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Ascension Transmissions


For More Ascension Articles, please see Nature Articles

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Transmissions III


Mastering Unity Consciousness
This section focuses upon the emerging unity paradigm. 

Unity is a state of being in which

one honors self and all others in the dance of life.


Transmissions IV

Mastering Regeneration
This section is devoted to the emerging regenerative paradigm and biology. Regeneration equates to a form that ceases to age or become ill.

NOTE:  We have deleted Ascension Transmissions I and II and Great Central Sun Transmissions along with the Tao Transmissions and selected files in Transmissions III and IV sections.  The energy flow from these sections no longer resonates with the Language of ONE thought-form that the school is holding and the web site reflects.  We are an evolving organization and ascension sometimes requires leaving behind what no longer resonates. 


The new "Complete Ascension Workbook Part II" has been released and covers information removed from the site in a new format that is held by the Earth Mother consciousness. The Earth Mother consciousness is evolving and so that which has been written by her will continue to be posted as the energy can flow in a conducive manner to our purpose.  So this is also so for all nature articles. 


For those who are new to our site, we recommend beginning with the "Nature Articles" section.  Also see the "Messages from the Plants and Trees", "Messages from the Hawaiian Ancestors" and "Messages from the Native American Ancestors" in the Creating Community section as good materials to begin with for those new to our information.


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