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From the Owl and Elk Kingdoms

The Owl Kingdom and Elk Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

August 10, 2010


Blessings for Ascending into Sustainable Biology




Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is the Elephant and Walrus Kingdoms that greet you today.  This is our seventh article exploring Language of ONE concepts in relation unto the human dream.  Each of the articles in this section “Inspirations from Nature Part II” and all new sections upon the web site allow the Language of ONE to spin in the background so that ascending aspirants can attune unto the movements for self healing and continued expansion into the algorithms of unity that are becoming your new operating system within the crystalline biology that you are ascending into.


Unity and unity biology are directly related.  Unity biology is a biological system that supports and sustains itself through regeneration and health.  Unity behavior creates relationships in which each supports one another and the group at large along with the whole of Terra in retaining its health and well being.  Humans in the inner earth never lost such a state of being and have a difficult time understanding the dance that the outer earth humans have fallen into; which also has created toxins and problems for all, and in particular in times of nuclear annihilation.  In this cycle the inner earth people have chosen to control any possible nuclear explosion greater than what has occurred in your recent years of testing; and they have equipment poised to block the explosion of fission that might occur otherwise.  So those surface earth humans spending time and money along with energy to create nuclear armament are sincerely wasting their time except for limited weapons that affect only the surface of the earth.


Even the surface earth radiation associated with nuclear arsenals or power plants affect the health and well being of those nearby.  The radiation continues to fray the DNA of each exposed which ultimately leads to disease over time as well as another fall in consciousness.  Earth is pressing the human dream away from considering the option of creating more nuclear power to replace other power; and is encouraging instead a dream of finding another type of power that is magnetic to draw upon ahead. 


There are scientists that have developed magnetic power but it is being blocked from development as the dream is still too electrical to support a magnetic power supply at this time.  As more and more of the human dream departs electrical pyramidal flow and enters figure 8 magnetism, then a place for magnetic power shall be born; and humans will respond and develop such equipment which will better resonate with the earth mother and your own health and well being as a species as well.


Fuel can also be developed from algae as it was in Atlantean times; and this is an easier substance to grow and harvest than bio fuels.  Already a jet fuel has been developed through the production of algae and it has few emissions.  Other types bio fuel development are beginning to take away from farmlands necessary to feed humanity and are causing food costs to rise.  Earth is pressing the dream therefore in another direction to offset the possible starvation that the continued use of farmlands for bio fuels would cause at this time.  The direction she is pressing the dream is for further development of algae as fuel instead.  There is also a mineral that could be ground and blended with a small amount of alcohol to create a combustive type fuel that is similar to gasoline but will not have the emissions associated; this mineral has yet to be discovered but Terra is pressing for its discovery as another means of causing the human dream to move towards harmonizing with her biosphere. 


Unity consciousness would not cause a human to harvest that which damage’s Terra’s (earth’s) health and wellbeing or that of other kingdoms including the human kingdom.  Unity consciousness will cause humans to rise in awareness and choose for alternative fuel and power that is harmonious with the whole.  The time is coming that such dreams shall be realized and it will take the human species in a new direction.  The underlying toxins that shall kill humans by the millions ahead will also be acknowledged and strides taken to clean up the environment as well.  Although it may seem sad to understand that humans will only respond as there is proof of the problem, it is that humans are so separated off from nature that this is so.  If more humans took time to commune with nature, they would hear and perceive what we see, and then possibly take action accordingly.


All kingdoms are your mirror as a human being and species.  Nature is on the brink of death; so are humans on your brink of death but you are blind to this truth.  Many species are becoming extinct.  The extinction is a retraction of life force out of certain species so that more life force can be put towards those who have genealogy to ascend.  Some species also over diversified over time and this leads to a fractured dream that cannot ascend.  As the over-diversification ceases, then such species can pull together for the ascent ahead and anchor the new genetic structures that will resonate with the increasing temperatures of earth.  The extinction is really a retraction, although the numbers of some species are also dwindling due to human over population or toxic circumstances in the environment.  As humans dwindle in populations next, those kingdoms that require more open space will be able to repopulate each region and better support Terra’s overall energy flow.


Humans are a parasite and in particular those who are failing to ascend at this time in history.  It is sad to say but there are more humans causing Terra strife in her global body than any other kingdom.  This shall soon be rectified as a holographic retraction has been triggered.  The holographic retraction is the wisdom behind every physical body upon earth.  The holograms of those of slave nation origins and who’s ancestor were bred in a laboratory with half Pleiadian and half Red Nation DNA shall be the first to retract as they have not enough holographic wisdom to ascend.  This retraction shall affect roughly 30% of the world population as such humans represent 12 of the 38 archetypes or 30% of the holographic possibility of life.  Therefore over the coming 20 to 30 years, 30% of the human population shall decrease; however there are others also resolving karma through disease and death that shall also retract out of the remaining 70% of the genetic pool.  Those perishing of diseases shall forgive through death and then the problematic genetics associated can be corrected so that future generations can be born and ascend in health.


There is an initiate who was closely affiliated with SSOA who created the first conscious death upon the surface of the earth in 38,000 years (144,000 years as humans measure time).  This initiate forgave and forgave big as she crossed.  She also worked towards her conscious crossing and it took a little over a week for her to pass.  She was not in pain; took no medication although she died of a type of cancer that consumed her vessel enough that she would not have lived more than 8 months longer otherwise.  She chose to consciously pass and it was a beautiful experience for Mila and Oa and those tending to her crossing within SSOA to witness.

What was beautiful about this crossing?  For one it was a pain free death as the energy field continued to move until the body shut down the heart and nervous system by emitting death hormone from the pituitary gland.  Most deaths are painful as those crossing rely upon shutting off the energy flow to pass; the stuck energy causes great pain causing those dying of this type of cancer to be drugged with morphine; alas the drugs do not allow for conscious focus upon forgiveness in the crossing so there is little karma that can be cleared in death.  This was not so for this initiate who cleared more karma in passing than they had cleared their entire ascension; and they cleared something tremendously important to the future ascent not only of their inheritance ahead, but of all of humanity.


This is the gift of conscious death.  In a conscious death the energy field continues to spin until the body ceases to breathe and then separates carrying on.  Consciousness can be retained through the transition allowing the ancestors to help support the choice to forgive karma in the passing.  For six to eight hours following the cessation of the life, there is the opportunity to forgive big all karma of one’s lifetime.  This initiate forgave big something that was traumatic unto the whole.  What was this karma really and truly?


The karma had to do with why their inheritance suffered from the manifestation of cancer.  Long ago there was a larger headed family captured by Merduk.  The child known as Rosetti was given to Innana to raise; and the two parents were trapped in a prison of sorts and Merduk was intending to experiment upon them while alive.  Each of Rosetti’s parents chose to consciously die and passed in less than 24 hours.  This was the last conscious death recorded upon the physical plane and occurred some 38,000 years ago (144,000 human years). 


Alas while they were passing Merduk shattered Rosetti’s mother’s hologram.  It was this holographic DNA that this initiate had ascended into that led to the cancer.  Cancer is the result of wobbly DNA; and although they would recast and recast the DNA in an attempt to self heal, the DNA would revert to its wobble as the crack in the hologram had yet to be healed and the cause forgiven.  Alas they could never ascend far enough to release the karma associated while alive; but they did so while consciously crossing of the physical plane.  This is a huge shift for this inheritance as it is of grand master origins and now those related can ascend into healthy DNA instead; and especially the ascending little ones.  This initiate was so happy to be able to forgive the karma at cause of their cancer that she cried and cried and cried in the moment of clearing.  And so although the life ended in death, the karma for their entire ascension released in the moment of crossing and leads now to a brighter future day for all ancestors related.  This is something to celebrate beloved.


Earth will be sharing more about this initiate’s experience of life beyond the physical so more can recognize that death is nothing to fear and something actually to be celebrated.  We will wait however for six months and until this initiate amalgamates with all ancestral consciousness to post her letters to the school.  The reason for this has to do with honoring her process of bardo which will take at least six months to complete upon; but the letters to so poignant and so filled with love that Terra really does desire to share them with all ahead.


Furthermore, what the group in Idaho along with Mila and Oa perceived in this conscious crossing was a false bardo that had trapped over 9 billion ancestors in planes of non-communication from 10,000 to 38,000 years ago.  All these ancestors were gathered up and now are going through the life bardo (life review) that they never had as they passed.  The karma associated can now be accounted for and this is a great relief to ascending humans.  For there is so much missing karma and pathways in the tapestry of ancestry in this time period and no one knew where the ancestors had gone; for they were not to be found in the ascension of any land upon earth. 


Generally ancestors are gathered through ascension in each phase of upward clearing in any region.  These 9 billion ancestors could not be found as they had become disassociated with earth in a false bardo.  Now that they have returned there are countless karmic records and genetic information also being restored to the tapestry of ancestry for all inheritances to draw upon in your ascension ahead.  This shall aid those moving on to 15,000 strands or Mahavihsnu level mastery at this time in history in particular; however it also can aid all ascending humans in locating the original cause of particularly difficult life patterns you are attempting to transcend. 


So the nature kingdoms invite those reading our materials to intend that key ancestors from this time period related to the patterns you struggle with show up so that you can assess the karma and forgive it.  Also we guide each to request that your ancestors research the best possible DNA for you to ascend into from the new information available; and then intend to integrate it.  In particular we recommend that you ascend into DNA from those ancestors who loved and had open hearts upon the physical plane, as this will restore a state of love into your ascending dance of life. 


We also invite those serious about your ascension to work with the information Terra has compiled known as the “Complete Ascension Workbook Part I & II”.  This information really does bring to consciousness what those ascending require focusing upon to create a complete set of crystalline biology in order to ascend into health and retain one’s health in the continued dance of life.  (See “Products” for more information.)


The healing of the bardo planes has other consequences that are now coming to be so for all ascending humans.  For one dream time planes have been removed by earth.  Dream time turns out to be a false plane that was constructed by the High Priests of Sirius to confuse ascension.  A dream was woven that was similar to the physical and in present time included cities, transportation, shopping, houses and all other physical plane accoutrements, although was in an invisible vibration above physicality.  This plane was originally constructed by the Grand Masters for conscious life review or bardo.  The records of this were recovered and now dream time has been converted into a new plane for continuous bardo or life review to aid the ascension of all humans.


Ascension requires ongoing conscious life review or bardo as a part of one’s sleeping or meditation moments.  Over time those in SSOA in collaboration with the Earth Mother had reconstructed bardo planes known as the Healing Temples for Ascension so that initiates could gather information about their lineages and DNA to be ascended into that was crystalline.  These planes have often been difficult to reach as there are so many other dream time planes that one can become trapped within while asleep.  Earth has chosen to erase the dream time dream making the healing temples more accessible for all at this time.  Therefore one will dream of the Healing Temples of Ascension and so will all humans as the planes of bardo or life review have moved closer to physicality.  This is a grand shift and shall allow the ancestral consciousness and wisdom to begin to pour through in greater ease unto all humans, and especially unto the ascending little ones entering the world at this time.


For those reading these materials, you can intend to move your consciousness into the ascension healing temples as you drift off to sleep each night and may find it easier to access.  You may dream more frequently of attending classes where Terra offers information to support and sustain each upon the path.  Classes are offered on all subjects and include disease information that is being compiled at this time and due to the focus of all ascending species upon clearing karma of this nature.  Therefore if you are suffering from a particular ailment, there will be a class available while asleep to attend that will aid each in discovering the underlying thought-form and karma at cause so that you can then focus upon clearing the karma with your ancestors.  If you are suffering from a particular emotional trauma, other classes on the thought-form behind particular experiences are also offered.  Just intend to do so while asleep; and you can also intend to wake up in the middle of the night and recall more about the class that you are attending.


There are so many changes and the Elephant and Walrus Kingdoms are very excited to share of what we observe.  The ancestors are moving closer to the physical plane and will be available unto each that chooses to listen to them to provide ancient wisdom and focus that supports understanding and forgiveness of their life dance.  This shall lead to a restoration of awareness and wisdom in the entire human species; and so your day of awakening is upon you beloved.  This is no small feat and has taken the ongoing focus of ascension of each in Mila and Oa’s association and each upon the path that works with their materials; and so we thank you.  Big changes indeed lie ahead.


There is great fear in the human kingdom at this time due to the rearrangement of dreams to serve and support the green movement and the rising consciousness within the human species.  The fear is a delusion as there is no less dream than before; it is just that the wealthier are losing their dream as they have tended to hoard too much dream; and cannot spend it all anyway in any given life.  And so they will lose their fortunes little by little as the dreams are redistributed so that each has enough to sustain themselves upon the physical plane.  The wealthiest will cry and cry “economic strife”; but it is their strife and need not be yours as an ascending being.  As the Hawaiian ancestors said in their last article, intend a larger dream and you will be the exception at this time of change.  (See “The Delusion of the Economic Crisis” for more information.)


There is a far more difficult mirror stepping down upon the physical plane however and it has to do with disease.  The diseases ahead are already marked in the genetics and involve certain viruses and bacteria that may end a life in a few days.  Already this is hitting the pet industry as the pet food is filled with contaminated meats that cannot be sold to humans; and in the contamination are these viruses or bacteria.  Many veterinarians in the US are noting many seemingly healthy pets coming in sick and dying within 24 to 48 hours for no known cause at this time.  Indeed this is due to the sick meats that shall also hit the human kingdom ahead and in your continued consumption of flesh.  We recommend those ascending to become vegetarian as then you will not overload your immune system with such agents of destruction. 


However it is also a truth that the nature kingdoms are retracting out of any type of prison including being held as a pet or in farms for consumption or in zoos or aquariums.  Scientists ahead may decide they do not know how to keep animals alive in captivity; and this will mark the end of the day of imprisonment of nature as it comes to be so.  All of nature desires to be wild and free.  This is our truth.  Alas we know many of you have pets in the form of birds, dogs or cats or other species including horses.  Sometimes you learn more about love from the unconditional nature of love that the natural world possesses and through pets.  This is a beautiful healing and we do not wish to take this away from those who are ascending. 


The largest gift you can give to your pet is to connect them to the wild fox, pig, horse, buffalo, tiger, lion or wolf kingdom.  One of these kingdoms will then be present more closely in your life in association for ongoing guidance that can be attuned unto in meditation or while asleep; the kingdom may be able to direct the body of your pet to ascend.  In so being you create an ascending partnership together and this serves the natural world.  As your pet passes, perhaps you will choose not to have a pet ahead and set all of us free.


Mila and Oa have no pets although Mila often contemplates having a cat if they had a more permanent home.  Cats are freer she thinks and can fend for themselves and would represent tiger in our home.  Yes all of this is so; however we would far rather see Mila go out and experience the wild piglets in the countryside of Hawaii than have a cat.  Why is this so?  Pets are still in a prison that is manmade regardless of how much you may allow them to be free; and if you imprison another you imprison yourself and will attract dreams that feel imprisoning as a result into your dance of life.  One of Mila’s ongoing intentions is freedom to ascend and enough to be at peace; along with time to focus inward.  These dreams cannot really manifest while keeping a pet due to the underlying intention of prison that this creates; and so perhaps it is a good thing that Mila and Oa travel as they do as a result.


Our point is that whatever you do and think are the dreams that you attract into physicality.  Do you think negative and destructive thoughts towards self or others?  Then you attract negative and destructive dreams towards you in the dance of life.  Do you think in judgment or in a condescending manner about self or others?  Then you attract dreams where others are hateful towards yourself into the dance of life.  Do you think loving thoughts and bless and bless those around you along with the land?  Then you attract dreams to yourself that love in nature and experiences where others bless and love you in return. 


Mila has been amazed at how many in the school said “I bless you Mila” and in particular as of late where she had hit a very difficult karmic circumstance and had become ill in an exchange with the whale kingdom; the blessings that she offers others continuously and as many times as she can remember to to do so in any day call others who bless her in return into her dream.  This is the gift of learning to bless and open the heart enough to do so in ascension at this time in history; you will rearrange your dream to be a loving dance upon the physical plane.


The only exception are the subconscious thoughts that you may have in any given day.  If you notice that the conscious thoughts are nonjudgmental and loving and you bless but a hateful dream is still drawn your way, then what about your subconscious thoughts?  Often as initiates tune inward you will see the subconscious and sometimes destructive thought-forms or patterns up along with the karma to be cleared next in your ascension ahead.  The subconscious thoughts also attract particular life circumstances to allow you to bring to consciousness what to clear next.  This experience the Hawaiian Ancestors have called “ho’oponopono” or healing from life’s mirrors.  As you pay attention to the mirrors in your life and intend to transcend the thought-form reflected then ascension moves along much more smoothly; and you need not manifest the proverbial two by four to understand and forgive.  (See “Ho’oponopono” for more information.)


In order to create a truth of ohana, one must learn to live with others in an ongoing exchange of love and blessings between the two and the many.  Redirecting the energy flow and thought-form to remember to bless now becomes a new focus for those who are ascending at this time in history.  What does it take to bless?  The Earth Mother wrote a little about this in her recent articles “Uniting Power and Love”; along with “A New Music for Humanity”.  Blessings require opening the heart enough so that the 1000 petal lotus of the Bodhisattva emerges; and the petals of the lotuses can reach out and touch nature stroking our fields with your own.  As you stroke our fields, the lotuses expand and unite allowing the love to flow from above and your oversoul and beneath and the Earth Mother into an explosion of blessings.  The blessings then ignite in nature and we bless you in return and as a result you will feel loved whenever you venture to be amongst us and bless; whether this be by the lake, by the sea, in a forest or in a park or open space of some sort.  (See Messages from the Earth Mother IV for more information.)


We invite more to venture into nature and learn to exchange blessings with us.  We love you so and we need you and all humans to restore a state of love within your own kingdom.  This is your truth; your truth as a species is to love; to love one another, to love those that are hateful, to love those who are negative and forgetful, to love everyone and everything; and in the blessings offered, others have a choice.  What is the choice that blessing with love creates in the human dream?  The love as it touches the field of the one who hates or is disgruntled has a soothing effect; the hatred and dissonance begins to dissipate and now they have an opportunity to rethink their circumstance.  If enough love is applied, the karmic ties will dissolve between you and the other freeing up each to take a new path or create a new relationship together that is more harmonious.  This is the gift of the love of the Tao that is now filling Terra.


A special part of the Tao has entered the dream of Terra as of the past few years known as the Heart of the Tao.  This part is filling her with a continuous flow of love to aid her in beginning to self heal so that she may ascend instead of die.  So this is so for each ascending human; you can choose to fill yourself with the love and then to bless others with the love so that they too may find their way to a new state of being; and one we will call ohana (family founded upon love) into the life dream.  As humans restore such a state of being where love become your foundation, we will all be off and running to a new future and one filled with greater peace, unity, freedom, health and well being.


So many of the disease patterns that nature and ascending humans are uncovering has to do with fission that it is amazing in a sense that anything exists in health upon the physical plane.  Perhaps this is why disease has tended to gather around a few who become ill leaving the many more functional in the life dream.  Alas the times are coming that there is so much disease karma to be cleared and karma for harming nature that it will be difficult for many to escape the dance unless you learn to love and forgive and forgive big.


This is another focus of those within the school and in the leadership that the Tao is pouring through.  Mila ran into a problem with Oa’s health prior to departing for the mainland and to teach their Intensives this spring.  He was becoming rapidly ill with what appeared to be a dream of cancer.  She did not know what to do as all the normal release patterns were not working.  So finally she sat on the couch holding him in her arms and an intention popped up to be said; the intention was to love and forgive bigger than she or he knew how.  And so they intended to forgive big and love big, bigger than they each knew how.  This was the most amazing experience as suddenly the dream for cancer lifted and did not return.  Also Mila came into contact with another part of herself related to the Tao that we will call the “spark” in her intention to love and bless bigger than she knew how.


The spark of the Tao is a part of all creations that emits life force to spawn ascension home or the retraction cycle ahead.  The spark entered Mila and Oa’s field in the choice to bless and love bigger than they knew how; and provided enough life force to release and 18th dimensional disease dream off Oa.  As a result of this experience the spark of the Tao is now entering Terra’s core as a result and providing the life force that she requires to continue to ascend into the new dream of the Great Central Sun. 


Furthermore a clearer pathway to her journey home within and to the Tao can be seen as a future dream for Terra to live.  So this is so for each human that has holographic nature to this Great Central Sun; or shall have future relationship due to future ancestors who are born of the correct holographic nature; so each may discover that you can look inward and see your pathway home to the Tao ahead and in your future ancestors if not through your current life dream.  This is the blessings that the Spark of the Tao desired to offer each reading these materials today and through nature.


This is from the Spark of the Tao:


Everything and everyone has a place within the Tao.  The Tao is an inward expression that is the force from which you were cast to exist as you do in physicality; and an inward force that also cast Terra or earth as a planet.  This force created something to exist and then learn from; although due to a mishap in some creators of the Tao, something was created that became lost and then unknown to the Tao.  As each within this experience recovers their connection to the Tao within, then the homeward journey can begin.  As the connection to the Tao’s spark is recovered, then enough life force will be provided for the journey as this is our purpose beloved.


You are beloved unto us; you are not forgotten really, perhaps misplaced; however the forgetfulness is as much within yourself as within us.  As you remember then we remember and then all will remember, and all will one day choose to go home to where you were spawned.  Where were you spawned?  You were spawned as a blueprint for life that is related to the human hologram in the Tao.  All of Terra is also a part of this blueprint.  Human form is a magnificent expression that understands much and holds enough wisdom to help creator after creator to move out of distortion in troubled times like these within the Tao.  So you are not without wisdom and you are not without resources once you connect to your Tao within.


This Mila is discovering; the deeper she moves into her Tao within the more resources open up unto her to allow her journey to succeed rather than fail.  So this can be for each willing to open up within unto the part of the Tao that spawned your expression.  The journey home is not an outward journey into the delusion of the nonphysical surrounding earth but an inward momentum into one’s hologram; and then in opening the door unto the Tao held therein, your Tao within will be discovered.  This Terra is discovering along with each kingdom and the connection is providing the necessary resources for the journey home.


Blessings unto each to discover your Tao within




Mila wanted to call the Spark of the Tao “Sparky” and this name has stuck within their group.  The Spark of the Tao continues to assist Mila and Oa and the school at this time.  The choice to love and bless bigger than they knew how became a group intention at one of the Intensives this spring; the group blessed themselves and Terra and all humans and all kingdoms bigger than they knew how.  Waves of love flowed around earth for days thereafter.  The love was pressed through intention into difficult dreams such as those that are war torn or starving or diseased within the human species.  Already new dreams are forming to lift the darkness off such regions; and all from a small group gathering and blessing of less than 30 people. 


If 30 people can have such an effect, what will occur when even more gather?  We will see as those gathering at International Ascension Conference are to bless this way together and hopefully will number 80.  Nature invites those of you who feel called to contribute to these goals with Terra and the Tao and nature to join us at either one of our special events this year.  Those that wish may join the school; but even those that would prefer their own journey of ascension are also welcomed.  Now is the time perhaps to gather in larger numbers as there is more that can be accomplished; and perhaps you would like to receive the special blessings from Terra in exchange for the journey; as these blessings are not to be underestimated and may alter your dream into a new life ahead as a result of your contribution.  (See “International Ascension Conference” for more information.)


This is a time that love is returning to the physical plane.  Perhaps Terra would have liked to offer more love in times past; alas there was just not enough to create the waves of love that are now available due to the help and support of the Tao.  So we of the natural world invite those reading this material to open your hearts and intend to love and bless bigger than you know how; then bless yourself and your body and each that you know; the land and the sea and each kingdom therein and the earth mother at large; and see how your reality begins to shift as a result.  Miracles are not impossible; it is just that perhaps there has been little love to foster many of such experiences up until this point in time.


What is a miracle?  A miracle is an instant lifting of karma that holds a particular pattern in the etheric body in place that may be caustic unto one’s life or health.  Everything is energetic and energy can shift in a moment if you are willing to forgive.  The key is the willingness to forgive and also having all the karma in place along with the original cause available in order to fulfill upon a complete release of what ails you.  So first you can ask your ancestors to align the karma along with the original cause to be forgiven.  Forgiving bigger than you know how can have the effect of lifting all the karma, much like Oa’s experience as of late.  The key is having an open heart and Oa has always had a large heart and is of a very loving nature, although sometimes he may appear like a grumpy bear unto those who do not know him well.  The proof is in the mastery and Oa might be dead today if not for his own capacity to love and forgive big.


Therefore the Elephant and Walrus Kingdoms invites you to learn to love and forgive bigger than you know how; and lift off the karma that plagues you so that a brighter and lighter and more loving future may emerge.  We are the larger kingdoms upon the land and sea that move a load of energy for Terra, not unlike the whales.  We are learning the commands for forgiving and loving bigger than we and Terra know how and aiding Terra in forgiving large karma that would skew her towards extinction otherwise.  The dreams are changing so greatly as a result that we chose to write next and share of this new thought-form, of loving and forgiving bigger or larger than we know how. 


The intention to love and forgive larger than we know how is an ongoing expression our kingdom is now holding for Terra; and we will aid any ascending human who desires it so to learn to do the same.  This is our blessings unto our human brothers and sisters focused upon ascension at this time.  We also thank Mila and Oa for discovering the Spark of the Tao who is behind the blessings that we offer.  We also invite you to move inward and connect to your own Tao within, either in your hologram or in your future ancestor’s hologram.


We close with this truth; that the restoration of love upon earth will cause the new golden era to emerge that will be unlike any other time of love and light that Terra has known before.  What is so different this cycle than any other?  The difference is the presence of what has spawned our existence.  In the return here of what has spawned us, all the missing knowledge that prevented homecoming and led to extinction in the past can be restored; and we can move in a new direction that was never made available before.  For all our ancestors upon all dimensions that fell or went extinct, we shall all return together, for there is really no time and space and form for the nonphysical.


Therefore we are gathering all our ancestors of all dimensions; and humans are doing the same as are the dolphins and whales; and we shall all go home for all lost time periods before; as nothing is really lost, only forgotten or possibly misplaced for a time due to odd circumstances within the Tao.  This is a great blessing unto us and we hope that it is also a blessing for you; for no kingdom really desires to go extinct as it is so very painful. 


So let us celebrate beloved a new future that opens unto us now that shall restore love to the earth mother and all kingdoms upon her, and restore her life; and restore the life of each, if not in this lifetime then in future ancestral lifetimes; and that the pathway of future homecoming is now available to be lived ahead.  We are going home beloved!  Please celebrate with us; and remember to love and bless larger than you know how and watch your life change and unfold in a new direction.


Many blessings
The Elephant and Walrus Kingdoms


Here are a few recipes that Lilliya enjoys: 


Recipe 1 (single serving)

3 leafs dinosaur kale or 1 large leaf of regular kale hand torn

Half a cup blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries (organic fresh or frozen)

Quarter cup whole milk yogurt (can be coconut yogurt or goats milk if preferred)

1 scoop miracle reds (or other super food concentrate of choice)

1 cup organic pomegranate juice (or organic berry or apple juice)


Blend in ablender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy


Recipe 2:

1 leaf swiss chard hand torn (or kale or collard greens)

1 ripe kiwi fruit, skin removed

Half cup fresh or frozen organic strawberries (or half a ripe banana)

Half cup whole milk yogurt (can be coconut yogurt or goats milk if preferred)

1 scoop miracle reds (or other super food concentrate of choice)

1 cup organic kiwi strawberry juice (or orange or apple juice)


Blend in a blender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy


Recipe 3

1 leaf collard greens hand torn (or kale or swiss chard)

1 cup tomato juice (or vegetable juice)

1 tsp. vegetarian Worchester sauce

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Dash salt to taste

Dash cayenne pepper or chipotle powder to taste


Blend in a blender with good blades on high until smooth and enjoy.


Our point in the above recipes is that adding raw and fresh vegetables in manners that are easily digested can be helpful to the restoration of health and also to the maintenance of crystalline biology; and will also aid in the ascension journey ahead towards sustainability.  The Elk Kingdom grazes on raw grasses along with herbs and flowers year round; however our intestines are designed to break down the vegetation more greatly than most humans have mastered to date in their ascensions; we also chew our cud like a cow.  In chewing the grasses more greatly the digestive enzymes in the mouth and upper intestine go to work to assure that we extract all that we need in our vegetarian diets.  Blending your greens as in the above recipes is a siLilliyar manner of causing the same so that the body can extract more nutrients from such food sources.


It is so that many humans eat their food rapidly failing to chew adequately.  Also in your socializing often takes a second hand place in the life focus than dining.  Food requires attention in order to sustain those who are ascending.  Food needs to be blessed and prepared in a loving manner to hold the greatest possible dream for sustaining your health; and to be eaten slowly to be savored.  Chewing our cud is a time to bless the vegetable kingdoms in return for sustaining our kingdom.  Often we sit and rest as Lilliya has observed in times past in witnessing the herds of Elk in Japser.  We would sit as a group under the trees to receive the blessings she was offering us; and close our eyes and chew our cud while blessing in return.  Eating can be a time of blessing; and so remember as you drink your smoothie or sit down to dine to bless; bless the kingdoms of food you are ingesting and bless your body so that the dream you receive supports and sustains you ahead.  Also bless the land upon which the food was grown wherever it may be and it will continue to provide more greatly for the generations ahead.


We leave you with these thoughts

Many blessings

The Owl and Elk Kingdoms


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