of the Home


Hestia was a homely sister of Innana who never married, never had sex and never had any children.  Hestia busied herself in decorating the castles of the Annanuki.  When there was great wealth, she would go to the Pleiades and bring back the most outrageous décor and gadgets for the pleasure of the entire family.


Hestia was also involved in many products that the slaves produced for sale in the Pleiades.  There were many types of art, jewelry, furnishings, clothing and other products manufactured by their slave civilization; Hestia would take the goods back to the Pleiades selling them to marketers there.  This assisted in continuing to procure more money for the Anu to spend.


Slave labor was a bit of a sweatshop, not unlike conditions humans find themselves in today in poorer parts of the world. The sweatshops were not near Mt. Olympus, but rather were near the concentration camps under the governance of Hermes.  Hermes and Hestia were each homely and understood one another, and were somewhat good friends, until Hermes proposed to Hestia.  After this she would have nothing to do with him, as she was so afraid of sex and intimacy.


Those of the Hestia archetypal nature may be very gifted at creating successful businesses such as a home furnishings or jewelry, or may become home decorators or clothing designers and manufacturers.  The entire couture business and home furnishings business is a good example of Hestia archetype in action in present time.  Also the sweatshops of the East are also examples of this archetype in action.  Those of this nature may also tend to be old maids or bachelors that never marry.





The Anu Slave archetypes were created on the part of Anu and Orion scientists that incubated the slaves in laboratories.  The Anu Slave holographic archetypes are roughly 40% Anu and 60% red nation taken from the Native American root race.  In the genetic engineering of these humans, they lost all interconnection to all other humans upon Earth or upon any other dimension of life.  This is not so for the Sirian Red Holograms, Albyreon Holograms or Grand Master Holograms, the archetypal nature of which we will write about a little later in this chapter.


The severing of holographic connection also limits holographic awareness; indeed humans born with solely Anu Slave archetypes are the most limited of humans upon Earth; often they also become fantasists or terrorists if the archetype of violence is expressed to an extreme.  Most of this nature however live lives of very little purpose outside of marriage, procreation, financial acquisitions, and can only relate to the simplest of religious concepts founded upon right and wrong.  The greatest strife between nations is often when those of this archetypal nature achieve enough power that they can create war, or cause great struggle for others through the limitation of wealth or restriction of food.  There is no understanding of how humans are interconnected, and it is for this reason that great suffering of others can be caused without any sense of karmic liability.


1.    THANATOS, God of Survival

40%  Merduk and 60% God Goddess of the Earth Mother holograms


Those of Thanatos archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with their appearance from a health standpoint.  Those interested in weight lifting, bodybuilding, triathlons, sports of all kinds, and in particular becoming the football, baseball or soccer player, are generally of this nature.  Those of this nature that do not have the stamina to play the game may become the avid fan, attending all of the games live or watching the games on television.  Those of this nature are generally self-centered and think little about others surrounding themselves.


At work those of this nature tend to be better at hands on activities than working with people as they do have some understanding of how physical machines or devices are constructed, such as motors or appliances.  Often those in present time with this nature may end up working upon cars or appliances or other devices for a living, or in the construction of houses.  In more ancient times, such an individual may have been the ironsmith or the carpenter. Often this archetype lacks “people” skills.  In the era of the Anu, these humans were the carpenters that built the housing for the slaves or implemented farming practices along with harvesting the food when it was time.


2.   EROS, God of Seduction

40% Innana and 60% God Goddess of Sexuality and Sensuality Holograms


Those of Eros archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with sex and seduction in all of the forms that it can be expressed in the physical.  They tend to be excessively focused upon physical appearance surrounding beauty; some might call them “vain”.  These folk detest aging, and will go to great lengths to cease to age in present time, including using “botox” or having plastic surgery or liposuction if they can afford it.  Some may end up movie stars or models, if they are beautiful and charismatic enough; often a bubbly although self-centered persona goes along with this particular archetypal nature.  The Anu bred this nature for their own entertainment; these humans in the era of the Anu were the actors and actresses of their plays; or the musicians and singers or dancers that participated in all forms of entertainment of the time.


3.  HEPHAESTUS, God of Power and Warfare

40% Ares and 60% God Goddess of Authentic Power Holograms


Those of Hephaestus archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with war and war games, or enjoy computer games of such a nature in present time.  Often these individuals end up in the military or navy of one’s country, and may never leave, making the military their career.  Those who rise to some power within the military will guide others in an extreme rigid manner.  It is why perhaps the military is so focused upon getting up at a certain time, dining at some exact time, ironing the clothes perfectly, or making the bed perfectly and so on.  Perfection and cleanliness is Godliness for those of this archetypal nature, and there may be no other understanding of God or Goddess outside of this.  The Anu bred this nature to create an army for their own defense in the event of an attack of the red nations peoples, or from another creation.   There was a military in the original Anu slave civilization.


Later those of this archetype became the colonels and naval officers that strategized the war between Innana and Merduk. The warriors and terrorists bred for the battlefield were a paired down version of this hologram with only 1024 strands of DNA instead of the 5000 of the original biology; at 1024 there was no emotional body and no feeling, and a strong desire to hunt others down and destroy them.  So those of this terrorist nature are related to this archetype to this day.


4.  HERCULES, Hero, God of Love

40% Zeus and 60% God Goddess of Love Holograms


Those of Hercules archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with fame, and will vie for positions of power within politics or in any organization or through the media, or even as movie stars in present time; although they are less charismatic than those of the Eros archetypal nature.  Often those of the Hercules hologram will rise up and attain elected positions or management or president of a corporation; rarely however do they ever attain CEO or president of a country.  The reason for this is that all top positions are left for those of direct Anu hologram and inheritance, as this is the way power functioned within the original Anu slave civilization.  The nature of these humans, much like Eros archetype, is generally vain; but vanity is not of beauty as much as of appearance.  Those who are “clothing hounds” are often of this nature.  This archetype loves to be perceived as the “hero” who saves the day.  Sometimes this is fulfilled upon, but most of the time it is not fulfilled upon.  In the Anu slave civilization, these were the humans that chose to take governmental posts of any kind and were involved in the political arena.


5.    POSEIDON, God of the Sea

40% Diana and 60% God Goddess of Co-Creation Holograms


Those of Poseidon archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with farming or fishing as they were designed to love the land and the sea.  The Anu knew that they required those that would be willing to feed the masses of slaves; therefore those that would be attuned to providing the food became a necessary blueprint from their point of view.  Those of this nature may be involved in farming today, or own grocery stores, or be a chef of some famous restaurant, or be a fisherman, or own a fish store.  Those of this nature do not tend to be vain, but rather more down to earth in nature.  They often however are far better in relation to their fish or food than to people.


6.   ORACLE OF DELPHI, Goddess of Vision

40% Apollo and 60% God Goddess of Vision Holograms


Those of Oracle of Delphi archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with everybody else; these humans have enough visionary information to poke into the dance of others, not from spiritual evolutionary interest, but from gossip.  Your greatest gossip columnists of today are of this nature.  These humans tend to judge, compare and criticize continually; sometimes they end up as a judge in a court of law; sometimes they end up reporters or a part of the media news industry.  In the era of the Anu, these humans were bred to create a news system in which events within slave civilization would be reported and shared.  Some of this nature also chose to be visionaries that would predict the future; the Anu developed an oracle of water containing colloidal marble that those of this nature could attune to and predict one’s future.  The vision however is limited to the physical plane and does not perceive into the unconscious.


7.    HELIOS, God of the Sun

40% Athena and 60% God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge Holograms


Those of Helios archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with intellectual pursuits of all kinds.  These individuals may study science, or medicine, or astronomy or philosophy, and then become doctors, attorneys, professors or authors of books upon their subject of study.  They may also head departments at universities.  These individuals have no innate knowing however that is holographic.  Much of the current human understanding of science or medicine or any other topic comes through those of this nature at this time.  Therefore there is little “truth” of any value in association with evolution in their focus.  In the era of the Anu slave civilization, these individuals headed the slave universities, became doctors or dentists to the slaves, or were aids to those in governance with their learned wisdom.


8.  PAN, God of Nature

40% Diana and 60% God Goddess of the Solar Sun Holograms


Those of Pan archetypal nature tend to be preoccupied with nature.  These individuals enjoy their bodies greatly, along with sex.  Often those of this nature have beautiful “builds”, as David was of this nature, one of Innana’s longer term lovers and husbands.  Those of this nature love to hunt in the woods, camp, climb mountains, and create adventures wherever they go.  In present time, they can be the sports enthusiast if the sport includes nature, such as fishing or hunting, or climbing the mountains.  Nature is perceived as something to be conquered however, as well as something to be feared, and not necessarily communed with. In Anu slave civilization, these were the humans willing to venture into nature bringing back information or their kill for others to enjoy as food or furs.  The trappers of the West are an example of this archetype in more present time human dance.




Sirian scientists through a blending of Sirian, Pleiadian, Orion, Arcturian, Andromedan and six other humanoid civilizations unknown to Earth, in terms of DNA, created the Red Sirian Holographic archetypes.  To say therefore that these archetypes are harmonious would be a lie, although perhaps they are more harmonious in comparison to the dysfunctional Anu family archetypal nature written of above.


Each will see in these patterns parts of oneself.  Most ascending initiates will have three main archetypal predispositions, and many sub-predispositions due to the holographic nature of one’s ancestors.  Some of the predispositions may also be related to the Anu, but generally speaking those of Anu archetype are not really interested in the spiritual path, except perhaps for the purposes of self-gain.  Therefore pay attention to those patterns that one perceives within and make a note of it.


As one ascends, one gathers ancestors of other archetypal natures.  As the information from such ancestors is integrated, one then may develop the capabilities and skills associated.  Lilliya is a strong example of this; she has brought in archetypal skills from all red and grand master archetypes in her own ascent, as she has ancestors of all archetypal scripts over time.  This leads to a very creative and self-expressive human upon the physical plane.  So this can be for each who works with their ancestors in ascension integrating the ancestors’ information.



Related to the First Chakra in the Tailbone and the Grounding Chakras


Those of this archetypal nature of “Earth Mother” tend to be very earthy in nature, along with grounded and centered much of the time.  Those of Earth Mother nature tend to attract others who are lacking the earthiness themselves; these others then tend to ground into or through them, feeling safe thereafter.  Sometimes those of this nature end up counselors, ministers or spiritual leaders; sometimes those of this nature end up in the educational system for young children; sometimes they end up good parents to their own children.


The motherly energy is expressed in both the male and female genders of this archetypal expression.  Often others will confide their deepest fears, troubles or life problems to those of this nature.  In the red tribal dance, those of this nature took care of others who were ill along with the children of the tribe.  Sometimes they were powerful medicine women or men with knowledge of the Earth and her kingdoms along with herbal medicine that would flow through.  Much of the North American Indian spiritual teachings are derived from those with this archetypal nature, who became the medicine men and women of the tribes.



Related to the Second Chakra Center in the Pelvis


Those of this archetypal nature of “Sensuality or Sexuality” tend to be very sensitive, feeling everything in the body as well as with the emotions.  The sensitivity causes those of this nature to often be reclusive, spending time alone or with nature.  Generally speaking, those of this nature also prefer their relationship to nature over relations with other humans.  Through the movement of the sexual energy, those of this nature more readily ground and protect themselves with the fire element; then life becomes a little easier, and they can enjoy the sensual experience of touch upon the skin, or a soft breeze against the face, or the feeling of water rushing between one’s legs as one swims.  If this archetypal nature has been sexually abused, running sexual energy then becomes compromised and they may not feel well much of the time as a result.


In the tribe, these types of humans were treated with great gentleness.  Sometimes this archetype became the storyteller for the tribe.  Often the stories would involve the nature kingdoms and the dance that the storyteller had experienced out in the wilderness.  Sometimes this type of individual also chose to work with the youngest children, as their sensitive nature allowed them to perceive what the child required before it was needed, making them excellent parents to children under the age of 3.  In present time, often these types of folk wind up ill and seeking psychological therapy or medical treatment of allopathic or holistic approaches due to their sensitivity.  Often they seek the spiritual path to resolve the difficulties within and due to their “feeling” nature.



Related to the Third Chakra Center in the Solar Plexus


Those of this archetypal nature of “Authentic Power” tend to be a leader in the family, community or tribe that they associate with.  The form of leadership that those of this archetypal nature express is founded upon innate knowing and not necessarily learned knowledge.  Often these folk are gifted channels and will draw upon souls and entities of wisdom in their leadership.  Sometimes this type of human ends up a strong spiritual leader, minister, coach or elected official.  In the political arena, those of this archetypal nature tend to be ethical, which often conflicts with those in power due to coercive or corrupt techniques.  As a result, sometimes they end up removed from their positions of governance, as they are unwilling to “play the game”.


In the tribe, these humans often would end up the tribal leader, or the most powerful right hand person to the leader.  Sometimes if there were more than one of these archetypal natures in the tribe, the two in power would vie for a larger position of authority, causing friction.  So this plays out today in any group with two or more of this type.  Those of Anu nature will also challenge the power of those of Authentic Power nature, trying to strip the power away.  If those of Anu inheritance succeed, those of Authentic Power nature will lose their position in the group, as the Anu generally succeeded at taking power from all red nations peoples over time and there is karma for the game.  As the one with Authentic Power nature releases the karma through ascension, the power can be retrieved.  If this power retrieval occurs rapidly enough, they will not lose their position in the group, but rather the one with the Anu archetype will lose instead.



Related to the Fourth Chakra Center in the Heart


Those of the archetypal nature of “Unconditional Love” tend to be very loving in nature.  They try to love and help everyone, and to a point of codependence with others.  Sometimes those of this nature will be found married to the alcoholic husband or wife and will try desperately to “heal them” or “fix them”.  Sometimes those of this nature end up as counselors or ministers, doctors or healers of all kinds of therapies.  In the codependent dance, these folk often take on the karma and patterning of others, who then “recover”.  Sometimes the patterning is passed on to others.  However, some of the patterning always ends up within the one with the Unconditional Love archetypal nature.  This patterning can manifest as a disease, accident or other life travesty over time as a result; even though the experience is not really one’s karma to manifest.


Those of this nature rarely hold positions of power in the group; the reason being is that in the desire to love everyone, they tend to give their power away to those who are powerless.  Alas, the powerless ones do not keep the power but give it to the one in control or in charge.  The end result is that the one in power increases in power as a result of the game.  As those of this nature learn to retrieve their power from wherever it goes, one will learn to stand tall in one’s truth instead, and may be able to rise to a leadership position within the group.  Power is traded for karma generally speaking; so one will return the karma that is not of one’s sincere inheritance to experience and retrieve the power given away in the unconscious desire to heal and fix others.



Related to the Fifth Chakra Center in the Throat


Those of the archetypal nature of “Co-Creation” tend to be very creative in nature; they may paint, write, sing, dance, take roles in plays or musicals, write plays, write music, design clothing, decorate homes in beauty, or any one of a million other forms of creative self-expression.  This archetypal nature may be so busy with their outer creative projects that there is little time for inner introspection.  If those of this nature are extremely gifted, then they create and create and create beautiful projects that others love.  Sometimes another who is jealous may attempt to curse the dream of those of Co-Creative archetypal nature.  This may not be a problem for those of this nature, as they will simply go on to create something else instead.


This type of archetype is expressed in present time as many an author of famous fiction books primarily.  The reason for this is that this individual exists inside of dreamtime and not apart from it much as most others.  As a result of living inside dreamtime, they are able to attune to dramas and traumas and perceive them clearly enough to write a book about it with a cast of characters.  What are such authors attuning unto?  They are attuning to parallel life dramas that they or others are living.  Sometimes due to an ability to travel in time, such humans will attune to dramas and traumas from other human time periods and write about this.  Those with musical talents also attune to dreamtime where they hear music from other parallel lives and then bring the music through to the physical.  As one integrates the ancestors holding the creative information from the Co-Creative archetype, one will develop these skills in this lifetime.



Related to the Sixth Chakra Center in the Head


Those of this archetypal nature of “Visionary” tend to be very gifted clairvoyants.  Often these individuals end up as psychics, healers, counselors, ministers or other therapists of all kinds.  Whereas the Co-Creative archetypal nature perceives creative projects of all kinds in the unconscious surrounding humanity, the Visionary archetypal nature perceives the unconscious patterns that occur between humans along with past life experiences.  Those of this nature will therefore be gifted counselors and gifted at ascension as well, as ascension requires and understanding of the dynamics between humans in order to release karma of one’s ancestors through forgiveness.


Sometimes those of visionary nature end up crucified for their perceptions; this can occur in the form of psychic blows against the field from entities of others that do not wish to bring to consciousness the pattern the visionary one is trying to share.  Crucifixion can also occur in the physical as in the form of the witch-hunts of the 1800s or the death of Joan of Arc or crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  One can offset the possibility of crucifixion by releasing the associated karma; so this also is in association with the psychic blows that can occurs towards oneself as one shares of one’s truth.  As one integrates the ancestors holding the visionary information as they had lived the Visionary archetype, one will develop one’s clairvoyant skills in this lifetime.



Related to the Seventh Chakra Center in the Crown


Those of this archetypal nature of “Spiritual Knowledge” tend to be born teachers with the gift of sharing information in a way that others can understand.  Sometimes those of this nature wind up authors of books or ministers, sharing their knowledge as printed matter or with a congregation.  Rarely do these individuals end up as elected officials, although sometimes they may become the elected official’s right hand person due to the knowledge and advise that they may offer.  In the tribe, this archetype was the tribal “teacher”.  The tribal teacher would observe the spiritual lessons that the tribe was experiencing, and extrapolate an explanation.  Then the explanation was taken to the medicine “Earth Mother” archetypal nature, and they would co-create a ceremony to “heal the tribe”.  Those of this archetype are therefore gifted at discerning the spiritual life lessons behind the dance of life and in ascension.


Those of Anu or Pharaoh inheritance, along with those who have become gurus upon the physical plane, may attempt to strip the knowledge from those of the Spiritual Knowledge archetypal nature.  Gurus generally have Pharaoh lineages and therefore are part Anu in archetypal nature to begin with, as Pharaohs were the product of a blending of Grand Master and Anu lineages.  There is karma for a loss of knowledge to the Anu and the Pharaohs, and as this karma is released, then one need not lose one’s spiritual knowledge to another.  As such, one can retain one’s power to become a spiritual teacher from one’s own truth in this lifetime.



Related to the Eighth Chakra Center and the Source and Oversoul Connection


Those of this archetypal nature of “Solar Sun” are individuals of power that comes from “above” or from the nonphysical.  In present time, many of the channels bringing forth communications from the nonphysical are born with this archetypal nature.  Those of this archetypal nature are attuned to the nonphysical, and the nonphysical may be more “real” than the physical as a result.  Sometimes such individuals have been considered “insane” in times past and were punished for it.  Sometimes those with this nature can be born with a half red and half Anu brain leading to the experience of schizophrenia in the given life. In this day and age of channeled materials becoming an accepted “norm” in the metaphysical community, these humans expressing such gifts and talents in present time have earned a new place in your civilization and are more respected. If the individual of this nature holds Pharaoh lineages, often they will end up a guru upon the physical plane, and are used by nonphysical forces to strip others of their spiritual knowledge and ascension records.


In a tribal circumstance, an individual with the Solar Sun archetypal nature would end up the spiritual leader of the tribe, bringing forth channeled messages from the nonphysical for the tribe to understand.  Those of this nature would confer with those of Spiritual Knowledge and Earth Mother nature to assist the tribe in transcending any crisis.  The channeled messages would assist in directing the ceremonies for the purposes of healing.  For those of this nature, one can have one’s ability to channel shattered or stripped by those of Anu or Pharaoh ancestry along with those who are gurus in present time.  This occurs, as there is karma for losing one’s ability to channel or hear the nonphysical in one’s ancestry.  As the karma is cleared, one will retrieve one’s information and the ability to hear the nonphysical will be restored.  As one integrates those ancestors born under this archetypal nature, one’s ability to hear the nonphysical will develop over time and through ascension.




The following holograms came to Earth as a group of Albyreon humans crash-landed their craft after having escaped from their own dying creation.  As the Albyreons interbred with those of Red Sirian holographic nature, the archetypes were added to the wheel of holograms associated with the Sirian dream.  As the Pharaohs ascended, the Anu holographic wheel was blended with the Sirian and Albyreon holograms, expanding the wheel of archetypal nature even further.


Albyreon is another creation that is electrical and from a Great Central Sun opposed to your Great Central Sun on the creational wheel.  As a result, these archetypes were more dissonant with the Sirian human dream than even the Anu archetypes.  Over time all archetypes will be phased into the new archetypes and holograms for ascension, or in other terms, the new astrology for ascension.



Related to the Element of Fire and the Inverse Element of Smoke and Ash


Those of the “Fire and Ash” archetype tend to have dynamic personas.  Often such humans end up causing movements in the dance of life of the human dream.  It is the nature of this archetype to take a stand for what one believes.  If one believes in Christianity, then perhaps one will become a fire and brimstone minister, preaching away to one’s congregation.  If one takes up a social cause, then perhaps one will found an organization such as “Greenpeace” or “Save the Whales” or “Women’s Rights” or “Hispanic Rights” and so on.  If one takes up a personal cause for another, perhaps one will raise funds to allow another to have needed surgery, or to enter a program for the recovery from alcoholism and drugs.  The bottom line is that this archetypal nature tries to alter the human dream through causes.


Unfortunately causes do not alter the human dream; at best the cause may reverse polarize one dance into a parallel life, and the dance that the cause supports into the physical.  This may allow whales to be saved in the region that the cause began; but be hunted in other cultures and other continents in equal proportions nonetheless.  The only real solution is to ascend; through ascension the karma can be released that causes the barbarism within humans towards any other human or any other species.  Then a new dream can be woven that allows for unity, equality and enough for all humans and all other kingdoms.  This may be the major spiritual life lesson for those of this nature, to ascend instead of taking up causes.



Related to the Element of Air and the Inverse Element of Ether


Those of the “Air and Ether” archetype tend to also have dynamic personas, but in a creative sense and not a cause-based sense.  These individuals will be involved in creative projects associated with large groups of people.  They may conduct a symphony or direct a play or musical; or they may direct a department at a University or in a government program.  This archetype knows how to orchestrate the dream of a group of humans for a common purpose and direction, and has a working understanding of dream weaving and magic to accomplish the task.


Sometimes those of Anu or Pharaoh inheritance strip those of the Air and Ether archetype of their dream weaving information and magic.  As a result, one might lose the position of directorship that one had attained.  As one learns to release the karma for how the Anu or Pharaohs stripped one’s ancestry in times past, one might retain one’s position and the one of Anu inheritance will lose instead.  For those seeking one’s own ability to dream weave and understand magic, integrating one’s ancestors of this archetypal nature will allow one to retrieve one’s knowledge to become the dreamer and the dream in this lifetime.



Related to the Element of Water and the Inverse Element of Vapor


Those of the “Water and Vapor” archetype tend to be highly emotional and intuitive in nature.  Often they will have a great love of the sea and the creatures therein, such as the dolphins and whales.  The dolphin-whale scribes of the Pharaohs were often of this archetypal nature, as they could attune to the communications from the dolphins and whales due to their resonance with the sea and element of water.  Those who have brought through channeled information from the dolphins and whales today or offer workshops and events such as “swim with the dolphins” or whale watching expeditions are often of this archetypal nature.  So are those who enjoy a life at sea as a captain of a ship, or as a fisherman.


Those of this nature must be careful not to blend with those kingdoms that exist underwater.  Much of the karma for the intermixing of grid work between kingdoms is associated with those of this archetypal nature.  Those of this nature are so in love and at peace with the ocean that they might prefer to live a life of a dolphin or whale instead of a human life.  Coming to peace with one’s humanness and finding one’s power upon the land therefore may be a major spiritual life lesson for those born of this archetype in this lifetime.



Related to the Element of Earth and the Inverse Element of Lava


Much like the “Earth Mother” archetype, those of the “Earth and Lava” archetype are very earthy.  Such individuals may feel called to take up causes associated with Earth as a whole, such as “Save the Planet” or “Save the Rainforests”.  Much as with the “Fire and Ash” archetype, such causes do not really alter the dream, but simply alter the polarity in one region only to see the opposing polarity expressed somewhere else.  This is why the “Green” movement in the West has polarized excessive toxic dumping to be expressed in the East and through the industries therein.  The only solution is to ascend and release the karma as humans for creating toxic messes upon Earth; and as enough of the karma is released, humans will begin to clean up their messes global wide.


Those of this nature may be scientists that closely study nature such as geologists or paleontologists or zoologists.  They also may love adventures and lead others on nature expeditions or are those who like to climb mountains.  Those of this nature also have a tendency to blend with the Earth or land based animals, plants and trees in terms of grid work.  It appears that those of this nature were also the land and nature kingdom scribes of the Pharaohs long ago.  It is because those of this archetype can hear what nature has to say that they understand the need to change how humanity relates unto nature and Earth as a whole.  Some of this nature feel more at home out in nature and prefer this to living with other humans or living in a city, and may find a way to do so in the associated lifetime.  The life lesson of those associated with this archetype may be to learn to be in a human dream and commune with nature rather than blend with nature in the nonphysical.




The Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth 25,000 earth years (100,000 years) following the seeding of the red nations tribes and their associated holograms.  The Grand Masters added their holograms to the Sirian holographic wheels as they attempted to ascend a small number of red nations humans.  As this occurred, they lost their separated off archetypes and holographic nature.  At this time, all knowledge from all holograms is being utilized to create the new archetypes and new astrology for ascension.  Much of the knowledge of ascension comes from the Grand Master holograms.  Many reading these materials have body or birth time hologram of one of the following archetypal natures, as this is what causes the interest in ascension.  One will see how different the nature of the Grand Master archetypes are from all others previously written of.



Related to the Syncopation of Time


Those of the “Time” archetypal nature tend to be grand magicians that can pull large groups of people together for common cause.  These humans can utilize the spiritual knowledge to which they have access, to alter the human dream.  Gandhi was an example of this archetypal nature in human form.  Martin Luther King was another example.  In this present time of Anu dominion, if those of the “Time” archetypal nature gain great fame, generally they are crucified by the powers that be.  In the era ahead, these types of humans will be able to take positions of leadership and be respected for their capabilities enough that they shall not be shot at.  In the recognition that fame is problematic, most of this nature remain behind the scenes, or work at the universities as professors, or take up positions near those in authority, perhaps becoming the trusted advisor instead of the leader themselves.


There is a sense that being “out front” is not safe for those of this nature.  Many with this nature who are ascending and have the possibility of stepping into a leadership role will require confronting their own fear of crucifixion in order to fulfill upon this dream.  Through ascension, one may release the karma for each time one’s ancestor of this nature was crucified, and then bypass manifesting such a problem in this lifetime.



Related to Record Keeping


Those of the “Ancestral Knowledge” archetypal nature tend to hold records of human history in their field and form.  Many of this nature stored records in their biology as humanity fell in consciousness.  As a result, those of this nature are often considered the key bearers or key holders in present time ascension; for as they ascend, the records that had been stored in their cellular structure are released.  As the records are released, then human history can be understood enough that all other humans and kingdoms can release their karma; this allows for all to ascend.  Those of this nature also may feel deeply surrounding the atrocities that have occurred throughout human history.  It is because one is feeling the pain of all humans that fell in each time period that may make ascension very painful of those of this nature.  Learning to feel one’s own karmic pain and return the pain that belongs to all others that one’s ancestry held records for might be one solution to this dilemma.


Sometimes those of this nature have a tremendous amount of knowledge at their fingertips.  If one is not careful, this can cause one to go into “the arrogance of knowing it all”.  Each of this nature must learn to discern between what records are associated with one’s truth and what records are associated with the truths of others; as one’s ancestor may have filed away all the records as humanity fell in a manner that is intertwined.  Therefore those of this nature may wish to intend upon a recurrent basis to send back those records belonging to others of other holographic nature unto them, and retain only one’s own truth in the dance of life.



Related to the Cycles of Evolution


Those of the “Evolution” archetypal nature tend to be grand magicians that have the capacity to orchestrate groups for the purposes of ascension and evolution home.  Often those with this archetypal nature have had little opportunity to express their gifts and talents in the current Anu based cycle of profit and gain.  In India and Tibet, there are some of this archetypal nature that have gathered others and are ascending the group under the guidance of Earth and the new master oversoul of humanity not unlike SSOA.  These humans are finding their way unto their truth in present time.  Many drawn to the Group Mastery and Self Study programs are of this nature; the reason being is that the expression of interest in evolution and spiritual lessons is found in few other teachings in the West.


Those of this nature take life seriously and understand the spiritual lessons, ancestral lessons and karma that they are clearing this lifetime.  Often those of this archetypal nature are loners, or if they are not alone and have relations with others of other archetypal natures, feel alone in the lack of understanding of their truth.  If one of this nature attempts to lead others, they will succeed but not always be understood; this may lead to group conflict and an overthrow; or boredom with those that one is leading due to a lack of understanding.  Those of this nature may find their way to becoming the teacher of ascension in this cycle, and be fulfilled in the dance instead of bored.



Related to Human Akashic Records


Those of the “Human Species” archetypal nature have a close connection with the akashic records within oneself or for one’s entire species.  Akashic records are information known as the “Tones of Creation” or the threads of vibrations from which the dream for the human species is woven along with the weaving of one’s etheric and physical vessel.  Those that understand the tones of creation have an easier time ascending, as they inherently understand how the etheric body is woven together, and how new tones may be woven in to foster biological evolution.  Those of this nature understand that the Language of Light is far greater than the simple symbols that have been created to depict them.  Rather the Language of Light is a living library of information that can be drawn upon and applied to the field and form to ascend.


Many with this archetypal nature, much as the “Evolution” archetype may feel very much alone in this lifetime, and may feel that there are few that can understand their truth.  If married or dancing with others, one still feels alone in the dance of life.  One may fulfill upon one’s duties and obligations, but long for a time that the spiritual quest may be fulfilled upon instead.  Now is the time that those of this archetypal nature may fulfill upon their truth.  Many may also step out to teach ascension to others or found organizations to provide ascension information to others in the decade ahead.  Many drawn to Group Mastery and Self Study are also of this nature as they find support of their goal of ascension through the studies of the associated materials.



Related to the Syncopation of Solar Time


Those of the “Solar Cycle” archetypal nature tend to be grand magicians who can orchestrate human ascension in relation to global ascension and in relation to solar ascension.  These humans carry the most information on ascension of any others in relation to the consensus reality that one resides upon.  Those of this nature inherently understand that all must ascend together and in unison, as these are the records of understanding that the biology holds.  This is Oa’s birth and body time hologram, and this indeed is the role that he plays in association with SSOA and Earth.


Much like the above archetypes, those of this nature may feel very alone and misunderstood in the dance of life; or prefer to be alone and focused inward instead of outward.  If those of this nature are involved with others or working, one may still feel alone or “different” and long for a time that the spiritual quest is all that one requires focusing upon.  Now is the time that this focus can come to fruition.  One can weave a dream in which one’s preoccupation becomes ascension.  Perhaps those of this archetype will become teachers or healers of ascension; or found an organization for this purpose.  Many drawn to Group Mastery and Self Study are also of this nature as they find support of their goal of ascension through the studies of the associated materials. 



Related to Multidimensional Time


Those of the “Ascension to the Fifth Dimension” archetypal nature tend to be grand magicians who can orchestrate inter-dimensional shifts for oneself or the consensus that one resides upon.  Often those of this nature have the capacity to hear and travel the dimensions or in other terms, have multidimensional awareness.  This is Lilliya’s birth and body time hologram, and indeed she exhibits these gifts and talents.


Much like the above archetypes, those of this nature may prefer to be alone and focused inward, listening to one’s own guidance.  If one shares of one’s guidance with others, one may most readily become the teacher.  Outside of the interest of ascension, and if one is participating in the dance of life with the spouse or children or work, one may feel very much alone and misunderstood.  Conflicts may brew between oneself and others due to how one’s inner truth dominates over one’s actions, and may not make sense to those only attuned to a 3D life.  Perhaps those of this nature will allow their multidimensional channeling to be written and shared, allowing one to become the teacher; or found an ascension based organization or center.  Many drawn to Group Mastery and Self Study are also of this nature as they find support of their goal of ascension through the studies of the associated materials.




One can see in the above materials the entire human dance and how it occurs due to a particular cast of characters that have a certain archetypal nature.  The scripts for humans are drawn from the manner in which the archetypes interrelate with one another in the dance of life.  We will be continuing to explore the nature of scripts in the materials that follow.  Now in the workbook section of this chapter, we are going to have you assess your own experiences with others of variant archetypal nature in your personal life experience, and make intentions to release karma that may have been triggered at various time periods therein.


Until our next communication,


The Earth Mother


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