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Mastering Intention

Audio CD

Please join Lilliya for two

timeless meditations:

  1. Uniting Power and Love. This 32 minute meditation allows the field to be grounded and synthesized enough to begin to heal the separation between power and love as thought-form.  Power and love was once a united force within our red nation ancestors.  Power and love united created unity based and peaceful civilizations in which all were honored.  It was as power and love separated that war, abuse, disease and all associated occurred in human history.  As power and love is united again within, one will also master a new dream in which abuse and disease fade into the past, and unity and honor can be born in the dance of life.

  2. Journey with Earth and Nature.  This 43 minute meditation takes you on a guided journey into the nature planes that Terra has constructed for ascending initiates to heal and ascend within.  The journey offers many blessings from nature in support of the retrieval of ancient ancestral knowledge to embrace a united power and love thought-form and energy flow.  As you embody power and love united, your intentions will be empowered with love and you will tend to draw a more unity based dream towards your life experience.

The Earth Mother and Nature Kingdoms have created special dreamtime planes to hold the healing, blessings and anchoring offered through these timeless meditations.  Many may find this useful in connecting to the healing temples for ascension in the aurora.  We hope that each finds these meditations helpful in mastering one's personal ascension in this lifetime!

Donation for each Mastering Intention audio CD is $25 including shipping and handling.  For a $35 donation one will receive the Healing with Nature CD along with another CD of one's choice.  See Order Form for details.


Special thanks to Brigitte Rondeau

for the beautiful art.

The Earth Mother perceives that this particular meditation shall be useful in learning to unite power and love into a new truth of unity in the dance of life.  As unity thought-form prevails, humanity will move towards the dance of unity within your civilization.  This can only occur as more ascending humans master unity as thought-form in their journey ahead.




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