The Herb Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

January 3, 2003


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


The Herb Kingdom has been kind enough to define how 48 herbs relatively well known to the human species are associated with the Language of Light tones of creation ascending initiates are embodying at this time in history.  Each of these 48 herbs provides biological keys to ascending particular parts of the form or particular systems, glands and organs.  Such herbs are not the only substances that may support ascension, however these kingdoms have agreed as soul and form to support ascension of all species upon earth.  (See “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information).  Each may wish to review this information muscle testing or using the pendulum to discern those herbs most useful to your current and future ascent. 


The herbal kingdom associated with human ascension did not originate upon earth.  Each of the 48 herbs associated with the Language of Light came with Sirian Grand Masters as they were seeded upon earth some 50,000 years ago (200,000 human years), as did many flowering plants and spices humanity is currently drawn to.  The form that we take today is not necessarily the same form that accompanied the Grand Masters upon their spacecraft.  We much like mankind have lost information and consciousness along with declined in genetic material.  In our own ascension, we are beginning to recover our original purpose and truth, which is to support the ascent of the whole by providing the essential keys to allow the biology to ascend.


Ascension has always been a biological and spiritual phenomenon.  Biology is a creation of soul; as soul learns all that there is to learn from the experience of form, it retracts the form back to the realm of spirit with the form ascending “home”.  Ascending form requires an increasing amount of chi to become prevalent internal to the field so that one can become “enlightened”.  Our kingdoms once assisted the most elite of spiritual masters upon Sirius in this goal.  However as those who read Lilliya’s material in depth might well understand that Sirian ascension was far from complete.  As a result, we are now learning what our ancestors upon Sirius and in herbal form did not understand at the time of their own global ascension.


Consciousness carries forward past death and is multi-dimensional and multi-creational in nature.  There is nothing within your creation that also does not exist upon another dimension of consciousness elsewhere in time and space and form.  The herbal kingdom is beginning to interconnect again with other members of our species upon other dimensions of consciousness, and in so doing; we are retrieving the knowledge we had lost over time.  It was a loss of knowledge and consciousness that lead our species to support an incomplete ascension, not only upon Sirius, but many other dimensions in parallel manner.  It is in the loss of information that the forces of the dark con kingdom after kingdom into allowing them to “ascend” another rather than each kingdom learning to ascend oneself from within.


Herbs hold keys to internal knowledge.  Through internal knowledge, the body may begin to transmute itself into another set of genetic information that was from a prior time in planetary history or a prior dimension of creational history.  This internal knowledge is holographic and genetic in nature; one must simply tap into it and one then is capable of transforming oneself from within and through intent.  Herbs therefore hold the gateway to the remembrance of internal knowledge and the ability to ascend.


Internal transformation is not easy; one must be willing to let go of prior foundations that one relied upon as a new way of being is ascended into.  This applies not only to the emotional relationship to oneself or others, but to the biology itself.  As each biological system becomes crystalline within the cellular structure of form, the old manner in which the original system functioned must be relinquished.  It is often in the lack of relinquishing of an entire system to the new crystalline function that a problem in ascension may manifest in the form of disease in our observation.


Each biological system is associated with a particular emotional expression in form.  Generally initiates do not wish to address that which they perceive as something to be feared within.  As initiates fail to address their deepest fears, the associated biology fails to become crystalline.  When a part of any given system fails to become crystalline, the entire system cannot undergo a complete conversion to a new crystalline system.  Let us give you a more detailed example of this so that each will better understand.


Let us say that one is in fear of anger.  Anger is generally associated with the liver, gallbladder and spleen.  As a portion of the fear of anger fails to be addressed in ascension, a portion of the liver, gallbladder and spleen fails to become crystalline.  This causes a portion of one’s ability to manufacture and cleanse the blood along with digestion of fats to fail to become a fully functional crystalline system.  This further causes the entire system of fat assiLilliyation and blood cleansing to also fail to move to a new crystalline foundation, as if any portion of the system fails to become crystalline, the entire system cannot be converted.


Over time, the portion of any system that fails to be entirely converted to crystalline becomes weakened, and potentially the weakest part of the form.  The above composite was from Oa’s ascent in the year 2000 to early 2001 when he found he had ascended himself into kidney, liver and spleen cancer.  Oa was guided to take many herbs during this period that assisted in his recovery.  Oa also learned to embrace his anger and allow the anger to drive change and momentum into forgiveness in his daily life expression.  If Oa had failed to transcend, he would have died of liver failure by the end of 2002.


Ascension requires the willingness to look within and acknowledge where one is emotionally weak or blocked.  Where one is emotionally stuck, one will also have a portion of the etheric form associated that is also “stuck” in energy flow.  It is always stuck or non-moving energy flow that will lead to disease.  Move the energy, move the emotions associated, and a recovery becomes possible.  Herbs will assist by moving the stuck points within the etheric grid work; then one must process their emotions and learn to relate perhaps in a new manner to one’s fellow humans; or in Oa’s case, to his partner Lilliya.


How does an herb move blocked energy?  Herbs provide frequencies or tones of creation that one may not have learned in one’s ascension to date.  As the vibrations necessary to move stuck energy within the etheric body becomes available, the stuck points begin to move allowing for recovery.  However one will have to be willing to embrace the emotions that surface as a result, as if one wishes to repress them any longer, one will simply cause the energy to stick again by one’s own unwillingness to change.  In such a circumstance, herbs can do not more and one’s recovery will fail.


Lilliya has rarely taken herbs for any length of time.  In her early ascent, she found herself face to face with an autoimmune disease associated with Lupus that afflicted her spleen.  She took a variety of herbs on and off for a year and ascended beyond this.  She also learned that herbs simply provided tones of creation or vibrations, and that through intent she could simply learn the vibration without ingesting the herb at all.  Lilliya had a wonderful Herbal Tarot Deck at that time and would simply layout a tarot spread each day to see what “herbs” she required for continued ascension.  Instead of going to the health food store and purchasing such herbs, she would attune to each kingdom and simply intend to duplicate or copy our frequencies adding them to her akashic records.  In so doing, the vibrations we held became available to her energy field, and she would move her own stuck points in her etheric body without ever ingesting the herbs associated.


Lilliya also became adept at allowing all emotions to flow; from anger, to deep grief and sadness, to pure rage and a desire to destroy another, to the joy and rapture following a catharsis.  In allowing all emotions to be embraced, any non-moving energy in the etheric grid work could be released and processed.  In so doing, Lilliya learned that no emotion, regardless of how wicked or condemned in current human judgment such emotions may be, is wrong.  Furthermore strong emotions in particular are only a record of a violation to one’s form either in this lifetime or a prior ancestors life as recorded holographically in the grid work and cellular structure.  Allow the emotions to be felt, process the violation, and then they can be cleansed from the field and form allowing the associated cells to ascend into the crystalline system.


The crystalline system stands beyond grief, anger, pain, fear, judgment, lust, suffering and death, or aging, decay and disease.  This is the biological and genetic form that one’s ancient ancestors once lived within.  Such early ancestors sustained a 2000-year lifespan that was relatively disease free.  We say relatively as life upon earth fell in consciousness many times, and each fall created an increase in disease and a shortening of lifespan.  Ascending into a crystalline structure therefore occurs in stages; first one addresses all healthy systems and cells.  This leads to the ascent to roughly 2200 strands.  Then one begins to work upon the decay and scar tissue that is from both present life circumstances and ancient ancestral karma in the ascent to 3000 and beyond. 


Ascension is a journey and one that is a lifelong choice, and one that will bring forth ongoing change, resurrection and emotional discharge.  What may cause disease at one point in ascension may not be problematic at another point in time.  Therefore one will learn to work with whatever herbs are required for any given month to six months of ascension; and allow the herbs to change, as they are no longer necessary in the next phase of evolution.  How does one know if one no longer requires a particular herb?  As one embodies the entire tone of creation that a particular herb represents within the Language of Light, both upon an energetic and biological level, one ceases to require ingesting or attuning to the herb. 


Once the crystalline system becomes biological in full, it is difficult to lose information or records.  It is for this reason that one must strive to embrace each piece of information, each piece of genetic encoding necessary to augment a complete shift to crystalline cells in any given segment of initiation and each given system of the form.  For if there are gaps, there is a pathway through which one may lose their genetic information.  As one loses enough genetic information, one can roll backward, causing the crystalline cells to become non-crystalline again in a particular part of the form.  Lilliya have seen this in some initiates; and it only creates a more rapid aging of the biology or worse yet, cancer or another disease.  Therefore if one is choosing to ascend in this lifetime, one must remain focused, and choose not to lose their information, and to embody each segment thoroughly down to the biology of the form.


Thorough ascension requires a slow but steady pace in which each piece of karma is examined in full, and the spiritual lesson associated learned, with all emotional baggage from the past processed and released in full.  In so doing, each segment of genetic material will be embodied leading to ongoing ascension rather than disease.  For Lilliya, she liked to race forward in her earlier days of ascension.  She quickly learned that it was too easy to ascend into disease, and has since caused her ascent to be deliberate and thorough each phase of the way.  Sometimes this is not easy, as it forces one to deal internal to self with one’s own darkness one would rather avoid.  However it is only in facing the internal darkness that real transcendence can occur, and it is only in the transcendence that the spiritual lesson behind any given life manifestation comes to be understood.  It is only as the spiritual lesson is understood that one may forgive; it is only through forgiveness that the genetic material of the form can alter.


Forgiveness is the foundation of ascension.  Fail to forgive, and no portion of the form will become a thorough crystalline system.  It is perhaps for this reason that forgiveness is the first note of the Language of Light, and it is perhaps a most important note to embrace.  How does one forgive?  One comes to understand all parts in a given dance, and in the understanding, chooses to erase the slate of debt clean through conscious choice.  We will give you an example from Lilliya’s own experience here to better understand.


Lilliya had a difficult childhood with a mother that one might think of as parallel to the book “Mommy Dearest”.  Her mother was an out of control channel that would bring through some of the most vicious of entities that would batter Lilliya emotionally and physically.  Most of the time, her mother had no recollection of what these beings said or did as she regained her own consciousness.   It was as Lilliya confronted one day her own tendency to allow dark forces to possess her in a manner that caused her to batter her own son that she understood the experience from the inside out.  This was at an early part of her ascent to 1024, and after this experience she chose to never allow such to occur again.  And indeed it did not; however she also understood why her mother was so out of control, and in that understanding, could forgive her mother for parallel violations in her own childhood.  As she forgave her own mother for her own childhood violations, she could cease to violate her own child, as the forgiveness allows for change in one’s own inherited predisposition.


Spiritual lessons are creations that one manifests to understand a particular predisposition of one’s own inheritance.  As one understands a particular predisposition, one can then forgive others in one’s family tree with the same predisposition and choose another path through ascension; ascension allows one to alter or modify the associated behavior through alteration of the very DNA at cause.  One can ascend out of emotional abusiveness, as Lilliya did, or any other predisposition that one has that dishonors self or others.  This is what the ascent to Bodhisattva is all about; to move out of all predispositions that harm self or others, mentally, emotionally, physically or psychically.


Psychic abuse is perhaps the most difficult for initiates to understand, for this requires tuning into dreamtime and the unconscious to perceive beyond the behavior and into a nonphysical dance that has by in large been avoided by the human species.  It is psychic abuse that underlies disease in all forms, for it is through the psychic abuse that one’s etheric body becomes compromised; which over time and if not rectified, will cause disease in the associated part of the form.  Underlying the psychic abuse is always karma; karma is emotional trauma that occurred at another time in one’s life or ancestry and is recorded in the cells of a particular part of the form.  It is karma that calls the same abuse to one’s life again and again, as all abuse always recurs on top of the karmic patterns recorded in one’s DNA and from one’s ancestry.  As one releases the karmic trauma upon a cellular level, the psychic abuse or emotional abuse associated will cease; this is what allows for ascension out of disease, or ascending the form before the disease manifests allowing one to retain one’s health in ascension.


Some herbs assist by allowing easier access to karmic patterns from one’s ancestry.  (See “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information on what herbs specifically support each region of the form).  In essence, such herbs work as a conduit to dreamtime so that one can more readily embrace the spiritual lessons that one is working upon at any given time in one’s ascent.  This too is a vibrational phenomenon; some vibrations allow for a complete circuit to be constructed between physical or biological consciousness and dreamtime consciousness so that one more readily perceives or understands dreamtime.  Some perceive dreamtime clairvoyantly; some simply know.  Regardless of how one perceives, perception of dreamtime is a necessary component to ascension.  It is for this reason that certain herbs have chosen to make such vibrations or tones of creation necessary to understand dreamtime available to ascending initiates.


Yet other herbs assist with the hormonal balance of the ascending form.  The hormones of an ascending crystalline form are 800% more complex than the hormones at 2 strands of DNA.  Some hormones rejuvenate and regenerate the form; if these hormones fail to be produced by new glands in the reproductive system, one will age more rapidly in ascension rather than regenerate as the necessary components to a regenerative biology are missing.  Yet other hormones are associated with ascension itself, such as the human growth hormone or HGH.  HGH is released continuously in ascension to cause non-crystalline cells to grow into a crystalline form.  Your scientists cannot emulate such HGH from a pill or in a manufactured state, as the HGH in ascension is also 800% more complex as a substance.  Such subtle complexities know not to cause growth in crystalline cells that are already formed; only that which is currently being resurrected in the next cycle of ascension.


Ascension is cyclic; generally the beginning of a new cycle causes the next layer of density or decay in the bones, muscles and ligaments to be ascended to the crystalline structure.  Then the lymph and circulatory system is addressed.  Then the organs and glands, system by system, from weakest to strongest is address.  Last the nervous system and skin is addressed in any given ascension cycle.  One goes around and around the cycles of ascension, and each time a particular organ, gland or system is addressed, a bit more of the decay and density is transmuted to crystalline.  Some herbs assist the cycles of ascension so that they are thorough, with each portion of the form attended to.  This assists in preventing what Lilliya has called “schisms”, or gaps in the genetic materials of one’s ascent.


Some herbs ease the pain during certain cycles of transmutation.  Often the nervous system can become agitated or cause spasms in the back or other parts of the form during transmutation.  During such times, nervine herbs can assist in releasing the pain enough that one can carry forth with one’s daily activities.  Sometimes waste management systems become stuck due to the nature of that which is being detoxified; during such times herbs will assist in increasing bowel or urine function to assure that detoxification does not stop in the act of ascension.  Sometimes there are so many viruses or bacteria released in a given segment of initiation that one ends up feeling ill, and immune boost herbs can assist during such cycles of ascension.


Initiates are guided to go within and observe their own physical circumstance taking or attuning to the herbs necessary to support the choice to ascend each step of the say.  Each form is different, and generally those regions of the form most weakened from birth will require the most ongoing support in the choice to ascend.  For Lilliya, her intestinal tract was so compromised that she took laxative type herbs in the form of teas most of her ascent to date.  For Oa, his nervous system has caused ongoing spasms, and nervine herbs have been the most useful for his field and form in his ascent to date.  For each there is a special series of herbs that may be most useful, and one may wish to build one’s own ascension medicine kit through one’s own self-examination and a visit to one’s local health food store.  If heath food stores are not readily available where one lives, one may search the web for mail order herbs.  One may also choose to grow the herbs one requires in one’s garden and make one’s own tinctures at home.


Lilliya have never had time or lived in a place long enough to grow their own herbs or make their own tinctures.  They have relied primarily upon what is available through the health food industry, however this has been adequate in their ascent to full consciousness and beyond.  Generally speaking they purchase tinctures if at all possible and not dried herbs, as there is more life force or chi remaining in tinctures.  Furthermore they only purchase tinctures in a base of grain alcohol, which better preserves the vibrations of the herb kingdom associated.  They would also bless each bottle of tincture for a few minutes by holding it in their hands asking of their soul and source along with the earth mother to add any additional vibrations that they require to release the pain or ascend out of disease before they ingest the herb.  Alcohol can hold up to 300 complex vibrations simultaneously and it is for this reason that an alcohol-base is recommended.


For those that can grow their own herbs or make one’s own tinctures, this is a great gift to take the time and trouble to do or learn.  In the growth of any herb, one can attune to the kingdom daily and request that the consciousness of the herb add whatever vibrations and substances necessary to ascend out of a particular disease or ailment that one has, or support the weaker organs or systems of the ascending form.  Then when grown enough, harvest the herbs and either eat them fresh or make a tincture.  Some herbs will provide more nutritional substance when eaten fresh; yet others require the heat to alter the biochemistry into the substances and vibrations one requires to heal.  Attune to the kingdom and muscle test or pendulum which form is best for any given herb.  Almost all of the herbs associated with the Language of Light require heating and diffusing such as in a tea to obtain the vibrational qualities associated.




There are many herbs we have not written of that are useful to ascension in addition to the 48 associated with the Language of Light.  Such herbs are generally those enjoyed in cooking from various cultures global wide.  Some of such herbs are hot and associated with the chili kingdom; some are bitter such as sage, rosemary, mint, basil or thyme; some are sour such as lemongrass; some are sweet such as vanilla; yet others are salty such as coriander; each of such herbs are useful in balancing the elements in the form that are associated. 


For spice and hot has to do with the element of fire, and fire is necessary to releasing karma in ascension.  Eat food with chili and one’s kundahlini will begin to run as one starts to sweat from the internal heat in the stomach and intestinal tract.  This will release the karma underlying the ailment or disease one is ascending beyond.  Salt has to do with the element of water and is required for lubrication in biological ascension.  Salt causes one to retain water that will lubricate a dry system; eat some salt or salty foods and retain the fluids necessary to ascend or process the emotions that require releasing.


Sweet has to do with the element of air and is required for aeration of the form.  Aeration allows gas to separate cells so that they more easily be fed or detoxified.  Have some vanilla pudding or a sweet treat and add the air that one is requiring to detoxify in ascension.  Sour-bitter has to do with the element of earth that is associated with one’s grounding or connection to the earth mother.  Have some sour or bitter herbs in one’s meal and one will find oneself more greatly grounded to the earth mother.  In so doing, earth can better support one’s ascent “home”.  (See “Retaining One’s Health in Ascension” for more information on balancing the elements.)


Food is perhaps one of the best tonics for ascension in the herb kingdoms observation.  Food will cause one to begin to digest upon a physical level whatever one has eaten.  As one digests, one not only obtains nutrients necessary to the next phase of biological ascension, but also causes oneself to begin to digest one’s emotions and process one’s own patterning and karma.  Eating a fine meal often grounds Lilliya enough to begin to be able to perceive the next layer of karma or feel the next layer of emotions requiring releasing in ascension.  Therefore the herb kingdom invites initiates to eat, and in the eating, to love the form that one has.  After all, one cannot ascend in another’s form; one can only ascend in the one that one has; and one should love their form for transcending and ascending at this time in history.  One way to love the form is to provide food that allows for the nutrition that ascension requires.  Another manner is to give unto oneself what nurtures the form, whether this be a candlelit bath, a walk in the woods, or a sun bath, or watching a beautiful sunset.


The herb kingdom is saddened by the preoccupation with physical beauty that much of humanity is so hypnotized with.  Such a focus causes humans to be more concerned about how they look upon the outside than how one feels internal to self.  Lilliya once say a beautifully quaffed woman at a day spa that she was having a mud bath at, and thought “If you spent half the time you focus upon yourself at the spa upon your internal dissonance, then and only then will you find real beauty.”  For what good is it to wash the outside and cover it with makeup and perfume if the internal form is in a state of decay?  And does not decay stink or smell?  Why yes it does.  And is not decay associated with viscous behavior and patterning, whether it be conscious or unconscious?  Why yes it is.  And is not such vicious patterning ugly?  Why yes it is.  Ascend, transmute and transcend, and one will embody internal beauty that shall emulate compassion in action.


Ascension does bring about the experience of various body odors due to the decay one is transmuting within.  Such body odors will be minimized in the ongoing choice to bathe or consume bitter herbs.  Consuming bitter herbs such as mint is also useful as the mint will attach to the odor rendering it odorless internal to the form, as does all green leafy vegetables along with other bitter herbs such as oregano, sage, parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme.  Such herbs if ingested daily in one’s salad or food will assist with cleansing the body odor from the inside out. 


One may also take a daily 45 minute sit bath with “Batherapy” (a blend of many minerals including sulfur) or Epson salts along with some essential oils, and the body odor will go away, as one will have pulled the toxins through the pores of the skin.  Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender are often what Lilliya adds to her bath to tackle body odor.  All body odor is simply toxic substances that are being released through the skin, or through the breath.  Bathing and eating bitter herbs will not only improve body odor, but the smell of the breath as well. 




We have written not much about essential oils.  Essential oils are useful to stimulate the skin and nasal passages when used in one’s bath or through the simple application of the oil upon the skin.  Lilliya often rub essential oils on various aching body parts and have found some relief.  The use of spearmint or peppermint will stimulate a particular region of the body to ascend; the use of lavender or penny royal will purify (lavender has antiviral and bacterial properties); rosemary and eucalyptus will draw and cancel toxins from the pores; lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit will trigger regeneration.  Smelling the essential oils triggers ascension in the brain and nasal passages associated.  Applying the essential oils to the skin will allow them to be absorbed into the body and then dispensated to where they are needed through the blood.


Initiates may not realize that ascending skin allows for the transference of substances both in and out of the pores.  If one takes a salt bath and requires salt, salt will be absorbed through the pores into the crystalline form.  If there are essential oils in the bath, the same is so.  There are many acids associated with essential oils that are useful to the crystalline structure and may not be available through other foods one is ingesting.  One will crave therefore the scents in essential oils that hold the substances one requires at any given phase of ascent.  If one has not time to bathe, applying lotion with the essential oils or the oils themselves direct to the skin will also allow them to be absorbed as needed upon a day-to-day basis.


Lilliya has found that certain lotions have appealed to her for a period of time in her ascent.  For a year, Lilliya wore a lotion made with Noni and Pikake Jasmine.  Noni is an flowering plant that produces a fruit that is considered medicinal by the ancient Hawaiians.  Hawaiians brought the Noni plant to Hawaii as they came from Tahiti over 600 years ago.  Noni is a blood cleanser and will attach to most toxins rendering them harmless.  Noni juice is available in most health food stores in the US as a tonic beverage.  Through the pores of the skin, Noni in small amounts along with the Jasmine was absorbed as Lilliya applied the lotion, and it was required to support her ascent during the time that she was drawn to wear it.  The pores of the skin become so capable of absorbing that one can apply substances to the skin instead of ingesting them as an ascending being, and receive the same benefit. 


Given the ability of the skin to take in nutrients, one would therefore also wish to be careful therefore that the soaps and lotions one is using are natural and made with substances such as plant glycerin and real essential oils along with plant oils rather than petrol-chemicals or mineral oil.  The same with make-up, as the pores become permeable enough to suck such chemicals into the form causing one to increase in toxicity rather than detoxify through ascension.


Why are petrol-chemicals toxic?  Your creation is carbon based.  Silica based substances such as petrol-chemicals do not dissolve or break down in a carbon based system and are considered toxic.  This is why there is a sticky substance known as oil left over from the expression of dinosaurs that once roamed earth’s surface.  A siLilliyar substance would occur from the remains of humanity with Pleiadian DNA if not for earth’s ascension; as through earth’s ascension substances are being formed within the lava and at this time to break down silica based components so that they can be eliminated from earth in due course.  Most toxic substances to life upon earth or human form will have a silica base to it; anything carbon based by in large supports magnetic life upon earth. 


However for some humans who are primarily of Annanuki DNA, carbon based substances may cause disease.  Your current scientists are in confusion about this, as carbon as a toxin would only be so for those with a primarily silica based system.  Many humans today are primarily silica based due to their direct inheritance to the Annanuki or their slave race, which were half carbon and half silica in nature.  For ascending humans, one is pulling their carbon based DNA forward to ascend into an increasingly magnetic field and form.  Therefore toxins will be primarily silica based for those ascending beyond 2200 strands of DNA.  Such toxins include all petrol-chemicals and all products made from such.  Petrol-chemicals are so prevalent that they are found in building materials, clothing, furnishings, carpets along with lotions and soaps.  For those with ancient red ancestry, utilizing such materials would therefore be toxic to one’s field and form.  It is for this reason that Lilliya strive to wear only natural fibers made of rayon, cotton or silk, and to make sure that their lotions and soaps along with their bedding has no petrol-chemicals associated.


Lilliya has discovered that eucalyptus in particular holds a particular acid necessary to the crystalline brain; you will find her sniffing eucalyptus many times per day as a result, and as her body is in need of such a substance in small quantities.  So this has been so for Ylang Ylang in Lilliya’s earlier ascent, but as she ascended beyond the need for such, she no longer craves the smell of Ylang Ylang.  Yet other essential oils are helpful in the remembrance of unity, such as clove, cinnamon, sandalwood and myrrh.  Such oils perhaps are best used in the form of incense or essential oil diffusers to fill the room with scent, and remind oneself to move towards unity in all that one does and in all relations.  Yet others such as the floral scents of jasmine, tuberose or red ginger will remind one of how one’s own ancient ancestors once smelled.  For one’s ancient ancestors once smelled like spices and flowers when the biology held no decay or scar tissue whatsoever.


The flower kingdom in particular holds the records of another time upon earth when rot and decay did not occur.  The air was fragrant at such a time of the smell of flowers.  One of the things that Lilliya loves about living in the Hawaiian Islands is the smell of Pikake, Wild Ginger and Plumeria flowers that fill the air at certain times of the year.  This too is reminiscent of a time before the many falls in consciousness that have plagued the past 50,000 years of earth’s history.  The flowers in their smell hold the remembrance of the vibrations that were present at such a time.  It is perhaps why ascending initiates like Lilliya are drawn to such smells, as it is representative of a vibration that one or one’s future ancestors will one day master. 


Essential oil of pine or sage or other woodsy notes will assist in connecting one to the earth mother if one is ungrounded.  Lilliya has found many forms of sage oil; some smell minty, yet others earthy such as clarey sage; yet others sweet and she has worn the sweet varieties at times as perfume.  Essential oils not only stimulate the nasal passages and offer certain substances to be ingested through the pores if rubbed upon the skin, but also add a particular vibration or frequency to one’s field.  Sometimes such frequencies cause entities that are dark or disturbing to leave one’s field.  Lilliya has found this is particularly so with lavender; lavender causes the sticky entities associated with death and pain to leave.  Perhaps this is why aging women of the past century enjoyed lavender so, as it would push out of the field the darkness that was consuming them in association with aging.  So this is also so with sweet sage oil, which is perhaps more pleasing to the smell.


In the crowded cities or in transit through airports and upon aircraft, Lilliya carries a bottle of essential oils or spritser to apply to herself whenever the density becomes too suffocating.  In the past, she would combine Ylang Ylang, lavender, and orange, lemon or grapefruit oils.  While in Australia, Lilliya also discovered Banksia oil, which reminds her of sweet sage oil in the US.  This too has a very grounding feeling unto it.  As of late, she has found certain blends made by essential oil companies useful and tonic.  Lilliya follows her senses, purchasing only what resonates or muscle tests as useful.  Often Lilliya sprinkles some of her essential oils in the interior of Oa’s car.  Burning white sage and applying essential oils to the dashboard become a part of any auto journey of the two of them over the past few years.  The essential oil and smoke of sage assists in clearing the energy inside of the car as well as in their fields.


Essential oil of rose is electrical.  The rose kingdom came from the Pleiades in association with the Annanuki.  Those who are moving increasingly into magnetic tones of creation through ascension may find that the smell of roses no longer appeals as a result.  Sometimes the scent of certain essential oils will trigger past ancestral karma.  If this is the case, as the karma is completed upon and released, whatever one finds repugnant generally passes.  Often it is what causes the greatest emotional reaction that clues one into parts of one’s own ascent that may be incomplete, or requires addressing.  Therefore such reactions may be useful to assure a complete ascension, provided that one chooses to focus upon clearing the karma and releasing the emotional charge.




Here is a list of essential oils that Lilliya have found useful.  Understand that initiates will be drawn to those scents that are necessary to one’s own evolution.  Some essential oils contain acids necessary to the transmutation of biological decay or the emergence of the crystalline form.  Therefore applying essential oils to the skin so that they can be absorbed along with putting a drop or two of whatever one muscle tests as necessary into one’s drinking water (as long as the essential oil is 100% pure plant extracts).  If too strong and so that the essential oils do not burn the skin, blend a few drops of the pure essential oils with a little jojoba, almond or avocado oil and then apply.


One may blend many essential oils in one’s essential oil burner, which is a small dish generally held over a tea candle where one adds a small amount of water and a few drops of whatever oils one wishes to diffuse.  As the water heats to a boil from the lit candle underneath, the smell of the essential oils diffuse filling the room.  One may also blend a few drops of each combinations of the below oils in a water mister, and sprits the oils around oneself and in a room to diffuse if one has not an essential oil burner, or wishes to carry the formulas in their travels.  One can also add combinations of oils to one’s bath to receive the benefit of their properties.




Amber                        Grounding/Unifying

Bergamot                   Grounding/Uplifting

Clove                          Purifying/Unifying (Anti Parasitic)

Cinnamon                  Stimulating/Unifying

Eucalyptus                 Astringent (draws toxins from the pores)

Contains an acid useful to the construction of the ascending nervous system to 6000 Strands

Fennel                        Uplifting/Grounding

Frankincense             Purifying/Grounding

Grapefruit                   Regenerative/Astringent

Jasmine/Pikake        Uplifting/Unifying

Lavender                    Purifying/Clarifying (anti viral/bacterial)

Lemon                        Regenerative/Stimulating (dissolves scars)

Lemongrass              Astringent/Stimulating

Lime                           Regenerative/Stimulating (dissolves scars)

Myrrh                           Grounding/Unifying

Orange                       Regenerative/Uplifting

Peppermint                Simulates/Cancels Body Odors

Pine                            Grounding/Clarifying

Rosemary                  Purifying/Uplifting

Red Ginger                Uplifting/Purifying/Unifying

Sage                           Grounding/Purifying/Clarifying

Sandalwood              Grounding/Unifying

Spearmint                  Stimulating/Cancels Body Odors

Tuberose                    Uplifting/Unifying

Vanilla                        Uplifting/Unifying

Ylang Ylang                Uplifting/Grounding (assists in the construction of the crystalline nervous system to 3000 strands.)





2 drops Eucalyptus, 1 drop Peppermint and 3 drops Orange, 1 drop Lemon



2 drops Ylang Ylang, 1 drop Orange, 1 drop Bergamot and 2 drops Lavender, 3 drops Grapefruit



1 drop Ylang Ylang, 2 drops Sandalwood, 2 drops Amber, 1 drop Myrrh and 2 drops Frankincense



2 drops Jasmine, 1 drop Bergamot, 2 drops Vanilla, 1 drop Tuberose or Red Ginger



2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Sage, 1 drop Pine



1 drop Clove, 2 drops Sandalwood, 2 drops Cinnamon, 1 drop Red Ginger






Lilliya has long used an anti-fungal foot cream of parallel nature to the below recipe to assist her skin scars and stretch marks or dried patchy areas upon the feet in resurrecting through ascension.  One can make this formula at home for far less and it will be just as effective. 

 4 drops Lavender

2 drops Peppermint

3 drops Orange

1 drop Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit

2 drops Eucalyptus


Blend with one half cup unscented cream from the drug store made of non-petrol-chemicals (or one can take one half cup of jojoba, sesame, avocado or almond oil or a mixture thereof and blend in the blender or food processor until white and thick like mayonnaise).  Then add the ingredients and mix well and store in an airtight glass jar. 

Apply to scars, stretch marks or feet to assist the tissue in regenerating to the crystalline form.  This can also be applied to varicose veins or other skin problems to assist in the transcendence to crystalline cellular structure.  The citrus oils assist in dissolving the old tissues so that the new tissue may grow; the lavender and eucalyptus assist in killing viruses and bacteria or parasites, and the peppermint stimulates the region the cream is applied to regenerate.



 One half-cup Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil (or other oil one prefers)

1 drop Tea Tree Oil

2 drops or more Peppermint, Cinnamon or Fennel to taste

Mix well and store in an airtight glass container, brushing twice per day.

Tea Tree Oil kills most bacteria that causes ascending teeth and gums problems due to non-ascending food sources.  Baking soda allows the plaque to be removed in greater ease.  Peppermint or Cinnamon will stimulate the gums and teeth to resurrect.  Fennel has a more soothing affect if one prefers or needs such.




One half-cup Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil (or other oil one prefers)

3 drops Orange Oil

1 drop Lime or Lemon

1 drop Grapefruit Oil

2 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract

Mix well and store in an airtight glass container, brushing twice per week only.

This formula can be used twice per week interchanged with the other formula above to assist in dissolving plaque that has hardened.  The Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit Oils will dissolve hardened plaque much like such fruit acids dissolve dead skin when applied as a cream.  Crystalline teeth have sturdy enamel that can handle a little citrus oil from time to time without dissolving.  The Grape Seed Extract is also antibacterial much like Tea Tree Oil and assists in killing unwanted bacteria in the mouth.

Lilliya has learned to use sonic toothbrushes for some time, which stimulate the grid work of the gums and teeth to resurrect around a load of dental work that she had as a child and young adult.  The use of a sonic toothbrush and the above formulas has sufficed to allow her to avoid the dentist for over a decade now of her ascent, and have clean, white teeth without plaque.  Any cavities have simply resurrected themselves in the act of ascension.




We invite initiates to explore the herb and essential oil kingdom for healing and clarification of field.  The Herb Kingdoms hope that each reading these materials finds our information of use in your personal path of ascension.  Much like the mineral kingdom who shall address humanity species by species in the year ahead and in the new section “Messages from the Mineral Kingdoms”, our species has karma with mankind.  Through the freewill choice to assist in the ascension of humanity, we clear our karma, and in so doing, are free to ascend as a species ourselves.


We invite humanity to clear their karma with us in the choice to ascend, and in working with us to assure that one’s biological transmutation is thorough allowing one to ascend not into disease, or resurrect oneself out of disease if it manifests.  Our karma with humanity has to do with the misuse of herbs for destructive purposes such as the manufacturing of poisons that kill rather than sustain life.  Herbs have no desire to be used as destructive weapons again, and in clearing our karma with mankind, so this will come to be. 


We invite humanity to take a united stance to ascend out of destruction and into the new paradigm of unity with us.  In intention of a joyous birth of a new golden era ahead through ascension!



The Herb Kingdom



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