The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Mila”

November 8, 2004





Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


We wish to address an important issue that has cropped up in recent months of problematic ascension around the globe; and that is one of the intermixing or blending of humans, nature and dolphins and whales in ascension.  It appears that this problem is a repeat of karma that is ancient and involves the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt some 18,000 years ago (72,000 human years).  Earth is in the process of rising above the frequencies that were in place during the era of the Pharaohs, and it is for this reason that this karma is up now for all sentient species to clear.


Many in current human form incarnate this lifetime with dolphin-whale or nature souls.  These souls extended into human form to understand the human dance and foster human awakening and evolution.  These souls are now retracting as their lack of understanding the human genetic structure is causing problems in human ascension as well as the ascension of all other kingdoms.  The problems have to do with the sharing or blending of grid work associated with the etheric body and moving energy systems along with DNA.


Those with souls from nature or the dolphins and whales may discover that they have dolphin-whale or nature kingdom grid work and energy flow surrounding the body along with DNA.  This is troublesome for many reasons that we wish to delve into so that it can be rectified in the personal ascent of each who reads of our materials.  Dolphin-whale or nature kingdom grid work cannot ascend human form.  It is now understood that the vast problems of incomplete ascension involves all species and is the result of the blending of grid work and genetics between kingdoms.


Perhaps it is a good thing that genetics are so ridged given the enmeshment of species in ascension; otherwise humans embodying dolphin and whale grid work might experience portions of their skin turning blue-gray in color and their feet and hands becoming fins along with their neck sprouting gills.  Those embodying animal grid work may have discovered themselves sprouting fur and whiskers; and those embodying tree and plant grid work might have found their skin becoming flaky like bark, or sprouting leaves and flowers.  Although many ascending initiates may discover that they have dolphin-whale or plant and animal grid work and DNA woven into the etheric, none of the DNA could anchor into the physical due to the rigidity of the current encoding; and perhaps this is a good thing after all.


The largest problem of this mix up of grid work is that DNA from any other kingdom will not conduct human genetics into the etheric cells.  Therefore one will find large gaps in the ascension of all regions of the form that have hosted nature kingdom or dolphin whale grid work up until present time.  Out of the 58 individuals that joined us for our International Ascension Conference event upon the Big Island of Hawaii last month, there was not one individual that did not have grid work and DNA from at least one other species; some had grid work from more than one species.  All such regions of the form remained at the genetic encoding level that it had ascended to prior to the intermixing of grid work between kingdoms.  In some cases, the DNA was still holding the original patterning from birth and was at 2 strands of DNA; for others the DNA hosted the vibration that it had ascended to up until the grid work was exchanged for nature kingdom grid work in its place.




How and why is this happening?  Nature’s souls or dolphin-whale souls, as they extended into human form brought with it the knowledge of how form was held within their own kingdom.  In entering human form, a holographic mix-up occurred and humans with plant, animal, mineral or dolphin and whale souls found themselves blending their knowledge with humanity that their souls ensouled.  This allowed for a holographic understanding of nature that may have not been fostered otherwise.  This is the reason that nature along with dolphin and whale consciousness extended into humans in the first place, to foster human awakening.


Perhaps if ascension were not to be launched, this blending would not necessarily compromise the physical too greatly.  However now and at this time of ascension, the grid work from other kingdoms interferes with the process of creating a complete biological blueprint to another frequency and into the crystalline form.  This is not only so for the human species; but also human grid work also appears to have become intertwined with nature along with the dolphins and whales too, causing them parallel problems in their own respective ascensions.


For the dolphins and whales, human grid work has too much water element; this is causing their molecular structure to drown as a result, and they too could become ill in the ascent if this exchange was not corrected at this time.  Plants and animals also cannot ascend with human grid work woven in, as human grid work will not conduct the appropriate set of genetic instructions into their physical form.  So what must occur at this time is a giant separation and a release of all ties of enmeshment between dolphin, whale, plant, animal, mineral and human kingdoms in order for real and complete biological ascension to come forth.




One of the most magnificent shifts as of the past month is that new master oversouls have extended into the physical planes upon earth from the Great Central Sun.  These new oversouls enter the dance to foster a return journey of Earth into the dream of the Sun.  These souls discovered right away the blending of grid work in the physical between species.  These souls are now orchestrating a separation of dream so that each species can separate from all others into a holographic state associated solely with their individual genetic blueprints.  Furthermore souls from next 11 star gates towards the boundary of the Great Central Sun are joining each kingdom along with the master oversouls to ensoul the physical and light body body-double planes concurrently of each species.


Each soul and soul group that enters the dance with any particular kingdom must have experience ensouling the associated kingdom.  Therefore elephant souls are ensouling the elephant kingdom; lion souls the lion kingdom; dolphin and whale souls the dolphin and whale kingdom; plant and tree souls the plant kingdom; mineral souls the mineral kingdom; and human souls the human kingdom.  This is a necessary shift, as only souls that have experience with a particular blueprint will have enough knowledge to ascend the associated species.


This shift of souls had occurred upon the light body body-double planes over sixteen years ago in human timeframe.  Now the shift has become physical, as the physical has ascended enough to reach up and request support and assistance for the continued evolution of the whole.  Up until 25 years ago in human timeframe, the presence of any physical reality was unknown to the souls ensouling the light body body-double planes, which exist an octave above physicality.  Physicality existed in a shadow of shadows that could not be perceived; as physicality began to ascend in the past decade or so, now it entering vibrational bandwidths that can be worked with by the souls that have entered from the Great Central Sun and ensouled the light body body-double planes to support the return journey of earth “home”.


There are many forces leaving the physical plane at this time that have been by in large non-supportive of evolution and at cause of the past 8 million years of falls in consciousness upon earth.  These forces are shadow-based entities that are used by the souls upon other dimensions desiring to cause extinction elsewhere so that they could extend their polarity cycle after cycle in the love and light only dance.  Such entities are in the process of being cleansed from the physical planes and are being sent at this time to an alternative earth that surrounds the planet of Mars within your solar system. 


These entities or false gods must be removed, as they would succeed at causing extinction of earth otherwise through the undermining of physical ascension; the Great Central Sun is orchestrating this cleansing in conjunction with the new master oversouls extending into physicality.  Each may choose to work with these souls and support the cleansing underway at this time.  Here are some suggested intentions for this goal.





Guardians have been returned and are anchored in the human dream for each who has mastered 2200 strands of higher in frequency in one’s personal biological ascension.  Guardians support karmic law; under karmic law one must have agreement for any dance or energies to occur between parties.  By in large the dark have been upon a rampage to prevent ascension in recent months, and as a result have moved so far beyond creational law into a lawless dance that lawlessness has inverted upon itself again back into True Spiritual Law.  In so being, the infractions that many of you have experienced as of late will now cease, and the proper foundation for the entry of ascending children can be created amongst ascending adults.


Law and lawlessness are opposing polarities, and there is a point in which they cross and much like a teeter-totter, can flip flop from one extreme to the other.  Long ago, physicality upon earth went into extreme lawlessness in counterbalance to Sirius who ascended into extreme law.  Earth is no longer choosing to balance polarity against Sirius or any other creation in the third or fifth dimension; earth is balancing the polarity by separating and segregating earth into two realities; one that is physical and upon earth and one that is nonphysical that surrounds Mars.  Lawlessness and all behavior, entitles, devices and planes associated therefore is in the process of being relocated to surround Mars so that humans along with earth can ascend.


For oneself, one will have those parallel lives that one is integrating in ascension.  Parallel planes 1 through 12 surround earth at this time; planes 14 through 24 have been reconstructed surrounding Mars to allow for polarity to be held within this solar system instead of with another solar system such as Sirius.  This allows earth to balance the scales releasing all karma for extreme polarity, and in time all kingdoms including plant, animal, mineral, dolphin, whale and human will move into unity instead.  Unity is the middle point between the two extremes; in a state of unity there is peaceful relations between all kingdoms.


For those ascending to 3000, one embodies planes one through twelve in the personal ascension unifying all planes in the physical.  As this is accomplished, one can then begin to move out of polarity in the dance of life and embody unity or the language of light in its place.  As one moves increasingly towards unity, many life changes occur that lead to greater joy and fulfillment, as unity unifies the extremes that cause failure or other unpleasant circumstances.  This is a grand gift indeed and one possible through adult human ascension at this time in history.


For those who have struggled with nonphysical forces obstructing one’s ascension, the guardians will assist one in moving out of the dance; for the guardians will block non-karmic infractions of all kinds.  The guardians exist as a part of the human dream as held by earth for all ascending sentient species.  One must simply attune to ones’ ascension based dream and anchor the guardians, and they will begin to mind true spiritual law in one’s field.


However keep in mind that they will also block one’s own unconscious infractions as well.  Many at International Ascension Conference experienced blows against the field that were only the result of their own returning unconscious harm as inverted upon them through the guardians.  Therefore the guardians will also prevent the creation of new karma through one’s own unconscious harmful patterning; as one experiences one’s own returning harm, one can then intend to release the associated patterning and step out of the dance.


The guardians are also responsible for assuring a complete biological ascension.  Therefore the guardians will now assist with the removal of any grid work that is from another kingdom; or any soul that is from another kingdom as the new boundaries are that each kingdom shall exist in a parallel reality and separate dream true to one’s own species, and ensouled by souls that understand the species.  So this is so for plants, animals, minerals, dolphins and whales; so this is also so for ascending humans. 


By in large, this shift of guardians, souls and oversouls shall affect those above 1024-1800 strands in vibration only.  Those beneath this are too enmeshed with each other to be placed in a separate dream.  The new souls also will not step down beneath 1800 strands in vibration to those in the old consensus; the reason being is that it is too dense and soul would be more likely to fracture in the attempt to ensoul those under this frequency.  The goal of ascension is to unite into greater and greater wholeness through the retrieval of what had fractured off at an earlier time in history, and not to fracture further.  Therefore attempting to ensoul humans, nature, dolphins or whales that have failed to embody the bare minimum of 1024 strands would be counterproductive to the ascent of soul.




Many received souls from the dolphin-whale kingdoms or nature kingdoms upon birth.  Yet others will find that such kingdoms ensouled them for a period in childhood, often beginning around age 7 through age 18.  In dreamtime and while asleep as a child, one may have swum with the pod that one’s soul was associated with if the soul was from dolphin-whale form.  For those ensouled by nature, one may have spent time with the plants and trees or animals kingdoms that one was ensouled by in dreamtime and as a child.  By in large, this infused peaceful memories into one’s childhood that then fostered one’s quest for peace through the spiritual path of ascension at a later time.  This was the purpose of the souls that extended into oneself in childhood.


Mila was ensouled by souls from the buffalo and horse kingdom from birth.  Buffalo and horse did not retract until Mila turned 17.  Mila was aware of the presence of horse and always wanted to have a horse in childhood, but the dream never did manifest.  She discovered over time much horse and buffalo grid work in her etheric body, which was removed as it failed to allow the associated region of the form to ascend.  The ties however also fostered her communication with nature that lead to the “Messages from the White Buffalo” series of articles along with the “Inspirations from Nature” section upon the web site.  Her love of nature continues along with the channeling in the “Messages from the Creepy Crawler” section.  A new section from the Plant and Tree Kingdom is due to be launched shortly.  From nature’s point of view, the entire reason that Mila was ensouled by a soul from nature has been fulfilled upon in this; so it may be so for each drawn to such materials, as one will find the love of nature perhaps more fulfilling than any other human relationship, as it is non-conditional and supportive of one’s return journey “home”.


Oa was ensouled by Tiger and Bear kingdom souls from the age of 7 through 14.  Oa’s childhood dreamtime was spent running with the bears in the woods, and the tigers in the jungles.  Although he had no physical memory of it, Oa continues to often feel like a bear or tiger in his ascension work; so much so that students have called him “golden bear”.  One sales manager of a hotel that hosted International Ascension Conference gave Oa a picture of a bear scratching its back upon a tree.  This made Oa laugh, as often he will be caught scratching his back against the corner where two walls meet in their apartment. Oa also found tiger and bear grid work in his ascent. This was removed in years past as it did not serve his continued evolution.


Each reading our materials may examine if they were ensouled by dolphin-whale or nature kingdom souls during childhood or from birth.  If one muscle-tests or pendulum tests “yes” to this inquiry, we guide you to discern which kingdom and during what ages that such souls were present.  Some may find that the nature souls are still present and that it is time to complete with them so that a human souls that understands human evolution may fully descend.




Dolphin-whale grid work was designed to live a life in the water.  The grid work therefore hosts more fire element than human or animal grid work.  Human and land based animal grid work host more water element, as this is what is required to sustain balance in the air or upon the land.  Dolphin-whale grid work in human form therefore tends to run too hot and will combust one’s molecular structure.  Human grid work in dolphins and whales conversely runs too much water element, and tends to drown their molecules.  In either case, disease is the result for both kingdoms due to the exchange.


Upon the skin, dolphin whale grid work may lead to recurrent breakouts, rashes or acne.  Dolphin whale grid work internal to the body will create too much heat wherever the grid work is associated; too much heat is associated with dominance in Chinese medicine.  If one has too much “liver” energy and not enough “kidney” or “spleen” energy as measured in the pulse points by one’s acupuncturist, then there may be dolphin-whale grid work associated with the liver.  As one removes the dolphin-whale grid work and replaces it with human grid work through conscious intention, the elements will rectify themselves with added water, cooling the region down and bringing about greater balance within.


Only dolphin whale DNA can travel down dolphin whale grid work.  Chances are wherever there has been dolphin whale grid work, there is also dolphin whale DNA instead of ascending human DNA.  Fortunately this will not manifest in the physical, as there is no history in the cells to host it.  As one replaces the grid work of dolphins and whales with human grid work, one will also therefore wish to intend to retrieve one’s human DNA and replace all dolphin-whale DNA with the proper encoding for human ascension. 


As there is human DNA and grid work rewoven into the etheric grid work, the associated regions of the form can then become crystalline.  Many humans who seemingly have failed to expand in ascension or in other terms, bring the ascension fully into physicality have had a host of dolphin whale grid work and DNA in earth’s examination.  As this alters, human ascension can take off as it should in the physical, and the physical will then expand as the cells become crystalline leading to a larger overall size of form.


In many cases with individuals joining us at our recent International Ascension Conference event, there was dolphin-whale grid work uncovered primarily in the hands and feet or legs.  Some of such grid work may be the result of “mermaid” ancestry and the blending of dolphin-whale form on the part of the Annanuki in their scientific experiments.  In a few other cases, we found that the nervous system and brain had dolphin whale grid work; this had not allowed all of the chemicals necessary ascension to bud in the pituitary gland.  As a result, the ascent in the physical was lagging.  As the grid work is changed out, now ascension can come down into the physical, as it should, and all the chemicals necessary to human ascension develop.




Dolphin and whale souls often not only weave dolphin and whale grid work into the physical form, but also construct dolphin whale subtle bodies and chakras in the humans that they ensoul.  Dolphin-whale subtle bodies and chakras have a less dense weave of etheric grid work than human subtle bodies and chakras. The reason for this is that in salt water, the grid work plumps as it spins.  In the air however such a weave is too thin to hold one’s boundaries as a human being.


The lack of boundaries for those with dolphin-whale subtle bodies or chakras can cause one to be very sensitive, as one’s field is more pervious to the emotions and energy of others.  Dolphins and whales also have no mental body; we have seen some humans with dolphin whale subtle bodies that have no mental body.  This causes such humans to have great difficulty verbalizing how they feel or communicating in general. 


For those who are born autistic, not only have they been found to have dolphin-whale cells in the brain with no verbal communication abilities, but also dolphin whale subtle bodies and chakras.  Earth is experimenting with a few autistic children to see if in the creation of a mental body, the development of language skills and the ability to channel human based personality entities occurs, allowing them a recovery from their birth defect through ascension.  This has yet to prove fully successful, but is still in the experimental stages at this time.


Humans that spin the patterning for dolphin and whale chakras will also find themselves weak in the related regions of the form.  In the air, dolphin and whale chakras in human form tend to spin too rapidly, and are too thin to support human boundaries leading to over sensitivity.  Such dolphin-whale chakras also do not syncopate well for a balanced rotation of field.  As those with dolphin-whale weaving for subtle bodies and chakras alter the blueprint bringing in a human weaving in its place, these problems can be rapidly rectified in earth’s experience.




For those who were ensouled by an animal kingdom or dolphins and whales, one may have ascended into a sexual and kundahlini energy or digestive system patterning that is pod or group related.  Group patterns are not apart of the sovereign energy flow of the human species.  Mila and Oa discovered one family of four (two adults and two children) in their Group Mastery Program that held pod sexual and digestive flow.  This was problematic as one adult had ongoing digestive distress as they never received enough chi to stimulate the intestines, leading to ongoing constipation.  As individuated digestive energy flow was anchored, this has since shifted in their continued ascent.


Pod sexual kundahlini flow is also problematic as the fire may combust karma rather than clear it through forgiveness in human form.  Why is this so?  Well, in human ascension, karma can only be cleared with fire from the kundahlini of the individual.  Pod or group sexual kundahlini flow is designed for a group of mammals that are aquatic or upon the land who hold collective karma; collective karma can be released through a collective kundahlini.  Individual karma from fully conscious human form must be released by the kundahlini flowing only in one’s personal field.


Karma is contracts or agreements that one’s ancestry carried forward into present time, as they were not fulfilled upon at the time that they lived.  Dolphin-whale or animal ancestors do not carry personal karma; they hold only group karma and therefore the group or pod can release such karma through a collective flow of fire.  For humans this is not so.  In the above family with pod kundahlini energy flow, much karma had been combust instead of being released through forgiveness, and this lead to ongoing patterns that never could be fully transcended within the individuals associated.  As the karma was resurrected and an individuated kundahlini embraced, now the karma formerly combust could be released allowing for real transcendence upon a personal level for each family member.


Patterns that will not release generally have agreements associated, even if one cannot find the agreements.  One can therefore intend to find the agreements if they are missing, combust or relocated someplace else.  As of late, there have been a host of agreements uncovered hidden upon other planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your solar system.  In the intention to uncover the original cause and agreements associated, so it will be, even if they have been hidden.  The intent to resurrect all combust agreements will allow the original contracts to then be processed through one’s own kundahlini allowing for transcendence of any associated patterning.




Animal grid work may be more difficult to detect than dolphin whale grid work, as it will tend to hold the elements properly with adequate water to support health within the humans form.  However animal grid work will only conduct animal DNA into the etheric cells.  It is highly unlikely that animal DNA will root into human cells, and we have had no example of this occurring to date in earth’s examination.  However the associated cells will also fail to become crystalline, as they are not receiving a human blueprint.  As one replaces all animal grid work with human grid work along with the DNA, the associated region of the form can then become crystalline.


In one case, we found horse grid work in the hair and bones of one initiate.  The bones and bone marrow had failed to become crystalline as a result.  As the grid work has been changed out, now this part of the form can become properly modified to the human crystalline blueprint.  We also found many other animals blended with yet other humans at International Ascension Conference.  As we stated above, it is probably a good thing that genetics are so ridged, or some might have grown bunny fur or horse hair upon their skin in the ascent to date otherwise.


How does one detect if one has animal grid work?  One can muscle test or pendulum.  Mila and Oa have little experience with pendulums, as muscle testing has always been affective for them.  Some of their associates have turned to using pendulums and find this equally effective as another cross-reference of one’s truth.  (See “Following One’s Truth in Ascension” for step-by-step muscle testing instructions.)




Plant grid work tends to be too fluid for human or animal form.  Wherever plant grid work is woven into the etheric body, the region tends to collapse in upon itself rather than holding the proper shape and form.  The reason for this is that plant grid work has less earth element than human, animal or dolphin-whale grid work.  Earth element is associated with lipids (fats), minerals (salts) and proteins (amino acids).  Plants do not host encoding for proteins by in large, and this leads to less earth element in the grid work along with less rigidity.


One can think of plant grid work in relation to how the grass that blows in the wind down the hillside in spring and summertime.  The only thing that blows in the wind in human form is one’s hair.  Plant grid work is not unlike hair grid work in its flexibility.  Tree grid work varies; if it is for the leaves or flowers, it is flexible much like one’s hair grid work in human form.  If it is from the trunk of the tree, it will be ridged like mineral grid work, or the grid work for one’s bones.


An initiate that attended Mila and Oa’s Intensive in 2000 in Sweden was an artist that loved the trees.  This artist would use the trees and forests of Sweden to inspire his work.  This artist was embodying tree grid work and in their legs, and the ankles had grown large like a tree trunk.  This led this initiate to believe that they were becoming ill, retaining too much fluid.  Mila and Oa rapidly unveiled that they were not ill at all, but embodying tree grid work in their legs and due to their love of trees.  As the grid work was removed, within 24 hours the legs and ankles came down to the proper human shape.


Yet others were uncovered at this past International Ascension Conference event to have plant or tree grid work blended with the human etheric form.  The plant, herb or tree kingdoms ensouled these humans in childhood.  Many of such humans have a deep affinity with nature as a result, and out of their desire to “be one” with the plants and trees, much like the above initiate, began in the unconscious to take of their grid work in ascension, weaving it into the physical.  So this is also so for those ensouled by dolphins, whales or animals in childhood at this time of ascension.  Being one with nature does not require enmeshment beloved; instead it requires communion.

Communion can only occur if the body ascends with all 3000 strands or higher of a human genetic blueprint embodied down to each system, gland and organ within the form.  Communion is an act of soul.  As there is enough sexual energy movement due to the higher vibration of the crystalline form, there is adequate conduit for soul to blend with form.  As soul blends with form, it can also blend with all other souls in all other kingdoms allowing for the experience of oneness with all of earth to be fulfilled upon.  The enmeshment with nature actually prevents ascension and therefore prevents real oneness to be experienced from earth’s point of view.  Therefore this is a good thing to correct at this time, and shall allow for the real experience of joy and unity that ascension makes possible in adult form.




Mila and Oa offered the following intentions to those in their Group Mastery and Self Study Programs as the problems of dolphin-whale-nature enmeshment with human ascending masters was uncovered.





The karma for intertwining of humans, dolphins and whales does goes all the way back to the original shattering of the Grand Masters.  Dark forces shattered these masters through dolphin and whale fields.  Some dolphins and whales may have been jealous of the Grand Master information and power and desired it for themselves.  They indeed took holographic human information and DNA and added it to dolphin-whale records during this time period. 


Over time, the dolphins and whales attempted to ascend founded upon human holographic ascension records.  Alas this only led to incomplete or failed ascension and disease in the subsequent generations thereafter.  Records have been recovered as of late that have shown that the original dolphins and whales seeded upon earth by Sirian scientists some 300,000 years ago (1.2 million human years) never had a fully conscious hologram; instead these dolphins and whales were partially conscious and cloned upon Sirius and then transported via space craft in large tanks unto earth.  These dolphins and whales never had more than 58,000 strands of DNA in information, and no records of ascension or holographic interconnection with other members of their species upon other planets or stars.


In the cloning process, the hologram of any species is shattered.  So this also occurred in the cloning of humans upon earth to create the Anu slaves.  The Sirian scientists as the cloned the dolphins and whales shattered the associated hologram so that the associated members bred in tanks lost their interconnection with the remainder of their species.  As they were seeded upon earth, these dolphins and whales felt alone, as they did not speak a language that earth and nature understood, and they had no holographic connection to any other member of their species.


As Grand Masters came to earth some 250,000 years later (1 million human years), some of these masters held inheritance to the original group of scientists that seeded dolphins and whales upon earth; in karmic counterbalance to how these dolphins and whales had been holographically shattered in the act of cloning, the dolphins and whales shattered the grand masters in karmic return.  Why dolphins and whales were used to shatter the Grand Masters of ancient times is now understood and can be forgiven for those of related inheritance.


As of late, the master oversoul extending in from the Great Central Sun has determined that dolphins and whales in present time upon earth are not fully conscious.  The problems associated with present time dolphin whale ascension come directly from trying to follow an ascension path that is human in nature and was obtained from the grand master human hologram long ago.  Following any path of ascension other than the one associated with one’s own species will only lead to failure.  Therefore dolphins and whales are separating themselves at this time from humanity, returning the human knowledge that they had procured long ago in the death of the Grand Masters, and are to embody their sovereign genetics from more ancient times and from their original seeded blueprint.


Over time and after entry into the Great Central Sun, holographic records shall be inserted into the dolphin and whale species from the master holographic blueprint of the Tao, and they shall move towards full consciousness through generational ascension.  Nothing is really lost throughout time and space and form; all can be recovered.  Sometimes it takes a bit of searching for all of the records; but as all records are restored and understood, all can be forgiven; and in the forgiveness all can be healed, all may evolve, and all may go “home”.




The Anu seeded many new forms of dolphins and whales upon earth after the oceans were formed through the breaking of the ice shields.  Over time, Innana and Merduk who extended their lives 18,000 human years began to draw upon dolphin and whale grid work and etheric blood to extend their lives.  They also chose to eat crustaceans and drink of dolphin-whale blood in the physical.  This may have contributed to the insanity that Merduk and Innana went into in the end as dolphin and whale etheric blood and grid work would not be resonant with human form. 


Those related to the Anu in birth inheritance or holographic nature may have inherited the karma for how the Anu blended with dolphin and whale form to extend their lives.  One may have dolphin whale grid work woven into the field just as Innana or Merduk did so to extend their lives.  As the karma is released, the dolphin-whale grid work can be returned to their species of origin.


Dolphins and whales were also used in the mermaid and mermen experiments of Merduk.  For those that have mermaid or mermen records in their ancestry, there tends to be an intertwining of grid work in the hips, legs and feet along with hands and skin that comes from the associated karma.  Mermaid and Mermen had blue skin and not human skin as they are depicted today, as well as flippers instead of hands and feet.  In choosing to release the karma the grid work can be restored to human form in present time allowing for a complete ascension.




Many who have demonstrated excessive dolphin-whale grid work in their fields as of late may have ancestry back to the Pharaohs or their favored consorts and associates.  We have written only a little about the era of the Pharaohs and wish to go into greater detail about their era now as it appears to be directly related to how humans, dolphins, whales, plants, animals and minerals became intertwined.  (See “Tips for Retaining One’s Level of Mastery” for more information on the era of the Pharaohs.)


The Pharaohs existed over an extensive period that lasted roughly 4000 human years.  Each Pharaoh was a direct descendent of Innana or Zeus blended with the larger cranium grand master relations who mated producing an offspring with a large head.  Innana and Zeus had a vast appetite for unique sexual encounters; each managed to corner a larger headed priest or priestess over time and seduced or raped them.  The outcome was a child that was half grand master and half Annanuki in genetic inheritance.


The Anu believed that they were supreme and perfect and god goddess in form.  Earth would like to point out that perfect and being god goddess in form are in opposition to the dance of unity.  In unity, one recognizes that one is a part of the whole; and this includes the natural world, and one is not superior unto anything or anyone.  The Anu existed in a separated off state from the natural world as they had come from another creation that was non-resonant with earth (the Pleiades).  The end result was that they believed that they were god goddess above and beyond all other form, including their humanoid slaves, the red nations peoples and nature.


The Pharaohs who were the result of the blending of genetic materials of the Anu and Grand Masters carried this archetype of supremacy into the dance of the red nations peoples.  Those with Anu inheritance and a large cranium rose into power and desired to dominate and control.  In the dominance and control, they conquered and pillaged as the Anu had done unto their slaves and unto nature without remorse or concern.  This is a vast contrast to those of pure grand master inheritance that had not the influence of the Annanuki genetics within.  Grand master nature is peaceful and desires to unite others for the common purpose of evolution.  As the grand master nature blended with Anu nature, the end result was that the desire for evolution was pushed into life extension practices and dominion over other larger headed humans instead.


The Pharaohs extended their lives up to 1200 years per the records gathered as of late from the region near Banff Canada that they resided so very long ago.  The life extension practices mimicked the Anu, and the Pharaohs blended with dolphin and whale grid work along with the grid work of earth to sustain their existence.  This translated into a blending of plant, animal and mineral grid work in addition to dolphin whale grid work within their forms.  Alas this could extend the life, but not ascend the form, as there was not a proper human blueprint to create a fourth dimensional body.  As the Pharaohs attempted to ascend at the end of their lengthy lives and in the pyramids, they combust into a pile of ashes, adding so much radiation to the human dream that another fall in consciousness followed.


For those who have lineage to the Pharaohs, one’s tendency will be to blend dolphin-whale or plant, animal or mineral grid work in the attempt to ascend.  Just as during their reign, such practices will not lead to real ascension.  As one chooses to release the karma in one’s inheritance from this time period, one will be able to transcend the need to blend with earth in this manner to survive, and create a complete ascension instead.




The Pharaohs gathered those with large craniums to live with them as they conquered and pillaged the red nations peoples.  Those with large craniums were called the “Mahavishnu”.  The Mahavishnu were respected by all but the Pharaohs, who felt that they were superior unto all others, even others with large craniums as themselves.


The Pharaohs gathered the Mahavishnu under the auspices of creating an ascension movement and as guided by the false gods.  What occurred instead was that the Mahavishnu were utilized as a source of chi and grid work to sustain the lives of the Pharaohs, and no real ascension occurred.  Some Mahavishnu played the role of consort or friend or preferred associate and attempted to ascend in the pyramids along with the Pharaohs.  Such Mahavishnu fell into the same life extension practices as the Pharaohs, and blended with dolphin, whale or nature kingdom grid work.  Some reading this materials will find that they have ancestry back to the Mahavishnu and not necessarily the Pharaohs themselves, and are falling into this patterning due to the associated karma in one’s present time ascent.  As one chooses to release the karma and forgive, now one can reweave the field with human grid work and DNA instead.


Some of the Mahavishnu became scribes for the dolphin and whale species along with nature.  Much like Mila’s written materials from these kingdoms today, the scribes would bring through transmissions from the kingdoms as received due to the blending of DNA and grid work.  As one takes on the grid work and DNA of another species, one also opens to their holographic awareness.  For a time, Mila also took on the grid work of the kingdoms she channeled, but released such grid work over time and in her continued ascent as the exchange did not allow for real ascension to come forth.  Her karma was directly related to an ancestor who was a nature kingdom and dolphin-whale scribe for the Pharaohs.




Over time, the false gods convinced the Pharaohs to mummify the nature kingdoms and place associated species in special chambers so that they and their preferred Mahavishnu could experience the vibrations of nature and attune to their wisdom and truth.  Species from all over the world were gathered and mummified for this purpose.  All told, earth has gathered records that show sees that over 1400 species were mummified over the 4000-year cycle of the Pharaohs.  Hunters would comb the world and be greatly rewarded for bringing back members of species not prevalent upon the continent of Egypt.  Each kingdom was brought back alive at the suggestion of the false gods and then mummified and placed into the pyramids.


Mummification preserves DNA and does not allow the soul to retract from the form.  Long ago Mila found records of mummies of her grand master ancestors that had been seeded upon earth by Sirius.  These records held all the missing DNA that she required to continue to ascend.  She thanked the red ancestors for mummifying the grand masters as they died some 48,000 years ago, as it adequately preserved their genetic records for a future time.


The records of mummification rituals from the era of the Grand Masters some 30,000 years later remained upon the land from this experience.  The Pharaohs and the false gods working through them apparently attuned to the information on mummification and then instigated such requitals upon nature, and amongst those Mahavishnu who for some reason died.  It is due to the ritual of mummification that a most adequate history of the era of the Pharaohs was easy to construct on the part of ascending humans and earth alike in recent months; for each Mahavishnu that died was preserved in DNA in the mummification process. 


One can see therefore in the review of the records how DNA of the Mahavishnu had been lost and sent to the Pharaohs and their preferred associates for their life extension practices.  In this we can adequately perceive how the Mahavishnu were used to extend the lives of the Pharaohs instead of ascend.  Many who may find one’s grid work prone to going to others of Pharaoh or preferred associates lineage may now better understand the karma and release it, preventing the continued loss of information and DNA in present time.


The mummification of the nature kingdoms also preserved the records of the DNA that was prevalent 15,000-18,000 years ago (60,000-72,000 human years) for each species captured and placed into the pyramid.  Nature is drawing upon these records at this time to create a valid pathway to the crystalline form, as each species was not only crystalline in this era, but some were actually self sustaining.  Self-sustaining form can live without food or water and from the breath alone.  The mummification records show that 18 species had retained a self-sustaining genetic blueprint during this era; this also allows nature to construct a path out of consumption into self-sustenance in the ascension cycles ahead.


It appears that the preferred Mahavishnu and Pharaohs that sat with the mummified animals in each quadrant of the pyramids were attempting to ascend into self-sustaining form.  In the attempt, these large headed humans exchanged grid work from nature in hopes that it would allow them to reach their goal.  Alas this extended the life but did not allow for a real self-sustainable biology to come into their physical forms.  The dance further depleted nature of the genetic records necessary to retain self-sustaining biology, as the false gods reached through the Pharaohs and Mahavishnu in the exchange, and took the records for themselves.  Nature fell thereafter with all self-sustainable form ceasing to be in the physical from this point forward in earth’s history.


For each whose ancestry participated in the mummification of nature or the stripping of self-sustainable records of the natural world, there is large karma for this.  One may also feel great guilt in association with nature and not know why.  Perhaps in the sharing of the records discovered in Ancient Egypt, one will find one’s way to forgiveness of self along with one’s ancestry.  In so doing, one will also release any nature kingdom grid work that one may have embodied to date in one’s personal ascension thereby being capable of creating a complete ascension in this lifetime.




During the era of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago (40,000 human years) mummification did not occur.  However dolphins and whales were bred in tanks and then placed in glass pyramids built to certain specifications that would amplify their fields with a greater electrical charge.  Spiritual aspirants would then visit the pyramids sitting in chambers within the watery pyramids, much as the Pharaohs and Mahavishnu sat in the chambers with the mummified animals.  During this era, dolphin-whale grid work was exchanged with humans leading to the failed ascent of both species.  Many experiencing an exchange of grid work or DNA with the dolphins and whales in present time may hold karma from this time period, and in the releasing of it, can release the grid work and embody human grid work in its place.


Atlantis also experienced its own form of false ascensions in pyramidal shaped minerals that were grown to a specific shape and dimension that amplified electrical flow.  The mineral pyramids were used to “ascend” special initiates, who much like the Pharaohs and their friends, actually combust as they had no fourth dimensional body formed to ascend into.  Fortunately humans today lack an ability to recall how to create pyramids in the related proportions, and as a result spontaneous combustion only occurs due to a karmic encounter in present time, and not under the auspices of ascension.


Mineral grid work exchanges may be the result of the combustions of ancestors in mineral pyramids in the era of Atlantis.  The exchange of human grid work for mineral grid work did not occur in the era of the Anu or Pharaohs.  Mineral grid work is extremely inflexible, much like ones bones, and is designed to be rock hard.  Mineral grid work in the human form creates so much rigidity that one might not be able to bend the joints at the appropriate junctures within the body. 


One former associate of Mila and Oa worked with a patient suffered from a form of arthritis that had caused their body to become inflexible to a point that they could not bend at the waist or sit in a chair, but required remaining flat in a bed or standing straight up at all times.  Special wheel chairs and beds had to be constructed to accommodate their disease.  Earth has discerned that the karma for this patient was directly related to a combustion in Atlantis in the mineral pyramids, and that they were embodying mineral grid work in their ascension to such a degree that it created such inflexibility that they could no longer bend over.  The underlying cause was not understood soon enough to prevent their death; however now an understanding of the underlying karma has come to be known for all others of parallel inheritance to release.




Real ascension is a slow and gradual process.  There will be no shooting of oneself or one’s ancestor from this dimension into the next.  Instead one’s future ancestors will gradually construct a fourth dimensional vessel as the physical and light body body-double grows increasingly alike and blend into one.  As the light body and physical merge, they shall merge into a fourth dimensional form that shall hold a higher frequency that will appear invisible in the third dimension.  This will be so gradual that it will be no different than the process by which one ascends from 2 to 3000 strands in terms of experience.  One merges with one’s parallel lives in present time ascension just as one day one’s future ancestry will merge physical and light body lives.  Each subsequent generation born shall inherent the changes that the pervious set of parents or relations embodied, and carry forward in the goal of continued ascension to the fourth dimension during their incarnation.


The idea that ascension is a sudden and magical “poof” of an experience is a fantasy of the false gods.  It is in the combustion as it occurred in the era of Atlantis or the Pharaohs that the greatest grid work and information could be taken on the part of the nonphysical.  This is how humanity lost its remembrance of how to construct the larger cranium of the grand masters in the physical.  The information was lost as each successive Pharaoh and his Mahavishnu consort or associates combust.  Over time the last remaining Pharaoh could not produce a large headed human child; furthermore no further large headed humans were born in the physical thereafter.


Interestingly enough, physical plane surface humans have not lost the larger cranium upon the light body body-double planes of reality.  Upon the light body plane, each of sincere grand master ancestry has a larger cranium; so this is so for Mila and Oa and each in their Self Study and Group Mastery Programs.  This is also how earth can discern which humans have the appropriate inheritance to map carve the ascension for the human species.


In the inner earth, the larger cranium genetic structure was never lost.  Those of grand master inheritance have retained the larger head and physical build in present time.  Most of such humans, which number less than 5% of the overall population of the inner earth, live much like monks in special regions remaining focused upon the spiritual path of ascension.  For the past 150 years, inner earth ascension has been coming forth through the focus of these larger headed humans. 


The ascension in the inner earth has been far from complete however, due to karma that parallels what we are exploring in this article.  The end result has been that the darkness of the inner earth has been pressed upon surface earth humans, leading to greater warfare rather than evolution this century past.  This ceases now as the underlying cause is more greatly understood, and the darkness and associated karma is being returned to the inner earth peoples.


In so being, the possibility of real human ascension occurring in larger numbers is now viable from the point of view of the earth mother and the new souls extending in from the Great Central Sun.  The mass ascent of humanity has been minimized due to dream manipulations on the part of dark forces that have been in control of the physical plane.  Perhaps given the problems with ascension as uncovered on the part of the map carvers, this is not such a bad thing after all; as much more is understood about how and why false ascension occurs that we will be able to prevent such problems from manifesting as larger numbers of humans ascend into the future.


Adult humans or ascending children of certain lineages or holographic nature are limited to 1800-3000 strands of DNA at this time.  Incoming children at 6000-9000 strands are a future possibility.  Until the path is clear enough, such children will fail to descend into physicality.  As the path becomes clear, such children can be born, and they will hail the day into a new era of peace and unity for all.  The birth of these children requires a strong consensus of adults at 3000 strands to hold the gate for their entrance into physicality.  This is the goal now from the earth mother’s point of view; to create a strong group of ascending humans at 3000 strands upon the surface of the earth that can support the birth of the next wave of ascending children.


To support this goal, earth is creating a new program in association with Mila and Oa known as the Community Program.  The Community Program will consist of a series of teachings and questions and answers for introspection that will lead to greater unity within amongst those who are to embody 3000 strands in this lifetime.  From such an internal state of unity, greater peace and joy can emerge in group relations or in community, where many choose to live together in a self-sustaining modality.  This level of unity is also necessary to create a strong enough group of ascending masters to 3000 strands that the next wave of ascending children can be born.  We invite each to think about this program and perhaps join us if you feel called from within.


We hope that you have found this information of use upon your personal path of ascension. Until our next communication,

The Earth Mother



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