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Mastering Harmony

Meditation CD

Please join Lilliya for two

timeless meditations:

  1. Mastering Harmony. This 35 minute meditation with the Earth Mother through Lilliya offers new techniques to tune up the music that one's field plays from the molecular structure through the light body or dreamtime self.  New scores of music are offered from the Tao to create sweeter sounds within leading to greater harmony and a more joyful dream to catch upon the physical plane. A conscious recasting is offered to allow one's sour ancestral experiences to be forgiven so that the sweeter dreams intended are more likely to catch.

  2. Journey with the Ancestors.  This 37 minute meditation takes you on a guided journey into a past ancestral experience where the entire tribe played sweet music together so that one can internalize sweeter sounds into one's inner family.  The second part of the journey takes you into the Great Central Sun and then into the Tao libraries to begin to recall information lost long ago prior to the creation of this experience upon earth and to support one's continued ascension ahead.


The Earth Mother and Nature Kingdoms have created special dreamtime planes to hold the healing, blessings and anchoring offered through these timeless meditations.  Many may find this useful in connecting to earth, nature and one's Tao within.  We hope that each finds these meditations helpful in mastering one's personal ascension in this lifetime!

Donation for each Mastering Harmony audio CD is $25 including shipping and handling.  For a $35 donation one will receive the Mastering Harmony CD along with another CD of one's choice.  See Order Form for details.

This meditation CD supports the article

"Singing New Music of Truth Peace and Joy" from the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom



Special thanks to Anne Collins

for the beautiful art.

The Earth Mother perceives that this particular set of meditations shall be useful in learning to master a state of harmony within.  In mastering harmonious thoughts and energy flow leading to sweeter sounding music, one is also more likely to draw harmonious and sweet dreams into the dance of life.  Mastering one's dream is a part of becoming the dreamer and the dream as an ascending aspirant.




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