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by Carol Anita Kopp

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The following products are to assist those on the path to self healing by providing herbal and oil combinations that have a healing effect on the body. Sometimes the body needs additional assistance to move forward and heal as one continues to transcend in ascension. These products are a collaboration with Nature to assist each who may need what these products offer. I am grateful to be able to bring these products through and I send many thanks to the herb, flower and tree kingdoms for co creating these products for ascension.






The Chinese herbs work a little differently upon the field and form than the western herbs, as they tend to function more on an energetic and an elemental level. Some also work on a physical level such as Reishi (Immune system) and Ginseng (Adrenals). If a meridian or energetic channel shuts down (closes up) a scenario is created where there is not enough chi to the respective organ, gland or system of the body that runs through the pathway of the meridian.


The Chinese herbs open up meridians so that the energy can flow to the related organs, glands and systems, and help the body ascend in greater health. Some of the herbs available can also balance the elements of air, water, fire & earth which are the building blocks to life. The elements build the atoms that become the molecules, that become the cells that become your physical form. The right balance of elements helps give the body what it needs to function in greater balance, with the right amounts of heat, fluids, density and space between the cells which allows space for movement, to help aid the form’s health.



The herbs are tinctured in charcoal filtered vodka (strength chosen as needed to produce the best strength tincture for the type of herb). The added bonus of choosing this type of vodka (filtered twice) is that the filtering clears the alcohol of impurities and sediment and produces are very clear, clean alcohol. The vodka itself is bought in smaller quantity glass bottling (rather than larger quantity plastic) to maintain the overall purity of the tincture. The Chinese Herbs can also be referenced from the LOL (Language Of Light) page of the website.





ARILLUS LONGANAE  Opens meridians to the circulatory system and lymph system, heart, spleen and bone marrow. Develops the 1000-petal lotus in the heart chakra region. Assists in opening the heart and releasing pain and armoring associated with rejection. 

CHRYSANTHEMUM Helps with the movement of the Kundahlini.  Assists in releasing trauma and karma from false ascension or nuclear annihilation, and the fear of fire element.

DENDROBIUM NOBIL (Korean Suk Gok) Assists with the sexual energy flow and the releasing of sexual trauma. Assists also with holding boundaries.

EUCOMMIA ULMOIDES, CORTEX  Assists with grounding and balancing yin and yang (male and female) energy flow. Will assist in healing the rejection of male or female parts of the persona.

FLOS CARTHAMI (Safflower) Opens meridians to the  reproductive and regeneration systems.

GANODERMA/ RED LING ZHI (Reishi Mushroom) Assists in opening meridians to the immune system and thymus gland.  Assists with the development of the thymus gland in ascension.




GLEHNIAE, RADIX Opens the meridians to the lungs and diaphragm.  Assists in the development of the Buddha Belly in ascension.  Balances the element of air in the field.

GINKGO LEAF (Ginkgo Biloba)  Opens the meridians into the brain and pituitary and pineal glands.  Assists with the development of the crown lotus in ascension.

GINSENG Opens all meridians to one’s digestive system; the stomach, small intestines and large intestines.  Supports the development of the crystalline digestive system and vegetarian tract.  Supports digesting one’s spiritual life lessons.

GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA, RADIX (Licorice)  Opens the main meridians throughout the body. Assists the body learning to take deep breaths every few minutes rather than shallow breathing.  Assists initiates in learning to keep the meridians open at all times, as otherwise one wishes to go to sleep.




HOMALOMENAE, RHIZOMA Assists in opening the Kundahlini side channels and balancing the energy in the right and left sides of the form and field.  Assists in maintaining a connection to earth through the feet and legs.

LIGUSTICI WALLICHI, RHIZOMA  Assists in regulating the pulse of chi running through all meridians within the etheric body.  Assists with aligning one’s rhythm or rotation of field with earth  and nature.

MOMORDICA CHARANTIA  Opens the meridians to the bronchials in the lungs to increase oxygen intake, which increases blood sugar to feed the crystalline form.  Helps to regulate the in-breath and out-breath to remain in present time and live in the NOW.

MORINDAE/ BA JI TIAN  Assists in the development of divine union between body, earth and soul.  Assists in development of the sexual energy flow to be strong enough to anchor soul.

POLYGONATI/ HUANG JING  Opens all meridians to the regeneration chakras system that surrounds the etheric body. Assists in the regeneration and rejuvenation process in ascension.



REHMANNIAE  Regulates the fire element throughout the field and etheric body.  Assists in releasing karma and trauma associated with the fear of fire.

SCUTELLARIAE, RADIX  Regulates the water element throughout the field and etheric body.  Assists with release of fluids of one is bloated.  Assists with the release of attachment.

TREMELLAE/ WHITE FUNGUS (White Wood Ear) Opens all meridians to the kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas and other blood filtering organs that develop in ascension.  Assists in developing the 1000-petal lotus in the pelvis.





Herbal Tincture 1 oz $20

Small Herbal Tincture ˝ oz $10

Full set ˝ oz 18 bottles $160


Tinctures are $5 Postage & Packing for up to 4oz of tinctures, and $10 for more including the full ˝ oz set. 


I appreciate the time you have taken to read through the product page

and look forward to hearing from you as you feel called. Many Blessings.


Thank You & Namaste,

Carol Kopp

Herbs, Trees & Flowers


You can contact Carol to order at








Black Cumin Seed & Borage Seed oils are now included in the Regeneration Oil blends. They can of course still be left out if you choose. The oil blends are made fresh to order and therefore you can choose oils to be included before you purchase. The more crystalline your skin becomes the more you can feed yourself in a localized manner through your skin as well as use the oil to heal, nourish and replenish your skin.




Lilliya & Earth experimented with some lovely recipes for regeneration. See link. I now make these mixtures as an offering to others. I like to make some of the ingredients from scratch. The herbal oils such as Calendula and Comfrey and Black Walnut oils have been infused at home rather than purchased already made. Hope you enjoy! Most ingredients are organic and I am finding other types of organic and unrefined versions of the oils and butters as time goes on.


I also make more variations of herbal oil infusions, including Passion flower oil, Arnica oil, Chamomile oil, Hyssop oil, Lavender oil, Carrot oil and other infused oils if your skin requires them. These are infused as are all the infused oils in organic golden jojoba. So please contact me if you have a special request.


The infused oils average at $15 an ounce or can also be mixed into a special blend for you. They take some time to create and so please order in advance of imminent need.


Clarifying Note: The herbal infused oils are not the same as the highly concentrated essential oils. They will still have a little essential oil imparted into them in the infusion.

The more we ascend the more porous our crystalline skin becomes. This means that we can begin to feed our body through the skin to receive fatty acids and other nutrients. All of these cream and oil recipes are made in collaboration with the herbal & plant kingdoms. See articles from the plants and trees upon the website for a few of these recipes by Lilliya.

Thanks to Earth, the herbal kingdom and Lilliya for bringing through these beautiful concoctions for ascending skins and I am pleased to offer them to others whom may enjoy & benefit from these products. All infusions have been homemade.



Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn oil, Tamanu oil, Comfrey oil (infused  in Jojoba), Calendula oil (infused in Jojoba), Grapeseed oil, Avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil, Rosehip seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, and Jojoba. This is a highly concentrated oil for use on the face. The face/head needs more concentration of essential fatty acids than the rest of the body.




This is the same regeneration oil as for the face but it has added to it more base oils of Jojoba, Grapeseed, Apricot kernel and Avocado, and Orange, Grapefruit andTangerine essential oils (can add different essential oils of your choice as this is made to order). Good as a body oil before sleep, a massage oil, bath oil, and an oil for salt scrub.




 This cream is the same mixture as the regeneration oil for the face but with added creamy Shea Butter that allows for it to stay upon the skin in areas that need extra gentleness and moisture. This cream is good for under eyes, lips and dry areas such as heels or elbows. Keep jar in a dark place. In extremely hot weather cream may need refrigeration to prevent liquefying.




The main base is Kukui nut oil. Added to this is Neem oil, ground Black Walnut skins infused in Grapeseed and/or Jojoba, Tea Tree & Oregano essential oils. This oil is very good for troubled skin conditions that need extra help such as acne. All the above ingredients in this oil are also effective to help clear fungus and parasites on the skin.






Regeneration oil 1oz - $25

Body Regeneration Oil 4oz - $35

Anti-Viral Oil 2oz - $25

Regeneration Cream Jar - $15


The Postage & Packing for up to 4oz of oils is $5. Above that is $10.

Please contact me for purchases outside the US and Canada.



NOTE:  The regeneration oils have no preservatives. This is because the only oil based preservative known that is naturally derived is vitamin E oil. Although this can be added to preserve if you wish (and please let me know if you would like it), the more porous your skin becomes the less you may wish for vitamins absorbed through the skin. An excess of a vitamin becomes a toxin if it is not released from the body easily & quickly and so that can be left to your own discretion. All products are mixed & bottled just before each sale. Please use within 9 months. Antiviral oil stays fresher for quite a bit longer due to it‘s ingredients. Most ingredients are organic. Those that are not are as naturally derived as I can find.









Power oil is a blend of Black Cumin Seed, Sea Buckthorn Seed & Berry, Organic Evening Primrose Seed, Organic Borage Seed, Organic Flax Seed & Organic Macadamia Nut oils. This is an essential fatty acid blend to be taken internally for maintaining health in ascension. An easy way to get a rich source of omegas!


This oil blend provides all the omega fatty acids needed for ascension, which are 3, 6, 7 and 9 plus much more. See article: http://www.ascendpress.org/language-of-light/TriTones-herbs2.pdf for details on the power of each oil listed above in relation to ascension, and also each fatty acid. All oils in Power Oil are cold pressed and free of pesticides and herbicides.


Dosage: Choose or muscle test each day the amount of drops needed, and this can change due to differing oil needs for your biology. These differences are related to your ascension cycles, any healing needs from the properties in the oil blend or any rancid fats in the body that need replacing. Oil can be taken on the tongue, blended in your smoothie, or in water (the oil and water won’t mix and the oil will float on the top).


If you prefer to take the oil in capsule form, I found that 16 drops is the maximum to fill up a size ‘0’ vegicap without spillage when encapsulating. The dropper makes it easy to quickly create oil filled vegicaps for those that prefer it. You can then test the amount of drops you need that day and place into the vegicap or caps. Consume oil filled vegicaps within three days to retain maximum quality from properties within the oils, this is because this encapsulation method is not the same as hermetically sealed soft gels that are often used for oil filled capsules, and the soft gels can be stored for several months before deterioration begins. Please keep bottle tightly closed and for the absolute best quality from the oil blend consume within 4 -6 months. The Sea Buckthorn does not solidify refrigerated in this blend, but it may solidify in colder temperatures. 





Power Oil 1oz - $18

Bulk Price - Three Power Oils 3 x 1oz - $50





I appreciate the time you have taken to read through the product page

and look forward to hearing from you as you feel called. Many Blessings.


Thank You & Namaste,


Herbs, Trees & Flowers


You can contact Carol at



Copyright © 2009 Carol Kopp