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Letters from the Hawaiian Ancestors

to those who are Hawaiian at Heart


Hawaiian Ancestors by Gigi Rondeau

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This section offers a series of letters generated by the Hawaiian Ancestors through Lilliya to assist the Hawaiian Nation (or those who are Hawaiian at Heart) in opening their hearts and learning to love again as well as finding their way to a sovereign state of being.  It is the hope of the Hawaiian Ancestors that the Hawaiian Nation will find its way to a sovereignty again where those who love the land can live freely from what it provides.  Note: The Ancestors have embedded photos of Kauai that Lilliya has taken to attune each to the land of Hawaii-Nei while reading their essays.




As she moved to the islands, Lilliya had promised the Hawaiian Ancestors that she would assist Hawaiians in finding their truth and moving towards the sovereignty of leadership to direct their lives and relations again.  This also is the purpose of these letters.  Lilliya has agreed to step aside and allow the Hawaiian Ancestors to speak their truth so that the Hawaiian Nation (and those who are Hawaiian at Heart) can find their way to sovereignty again to live freely from what the land and sea can give.


Sovereignty is a state of being that leads to greater freedom within.  Today most Hawaiians as well as humans in general are imprisoned; they are imprisoned by their jobs, their mortgages, their family, and the government.  There is little joy in a life of slavery.  Money and the objects that they buy are no substitute for love as it does not fill the human heart.  There was once a time that none of this existed; less than 500 years ago, most Hawaiians lived freely from the land without the requirement to pay taxes to the monarchy. 


There is balance that sustains one's health and life in giving the love of one's heart to one's crops and then allowing the abundant plant life to feed one's needs.  There is balance in taking in honor and love from the resources of the land to build one's dwellings.  It is love as it is exchanged with the land and sea that leads to a state of health, abundance and prosperity.  It is because the land and sea loves one in return that health and a long life that is joyful to live can be sustained.


Today Hawaiians (and those who are Hawaiian at heart) have fallen into a manmade dream that is not a part of the natural world.  It is in moving into a loveless dream founded upon monetary gain and technological gadgets that leads to dissatisfaction, drug use, alcoholism, depression and strife as well as disease.  It shall be in returning to a state of being where love flows between humans and the land and sea again that health and harmony amongst humans shall also be restored.  This too is the purpose of these letters, to highlight what internal and external changes one can begin to make to begin to change one's world into a state of love, health and abundance again.



Lilliya & Oa

The Hawaiian Ancestors




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