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Chinese Herbal Tinctures by Carol Anita Kopp


The Herb Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

September 22, 2004


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


Lilliya brought through many herbs that support biological ascension that also hold the language of light frequencies for physical attunement.  This information was brought through roughly a year ago.  (See “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.)  These herbs assist in the biological process of ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution and support the current map of human ascension in becoming physical for each willing to attune unto and utilize such herbs.


Chinese herbs indirectly support ascension through the balancing of elements and energetic flow through the meridian system, kundahlini, sexual energy system and digestive energy system.  Chinese herbs therefore are helpful for the purposes of altering the energy flow and bringing balance unto the elements of air, water fire and earth within one’s field.  In so doing, we will assist initiates in preventing the ascension into disease; or in ascending out of disease if this is what one has manifest in the physical.


Much has been written about the karma for disease and how to retain balance in ascension.  The nature of disease was explored thoroughly by all ascending species in 2003.  The reason for this was to prevent the ascension into disease, not only of humanity, but of all other kingdoms and the earth mother as a whole.  Lilliya brought forth an entire section upon her web site devoted to this purpose.  (Please see “Ascension Transmissions IV” for more information.)


The Tibetan Root Race holds records of the fall in consciousness from a fully conscious state or 36,000 strands of DNA to 15,000 strands of DNA.  This fall preceded the era of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, who attempted to ascend back to full consciousness, but failed due to the misleading of the false gods into a dead-end path of another fall in consciousness instead.  As humans lost full consciousness, the DNA for the biochemistry of their form was absorbed by certain herbs, tree bark, flowers and roots.  This shows each that nothing is every really lost, misplaced perhaps but not lost.  The plant kingdom absorbed human biochemical records as the dream for the human biology fractured, and we have preserved these records in living form ever since and until enough humans could ascend and recover this information.


Therefore the records of biochemistry and energy flow of a fully conscious state of being is  held in many Chinese herbs.  The herbal kingdom now makes available a list of Chinese herbs that have agreed to assist humanity in the ascent to 3000 strands (mastering dream weaving) or 9000 strands (mastering compassion in action or Bodhisattva level evolution) at this time in history.


As you attune unto or ingest these herbs, we will begin to work primarily upon one’s energy flow.  Some of the following herbs will open the meridian system; some will enhance sexual energy flow or the kundahlini; some will assist in opening meridians to specific organs or glands; some will work upon the digestive system; some will enhance the elements of air water fire and earth.  Such herbs will strive to more greatly balance the energy flow.  A balanced energy field is easier to ascend, and it is for this reason that we make this information and healing available at this time.


Lilliya always recommends that initiates muscle test or pendulum what herbs that they need.  Some herbs may only require communing with our kingdom and the healing will be provided.  Some may require ingesting for a time to assist in teaching the field the new energy flow.  Each should go within and become one’s own doctor, prescribing what one requires during each phase of ascension to support the biology through the transmutation, and to retain balance so that disease is not manifested instead of a healthy set of crystalline cells.  (See “Working with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension” for more information.)


Chinese herbs often come as freeze dried pills in combinations that are prescribed for a specific set of ailments.  Some Chinese herbs may also be available as teas.  The freeze-dried form is adequate to ingest and commune with our kingdoms, even if they contain other herbs not mentioned below.  Lilliya have been surprised in compiling this list to see that many of the freeze-dried combinations they have muscle tested to take over the years contained  the following herbs.








In Chinese Medicine, this herb is taken for the tonification of the heart and spleen and for nourishing the blood. 


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists in opening the meridians for the circulatory and lymph system along with the heart, spleen and bone marrow.  The circulatory system is the primary means of feeding the crystalline cells and detoxifying the form.  The heart, spleen, bone marrow and arteries and veins along with the lymph go through many transitions in ascension.  There are new forms of red and white blood cells that form that become increasingly capable of carrying nutrients to cells and toxins to waste management systems through the blood and lymph.  If the meridians to these regions close, the blood may begin to deteriorate and then the efficiency is lost in the process of detoxification.  This impairs a regenerative system that relies upon the ability of the blood and lymph to do their job.  Therefore we will assist these systems in the proper function by providing enough chi through the meridian system. 


In ascension, this herb will also assist with the development of the 1000-petal lotus in the heart chakra region.  It is the heart lotus that assists in providing chi to the circulatory and lymph meridians.  We will assist in dissolving the armoring that causes the heart to remain shut, and releasing the pain and fear that may have occurred in early childhood or in ancestral lifetimes that caused one to shut the heart.  In so doing, this herb will assist in the opening of the heart in ascension.



Pdf of Kundahlini Diagram


In Chinese Medicine, this herb is good for the eyes and ears and for calming the liver. 


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists in the movement of energy through the core of the Kundahlini, up the spine and out the top of the head.  The Kundahlini is the main channel through which chi enters the etheric body and therefore is an important energy flow to develop in ascension.  Often the fear of fire blocks initiates from developing a strong Kundahlini.  Ancestral memories of combustion in false ascension or nuclear annihilation are often the cause of the fear of fire.  This herb will assist initiates in releasing their fear of fire so that a strong Kundahlini may be developed to support the ascension of the field.




In Chinese medicine, this herb nourishes the yin (female side of oneself), tonifies the kidneys, clears excessive heat, and generates fluids. Taoist herbalists say it will build sexual vigor. 


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists in the movement of the sexual energy through the sexual channels, which are different from the Kundahlini channels.  Whereas the Kundahlini moves up the spine and up the side channels of the body, sexual energy moves through the pelvis and heart, over the head and under the feet.  A strong sexual energy movement is important to develop in ascension for the purposes of holding one’s boundaries and anchoring soul unto the form, along with grounding unto earth.   It is often sexual trauma that prevents initiates in proper movement of the sexual flow, which is a necessity to the energizing of the chakras and subtle bodies that surround the field.  This herb will assist in releasing pain and fear from sexual trauma from this life or one’s ancestral past life memories so that one may master a strong sexual energy flow in ascension.  (See "Anatomy of an Ascending Field" for more information.)




In Chinese Medicine this herb assists in moving the blood, facilitating menstruation, and alleviating pain. In large doses this herb dispels blood stagnation, while in small amounts it harmonizes the blood.


From the Herb Kingdoms point of view, this herb opens the meridians to the reproductive system and regeneration system within the etheric body.  The crystalline form develops many new glands and hormones that are specific to the process of regeneration.  These glands grow inside the reproductive system.  In regeneration, cells are repaired rather than allowed to die then having to be replaced within the crystalline form.  Certain hormones carry the necessary substances for cell repair in certain organs, glands or systems throughout the biology.  If the reproductive system or regeneration system fails to receive enough chi, it will begin to deteriorate and this will impair the regeneration of the entire biology.  Therefore this is an important set of meridians to remain open and unimpaired to sustain the health of the crystalline body.



pdf of Ascending Energy Field


In Chinese Medicine, this herb tonifies the liver and kidneys, strengthens the sinews and bones, and aids in the smooth flow of chi and blood. Commonly used for low sexual energy, weakness, and dizziness. 


From the Herb Kingdoms point of view, this herb will assist in the process of proper magnetic grounding unto earth and the balancing of the earth element throughout the field.  Grounding is a necessary attribute to ascension.  Ascension constructs a large field, and it is in the act of grounding all parts of the global field unto the core of earth that the field retains its balance and holds together for proper movement.  Proper grounding also assists the body in feeling safe and at peace. 


Reverse polarization is the result of improper gender balance.  In Chinese terms, yin (female) and yang (male) must be in balance.  Often humans will run too much yin or yang energy leading to imbalance, which causes the field to unground or wobble.  This herb assists in balancing the male (yang) and female (yin) attributes of the energy flow (also associated with the left and right sides of the auric field) so that proper grounding can be sustained.  Often imbalance of yin and yang is associated with the rejection of the inner male and female.  This herb will assist in releasing the trauma or pain or ancestral memories that causes one to reject such parts of self.  (See “Healing the Inner Family” for more information.)




In Chinese Medicine this herb is the famous tonic mushroom of China; ling-zhi means "spiritual mushroom."  This herb benefits the heart energy, and increases insight and intelligence. Used traditionally as a chi tonic and sedative and is considered an important immune-enhancing and anti-stress herb. It also reduces hypertension, lowers cholesterol and relieves bronchitis and asthma.


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists in opening all meridians to the immune system and thymus gland.  In ascension, the thymus gland grows up the sternum connecting to the thyroid, lymph nodes and brain stem.  The thymus gland becomes the master gland that monitors all ascension chemicals as they flow through the brain stem from the pituitary gland and into the body.  Open meridians allows the thymus to be adequately supported with chi. A thymus that receives not enough chi will fail to develop in ascension or begin to malfunction potentially leading to disease due to an imbalance of ascension chemicals.  Therefore this is an important meridian to remain open from the Herb Kingdoms point of view.


Proper development of the immune system and thymus requires the opening of the heart and the release of the pain of rejection and non-love experienced either in this life or in past ancestral life traumas.  This herb will also assist in opening the heart to the 1000-petal lotus, as this movement is also required for a healthy immune system and thymus gland in ascension.


Lilliya used to take Reishi Mushroom extract before lengthy travel upon aircraft.  The result was that her immune system produced more white blood cells ahead of the travel, which assisted in the purification of the blood following long plane flights.  The extract also assisted the meridians to the immune system and thymus gland in remaining open, as the energy of the airlines, hotels, and unfamiliar cities would often cause this meridian to shut down in Lilliya’s form leaving her feeling ill.


GINKGO LEAF (Ginko Gobola)


In Chinese Medicine, this herb assist with enhancing cerebral circulation along with memory loss, poor concentration, dizziness, ringing of the ears, and depression.


From the Herb Kingdom’s perspective, this herb assists with opening the meridians to the brain and pituitary and pineal glands in particular.  The pituitary gland buds into a formation of 144 nodes that each produces a different hormone necessary to ascension.  The pineal gland expands with sensors that receive the Language of Light and Language of ONE as it is currently emanating from the solar sun through light moving through the eyes.  These tones are then used to purify all tones in ones’ field so that one doe not go into distortion.  It is for this reason that Lilliya has suggested that each take a 10 to 20 minute sun bath each day; and face the sun with ones’ eyes closed (or open if at sunset) to allow the Pineal gland to absorb the tones emanating from the sun to assist in the purification of one’s field.


The crown lotus is also an important chakra to develop in ascension, as it is through this lotus that one gains access to one’s spiritual knowledge.  This herb will assist in the development of the 1000-petal lotus of the crown, and the release of karmic trauma or pain in association with the misuse of spiritual knowledge, or for being destroyed for knowing too much in one’s ancestral experience.


Oa has taken this herb many times in his ascension.  The reason for this is a load of karma that is stored in Oa’s pituitary and pineal gland.  This herb has assisted Oa in bringing forth the appropriate biochemistry for ascension by supporting the chi movement through the meridians of the brain.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb assists with moistening the lungs and alleviating coughs, nourishes the stomach, generates fluids, and moistens the skin. Traditionally used for coughs, dryness of the mouth or throat after fevers, and for dry, itchy skin and also for strengthening the pulse.


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb opens the meridians to the lungs and diaphragm making sure that there is enough chi to allow the crystalline “breath of life” to be sustained.  The crystalline diaphragm is a series of pockets that grow out over the ribs and inflate with blood; the blood is nourished with oxygen collected from the lungs, which is then converted through enzymes into blood sugar.  The blood sugar nourishes the crystalline biology, which has such a large metabolism that one could not eat enough to sustain oneself.  Lilliya, who has acknowledged that Buddha had a round belly and appeared quite fat before he ascended, has called the protrusion of the crystalline diaphragm a “Buddha Belly”.   This herb will assist in the development and sustenance of the Buddha Belly in ascension.


This herb also assists in balancing the element of air within the etheric body and energy field.  If there is too much air, then this herb will assist in releasing excessive air element; if there is not enough air, air element will be added to those regions of the field that require more “space” to rotate.  For those who are thin in ascension and have difficulty expanding, this herb will also assist, as generally such humans have too much air as a genetic predisposition from birth.  (See “Retaining One’s Health in Ascension” for more information on the import of balancing the elements in ascension.)



pdf of Digestive Diagram


In Chinese Medicine, this herb assists with strengthening the lungs, spleen and improves the digestive system. Research has shown that it speeds the transmission of nerve impulses, increases endurance, and strengthens conditioned reflexes. It has also been shown to have many anti-stress capabilities.


From the Herb Kingdoms perspective, this herb opens all meridians to one’s digestive system, including the stomach and small and large intestines.  This herb will also support the development of the crystalline digestive system.  The crystalline digestive system becomes increasing efficient at digesting one’s meal.  The intestines and stomach go through many changes in the crystalline form.  By 3000 strands, the entire intestine “turns”.  More or less what this equates to is that an entirely new intestine is constructed around the old, and then the old intestine is released much as one would pull a sock inside out, leading to many bowel movements over the course of a few days to a week.  After the new intestine emerges, digestion improves over 100% as the new crystalline intestinal walls are much stronger allowing stronger enzymes to be utilized in the act of digestion, and more permeable for the purposes of absorbing nutrients through the tract.


For those who have difficulty with digestion, Ginseng will assist by energizing the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen and intestinal tract.  Most who have difficulty with poor digestion will find that the stomach and small intestine runs cold; it runs cold as the meridians close and then chi fails to move through to support digestion.  Open the meridians and the chi will flow and then digestion can occur, as it should.  It takes chi to digest, as digestion is an active process.


Bodhisattva level initiates develop a “vegetarian tract” by 9000 strands that is a series of pockets throughout the small and large intestine; each pocket allows different enzymes to be excreted into waste allowing for greater breakdown and extraction of nutrients from one’s food that was previously possible prior to ascension to this level.  This allows initiates to eat a strict vegetarian diet and easily obtain all the protein and other sustenance that they require to sustain the crystalline form. Eating “slaughtered food” in the form of meat, fish or any other species causes slaughter or destructive thought-form to be retained in one’s field.  The purpose of ascension is to move beyond slaughter and victim thought-form into the unity paradigm; and this really cannot be accomplished while consuming flesh.  Therefore the development of the vegetarian digestive track is an important attribute to ascension.  This herb will support those going on to this level of initiation in the development of the vegetarian intestinal tract.


Lilliya who has suffered from poor digestion most of her life, and still experiences “constipation” in travel has ingested Ginseng many times to support her ascending field and form.  Digestion also equates to the integration of the spiritual lessons that one is learning.  Ginseng will assist one in understanding and digesting one’s spiritual life lessons.



pdf of Chi Movement Diagram


In Chinese Herbal Medicine, this herb tonifies the spleen, moistens the lungs, and stops the coughing, and enters all twelve acupuncture channels. Research has shown that it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect and reduces the toxicity of many substances including nicotine, caffeine, and cocaine.


From the point of view of the Herb Kingdom, this herb opens the main meridian channels throughout the body.  In ascension, the number of “main meridian channels” triples by initiation 3000 from 12 to 36.  By initiation 6000, this doubles again to 64 main meridian channels.  These channels allows for the required flow of chi to flow through the etheric body to sustain the energy of all small meridians or the lay lines of the etheric grid work.  These meridians are in addition to the main and side channels of the Kundahlini. 


Opening all main meridian channels at once is necessary to the sustenance of consciousness in an ascending field and life.  If all meridians close, one will quite naturally desire to go to sleep; if closed permanently, one will die in one’s sleep.  Opening all main meridians must occur upon awakening and they should remain open throughout the day.  This herb will assist initiates in learning to keep their main meridians open to retain consciousness and have enough life force to live one’s life and fulfill upon one’s purpose upon the physical plane. 


The main chi channels are fed by a pulsation of chi from earth and into one’s form with each in-breath and out-breath.  The breath is therefore a necessary component to retaining open meridian channels throughout the day.  Many humans are prone to shallow breathing and as this occurs, the main meridians begin to close down.  This herb will assist in retraining the body to take periodic deep breaths every few minutes to assist in keeping the main meridians open.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb is used for pain in the joints or bones and in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or a cold sensation and pain in the back and knees.


From the perspective of the Herb Kingdom, this herb opens the side channels of the kundahlini and balances the left and right energy flow of the chakras and subtle bodies.  The Kundahlini has a main channel that allows fire and chi to move from the aurora of earth up the spine of the etheric body.  There are also two side channels that run up each leg and side of the body, down the arms and out the hands.  The side channels provide chi to the main meridians and the smaller lay lines of the grid work of the form.  Therefore open side channels are imperative to assure that the main meridians have enough chi to remain opened, and to the movement of chi through the entire etheric body, which in turn sustains the life of the form. 


Often humans are prone to shutting off their side channels by closing the chakras in the feet or knees or both.  This often leads to feet and knee pain.  Humans have learned to separate from earth by shutting of the energy in the legs that would allow for an interconnection.  This herb will assist initiates in releasing the karma that has caused one’s ancestry to separate from earth and cease to ground or connect energetically unto her body.  As this is accomplished, there can be adequate movement of chi up the side channels of the Kundahlini for the purposes of ascension.





In Chinese Medicine, this herb increases and improves the circulation of blood and promotes the flow of energy, strengthens the muscles and bones, alleviates pain, and promotes clear vision and hearing. Can be used for irregular or painful periods and headaches.


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists the maintenance of the heartbeat or pulse of energy running through all meridians within the etheric body.  There is a pulse of energy that flows through all meridians upon a recurrent basis.  This pulse aligns with the rhythm and movement of the small chakras within the etheric body, the larger charkas of the regeneration system that sits just outside the etheric skin, and the larger chakras that spin around the etheric form.  In essence, the pulse is a movement of chi that pulses in time with one’s own movement of field.  Ascending initiates are also learning to align their pulsation of energy and rotation of field with nature and earth.  This herb will assist one in aligning one’s pulse and energy flow with the divine timing of earth.





In Chinese Medicine, this herb is used to treat inflammation, cold sores, hot flashes, delayed menstruation and asthma.


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb assists in opening the meridians to the bronchials of the lungs. The crystalline lungs enlarge creating many more and larger pockets or bronchials with receptors to gather oxygen in larger amounts than one’s pre-ascension physique.  This expansion enlarges the chest region of both men and women in ascension.  The oxygen is then sent via the blood to the pockets in the diaphragm where it is converted into blood sugar to feed the crystalline cellular structure.  The open bronchials are important to assure that adequate oxygen is collected to maintain the crystalline cellular structure.  


This herb will also assist in regulating the in-breath and out-breath to assist in the process.  As one breathes in and out deeply, one also resets the field into “present time”.  Many initiates are prone to living in the past or future, or have the field split in time.  As one breathes in deeply, all chakras align in the middle of the form allowing for present time to be experienced.  In essence, this herb assists initiates in learning to live in the NOW.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb tonifies the kidneys and fortifies the yang energy. Traditionally used for impotence, male or female infertility, premature ejaculation, frigidity in women, and irregular menstruation. Also said to be good for strengthening the sinews and bones.


From the Herb Kingdom’s perspective, this herb assists in the divine union movement of energy that grounds soul into the form and allows the form to connect to the consciousness of earth in an ongoing movement of energy.  Ascension requires the presence of soul and the angels to manage the field.  Without soul, ascending initiates will become very ill, as there will be nothing conscious present to manage the field, spin the chakras or reweave one’s grid work.  Therefore learning to anchor soul is a pre-requisite to ascension.


Humans have learned to live in a soulless state of being.  There is karma for why this is so, and this herb will assist in releasing the karma and trauma for how one’s ancestry separated from soul and separated from earth and the nature kingdoms over time.  As soul is anchored, then there is enough energy to continue to ascend, and feel good upon the physical plane.  Many who fail to anchor soul in the early ascent to 800 strands or less may suffer from “chronic fatigue”.  The chronic fatigue is due to a lack of soul to support the enlarged ascending field.  Learn to anchor soul and sit in divine union and the fatigue will cease to be one’s life experience.


Divine union allows for the experience of feeling loved from within by ones’ soul, oversoul and source along with earth and nature.  Feeling loved from within is a joyous experience and one of the gifts of ascension.  The sexual energy is the conduit through which divine union occurs, and this herb fortifies the sexual flow to become strong enough to sustain a state of union between body, soul and earth.




In Chinese Medicine this herb tonifies the spleen and moistens the lungs. Known as a "food of the immortals" by Taoist adepts, is said to build bones and sinews and retard aging.


From the Herb Kingdom’s perspective, this herb opens all meridians to the regeneration chakra system that surrounds the crystalline etheric body.  The regeneration system is a series of chakras that rotate around the etheric body; as the chakras rotate, chi is pulled from the core of the Kundahlini and Kundahlini side channels outwards along the meridians and grid work of the etheric body. This assures that all cells of the body receive enough chi to sustain life and to continue to regenerate.


It is the regeneration system that assists ascending initiates in moving out of time and ceasing to age.  For those who are older, ascension does bring forth a regeneration and rejuvenation of the form.  One may roll back the clock, and in time appear ten or twenty years younger than before ascension began.  In order for this to be accomplished, one must have a proper regeneration energy system and sustain such a system with enough chi through the system.  This herb will therefore assist in the regeneration and rejuvenation process in ascension.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb clears heat and cools the blood. Also nourishes the blood and the yin and generates fluids.


From the Herb Kingdom’s perspective, this herb assists with the regulation of fire within the energy field and etheric body.  If there is too much fire, water will be called in to cool down the region; if there is too little fire, more fire will be pressed into the region.  This herb assists in making sure that all meridians and grid work of the form receive adequate fire to sustain life; and that all parts of the field retain adequate fire to allow for adequate rotation of the chakras and subtle bodies along with the greater auric field.


Fire is the element of life force.  Over time humans’ age and die, living a shortened life span due to a lack of fire.  In ascension, the fire increases and increases with each initiation mastered.  It is the fire that allows for the return of life and the return of chi in enough of an amount to allow for regeneration and rejuvenation of the form through the biological ascension into the crystalline structure.  Often there is fear of the fire element due to ancestral memories of nuclear annihilation or combustion in false ascension.  This herb will assist in releasing the pain and trauma from such memories so that one may make peace with the element of fire enough to ascend into the regenerative crystalline blueprint.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb belongs to the group of herbs categorized as heat clearing and dry dampness herbs. Can be used for symptoms of high fever, irritability, thirst, and cough with yellow thick phlegm. Considered a major herb for damp heat in the stomach or intestines, which may manifest as diarrhea or inflammation of the intestines.


From the Herb Kingdom’s point of view, this herb balances the water element throughout the field.  Where there is inadequate water, water is added; where there is too much water, the element of water is withdrawn for greater balance.  If one is prone to bloating or toxemia in ascension, this herb will assist in balancing the water element so that one may heal.  Those prone to retention of water are also often resistant to change or releasing attachment unto others.  This herb will assist initiates in releasing their attachments to those who one is complete with the karma in the dance of life.


Those who have no water element will learn to embrace water so that there may be adequate lubrication of the field and form.  Sometimes there is karma and present or past life ancestral trauma that causes one to fear water.  Perhaps one’s ancestry drowned, and many have remembrance of the great flood in which close to 8 billion red nations peoples drowned.  This herb will assist in releasing the pain and trauma recorded in one’s field so that one may make peace with the element of water.  Those who lack water element may also be very thin; embracing adequate water element will allow the crystalline blueprint to take hold and develop fully into the physical allowing for physical expansion.




In Chinese Medicine, this herb nourishes the yin of the stomach, lungs and kidneys. Can be used for recovery from a long illness.


From the Herb Kingdom’s perspective, this herb assists in opening all meridians to the kidney, liver and spleen and pancreas, along with all meridians to new organs and glands that filter the blood and gather photonic energy that are apart of the crystalline structure.  (See “Ascending into Regenerative Biology” for more information.)  In ascension, four new organs develop; two of such organs are the size of a small liver each and develop around the waist, adding to the size of the “Buddha Belly”.  These two organs are strictly for the purposes of strengthening the body’s ability to filter the blood of toxins that are released in the act of ascension.  There are also two additional organs that develop above the kidneys that gather photonic energy to sustain the vibration of the spinal fluid.  The spinal fluid alters in ascension to hold photonic energy, which energizes the movement of the kundahlini up the main channel or spine of the form.


The flow of chi to the blood cleansing organs is important, as if these organs deteriorate, they will cease to function properly potentially leading to disease due to over toxicity rather than continued ascension.  The 1000-petal lotus that develops in the pelvis in ascension further supports the energy flow to the kidney, liver and spleen meridians.  This herb will support the ascending field in the proper development and maintenance of the pelvic lotus.  (See “Anatomy of an Ascending Field for more information.)




We hope that you have found this information of use upon your personal path of ascension.  Call upon our kingdoms to support the ascension into the regenerative crystalline form and energy flow.  It is our greatest hope and wish that many more adult humans choose ascend.  The more of humanity that can move into the regenerative paradigm, the easier it is for earth to release her remaining destructive thought-form.  As destruction is released, a new day of hope and joy can be created for all kingdoms upon earth.  And this we do indeed long for.


For eons of time the herbal kingdom has held the information of the fully conscious humanoid biochemistry in our biology.  We have waited for this time of possible ascension to share of this knowledge so that humanity may restore themselves to a fully conscious state of being.  We have watched Lilliya and those in their program struggle to bring this path and the map of ascension forth.  We stand now in support of this goal.  There is now a dream for the restoration of full consciousness to the human species through generational ascension.  We honor those who have struggled to make this possible.



The Herb Kingdom



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