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Deep Healing

Audio CD

Please join Lilliya for these two timeless meditations to help heal the etheric body and field for ascension:

1. Ascension Healing Temple Tour.  This 38 minute meditation takes on through a virtual tour of each of the eighteen healing temples for ascension, along with providing insights into the services offered and how to work with each for the purposes of continued ascension.  Anchoring the healing temples into one's home prior to retiring for sleep is a useful tool to receiving support in dreamtime, and may allow one to awaken feeling refreshed and ready to tackle one's day.

2. Reweaving the Etheric. This 35 minute meditation guides one through the reconstruction and reweaving of field beginning with the molecular structure, followed by the meridians, grid work, etheric cells, genetic and ascension grid work, chakra system, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self.  This meditation will assist in teaching initiates how the field is layered in the etheric, and how to work with each layer to assure that all parts of the field are addressed in ascension.

The Earth Mother and Nature Kingdoms have created special dreamtime planes to hold the healing, blessings and anchoring offered through these timeless meditations.  We hope that each finds this useful in mastering one's personal ascension in this lifetime!

Donation for each Deep Healing audio CD is $25 including shipping and handling.  For $35 donation one can receive the Deep Healing CD along with another CD of one's choice.  See the order form for the details.

International Ascension Conference

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This Meditation CD accompanies the article in Messages from the Earth Mother III "Tips for Retaining One's Level of Mastery"


The Earth Mother perceives that this particular set of meditations shall be useful in connecting to the healing temples for ascension and understanding the construction of the etheric energy field that surrounds the physical body.  Both disease and ascension step down first into the etheric, and then into physicality.  As one addresses the etheric, one can therefore reverse disease as well as ascend.





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