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Hawaiian Ancestors by Gigi Rondeau





Self Healing from Life’s Mirrors

The Hawaiian Ancestors through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

August 22, 2008


Blessings for Remembrance that Healing Occurs Only From Within




Dear Beloved that is Hawaiian at Heart,


The Hawaiian Ancestors wish to speak of a topic that is related to healing known as “Ho’oponopono”.  Ho’oponopono directly translates into “To revise, edit, manage, or make right”.  Healers of Ho’oponopono understand that in order to heal any circumstance one must first heal yourself of whatever is reflected within the circumstance.


There was a lovely short story about Ho’oponopono circulating amongst those studying with Lilliya as of late.  In this story a psychiatrist reviewed the files of six patients in a mental ward.  They went deep inside and chose to heal themselves of whatever the six patients reflected.  He never met any of the patients and one by one they recovered enough to be released. 


How can this be?  One may wonder.  From the Hawaiian Ancestor’s point of view, it is easy to explain.  The psychiatrist held the position of “sanity” and the patients the position of “insanity” in the polarity based dream that their lives reflected.  As the psychiatrist chose to release his position of sanity it allowed the patients to release their position of insanity, and they each recovered enough to go home. 


The reality is that most humans would be considered slightly insane anyway from the ancestor’s point of view.  Sanity is only a judgment and not a sincere state of being; and insanity is also a judgment about a state of being that is not understood unless you lived inside the other person’s skin.  All humans are who they are and most exhibit weird patterns thoughts or behavior due to trauma and fragmentation in childhood.  The insane one may be more fragmented and therefore exhibit more of the same behavior that the Psychiatrist also experiences; but it is all a matter of degree from the ancestor’s point of view.


The truth of the matter is that fragmentation from childhood or other traumatic life experiences can be healed through intention.  As the trauma is released, parts of the field and your consciousness reunite together into greater wholeness again, and some of the weird behavior or thoughts cease to occur in so being.  For the above psychiatrist and the patients, as they each released the polarity that they sustained themselves within related to sanity and insanity, fragmentation from childhood and ancestral experiences could self heal causing each to reunite into greater wholeness, and all concerned received a healing as a result and departed from the mental ward.  The psychiatrist simply gave permission in the unconscious for the patients to self heal; and so they did. 


The psychiatrist also healed of their requirement to be the only sane one in a group of those who were insane.  The psychiatrist had most likely grown up in an insane household (possibly alcoholic) and spent most of their chi healing everyone to keep them straight enough to dance with the rest of the world.  As the psychiatrist released the requirement to retain others in a sane dream, they too began to self heal and much more dream and chi then became available for their future dance of life.


Ho’oponopono is an understanding amongst Hawaiian healers that everything is a mirror for your own internal state of being.  If the other is out of balance, each within the ohana (family) must heal in order for balance to be restored for all.  If the land is out of balance and failing to provide for the ohana, then each within the ohana must heal in order to restore balance to the land. 


At this time in Hawaii there is much talk about the dying tarot plants that is failing to produce as much yield as in ancient times.  Scientists from the University of Hawaii are suggesting that the tarot be genetically modified to create a stronger plant less subject to the virus attacking it.  Hawaiian groups are vastly against science touching their sacred plants, as they understand that this will not correct the problem; the problem first must be corrected in all who live upon the land.  As of late Lilliya read in a local paper that the Hawaiian courts have suspended the possibility of genetic modification of the tarot plant for 10 years due to how it is related to Hawaiian culture.  Lilliya was pleased to read this.


What is so out of balance upon the land of Hawaii that the tarot plants are failing to grow in great abundance?  Lilliya has noticed the yellow leaves and the sick looking plants in the tarot fields of Hanalei.  From the Hawaiian Ancestor’s point of view, there are many humans living upon Hawaiian land that fail to bless the land and take more chi than they give.  There are also countless tourists that visit this land each year and leave their psychic waste and take much without giving anything unto the land.  The psychic debris that had built up in Honolulu alone was so great that as Lilliya relocated to the islands, she spent a spent a year helping to clear and return what was not the land’s to process in it’s ascent. 


Plants are designed to give in balanced giving and receiving with the land.  If the land is depleted, the plant will give more.  The Tarot Kingdom responds to the lack of chi upon the land and gives more than it has to offer and becomes ill.  So this is also so for the rainforests as well, and over time they too have become ill and deteriorated from the lush state that they once existed within a hundred years ago in the ancestors perception.  When Lilliya first came to Oahu, we took her around the island, and showed her how our land was dying.  She cried and cried and cried and then finally said, “Well, we will simply fix it and we will figure out how to do so together”. 


So Lilliya and many that came to study with her began to heal within of why humans take more than they receive from their land while releasing their ancestral karma for this dance; and they blessed and blessed and blessed the land and soon the rain began to fall and the vegetation recovered.  This was a decade ago now and the beginning of the healing of Hawaii-Nei, and was necessary to the healing of the Earth Mother’s heart chakra, as Hawaii sits underneath the heart center of earth.  If the land could not begin heal, the Earth Mother could not begin to heal; and so this became the focus of our Lilliya and their group as a result of their choice to work only in support of earth in all that they do.


Those who are Hawaiian at heart understand the need to bless; to bless with love the food that one eats or family and friends along with the land and sea and all creatures within them.  Blessing with love alone can sometimes foster the healing of the land, waterways or others.  However the blessings are even more powerful if one chooses to heal within oneself whatever is mirrored unto yourself within those who appear to be struggling in the dance of life; or those that you struggle getting along with; or the land or plants or waterways that may be ailing.  How and why exactly is this so?


Everything outside of oneself is a mirror of some part of yourself that is unconscious.  There are many unconscious parallel planes, in fact 24 in total for those that still exist at 2 strands of DNA.  For those who are ascending, you integrate parallel lives in each phase of ascension mastered and therefore may have fewer parallel dreams.  Regardless of where you are in association with unity biology, everything around yourself and all experiences that you have in the physical are a mirror of some sort for parallel experiences you are having within parallel nonphysical dreams that surround earth. 


For example, if you have a friend sick with cancer; you have cancer upon a parallel plane.  If you have patients that are insane, then you have a parallel life where you are experiencing insanity.  If you know someone who is an invalid and crippled in a wheelchair; then you have a parallel life in which you are crippled as well.  If you are sick yourself and have many friends that are healthy, you have parallel lives in which you are not sick and are quite healthy.  If you are married in this life you are single in many parallel lives; if you have children in this life you have many lives without children upon parallel dreams.  Humans experience all dreams unto themselves as a result of all the parallel planes that catch portions of dreams that you might live otherwise if you had integrated all the bandwidths of vibrations associated.


Why is this so?  Humans and all kingdoms upon earth have fallen in consciousness and DNA strands; the falls have left behind fractured layers of earth’s field that still catch a part of your dream.  At 2 strands, humans exist in 24 dreams simultaneously, only one of which is physical.  This is why humans are so limited at 2 strands of DNA and as a result cannot often find solutions to their dilemmas.  As you ascend and grow crystalline DNA, then you also increase in field size and gather up dreams that splintered off and have been held in parallel realities.  This is how and why ascending humans may begin to catch fuller and more fulfilling dreams due to having a larger field to do so and also having integrated many parallel dreams.


Many who are ascending unconsciously are integrating parallel lives nonetheless and this is also another reason that dreams change all around yourself and in the experiences of others as well.  It is our perception that the psychiatrist spoken to above was ascending and integrating a parallel life in which he was insane and in a mental ward; and as he concluded with this experience in a nonphysical life, the patients that he might have treated also completed and recovered.  Perhaps some were ascending or perhaps some simply traded insane parallel lives for sane ones in reverse polarizing another plane with the physical dimension that the body exists within.  However regardless of how it was accomplished, the physical received a new dream of sanity due to the psychiatrist who self healed of his own insane experiences upon a parallel plane of reality.


Now what are we speaking to?  Reverse polarizing nonphysical with physical dreams?  This is not so hard to imagine.  Let us say you are homeless upon the streets and have a lifetime of greater abundance in a parallel reality; you can swap the dream for greater abundance for the dream of homelessness and find your way to a job, home and new life.  In times past, Kahunas (Hawaiian spiritual healers and teachers) knew how to reverse polarize parallel realities and often caused those that they treated to recover from ailments of all kinds as a result.


You can also ascend and integrate a lifetime of greater abundance or health instead and then also manifest this dream in the physical.  Lilliya have had several homeless associates over time that recovered their ability to catch a different dream through ascension, and so this is also possible.  Lilliya have also recovered their own health by integrating parallel lives of greater health in earlier times in their ascension where they caught a dream for disease for a time.


What is the difference between ascension and swapping parallel lives through intention?  Reversing parallel lives and trading nonphysical for physical dreams cannot end the suffering for all; for as you reverse one condition for yourself, another human experiences the opposite and reverses into the undesired dream that you are leaving behind.  This can create karma and so it is better to ascend and integrate the larger dreams you are desiring and then manifest them, as then no karmic cause is created in the experience. 


How does anyone ascend?  You intend to ascend and then the body chooses to evolve into another and fuller set of DNA that is regenerative and that one’s more ancient ancestors understood.  As you ascend, you pick up fragmented pieces of self trapped in parallel lives and integrate them; and as you do so the dream associated becomes available to be lived in the physical.  Long ago Lilliya ascended into a parallel life where she was a teacher of ascension.  In a short time the dream from this parallel life caught upon her physical dream and many students showed up for the first classes she offered to teach; and many chose to have healing consultations from her finding benefit from her ascending point of view.  She left her old dream of real estate behind for the new dream of ascension teacher that she was then able to catch.


Over time Lilliya came to teach in Hawaii and the Hawaiian Ancestors not only invited her to relocate here, but she gathered information for her further ascension from our own records.  Hawaiians living in the times of Lemuria held crystalline biology and existed between 6000 and 9000 strands as Lilliya measures ascending DNA in present time.  We were holographic and held unity biology in Lemurian times with a much longer lifespan than the Atlanteans who fell into more limited DNA due to dissonant technology that they surrounded themselves with. 


In Lemurian history, we were not interested in technology but rather in spiritual evolution; alas a nuclear war manifest and this deteriorated our DNA along with all of earth’s to far beneath this level of consciousness thereafter.  We are sad about the circumstances that manifest in our history; and now are on to focusing upon the recovery of all that was lost in the coming six generations of those who are ascending and are Hawaiian or Hawaiian at heart.  We are making right what we caused as ancestors in so doing and this is our Ho’oponopono.  (See “History of Atlantis” as brought through by the Native American ancestors for more information.)


How do you foster Ho’oponopono in your life?  First one can assess the personal life mirrors in those associated with you.  Who do you closely associate with afflicted with something that is difficult?  What are the difficult circumstances that are a part of your life dance?  Who do you know that has the opposite of the circumstance that you struggle with?  Make a written list.  Then one by one go through your list and intend to heal of the polarity based patterns that each represent and that you mirror unto one another. 


Intend that your Hawaiian ancestors join you in this process and we will help you navigate the parallel lives and ancestral experiences at cause of why the polarity exists in your life circumstance; and as you intend the ancestors to aid those that mirror you something about yourself , we will work also with each in dream time and they too will have an opportunity to self heal.  For you cannot heal of what anyone mirror’s unto you and they cannot heal either unless you each release the patterns associated as they are held together in an intricate fabric in the dreams of each of you founded upon extreme polarity.


Mirrors are very personal.  Perhaps you are married to a very difficult partner that you struggle with and desire to divorce.  What does the partner mirror unto you about you?  Most likely they will mirror behavior that you yourself emulate upon a parallel nonphysical life.  As you self heal of the patterns associated with all the behavior that you dislike that your partner mirrors, not only will your partner also begin to self heal, but they may change enough that you will choose to remain in the relationship.  If they do not change enough, then as you self heal all the mirrors reflected, the polarity will no longer hold you together in relationship as they will no longer be a sincere reflection of your newly emerging self.  Soon the spouse will depart and you will create the divorce you are seeking.  It is generally mirrors of opposites that cause humans to be drawn together in the first place; as you self heal of the opposite within, then those reflecting the patterns you struggle with either must change or cause the relationship to conclude.


Often there are many changes in job circumstances amongst those who are legitimately ascending and self healing of their polarities within.  As the mirrors alter, then those who no longer reflect the mirror that the one ascending holds will depart.  Sometimes this creates reorganizations or new owners of a particular firm; sometimes it causes the location of the office to be moved, or for you to be moved to a new region.  Sometimes healing of polarity may even cause you to choose to leave your job and create a new one that reflects the current polarities that you are now holding within.  Sometimes the healing of major polarities may cause relocation to an entirely new region as the region that one has left no longer mirrors enough of your thought-form to retain you in the dream.  So this occurred for Lilliya as they departed California and moved to Hawaii, as California no longer mirrored to them enough polarity dreams to sustain them in the region.


For those desiring to relocate someplace else, choosing to complete with all polarities mirrored unto you in the region you live will help foster the new dream to catch in another region.  If this is your heart’s desire, make lists of the mirrors that your current region reflects along with those that you live and work with that are opposite unto yourself.  Then intend completion with this group of polarities and the birth of a new group of polarities in the region you desire to move unto.  Then intend your ancestors to join you in releasing the polarities within that bind you to the region that you currently live and a new dream will unfold ahead and as you are complete.


The same set of intentions can apply to any other dream you might like to manifest.  Let us say that you desire to manifest of the beloved.  Take a look at your life and see who has manifested the beloved already that you know.  Perhaps they are someone that you went to a wedding for, or a friend that has a loving relationship, or sisters or brothers who are married, or even your parents if they are still alive and together.  Look at all the couples that you know that polarize you into being single and alone and make a written list.  Then go through the list and intend to release the polarity of opposites that bind you into being single.  Call upon the ancestors and we will help you release the patterns and thought-forms along with programming that has caused you to take the position of single in this life; and then the dream for the beloved is more likely to manifest ahead.


Let us say that you are ill and desire to recover from a particular disease that is ailing you.  Once again assess your life mirrors and write down a list of all who are healthy in the physical or who have recovered from an ailment of their own.  Now intend to complete with all thought-form that holds you in the polarity of the sick one in the dance of life.  Call upon your ancestors to help you also release ancestral cause in the experience, and often you will discover the same lineages held health while your lineages became diseased; and you will also discover the opposite in which your lineages held health while the other’s lineages held disease.  As we complete with all sides of any polarity, we must forgive the dance in full, including where we participated in the cause of disease in others.


Now what do we mean in this?  Others cause disease?  You could cause disease in others?  Well it is not intentional on the part of anyone to make another ill in most cases, unless one is a sorcerer and focuses upon another such as in voodoo practices of sticking needles in dolls that represent someone you wish to destroy.  And yes there are those that do this but mostly it is within indigenous cultures in which old practices of harm continue to occur.  Alas those like this create loads of karma for themselves in deliberately harming another through psychic intention; and it only causes the experience of being harmed ahead due to the karma caused.  So those who are the recipients of voodoo or other sorcerer type harm generally have caused harm to others in other ancestral lifetimes of parallel nature.  In the forgiveness of self and others, the entire game can conclude and the sorcerer disempowered from harming self or others forever more.  The ancestors will also work with anyone finding themselves in this type of dance ahead so that you can forgive and complete.


Disease is caused as the polarity is disease is suspended around the one who has become ill.  In extreme polarity, dreams coagulate into thought-form that is resonant.  Therefore the one who becomes ill may draw to them countless dreams (sometimes into the thousands) for disease and those who are healthy suspend the disease dreams over the one who is sick in the dance of polarity.  This is neither right nor wrong but the reality of a dance of extreme polarity that has come to be mostly since the fall of Atlantis and the nuclear annihilation associated. The radiation from this annihilation caused all dreams to rearrange themselves founded upon siLilliyar and parallel vibrations.  As the one who has become ill ceases to choose to catch thousands of dreams of disease from many others, and if the dance is forgiven in ascension, then the dreams can be separated apart with each part going back to those who legitimately have karma for the disease.  This is one manner in which ascension is clearing the extreme polarity of dreams that humans have been caught within for the past 10,000 earth years (40,000 years as humans measure time).


Unity biology does not catch dreams that are clumped together in this manner unless there is karma for the experience.  This many in Lilliya’s program struggle with, as suddenly a thousand death dreams show up in their life experience; and they feel freezing cold and as if they are becoming ill.  Those ascending like this are learning to rapidly choose to forgive their disease karma and then to dispel the dreams associated and break them apart returning them to wherever they legitimately belong.  So can those who rise in vibration and witness large dreams of a particular nature can intend the same.  Call upon the ancestors and we will assist you through such an experience.  You need not live disease karma; you can forgive it; and this too is the gift of ascension at this time in history.


As a matter of fact you need not live any karma you do not really wish to experience the dream for.  Many struggle to manifest enough in the dance of life.  This too is a good polarity mirror to clear so that greater abundance can flow into your dream.  So make a list of each who is abundant in your life dance.  Then intend to clear the polarity held within that they are reflecting and call upon your ancestors to assist.  Then you will learn to catch a dream that allows for the middle path of just enough to fulfill upon your heart’s desire and through ho’oponopono.


Another easy manner of assessing polarity within is to look at your inner family.  The inner family is a mirror of how you relate within yourself unto yourself.  If you look within and see your inner family in disarray, then you know you are in disunity within.  The disunity of the inner family will cause discord with others in the dance of life, as this is the dream you will call unto yourself given your own internal state of being.  Lilliya and those offering consultations within their school are fond of using the inner family to offer up an assessment of those that they work with and what they are working upon at this time of their personal ascensions.  The inner family always reflects something that those receiving consultations can relate unto as there will be circumstances in their current dance of life that are related.  Heal the inner family through ho’oponopono and the outer life circumstance will also shift leading to a more harmonious day ahead. 


Why is this so?  Humans are holographic.  If your internal state of being is in discord, then you will attract discord into your life dream.  It is why we ancestors will always say that the keys lie within; and that there is nothing outside of yourself that can change without first altering what lies within.  It is also for this reason that seeking a guru outside of self will never lead you home; as your homecoming comes from within.  Then you might say “Well, what about Lilliya?  Are they not gurus?”  Well no they are not and they guide others by having them focus inward upon their personal healing, and have assembled a group of others willing to look inward before they judge outward in the dance of life.  This creates a very different type of group as each is taking full responsibility for their own ho’oponopono; and this leads to greater harmony than any other group human dream the ancestors can perceive upon the surface of the earth at this time.  As all humans turn inward to heal, greater harmony will be born in the dance of life as a result of each taking responsibility for their own state of being, and choosing to clear it through ho’oponopono.


The Earth Mother through Lilliya wrote a lovely article about Healing the Inner Family; and also compiled the Complete Ascension Workbook I and II offer up inner family intentions to heal patterns that release as each level of ascension is mastered to Bodhisattva level.  The ancestors highly recommend working with these materials in support of ho’oponopono as a result.  (See “Products” and “Healing the Inner Family” for more information.)


Most human relationships continuously dance in judgment.  One judges this as good and accomplished in another and bad and awful in yet another; and judges yourself perhaps even worse than any other that you know.  The judgment is useless to ho’oponopono and so the ancestors suggest that you ignore the judgmental thoughts that you have; and instead go inward and see what the polarity is that you or another are mirroring unto one another that cause you to live a dream that you do not desire.  If you feel unaccomplished and look around you at all the others succeeding at their life goals and dreams, then look inward at what it is that holds you in the polarity of failure.  If on the other hand you have friends that are failing at their dreams, also look inward at why you are holding the polarity of success and they the polarity of failure, and choose to heal and forgive, and then you each can create the dreams that you desire within.  This will lead to greater happiness for all in the dance of life.


Perhaps the greatest misery has been created in the dance of extreme polarity of all time and as experienced in the human dream.  For in the extremes, there is extreme lack leading to poverty and starvation; there is extreme physical lack leading to disease; and there is extreme abuse leading to terrorism, warfare, hunting, stripping earth’s resources to excess, and any other excessive behavior that you can witness in the dance of life.  The misery is often personal but also collective in places like Iraq or any other war zone.  It is the extreme dreams of warfare gathering by the billions over a particular region that cause a war zone like Iraq. 


As ascending groups of humans choose to break apart the billions of dreams of this nature returning them to where they sincerely belong (as many are from other creations), then the wars can shift in the physical and the humans involved begin their process of self healing.  This is an example of collective ho’oponopono.  Lilliya have been involved in collective ho’oponopono with those in their school since they first came to the islands to greet us ancestors.  There are few other groups that understand collective ho’oponopono; and it is for this reason that the Earth Mother chooses to work with this group to heal her problems through global ho’oponopono.  As such the consensus based dream can be altered to give birth to a new tomorrow of greater unity peace and joy.


Ascending humans can contribute to collective ho’oponopono by choosing to contribute to the healing of the land, waterways or other compromised regions nearby wherever you live or travel.  Take a look around you and list the regions that are compromised wherever you live.  Now intend to heal the polarity of wounding unto earth that is reflected in the mirror.  The wounds of earth may even be associated with regions that ail you in the physical.  Why is this so?  Humans internalize discord and often pick up upon the toxic land or water based discord nearby and this exacerbates the sick or compromised regions of the body.  In releasing the polarity based need to become compromised due to how the land has become compromised, both you and Terra (earth’s consciousness) may begin to self heal.  As you call upon us ancestors, we will work with you to help release ancestral karma for harming the earth so that the healing may be complete.


Global ho’oponopono requires groups of humans to come together in the common goal of healing global discord in the human dream.  Lilliya have been working upon global discord for over 10 years at each event that they and their organization host.  Global discord is difficult to dissolve as there are so many layers of karma and experience that contribute to why a particular region calls in dreams of warfare or pollution, or the over consumption of earth’s resources.  However year by year some of Terra’s dream has shifted with each global ho’oponopono completed upon at these events.  (See International Ascension Conference for more information.)


Mostly and as a result of this work there is a rising green movement that is beginning to catch in which humans are considering earth’s resources more carefully, and thinking about other means of creating the goods that you consume.  There is also a rising movement of peace that shall propel humanity to cease warring upon one another, but this will not manifest for another 8 to 10 years due to the delay in how dreams are fulfilled upon in the physical; but it is coming due to global ho’oponopono and the release of patterns at cause of why humans war within the polarity based dream of earth.  Also ahead will be a new fuel that will be emission free and inexpensive; and businesses that will emerge to clean up the environment of toxic human cause along with manufactured goods from recycled debris picked up for free out of human dumpsites.  These changes in the human dream ahead would not be possible without the global ho’oponopono earth is focused upon as a consciousness at this time or those humans willing to work with her in this goal.


The Hawaiian Ancestors invite those that feel called to this global work to join us in Maui for our annual International Ascension Conference event that Lilliya and their organization host this October.  This event is for those who are perhaps already working inward upon their own ascensions and aware of this process in dream time.  The focus of this year is to release fission based karma from false ascensions that has led to warfare and disease in yet earlier times preceding the fall of Atlantis.  Earth is completing with the cause of why humans war upon one another or other kingdoms in hunting and the consumption of flesh through this event.  In so being a new day may be dreamt ahead of peace within the human kingdom and between all kingdoms upon earth.  This we sincerely look forward to as ancestors as our cause will also release in conjunction with earth and the group gathering.  This too is our ho’oponopono.


We leave you with these thoughts

Aloha Nui Loa

The Hawaiian Ancestors





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