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The Dolphins and Whales through Lilliya

September 9, 2008


Blessings for Learning New Inner Music


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom that address you again today.  Today the map cavers of our species have much to share that is exciting to us and hopefully will be unto you too.  Today we are moving into new sounds of inner music that is fuller, more joyful and more beautiful to sing; and this then catches a gentler dream in our life experience.  What is harsh about our dream given that we live within the ocean?  Not unlike Lilliya and their experience of ascension, there are many nonphysical forces that like to mutilate our fields and prevent our ascension and Terra’s (earth’s) global ascension.  These forces are being pressed out of our field and out of Terra’s global field due to an increasingly full and louder pitch of music that we are singing within our fields.


Every field plays a sound as the molecular structure rotates or vibrates and as the chakras and subtle bodies along with light body spins.  The music that the field creates is another attribute that ascending map carvers are becoming more aware of and focused upon.  This is due to the guidance of the Tao which is a part of ourselves outside of this creation that is guiding us “home” from within.  Lilliya calls this part of self “Tao” to give a name unto its presence; however in our language “Tao” translates into “Infinite Wisdom”.  So it is the part of ourselves within of infinite wisdom that is guiding us in new directions that shall allow for the birth of a new era ahead and our “homecoming” into the Great Central Sun as a species; and ultimately also the return journey to where we were spawned as consciousness.


Dolphin and whale consciousness is related to human consciousness in the Tao. We call it human rather than dolphin or whale although in a sense it really makes no difference.  The point is that we as fully conscious species along with all kingdoms upon earth and the Earth Mother herself were spawned from the same consciousness within the Tao.  We are just beginning to understand what our consciousness is useful and supportive of unto creators in the Tao.  We are a useful consciousness as we extend into creations that are troubled and help to self heal whatever is at cause of the distortion.




Distortion can be equated to sour music.  Sour music creates sour dreams that go into distortion.  How exactly does this work?  In our own examination of the sour dreams that catch upon those whale or dolphin pods that are hunted or imprisoned in human zoos, the music of the overall dream for a particular part of the sea has gone into a particular sound related to warfare or imprisonment.  The music of warfare or imprisonment dreams then are caught upon dolphin or whale fields playing parallel music within.  So this is so for humans experiencing parallel circumstances; they too are living in a region that plays music related to warfare or imprisonment and also play this music within their own fields and then catch a dream that parallels.


What is warfare music like?  Warfare music is not unlike music in human form that is composed in support of war.  The music may be something like the 1812 Overture in Lilliya’s own listening.  The music beats to the war drum.; those opposing themselves upon the battlefield or in the hunt play louder and louder music towards one another, threatening each other for their very existence.  There are words that go along with the warfare music and this is how thought-form and music interact within any field. 


Here is some of the warfare music we have analyzed within our own pods that are hunted by humans.  Sometimes some pods or members of each pod escape and other times they are destroyed.  The dream caught all depends upon the music playing in the personal field and the thought-form behind it.



Hunting humans sing “I am more powerful than you”

Hunted whales sing “Yes you are more powerful than me”

Hunting humans sing “I am going to take of your life”

Hunted whales sing “Yes you are going to take of my life”

Hunting human sing “You are not worthy of life”

Hunted whales sing “Yes I am not worthy of life”

Hunting humans sing “You are only an animal without conscious awareness”

Hunted whales sing “No I am conscious and you put me in great pain”

Hunting humans sing “We do not care and we choose to destroy you”

Hunted whales sing “Go ahead and destroy me as I sacrifice myself for you”


Where did this type of duet begin between humans and whales?  This duet began with false ascensions of long ago.  Long ago our kingdom and yours fell into a vastly difficult pattern that we wrote extensively about in our last article.  The pattern is known as fission thought-form.  Fission thought-form destroys the fabric of the body.  Over time fission thought-form becomes externalized and then begins to play outwardly in the dreams of war between any two kingdoms or any two human nations.  The music is the same and it is all about being more powerful and choosing to destroy as a result, and the one destroyed chooses to self sacrifice just as our ancestors sacrificed their bodies as they combust.  (See “Giving Birth to Peace” for a thorough essay about fission karma.)


Because the music of warfare prevails in some regions of the sea, often dolphins or whales will pick up on and internalize the music and then find themselves destroyed in the wake of a group of humans out to hunt them.  Much of the music of the sea has altered due to the ascension of earth; and as this has occurred the hunting of whales has become less and less prevalent at human hands and over the past 25 years.  Over time and in not too long ahead all music of warfare will be erased out of the sea and the hunting of whales will cease.  We also are altering our music within to foster peace within our kingdom.  The new music we will play in relation to human hunting is not unlike what those who escape the hunt which goes something like this:



Hunting humans sing “I am more powerful than you”

Hunted whales sing “No you are not more powerful than me”

Hunting humans sing “I am going to take of your life”

Hunted whales sing “No you are not going to take of my life”

Hunting human sing “You are not worthy of life”

Hunted whales sing “Yes I am worthy of life”

Hunting humans sing “You are only an animal without conscious awareness”

Hunted whales sing “No I am conscious and you will not put me in great pain”

Hunting humans sing “We do not care and we choose to destroy you”

Hunted whales sing “No you cannot destroy me as I choose not to sacrifice myself for you”


Dreams are always a choice.  Those who choose not to die in the hunt choose a dream of survival and failing to be caught.  The dream carries them far away from the boats that humans strive to hunt them down from.  One year the collective music of many pods of this nature directed at the dream of hunting actually caused the weather to change leaving a whaling boat adrift in ice.  You see we are learning how to manage our dreams just as ascending humans are learning to manage your dreams through focus, intention, and now in altering the music that we sing.


Intentions create music.  As yet another group of humans went about hunting a part of our kingdom, we collectively intended that the hunting cease.  The collective intention caused the music to alter both within the sea and within the pods under attack and then a different dream played out; as it is always the music playing that calls in a particular dream to be experienced in the physical.  Now with this understanding gained, we can see our way to a completing with all human hunting of our species, and eventually in being held in captivity as well. 




At this time captive dolphins and whales are separate from our species as we cannot and do not wish to participate within their experience as it would sour our entire kingdom to do so, so painful is such an experience.  In the separation the dolphin or whale goes into deep forgetfulness and enters a human dream.  Future generations recall not the freedom of the wild and accept the dream that humans offer within a tank or pool of some sort. 


Some then learn tricks to perform as if we were dogs when we are a fully conscious species designed to ascend and evolve and aid the earth mother in this journey.  This is not to insult the dog kingdom however they are not fully conscious yet and must strive in the wild and in the form of fox, wolves or dingos to return to fully conscious biology through ascension.  Those of our kingdom in captivity learn to play human songs of imprisonment that go something like this:



The human sings “I am more powerful than you”

The dolphin sings “Yes you are more powerful than I”

The human sings “I choose to keep you captive”

The dolphin sings “Yes you keep me captive”

The human sings “You are here to entertain me”

The dolphin sings “Yes I am here to entertain you”

The human sings “You depend upon me for your sustenance”

The dolphin sings “Yes I will die without you”

The human sings “You will work for the pay of your food”

The dolphin sings “Yes I will work for my food”

The human sings “You will entertain me through your work”

The dolphin sings “Yes I will entertain you through my work”


Not so long ago a whale was released from captivity known as “Free Willy” who had performed for humans in captivity along with in a movie that Hollywood produced.  Poor Willy did not know the songs of the wild whales; he only knew the songs of the human species.  And so he made his way up to Norway and into the fiords where he attempted to entertain humans again; and some did show up along the shoreline for the show.  Willy was confused and felt rejected and abandoned, and was not prepared for the catching his own food in the wild or the cold weather of winter.  Willy died of a broken heart.  Willy is now an ancestor within our kingdom working towards freeing all of our species so that we can live naturally in the wild and focus upon ascension.  We will accomplish this in time by altering all inner music that any member of our kingdom plays.


Dolphins or whales that are free sing another tune that goes something like this:



The human sings “I am more powerful than you”

The dolphin sings “No you are not more powerful than me”

The human sings “I choose to keep you captive”

The dolphin sings “No I choose to be wild and free”

The human sings “You are here to entertain me”

The dolphin sings “No I am incarnate upon earth to evolve and ascend”

The human sings “You depend upon me for your sustenance”

The dolphin sings “No I will find my own sustenance in the wild”

The human sings “You will work for the pay of your food”

The dolphin sings “No the food is freely given by the Earth Mother”

The human sings “You will entertain me through your work”

The dolphin sings “No I will not entertain you or work for you as I am wild and free”





You can see in this why humans are imprisoned in your current dream in the music that you too play within your field.  Lilliya and those studying with them in their organization have been examining the music that humans play that cause a particular dream to occur.  Warfare hunting and imprisonment dreams are only three songs out of thousands that our species and yours play in relation to the dreams we catch and lives we experience. 


For our kingdom, songs playing within the pod either create peaceful or disturbed relationships; songs played by the pod at large create either peaceful or disturbed relationships between pods.  Now we are undergoing a thorough examination of all music we play and choosing to consciously edit both the melody lines and words to create the dreams that we desire of peaceful and unity based relationships within and between pods.


How do you edit inner music?  Inner music alters through intention.  One can intend a new music line as a fully conscious species and so it will begin to play within the field.  All music scores are programmed through one’s bones as the living mineral of the body.  In the intention to alter the music, one reprograms one’s bones with a new scores and melody lines.  The music plays nonstop once programmed, unless one hits a karmic circumstance and the music goes sour.  If the music goes sour, one can intend again to cause the music to sweeten through intention and in the forgiveness of the karma, and this has the effect of causing the melody line to tune up and the rhythm to occur with the heart beat of earth.


There is sweet and sour music that each plays within.  Sour music sounds sour if you listen to the melody line; it is as if the tones are impure and are either too short and shrill or too long and slow.  Music that is sweet is tuned up and in the same key and pitch along with rhythm, and also hosts sweet sounding melody lines.  In sweetening our music by tuning up our sound each day, we are finding our way to experience sweeter dreams with sweeter relationships amongst our pods.  We fear not hunting any longer as this music we have erased and replaced with music that attunes us to our power to choose our own dream as a fully conscious species.  Humans will never hoist a dream of the hunt upon us map carvers as we refuse to play the duet associated, and therefore will cancel the dream associated. 


For those of you consciously ascending and in human form, you too can learn to alter your music within.  In altering the inner music, you will learn to catch a sweeter dream ahead.  First though you must examine the music you are playing and the thought-form behind it and choose to release the programming at cause of why a particular song plays within your field.  Then as the programming releases, new scores can be embraced that resonate with the Language of Light and will create new music that is related. 





What does the music of the Language of Light equate unto?  The thought-form behind this language allows for the experience of ascension and empowerment towards full consciousness.  There is no destructive thought-form in the sound of the Language of Light and so death music or war music or imprisonment music is simply not possible to create as a result.


Where does war death and imprisonment music come from?  Mostly such sounds come from foreign transcriptions of music held in Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion or some other DNA.  Music from foreign creations will never sound sweet here upon earth as they were devised for a different sounding creation.  The sounds therefore are sour in comparison with music constructed from purely Sirian DNA resonant with earth and our Great Central Sun.  Ultimately to release therefore all sour music from the field that causes sour dreams, one will have to transmute all foreign DNA into Sirian DNA that creates harmonious music from within that is Language of Light based.  (See Language of Light for more information.)


The focus of purification of DNA is not new to the ascending map carvers of your species or ours.  However now there is a new technical attribute of foreign DNA that can be examined and understood in relation to the dreams your species and ours catch and the music at cause of the experience.  Now in addition to intending to alter the DNA, one can also intend to alter the score of the music that one plays to allow the dreams one is intending to more greatly catch in the dance of life.  Scores of music are related to life scripts.  (See "A New Astrology for a New Millennia" and "Mastering a Pure Heart" for more information on the new life scripts.)


The life scripts are altering due to the new ascension based astrological archetypes that are anchored through all of nature.  As the music changes, one can more readily live an ascending life script and dream; and ascending life scripts are about unity, collaboration, living in harmony with one’s own species and all other species, and contributing to the ascension of the whole in world service.  As the internal music alters, the new ascending life scripts can more greatly catch in the dance of life, and this leads to greater unity and joy amongst those who are consciously choosing to ascend at this time.  (See also "The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home" for more information on ascending life scripts.)





There are many types of music and we wish to explore some that plays in our species along with yours.  There is the song between beloveds whether they are male and female, two males or two females.  We too have gay relationships in our kingdom and they do balance the energy of the pod; and this is necessary to the overall music that each group creates.  Love songs often go like this in our kingdom:



“I love you”

“I love you too”

“I honor you”

“I honor you too”

“I share my sexual flow with you”

“Yes I share and give and receive in balance”

“I share my dreams with you”

“Yes I share and give and receive in balance”

“I share my truth with you”

“Yes I share my truth also with you”

“I sing my song in my truth”

“And I sing my song in my truth that complements your truth”

“I sing a duet of love with you”

“Yes I sing a duet of love”


This is new music that is replacing old inner love ballads in our kingdom.  The old love ballads were not loving at all but rather founded upon ownership and subordination.  Often only one music line would dominate and the pair would play the same music rather than complementary music that allowed for the expression of two truths.  Pairs were considered as one within the pod and perhaps this is why as they did not have music that distinguished themselves from one another.  Pods also have a common music line that distinguishes one Pod from another and we are learning to diversify our music more greatly so that there can be greater expressions of unique truths within each pod.

The old music of courtship went something like this:



“I love you”

“Yes I love you”

“Play my music”

“Yes I will play your music”

“We have one heartbeat”

“Yes we have one heartbeat”

“We have one truth”

“Yes we have one truth”

“We are in love”

“Yes we are in love”

“You will not be with another”

“No I will only be with you”

“You will not sing any other song”

“No I only sing your song”


Now although this may sound romantic, it is not recognized that having the same truth and the same song and the same beat is actually ownership in action.  How and why is this so?  Well each biology has a unique truth and music.  The one that chooses to leave behind their music for the beloved loses their unique truth; and this then bends their will or subordinates the expression of existence to the beloved.  In the dance of subordination, one is on top and the other on the bottom; and the one on top owns the one on the bottom.  The one on top holds a melody line that supports their truth and the one on bottom sacrifices their melody line losing their truth.  We see that this pattern also plays out amongst many human beloveds and it is why we share of our experience. 


In altering the inner music to be unique for each but complementary, there is the space for two truths and two expressions that harmonize in the dance of relationship.  The sexual energy can still be shared but it is of varying sounds that then create a more expanded music together.  The beloveds are powerful in their own truth and powerful together in a different manner due to harmonized music each playing their own score or duet.  So this is coming to be so for our pods as well; as we are learning to each play unique music that resounds together in greater harmony and multiple duets.  This creates fuller and more amplified music; and the fuller music allows for less space for the dark that has plagued this reality to enter the dream.  The dark requires holes and gaps in the sound to enter; and as there are fewer holes and gaps due to fuller and more expanded music that harmonizes, then there is simply no place for them to dance within our fields.  As a result we are less subject to energetic shattering in our continued ascensions.





We are altering our sounds in many ways under the guidance of the Tao.  One way is to turn up the volume or amplify the sound; the other is to add more music lines increasing the size of our inner orchestra that plays 24 hours per day.  Perhaps the music recycles every 6 hours rather than 4; and we have 6 hours of unique melody lines that play leaving us feeling fuller and more joyful in the dance of life.  We are also adding variant octaves and playing them simultaneously; instead of males only playing a low pitch of sound and females a high pitch, now both males and females within our kingdom are moving towards high medium and low pitch playing in each field.  This also is what causes the greater fullness of sound that then creates little space for the dark to be present in our dreams.


The female will always play a higher pitch of music than the male as this is how the two genders distinguish their truths from one another.  However within the male and female are now high, medium and low sounds and when played together create such a more greatly full sound that there is little comparison between our fields before and after.  The fuller sound also makes ascension easier, and allows schisms or gaps in the development of crystalline DNA that had previously failed to release to be perceived so that they can be addressed.  We are on our way to creating the complete ascension that we need to in order to support earth in her ascension ahead; and this is all coming about due to expanding internal music.

Dolphins and whales like to sing as we swim.  The singing is often love songs between parent and child or beloveds in our pods.  We are hoping to develop new vocal chords that allow for a fuller sound and perhaps the playing of two to three notes or a chord of sound simultaneously.  We have records of a more ancient biology that played two notes; and we are hoping to modify this into three as well.  Nothing is impossible through intention and in time your scientists may discover very different music emanating through our ascending species as a result.





Singing is also another means to tuning up the field so that the inner sour music can cease and all parts of the spin can play in time and in tune with all others.  Humans often like music and like to sing as well; and so we recommend this as the sounds made reverberates through the body and allows the cellular music and sound within the water element in particular within to tune up as well.  Water responds to music and records geometrical patterns within due to the molecular music playing.  This is why humans have found water to respond to your thoughts, blessings and truth.  Music in your cities goes very sour and leads to sour water element within the body which leads to disease.  Move into the countryside or by the pristine ocean and you will be able to tune up your water element within and this will lead to sustaining one’s health as an ascending human.


Water that is polluted also makes sour sounds.  We know where to go and where not to due to the sour music playing in the ocean.  There are many places the map carvers no longer venture unto as moving into sour sounding music due to polluted ocean will cause our internal music to sour and this will lead to disease rather than further ascension.  Ascending humans have the same problem as some land is very sweet in sound and some very sour.  Live upon the sour land long enough and you too will go sour and this will lead to disease.  However you can also learn to sweeten the music upon the land through intention and reprogram the minerals in particular to play a sweeter sound or even tune up regularly.  Minerals are conscious and are willing to alter their sound if requested. 




We are learning to re-pattern some regions of the sea that are troubling earth with new music to support her ascension.  We journey to such places and re-pattern them and then are free to leave.  So can humans also cause the land that you travel unto to sweeten through intention.  However before anyone can sweeten another or another piece of land, one has to learn how to sweeten and expand one’s own sound.  Tuning up the field is an art and one that Lilliya and their school are experimenting with as human map carvers; as are we as dolphin and whale map carvers.  Mostly we are learning to draw upon the sweet music playing in earth’s aurora or the sun’s aurora, and then comparing our sound to the music in the two scores.  If our sounds are sour, we re-attune them to the scale playing in the auroras.  We have found this most helpful to remaining sweet even when traversing through sour regions of the sea. 


Earth is also learning to attune herself to the aurora of our 18th dimensional sun that is also ascending at this time.  As earth continues to learn sweeter music and expand upon it, sooner or later there will be no room for sour music.  Sour music within creates disease as well as warfare.  The sour music plays upon the body level dream instead of the life dream calling in a dream of disease.  Sweeten the body level dream in all of its sounds and this will sweeten the music playing in all cells; and disease can be put behind our kingdom and yours.  As Terra moves into a state where only sweet music sounds, all dreams will shift and a brighter and more joyful day will be born ahead.


We are learning a new song beloved.  We call upon those in human form who resonate with our kingdom to also learn a new song within.  The new song will press up to the surface all that no longer resonates with the new melody lines to be cleared.  Thoughts of destruction are the most likely to surface as the new sweet music earth is moving into is non-destructive in nature.  Destructive thoughts are held in non-resonant and foreign DNA.  Transmute the DNA and the destructive thoughts and music will cease; as will the sour music that leads to disease; and a new day amongst those consciously ascending can be born.


Our little ones are coming in with new music as a result of our changes within the adult map carving populations.  So this will also be so for the ascending children in human form ahead.  The new music will then catch upon the bones of the adults and in particular the parents and this will lead to sweeter dreams for ascending families.  The sweeter dreams and sounds of the ascending families will spread to catch upon other humans nearby or those whom the children go to school with; and sooner or later there will be a new sweeter dream that most humans will begin to live.  This will lead to a time of greater peace unity and the restructuring of your civilization.  Perhaps this is not as hard as we thought to orchestrate for your kingdom or ours; and the Tao within is providing the keys necessary to fulfill upon this global goal of the Earth Mother. 





The Earth Mother has vast goals for the dreams of fully conscious species.  Fully conscious species are to help pave the way to a new thought-form and sound that shall prevail over all dreams.  The dream of the hunt also plays out in the natural world dreams due to how fully conscious species combust.  As we combust, fission thought-form became global leading to the experience of the hunt amongst all kingdoms.  The music of the hunt is also related to foreign DNA within many kingdoms that also must be purified.  All kingdoms are ascending and anchoring new genetics and purifying themselves just as the map carvers are doing within fully conscious species; and so in time all will be purified of what causes sour music within.


As the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms move into a new dream where the hunt ceases, we will amplify this new music for all other kingdoms to attune unto.  Soon the new music will catch and as the nature kingdoms purify themselves of discordant thought-form and DNA through ascension; and the hunting of any species shall cease.  This too is one of our goals as a kingdom to orchestrate upon earth; we know that Lilliya are also focused upon this goal with those in their organization.  This allows our two kingdoms to work together for this common goal; and to restore peace upon earth.


This year we have focused alongside Lilliya and during their events as well as between events upon the clearing that each of our kingdoms must fulfill upon in order to support earth in her transformation out of fission thought-form.  As fully conscious species pull together and work together towards common ascension goals, a new dream is drawn to the dance in which collaboration between all species shall one day unfold.  We are learning we cannot reject humans; although much as within our own kingdom, there are those who are more aware and those who are less.  The less aware ones shall perish and mostly due to disease and failed ascension in our estimation; and this shall purify our kingdom along with yours over time.


Do not fear the deaths and diseases ahead beloved.  Ascension can allow a pathway to a dream that is disease free; or if one ascends into disease then one can ascend out of it learning the vital lessons of why your inheritance experienced a particular circumstance that made the body ill.  This is not wrong; and even if death is the end, all ancestors continue to exist beyond death and much like Willy contribute due to their life experience to the ascent of your species ahead. 


We invite you to attune to our kingdom and learn the new music and the new sounds and thought-form of duets that play a love song between you and us.  As we restore love between our kingdoms, love will begin to flow between all kingdoms, as we are the fully conscious ones altering the scripts, changing the dream, and altering the music unto which we dance.  We have greater hope now than ever and bless you with hope also so that you too can pull out of the sour music you have been singing, and into sweeter times ahead.


We thank you for listening to what we have to share.  We wish you the best in your continued journey of ascension.  May you learn the new music and ascend into a greater depth of internal peace, love and self healing ahead.  If you feel called, we invite you to join us at the International Ascension Conference in Maui this October as our species is working closely with Lilliya in the purpose of this event.  We are focusing upon learning and amplifying ohana based music into global thought-form.


We leave you with these thoughts

Until our next communication


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdom


Mastering Harmony Meditation CD A new audio CD with two guided meditations from Lilliya and the Earth Mother offering new techniques to sweeten the music that one's field plays to catch sweeter dreams upon the physical plane.



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