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The History of Atlantis

The Native American Ancestors through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

April 13, 2007



Blessings for Ancestral Communion and Guidance


pdf of Intentions and Ancestral Meditation



Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


The Native American ancestors speak today about vast changes that are occurring in the manner in which humans are ascending and the support that is reaching all fields at this time from the ancestral realms.  Long ago and following the fall of Atlantis in which large nuclear bombs were detonated over a region now under the Atlantic Ocean, the ancestral planes were shattered.  These planes were used by those of ancient times to reach into humans upon the physical plane to settle karma that was related to the DNA that had been shared at the time that the ancestors were alive.  These planes were shattered over 2/3rds of Earth’s surface.  This left the ancient ancestors incapable of reaching through to humans incarnate upon many continents since this time period, which Earth estimates was roughly 10,000 years ago as she measures time (40,000 years ago as humans measure time.)


Earth measures times as solar rotations around its 12th dimensional sun.  For every four rotations of Earth around the solar sun, the sun makes one rotation around its 12th dimensional sun.  The 12th dimensional sun is invisible as it is in a vibratory bandwidth above physical perception; however most can view the 12th and 18th dimensional suns related to your expanded solar system in dreamtime and while asleep. This is because vision in the dreamtime body known as the body double has no limitation, as it is an etheric expression.  All in the etheric will perceive the etheric of all other life forms; it is only the physical vision that is limited to third and fifth dimensional perception.  As one opens to one’s body double’s vision, then one’s vision will also cease to be limited.


Those who are gifted at opening into the unconscious will begin to perceive many things not perceived in the physical, one of which can include the life forms upon the 12th and 18th dimension, as well as other dimensions above this extending to dimension 4000 and beyond, if dimensions were measured in the small layers as we know them here.  Much like a tree when cut shows layers of its growth and existence over time, and some have learned to measure how old the tree is by layers of growth within the trunk; so this is so for this region of domain; creations are layered like an onion around a sun that is at the core of All That Is.  In the core of All That Is are 144 Great Central Suns that each emanates life down the dimensions associated.  The life is captured in layers of dreams that are projected upon whatever is present to catch the dream and then experience the dance projected.  Earth is now catching a dream to return inside the Great Central Sun that she left a very long time ago and upon a much higher dimension of life.


Earth catches a dream upon this dimension that allows for all experiences upon her, including the nature kingdoms, dolphins and whales along with humans.  The dream surrounding Earth is also layered like an onion upon 24 planes.  Many of these planes have been pressed into separate realities to contain particular polarities of thought-form that are highly destructive.  This is how World War III will fail to manifest as it is manifesting upon parallel planes in the outer most layers of 18 through 24 at this time.  Because world war manifests in outer nonphysical planes, it need not be experienced in physicality, as it is only the 8 planes closest to the physical that determine physical expression.


For a long time the ancestral planes related to physicality were shattered like a broken mirror.  Although our ancestral nation along with each nation afflicted with this problem would have liked to restore the ancestral planes so that communication between us could occur with all humans incarnate, this was not possible due to the karma involved.  Karma is like a broken record that repeats endlessly until it is forgiven.  Until the original cause of how the ancestral planes shattered was uncovered, they could not be repaired, and any attempt to do so simply would revert to their previously shattered state of being.  Such is the nature of karma until it is known and forgiven.


The ancestral planes were not shattered due to the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis; although energy from the annihilation was directed to the ancestral planes deliberately on the part of dark forces to shatter them.  In so being, there have been 10,000 years in which most humans living in 70% of the world have had little ancestral guidance as the planes associated were not available to deliver the communications or aid humans in their life choices.  Most humans also lost contact with any remaining soul and nonphysical forces at this point in time, except for a few that were gifted and talented at communicating with nature or ancestors in dreamtime and bringing this through to consciousness.  Lilliya is very gifted at hearing and perceiving dreamtime and it is for this reason that she has been able to bring through the written materials for all to read at this time of momentum towards awakening of the human species.


As of late, the original cause of the shattering of the ancestral planes was revealed due to the ascent of the land under the Atlantic Ocean.  This land is rising more rapidly in vibration due to the cleansing of very large radioactive plates of energetic movement remaining from the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis that was finally disbanded last July.  These plates also ran under England and a part of France which are the only remaining above water regions that once also held Atlantean civilization.  These are the same radioactive plates that cause crop circles.  Surprisingly enough there have been few crop circles appearing that are new since this time; and there may not be the energetic dynamics much longer to create crop circles into the future. 


Crop circles are the result of photonic magnetic energy movement catching upon the radiation that sits underground that magnetizes the crops to the ground.  As all photonic energy moves freely from end to end through Earth, it will no longer become trapped and crop circles will cease to form.  The movement of energy will also foster the ascent of all land, and so is a necessary shift to allow for continued global ascension.  Lilliya combs the web periodically in search of new crop circles for her Language of ONE section, and there have bee no significant crop circles useful to share in this section since August of 2006.    This is a good sign that Terra (Earth) is completing now with the karma from the era of Atlantis that this is so.  (See “Language of ONE” for more information.)




The ancestral planes have also now been restored.  In this shift, each human shall receive a council of 12 ancestors to oversee one’s karma and one’s life.  Ancestors are taking the responsibility of managing human ascension, which should have been our responsibility all along.  Those working with the materials that Lilliya has brought through have learned to call one’s ancestors to you; and press ancestors into others around oneself to bypass the lack of planes to orchestrate ancestral connections for all humans.  It is not the most recent of ancestors that were cut off from humanity in the devastation of our communication planes.  Upon the North American continent, Native American ancestors from the past 10,000 years and since the fall of Atlantis have remained; so this is also for most other continents.  However these are not the ancient ancestors with the larger heads that can guide the path of ascension.  Therefore the ancestors that remained have not had the information required to assist in human evolution.  Europe had no ancestral planes at all until as of late they began to be retrieved.  All ancestral planes were pulled up as the North American race abandoned Europe and sailed to the “New World” or North American continent during the era of the Anu.  This occurred 20,000 years prior to the fall of Atlantis.


There have been no ancient ancestral planes remaining except for two continents, Australia and parts of China and Tibet.  In Australia and the Pacific Rim, there was some remaining connection to the more ancient larger headed humans as the ancestral planes in the grids of Earth associated had not been shattered; this was so for half of China and Tibet.  Those living upon these continents have retained some connection to the ancient ones.  It was in traveling downunder that Lilliya came into contact with her larger headed ancestors; and this provided the information and momentum for her to carry on upon her path and recover from cancer.  Lilliya had ascended into disease and then ascended out of her condition over the following two years.


Even though the ancestral planes remained in these limited regions of Earth, the ancient ones with the larger heads had given up and retracted, believing that nothing could be done to reverse the momentum towards extinction.  They had become convinced that a shift towards ascension was not possible and had retracted from their planes following WWII.  Over time and in the past five years of ascension amongst the human map carvers, and due to the intervention of the Tao, the ancient one’s realized that this was not true; that real ascension is possible and that they had to return to support human evolution now that it has proven that with the aid of the Tao, that it can be orchestrated.


Therefore the ancient one’s request your forgiveness for abandoning ship; and are returning now to assist in holding spiritual law in the unconscious of the human species, and managing the ancestral karma of each lineage so that all karma can be cleared, launching a time of new dream, hope, peace and ascension “home” ahead.  There are many ways that the ancient ones will work with each ascending human and all humans incarnate today.  This we will speak to a little later in this letter.  Now we will speak to the history of Atlantis and the spiritual lessons from this time period that must come to be understood and forgiven so that the new dream ahead takes a different path into greater awareness and a journey is born of collective evolution “home’.




Some of the records about Atlantean civilization have come up to be understood due to the ascent of the land under the Atlantic Ocean.  The records reveal more details about life in Atlantis prior to the nuclear annihilation.  The Native American Ancestors wish to share these records so that those who are ascending can choose to release any associated karma in one’s personal tapestry of ancestry.  Some of the karma playing out in the current world mirror is a result of the history of Atlantis.  Without the records for understanding available, it is difficult to know what to forgive enough to alter the future.  Personal records reveal many ancestral experiences amongst those who are ascending.  Sometimes the records are enough to allow for forgiveness; sometimes it requires the larger picture of what occurred at the time your ancestors were alive to completely forgive.  It is for this purpose we share now what has been uncovered as of late due to the ascent of the land under the Atlantic Ocean.


Atlantean humans were the descendents of the Family of Anu, a white Pleiadian group that had relocated unto Earth to mine gold.  The Anu incubated a slave nation that was also white using half Native American Indian DNA and half Anu DNA.  It is because the Native American Indian DNA was used in their incubation process that our karma is heavily tied to the experiences of the Anu and Slaves.  Our intention is not to write about the Anu or their slaves, but refer each to another article that the Earth Mother wrote about human history that is the first chapter in the “Complete Ascension Workbook”.  This chapter begins to outline the archetypal nature and experiences of the human civilization that have come and gone, but left karmic records that cause the same experiences to recur again and again until understood and forgiven.  Chapter 3 of this workbook is even more elaborate in discussing human history as revealed from the records in the land and ascending humans alike.  We recommend that those who are serious about your ascension path choose to work with the information from the Complete Ascension Workbook as written by the Earth Mother, as it may be the only written information of use for this purpose at this time.  (See “Chapter 1” and “Complete Ascension Workbook” for more information.)


Atlantean populations were technologically developed, living upon a single continent about the size of North America today.  The northern land of Atlantis extended towards the North Pole and was frozen and uninhabitable for the most part, not unlike Northern Canada today.  The lower half of the continent experienced weather patterns not unlike Europe today, with snowy winters and mild to warm summers.  The land of Atlantis has moved vastly south since this time period due to the plate tectonics as your current scientists understand.  Earth chose to sink the continent of Atlantis following the nuclear annihilation in order to self heal the vast chemical poisoning from their techno-era as well as the radioactive poisons unleashed in the nuclear winter.  It took Earth 800 years (3200 years as humans measure time) to fully sink Atlantis and raise new land through volcanic activity and changes in the waterways in oceans associated. 


Atlantis was a time not unlike present time human civilization, except that the awareness had not dropped into such a mechanical state of being and level of thought-form.  Today thought-form is very mechanical repeating the same thing week after week after week, with little variation.  During the era of Atlantis, the level of awareness allowed for less mechanical behavior and less boredom as a result.  Technology rose to a point of not only computer and media type broadcasts as today, but also a form of transportation that used levitation rather than engines and gasoline.  The levitation unfortunately was radioactive information from the Pleiades, a dream that those of Anu descent naturally were drawn to and developed.  The radioactive technology and transportation became mass produced and used not only in Atlantis, but upon other continents where there was travel and communication, not unlike today.  The populations however never rose to the extreme numbers known today, with global populations retaining a level of about four billion on the surface of the Earth.  The need therefore in the era of Atlantis to take so many of Earth’s resources to sustain human existence was not as great as today.




The technological advancements of the times however were disturbing.  The medical industry learned so much about human biology related to the Anu and Slave Nations that they could control human behavior with drugs.  The drugs were derived from hormones extracted from the nervous system of animals that mimicked hormones afflicting behavior in humans.  In the last 1000 years prior to the nuclear annihilation, most Atlantean civilization was drugged; children were drugged at an early age to maintain the behavior in the classroom or at home.  Adults were drugged if they were unhappy, could not sleep, lacked energy, or misbehaved.  If one misbehaved too much, one was hauled off and euthanized if social services decided that one could not be “rehabilitated”.  Those who were aging and could not take care of themselves, except for the most wealthy of Atlantean civilization, were also generally taken by social services and euthanized.  Children born deformed or dysfunctional were also euthanized.  Adults that did not fit in to standard “normal” behavior also were hauled off and euthanized.  There were no insane asylums or prisons in this time period as Atlantean governance chose to take their lives away instead.  This was to create a “perfect” Arian civilization.


The problem with vastly euthanizing large populations of people that were deemed unfit for Atlantis society was that the karma for the given life went unsettled.  Most lives have karma and spiritual lessons to fulfill upon; if the lessons are not learned they then are pressed upon the next generation.  After 18 generations of the ongoing use of euthanasia to control the population, so much karma built up in all lineages related to those incarnate that it overran Atlantis with exaggerated patterns of disease, insanity and deformity.  In the last 1000 years, more children were euthanized for deformities or insanity than were allowed to live.  The continued perpetuation of this type of control through death reverberated over the entire society leading to a nuclear holocaust to balance the scales of karma associated with death.


Atlanteans were vegetarian outside of the consumption of fish, which there was agreements for and therefore did not incur karma.  There was enough remembrance that one cannot slaughter any kingdom without creating slaughter in the human dream that leads to warfare.  Although Atlanteans did not slaughter flesh for food source, they slaughtered one another in an attempt to create the perfect society, where everyone was beautiful and happy and wealthy.  To a certain extent this karma has repeated again in Europe and North America leading to the current modality of life that those reading these materials and living in this regions experience in present time.  Not unlike today, the wealth and affluence did not lead to happiness in Atlantis, and this is why the drugs flourished as a big business to aid society in appearing happy even when they were ultimately terribly dysfunctional. 


Lilliya read a recent article in “Mother Jones News” that gave report to how dysfunctional society has become in the United States over the past 50 years.  A recent architectural competition awarded the “best blueprint” of a new house to include separate suites for the husband and wife, separate office areas on either side of the house, and separate children’s rooms and play areas so that nobody had to be with any other over the course of the day.  The article pointed out that this was the perfect home for the dysfunctional family.  They also pointed out that many children and teenagers today are as stressed as only a handful who were examined by psychiatrists in the 1950s.  What is the cause of the dysfunction?  It was pointed out that money did not lead to happiness, and how this was a vast illusion that most thought was so.  This illusion is a part of a dream left over from the era of Atlantis that humans living in North America and Europe have caught again in this time period, and with equivalent results.


Today there is movement in the west towards the goal of drugging the population through antidepressants and the use of certain substances like Ritalin to control children in the classroom.  For those that are not taking legal medications, there are also many illegal drugs that are even more costly that many take to try to find happiness within; some damage the brain as well leading to even greater dysfunction.  The use of drugs to find happiness is also a left over dream from Atlantean times.  As the karma for this is released, the dream will change allowing humans to learn to find happiness through natural means or through introspection and healing the wounds of the past.


Fortunately science today does not understand as much about the biochemistry of humanity to control it to the degree that the scientists of Atlantis understood, and the end result is that the prescribed drugs are marginally successful at what the treatment is supposed to cure.  This causes many to choose not to continue to take drugs for depression, or give medications to their children.  The lack of success also causes humans in present time to search for herbal or nutritional support that may be better at allowing biochemical changes to occur naturally through the choice to ascend, leading to healing of the emotional or physical ailment.




Radiation causes depression, it causes the field to slow down and sink in vibration.  Sinking vibrations cause the nervous system to secrete certain substances that lead to less and less overall stimulation of all nerves, glands and systems in the body, and over time the consciousness records this experience as emotional depression as well as chronic fatigue.  Out of depression, more and more entertainment is sought to try and create some kind of stimulation to pull one out of the boredom and depressed state that one has fallen into.  The stimulation of a good movie, meal, theater, or musical recital only lasts a short time, and then the depression sinks in again.  Some are so depressed today that they can barely function in the world.  Leading health experts in Canada claim that 1 out of 5 is considered clinically depressed and unable to function normally.  Many of these are on welfare as a result.  Other countries may be experiencing siLilliyar patterns at this time.  This is only a karmic repeat of what occurred in Atlantis.


The dance of life in Atlantis was siLilliyar towards the end with more in their society clinically depressed than those who could work.  The large numbers on welfare taxed the system into bankruptcy leading to those who could not be sustained over time, and as a result a growing homeless population.  Over time homelessness grew to be larger than those living in homes and capable of sustaining their mortgage through work.  However long before most humans in Atlantis sank into such a deep depression, there was a long period of wealth, entertainment, movies, media hype, factories that developed heaps of merchandise and employed thousands and thousands for this goal, and a techno-gadget consumer based civilization arose.  Humans in this time period were either of Anu descent, in which case they rose to the top of civilization becoming the leadership and wealthiest of all.  Those employed in the factories and holding jobs in all walks of life were generally slave nation descent, as this was the nature of the slave nation civilization at the time that the Anu were alive. 


What was the cause of depression?  This may be interesting, but the underlying cause was not only the radiation of the environment and techno-happy lifestyle, but also a lack of overall nutrients in the food.  If food source fails to provide enough nutrients to maintain the human nervous system, a fall in consciousness occurs and depression is the outcome.  The cause of the lack of nutrients in the food source was the heavily controlled farms that were moved underground.




Over time most of the continent of Atlantis that held weather patterns more conducive to human life became over populated.  There was little remaining land for the farmers as real estate values had become so high, and they could not afford the taxes.  Farmers were also paid large amounts of money to builders to construct beautiful country living environments along with golf courses.  So the farmers moved the farms underground, constructing vast greenhouses with their own lighting, water from underground springs, and method of fertilizing.  Food source began to become genetically modified to a point that not one plant, vegetable or fruit, nut or grain grown remained unadulterated by the scientific communities of the time.  The food grew fast, was tasty, but also lacked in certain nutrients that were not considered in the modifications to the DNA or in the fertilizer. 


Over time and the 4000 years that Atlantis flourished, those eating the same foods grown underground and through scientifically controlled environments became nutritionally starved.  As this occurred scientists did not restore the food source with the necessary nutrition, but instead created supplements to fill the gap.  This too was not completely understood, and no supplement can really fill the niche of what a whole and complete food source offers the biology; and the end result was a falling consciousness due to nutritional deprivation.  The fall led to depression and disease over time.  The supplements led to paranoia as they provided too much of a single substance pressing the biology even further out of balance of most humans alive at the time.


Today, farmers have fallen into the same trap in the west as the dream of Atlantis.  The land that grows the food today, unless it is organic, loses the minerals and other nutrients necessary to sustain human life.  The result is food source with less and less nutrition over time.  Instead of re- mineralizing the soil by adding ground up rock or bone meal, the farmers rely upon specific fertilizers to force the food to grow.  The food grown then weakens as it has not the right biochemistry over time to ward off pests or disease; and herbicides and pesticides and fungicides must then be sprayed in order to have a good harvest year after year.  The lack of nutrients and addition of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides then enters the general population through the food source, and throws off the biochemistry of human life leading to depression, disease, lack of energy or chronic fatigue and ultimately aging more rapidly.  The farming practices are leading to another fall in consciousness in the west at this time as a result.  This is only a repeat of a dream for farming from Atlantis that also caused a fall in consciousness in their time period.


There is some remembrance of this however, and there are those who are awakening and choosing to cultivate organic food sources, and restore and recreate healthy soil with plenty of minerals for a harvest that is also bountiful in nutrients.  As humans awaken more greatly ahead, they may even ban the current modality of farming altogether and choose that which best supports and sustains the biology and biochemistry.  Supplements are not the answer, and humanity has fallen into using these again this cycle.  Supplements of large doses can actually be quite toxic, and the EU in Europe has banned large dose supplements for the most part in the remembrance of what occurred in Atlantis.  High dose supplements actually threw the biochemistry of those in Atlantis even further out of balance than the lack of nutrients in the food source leading to paranoia. The EU has also banned genetically modified crops also from the remembrance of what this caused in Atlantis.


Today ascending humans will find the necessary micronutrients to aid in sustaining the biology in the herbal kingdom.  Herbs absorbed the genetic information that humans lost over time and create the nutrients in their own biochemistry that are related to what humanity lost as a result.  It is for this reason that the Ancestors suggest herbal medicine over allopathic medicine in the healing of ailments; and also the use of herbs to aid the ascending form in having all micronutrients necessary to alter the biology to the crystalline blueprint.  (See “Language of Light and Herbs” and “Tri-Tones and Herbs” for more information.)




What did the over use of nutritional supplements cause in Atlantis?  Not only did it cause depression, but over time it also caused senility.  Senility can occur if the biochemistry of the neurons in the brain alters enough that they can no longer transmit thoughts.  This condition is known in extreme cases as” Alzheimer’s Disease” today, where patients no longer remember their loved ones.  Towards the end of Atlantean civilization, most of the population went senile over a shorter and shorter lifespan and many developed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  In early Atlantean society, humans lived 150 to 175 years on average.  By the end, most were going “senile” before the age of 100 due to the lack of nutrition over 18 generations leading to a fall in the biochemistry of the nervous system.  If the brain and nervous system does not receive all the compounds necessary to sustain life, it will deteriorate to a point that the consciousness no longer retains enough memory to participate in the dance of life.


In Atlantis, those going senile or developing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease were generally euthanized and so the families did not suffer the consequences as they do today.  There is enough recollection of the amount of karma that was incurred due to taking away lives before they were ready to complete and die of natural causes.  As a result, most countries today refuse to legalize euthanasia.  The ancestors perceive that although circumstances of great pain created in disease are difficult, or that the family may struggle with a loved one that is born deformed, insane or autistic, or becomes an invalid or has Alzheimer’s disease, it is better to learn the spiritual lesson from the experience than simply kill the body failing to learn the lesson; as then it only leads to future ancestors who must suffer and suffer and suffer as a consequence.  The numbers dying of nuclear poisoning at the end of Atlantean civilization suffered and suffered and suffered and there was not enough medical help to euthanize them fast enough.  This was the karmic return for failing to allow anyone to suffer by ending their life for the 4000 years that Atlantis flourished.


Paranoia however was the largest symptom of a food source that failed to meet the nutritional needs of the Atlantean populations.  As the nervous system declines, it causes the experience of paranoia, where one believes that one is being hunted and haunted, either in the physical or in the nonphysical.  Junk, frozen and canned or prepared foods became popular in Atlantis much as today.  Food that is not prepared fresh hosts even less nutrients; this combined with food source that had little nutritional value remaining led to empty foods that offered little other than carbohydrates, fats and sugars.  Without minerals and micronutrients along with amino acids, the body loses the building blocks of life and the capacity to nourish the cellular structure.  Over time the lack of nutrients in junk or empty foods and the use of supplements to attempt to fill in the gap leads to a deterioration of the brain, which leads to paranoia and fear. 


One can see this dance recurring in this time period.  In particular the ancestors perceive this so in Africa, where civil wars continue to rage, and large populations in places like Johannesburg live in fear of being robbed or killed.  Why is this occurring?  Once again you can attribute it to nutritional deficiency.  When a country like Africa fails to feed its populations adequately and without enough micronutrients, they will begin to go insane as the brain deteriorates enough.  Humans are failing at this time to  understand what a proper diet requires to sustain the current level of consciousness, let alone ascend into a new higher level of consciousness.




Interestingly enough, “Big Brother” became a reality in Atlantean time periods due to the paranoia that the leadership fell into due to the collective fall in consciousness underway.  The paranoia caused the Atlantean government to launch large spy programs upon all citizens via the technology.  No one was immune in the end from being spied upon; and sometimes folk were wrongly accused of crime when it was not their sincere cause.  The recollection of the continuous fear of doing something wrong that could incriminate one has been remembered by in large by those in the West, who refuse to create laws to allow the government to vastly spy upon its citizens in the EU.  The US has fallen into some of this karma since 9-11, and has legalized means of spying upon those who are “terrorist threats”; however as the karma releases this too will change and come to balance, probably with the next democratic leadership.


An ongoing state of paranoia drove civilization in the last 800 years of Atlantean society.  Atlanteans became paranoid of being spied upon and then accused of being less than “normal”, for if one appeared less than normal, social services could show up at your door and haul you off, without any legal right to counsel.  If one proved to be abnormal in the examination of the psychiatrists and counselors, one could have their life taken away.  Perhaps it is for this reason that there are laws to protect humans in the west today to make sure that each has legal counsel in this time period, as the memories of how frightening this type of society was remains embedded in the land and human DNA.




Atlantean governance also became fearful of other humans in other nations, Lemuria in particular.  Lemuria is the land in Australia today, but was located in the grids of China in this time period.  Lemurian peoples retained more spiritual awareness than those in Atlantis.  They chose not to farm in the manner that Atlantis chose, and as a result did not decline in consciousness.  The Lemurians retained their power, and refused to make technological gadgets available to the degree that Atlanteans would have liked to market, and harvest the wealth from.  Those in Atlantis that did visit Lemuria due to travel often fell in love with the lush tropical land, particularly along the coast, as Lemuria existed in a sub-tropical region along Terra’s equator.


Those from Atlantis set up many travel programs over time, and purchased land from some of the Lemurians to set up resorts.  Over time some coastal regions in Lemuria were so overrun with Atlantean resorts to such a degree that it is reminiscent of Hawaii today.  The Lemurians much like the Polynesians of today were very accepting and loving, and tried to embrace the Atlanteans and their visitors.  This made the Lemurians ill with many diseases previously unknown in their populations.  Conveniences of techno gadgets were made available to those living near the resorts, but not to the locals living in the countryside.  Lemuria was a vast continent 70% larger than Australia today, and therefore it was really only a small part of the continent that fell under Atlantean thought-form. 


Those from Atlantis raped the land and the people energetically.  This caused droughts in regions that were previously very lush with loads of rain.  The droughts caused Lemurians to have to relocate to other regions that remained pristine over time.  Lemurians became increasingly distraught with the Atlantean governance.  However it was not until Atlantis chose to invade Lemuria over a dispute in resources that Lemurians rose up en mass against Atlantis.  The dispute was over a particular mineral required for further technological development that would have led to space travel.  The Lemurian elders perceived and felt that this would not be a wise development for human evolution ahead.  Lemurian Elders and Atlantean governance went head to head over this issue for 70 years.  Lemuria contained the largest deposits of this type of mineral and nowhere else appeared to have mineral deposits of this nature.

Atlantis chose to invade and claim this part of Lemuria as their own for the purposes of mining.  This was one of the most beautiful and pristine regions remaining upon the Lemurian continent.  The population of Lemuria chose peace at first and allowed Atlantis to claim their land.  However the Atlantean governance was in such paranoia due to their own degeneration and falling consciousness that they chose to drug the Lemurians through their waterways and air.  The drugs unleashed did not do what the Atlantean medical research teams thought it would do; it did not cause humans to remain subordinate as these drugs fulfilled upon in Atlantis; instead it caused vast insanity amongst the Lemurians.  The Atlantean scientists understood the biology of those who were white and related to the Anu and Anu slave nations; they did not understand Lemurian red nation biology and the same drugs that caused sedation in Atlantis caused insanity as it altered the biochemistry of the brain enough to do so.




Out of the insanity, terrorism rose up to an extreme in Lemuria, not unlike Iraq today.  A group of young terrorists chose to create inexpensive nuclear bombs and acquired aircraft to detonate them over Atlantis at the time that their Congress was meeting.  The end result was the all Atlantean governance died overnight; and the radioactive poisoning caused a massive fall in consciousness of all of Earth, including the remaining Lemurians.  All food source dried up in Atlantis as it was so weakened from the manner in which it was grown to recover.  Billions starved in this time period; and many were too weakened by the radiation to do much but sleep all day.  Millions near the bombs died instantly in the explosion; about a billion surrounding the capital suffered from radiation poisoning and lived only a few short years thereafter. 


Those further out from the capital of Atlantis suffered from radiation burns and poisoning for a decade or more thereafter; and the DNA so mutated that humans fell from 1024 strands of DNA to 2 strands.  Lemuria was far away and this did not affect the Polynesian race to the degree that it did the Atlanteans, which is why this race retained a vibration equivalent to 2200 strands up until recent history.  The Aboriginals in Australia are really Lemurian descendents and of the Polynesian root race today.


In the rapid fall, there was only chaos in Atlantis, particularly in any city or suburb.  Humans moved out of their homes as the energy source failed due to radioactive clouds that would cause the heating systems and air conditioning to cease to flow.  Atlanteans resorted for a time to living in tent cities in the countryside in an attempt to survive.  In the tent cities, there was no longer the law to euthanize those who were lawless, and rape, thievery, abuse, torture and killing ran rampant.  It was not unusual for someone to kill another over a bottle of water or a cigarette.  Factories broke down and the supplies ran out within a few years.  Humans became barbaric with one another, which was the polar opposite of the extreme order of Atlantean civilization. 


The experience of extreme chaos was the karmic return of having an overly controlled society; sooner or later the poles will shift and one will experience the karmic return of the opposite; and to the degree society had been controlled now it went into chaos.  The chaos lasted only 18 years after which so many had perished due to radiation poisoning that the few remaining retracted into the far north, began to farm their own food and survived.


Lemurian governance forced the military possessing their land to return home following the nuclear catastrophe.  Most desired to return home to make sure family members survived.  They did not return but became a part of the chaos that Atlantis went into due to rapidly fraying DNA.  This is the sincere spiritual lesson from this experience; that nuclear warfare causes falls in consciousness; lack of nutrition also causes falls in consciousness; falls in consciousness lead to paranoia, war, brutality, chaos, hatred and in the worst cases, nuclear annihilation where all life forms are harmed.




The Native American Ancestors and the Ancient One’s now provide intentions to release the collective karma associated with Atlantis at this time.  There have been many intentions offered up through the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms along with the Tao in other written materials Lilliya has brought through.  Those reading this information and those within Lilliya’s school have made these intents and collectively you have altered the future dream.  This is why we offer these intentions up for each reading these materials.  Although many may feel isolated and alone in your choice to ascend, as enough intend the same thoughts, new bandwidths associated with the Language of Light are constructed.  The bandwidths of the Language of Light are now beginning to be more powerful than other bandwidths that create dissonance and discord in human dreams which are diminishing at this time.  As the Language of Light has the power to command the human dream in full, humanity will quite naturally move towards a time of greater peace ahead.  To fulfill upon this, more need to ascend and more ascending children need to be born; and this is planned for and coming beloved.



It is perceived by the ancestors that the world mirror of chaos in Iraq is really a left over dream of great chaos that played out at the end of Atlantean civilization and following the nuclear winter.  As the karma for the chaos is released, then the dream can be recast leading to a time of peace in the Middle East.  Lilliya, Oa, the Earth Mother and all ancestors have been focused upon this goal since the invasion of Iraq; one can see in this that it is a more complex issue than previously understood.  Now however that the karma associated has been brought to consciousness and the records retrieved from the land, they can be released leading to another day.  Just like the ancestral planes that continued to fracture no matter how many times we recast them due to the karmic cause, it is only as the original cause is released that any pattern can really change.  So this is for all dissonance everywhere.


Most dissonance playing out today, even in South America or Africa or anywhere else is really a left over dream of chaos from the era of Atlantis.  As all records related to each dream of discord come to be known and released through forgiveness, all dreams of discord can be recast.  This is coming and may take another decade to become physical.  Generally when karma is released in the NOW, it takes four to six years to step into physicality.  So what is forgiven today may become so in four to six years; although with the increasing pace of time this too will influence the speed that new dreams step down into the physical, and may shorten the time necessary to anchor a new dream as a result.  Each making the above intentions will contribute to the goal of creating a new dream of peace ahead for humanity, and are thanked by your ancestors as a result.




Each human is to receive an Ancestral Council of Twelve to guide the dream towards completion of karma or ascension ahead.  The Council of Twelve is made up of ancestors that held ascension information or key karma in their given lifetimes.  As karma is settled, or the information from the lifetime retrieved, the members of each council shall shift and change.  Of the twelve, two are larger headed humans or Ancient One’s that are choosing to aid in overseeing the overall dance of ascension ahead.  Each may call upon their Ancestral Council of Twelve for guidance and support in the continued path of ascension ahead.


New karmic boards that involve the spiritual law of the Tao are connected to the ancestral councils allowing karmic law to hold as it should between parties or any group of humans.  At this time the ancestors are busy clearing lineage manipulations that have caused false ascension to dominate in a manner that was causing many global problems for the Earth Mother.  False ascension patterns are not only upon the surface of the Earth, but amongst the inner earth peoples who have failed to completely cleanse certain troublesome lineages that rise into electrical thought-form.  These lineages in the inner earth and outer earth alike will complete through death now, and carry on as consciousness in other creations in which they originated.  This is what will cause the times of cleansing ahead, as more and more humans dissonant to the ascent of Earth retract from physicality to carry on as ancestors, returning home to their creation of origin.  Nothing is lost in death, and becoming an ancestor is so much more enlightening than life upon the physical plane that there is a real “homecoming’ associated.  Therefore feel not bad about anyone who departs; as there is only a greater understanding of the entire dance ahead, and this is beautiful to experience.


As the law holds, and this is anticipated to be fulfilled upon in about eight months time, human ascension can then be launched.  Launching human ascension has been restrained due to the consistent lawlessness that plagues the unconscious of the human species in dreamtime.  Forces have used humans in dreamtime to force Terra into extinction.  Humans are unknowingly used for this purpose and should not feel guilty. The force to press a creation to extinction is a multidimensional cause involving the false tao.  The false tao is a part of the tao left behind in many contraction cycles that believes it is the creator of all; but only knows enough to either extend life or cause extinction.  The false tao is being reabsorbed by the Tao; and as such this is causing the forces from upper dimensions that have been controlling Earth to dissipate.  As they dissipate more fully in the coming eight months, the end of the era of the dark will have officially come to be.


The Native American Ancestors conclude this letter with a short meditation to introduce you to your ancestral council of twelve.  We hope you have enjoyed our information.  It is our greatest wish that each carry on in your personal ascent and inner transformation of thought-form associated.  We hope that the karma from the era of Atlantis is completed upon and forgiven in the year ahead leading to the birth of a new day.


If you feel deeply resonant with our information, we invite you to give consideration to studying with Lilliya.  Those in their program are mastering levels of harmony that are deeply beautiful to experience; many have mastered Bodhisattva in recent years; and some shall carry on to master Mahavihsnu level evolution.  Therefore if you feel that this is your calling from within, please join us.  (See “Group Mastery” for more information.)


Many blessings upon your continued path

The Native American Ancestors






You may wish to light some incense and or a candle, dim the lights and play some beautiful acoustic music in the background. 


  1. Sit back in a comfortable chair, feet flat upon the ground and uncrossed.  Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Now imagine a large tree growing in the center of your room with you in the middle of the trunk.  This is the Pine Tree Kingdom that has agreed to support the ancestors in connecting with all humans incarnate today.  Allow yourself to connect to the aurora sprouting roots that grow deep into Earth’s core.  Allow the branches above you to rise high unto your over soul. 


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Allow yourself to come fully into present time with all chakras aligned above and beneath you.  Now allow the tree surrounding you to dissipate that which is not your own, allowing it to rise through the branches and through the roots going back to whomever it belongs unto.  Allow that which is your own to flow back to you through the tree kingdom from wherever you have left it.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Now come to the center of yourself.  You are a unique truth, a budding lotus in human form.  If you can, sink deep into your heart opening to your human hologram and your own personal library of knowledge within.  If the hologram in the heart appears a closed door at this time, follow the roots of the tree to the aurora and into a temple that is purely for your own information to be gathered, understood, recast and reunited into greater wholeness.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  There is a lovely space within your temple that is only for you to visit.  For some this may appear as a beautifully furnished room with fireplace, or a cave of magnificent crystals, or a beachside gazebo, or any one of a million possibilities that is a reflection of a place that gives you comfort and allows for your healing within.  This is your golden space or golden room for healing beloved.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Sit in your golden space and allow yourself to be surrounded by your council of twelve ancestors now.  Allow the ancestors to sit and begin to present themselves one by one.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The first ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor will hold significant karma that you are working upon since your birth in order to fulfill upon your agreements to ascend this lifetime.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself, and share a little about their lifetime experiences and karma associated that you are clearing in this lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to complete with the karma that they are sharing in your ascent ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The second ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor will hold key records you require to fulfill upon your ascension in this lifetime.  Allow this ancestors to present him or herself and share with you a little about the records that they hold.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to retrieve the records from this lifetime in support of your ascent ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The third ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor will hold key karma that you are working upon in your current phase of ascension.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself.  Allow this ancestor to share about the karma and experiences that they had when they were alive.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to release the karma that they are sharing in your ascent ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The fourth ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor attempted to ascend in their particular lifetime.  The ascension was not fulfilled upon as greatly as they desired.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences of ascension in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to retrieve the knowledge from their ascension and release the patterning at cause of why their ascension failed in your continued path ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The fifth ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds karma at cause of why you chose the particular birth parents and family that you were raised within in this lifetime.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to release all karma associated in the continued ascent ahead to complete with your family in this lifetime.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The sixth ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds key karma at cause of why you work in a particular preoccupation that you have in this lifetime.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to release all karma associated in the continued ascent ahead to complete with your occupation in this lifetime.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The seventh ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds key karma at cause of why you had love affairs with particular others this lifetime.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to release all karma associated in the continued ascent ahead to complete with your significant relationships in this lifetime.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The eight ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds key karma at cause of why you married whomever you have married this lifetime, or whom you might marry into the future.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to complete your karma for karmic based marriages in this lifetime so that you can give birth to ascending partnerships and ascending marriage.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The ninth ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds key karma at cause of the children that you have either given birth unto or will give birth unto this lifetime.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to complete your karma for karmic based family relationships in this lifetime so that you can give birth to soul driven and ascension based family relationships ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The tenth ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor holds key karma for creative self expression that could be shared ahead to bring one joy or contribute unto others or a community.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to release all karma that blocks you from giving creative expression flight in the dance of life ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The eleventh ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor is larger headed and holds keys to the ascension to full consciousness within your inheritance ahead.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about their experiences and karma incurred in their lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend to retrieve all keys pertinent from this ancestor to your personal ascent ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  The twelfth and last ancestor steps forward now.  This ancestor is larger headed and a part of a larger council here upon Earth that oversees human evolution at this time.  Allow this ancestor to present him or herself now and share a little about what they perceive ahead for your evolutionary journey this lifetime.  Take a moment to acknowledge this ancestor.  Intend the best possible ascending dream for oneself ahead.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Now sit with your Ancestral Council of Twelve.  If you have concerns about your personal life circumstance, request their guidance now.  The ancestors with the advice to share will step forward.  Take a moment to listen to what they have to share.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  If you have concerns about your health and the ascent of your body, then request your ancestors guidance now.  The ancestors with the body level advice to share will step forward now.  They may also bring forward herbs that will aid you in your current ailment.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Now allow your ancestors to guide you to any one of many other temples to support you in your continued ascension.  You may fall asleep at this point and awaken refreshed after a short nap or a full night’s sleep.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly inhaling and exhaling.  Take a moment to honor and thank your ancestors.  Know that your Council of Twelve will shift from time to time as karma is complete or records are gathered and you are complete with their association.




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