Supporting the Human Form in Ascension

Earth Mother through Lilliya
May 14, 2000


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

This is the first of a series of channeled material direct from the consciousness of the Great Central Sun. As many may well already be aware, Earth has entered the first star gate of the Great Central Sun in recent months. What does this mean exactly? How does this entry impact Earth? These are some of the questions that may be pondered by mankind. It is our wish to explain what this means along with some anticipated effects over the human life experience upon Earth.

Over time, the language utilized upon Earth was not understood by the Great Central Sun. As a result, there has been no communication русский музей СПб between Earth and the Great Central Sun for a very long time period. Much has transpired upon Earth that the Great Central Sun has had no knowledge of up until now, and in not knowing could not assist nor prevent. Such is the nature of distortion in language, there is a point beyond which a language can become so distorted that other souls cannot interpret it. For the past one million years, this has been true for Earth, and no soul within the Great Central Sun could understand Earth.

There has been a myth perpetrated by the forces of the dark upon Earth that there are souls present from the Great Central Sun in communication with the Great Central Sun. Indeed, this may be so in the original origin of such souls, but they too fell into such great distortion that we have been unable to communicate with them either. Without communication, there is no understanding, and no records from Earth's experience could therefore be reviewed nor understood.

It has been the development of the Language of Light that a bridge has been built in order for Earth to enter the first star gate of the Great Central Sun. (See the Language of Light upon our web site for more information). Through the Language of Light, Earth's records can now be reviewed for the first time in over one million years by the Great Central Sun. The following is the analysis of such records by the souls in governance overseeing the Great Central Sun at this time in history.


What is the cause of the great distortion upon Earth? Based upon the records reviewed thus far by the Great Central Sun, the universe of which Earth is a part has become intertwined and intermixed with another universe from another creation altogether. Indeed, many of the souls in governance of Earth this past million years came from this other universe in origin. Unfortunately, the two languages of the original souls of Earth and the souls from the other universe, when blended lead to a language that the Great Central Sun could not understand, and therefore could not communicate with.

Why did another universe intermix itself with the universe of which Earth is a part? The cause is simply the ongoing drops in frequency and vibration or falls in consciousness within the Great Central Sun herself. The Great Central Sun has been on an ongoing downward spiral in vibration for upwards of 18 trillion years. Any downward spiral will cause a casting out of portions of that which was previously contained within the boundaries of the Great Central Sun. That which was pushed outside can be likened to one's own "unconscious". As portions of the Great Central Sun became unconscious, that which was pushed outside of the boundaries became intermixed with neighboring creations that had likewise fallen in vibration. Alas, the intermixing of two non-resonant unconscious creations from two falling Great Central Suns created an even greater problem known as distortion.

Unconscious has often been associated with darkness. Indeed, darkness is simply that which is unknown. That which is unknown is so simply because so much chi has been lost that there is not enough light or illumination to understand what is contained therein. That which was cast out of the Great Central Sun ceased to receive chi from us in order to retain its illumination. Without illumination, much is hidden. As the unconscious is fully retrieved in our own ascension, all that has been lost over time shall be reclaimed, and all that has been hidden shall become illuminated again and then can be understood.

24 million years ago, Earth exited the boundaries of the Great Central Sun and entered our unconscious. As Earth has traversed our unconscious, Earth has gathered experiences that tell us what resides within our own unconscious. In this understanding, the Great Central Sun can then take strides to integrate that which has been cast off long ago within her own many falls in vibration.

Earth is not the only creation to enter our unconscious of the Great Central Sun. Indeed, Sirius, Arcturus and Orion have all ascended within the past 1 million years. All had entered our unconscious and returned, bearing gifts of understanding and illumination that allow the Great Central Sun to understand it's own darkness. Indeed, the Great Central Sun is in the process of ascending herself, and integrating her own unconscious. This shall not occur rapidly, however, as the last 3rd dimensional planet ascends, all of the unconscious of the Great Central Sun shall be reabsorbed again. This is anticipated to take over another 3.5 million years into the future to accomplish in full, and 23 additional planetary ascensions are required, just like Earth.


The difficulty with Earth is that we find is that much of what is in our own unconscious is not our own, but belongs to another creation, another Great Central Sun that had fallen into the same dilemma as ourselves. As a result, the Great Central Sun cannot absorb what did not originate within her. Many souls incarnate in human form upon Earth at this time in human history fall into this category, they come from another Great Central Sun and the related unconscious therein. It is perhaps for this reason that such souls are unable to ascend, unable to awaken, as they are attempting such a feat in the wrong creation.

As soul is cast, it is cast with a particular signature. The signature of the Great Central Sun related to Earth is solely magnetic. The energetic signature of the souls from the alternative creation is either radioactive or electrical in nature. Radioactive and electrical souls cannot ascend in a magnetic creation. Therefore such souls shall be shunted out the star gate of the Great Central Sun and on to new adventures within their creation of origin, that shall indeed allow for their own ascension in due course.

As an ascending human, it is therefore imperative that you have an ascending and magnetic source and soul assisting you. Any soul that is other than magnetic does not resonate with the Great Central Sun, and shall lead you down the path of death rather than ascension. This may be difficult, because it appears that many souls humans have come to rely upon for guidance are of electrical and radioactive nature. Each ascending human will have to choose to relinquish such associations, which serves all concerned. In so doing, the human involved may then ascend, and the soul that is dissonant to the Great Central Sun can be returned to it's source of origin to continue it's evolutionary dance. Such souls cannot evolve here beloved, and therefore it may be the greatest gift that you could give to such a soul.


Where do the non-resonant souls upon Earth come from? A portion of those souls that are radioactive and electrical currently residing upon Earth come from another creation long come and gone that had an incomplete ascension. In the act of not completely gathering up all portions of a particular creation, the creator known as Athena left a part of herself behind. What was left behind exists not just within the third dimension, but effect dimensions five and twelve within your creation as well. Athena has returned at the request of the Great Central Sun to these lower dimensions to pick up souls that originated with her eons of time ago when she was a creator.

Some of Athena's souls are from a neighboring universe that contains a solar system known as Alpha Centauri. Indeed this solar system was once a part of Athena's creation, but was left behind. This solar system contains souls that have become electrical because the embodiments of the species they are incarnate into, known as the Grays and Reptilians, have become electrical over time. How did they become electrical? Such species became electrical through the development of equipment and technology that is electrically based. Over time, the vibration of the electronics utilized distorted the biology and the soul causing both to become electrical in nature. One can see how technology pollutes or distorts if it is non-resonant in this experience.

The Grays and Reptilians failed to ascend as Athena ascended because Athena could not absorb their electrical nature. Athena is a radioactive based soul. Electricity and radioactivity have little in common and do not resonate. Alpha Centauri as a solar system along with the Grays and Reptilians missed its opportunity to ascend and was left behind due to the extreme amount of electrical distortion.

One can see from this also how Earth has fallen into a similar pattern herself, and why therefore her ascension may be so difficult for her. Earth's ascension requires that each and every species become magnetic only and resonate again with the Great Central Sun. It has been through the human experimentation with electrical gadgetry that the electrical energy has become emphasized in the human dance. Some humans are almost as electrical as the Grays and Reptilians themselves in present day expression. Such humans shall be unable to ascend unless they release their electrical discord. The continued evolution of Earth shall force the relinquishment of all forms of electrical or radioactive gadgetry humanity relies upon in due course, and those whom continue to rely upon such sources of energy shall simply perish the further Earth moves into the Great Central Sun.

As a result of the experimentation of the Grays and Reptilians upon mankind, many dissonant souls remaining upon Earth come from such experiences. As the Grays and Reptilians experimented upon humanity, such souls took over the human forms experimented upon. Such souls may have believed that they had a better opportunity to ascend home from Earth in so doing. However, the dissonant nature of the high level of electricity within them is too dissonant for the magnetic nature of the Great Central Sun. As such, all electrical souls shall be removed from Earth in full upon the death of the related embodiment, or if the embodiment chooses to ascend and anchors a magnetic soul in its place. Such souls shall be returned and reabsorbed by Athena as she is the creator of origin.

If an embodiment chooses to ascend, another soul shall descend that is magnetic and guide the embodiment home. This requires conscious intent upon the part of the consciousness of the form to accomplish. However, electrical and radioactive souls are attracted to the electrical or radioactive nature of the human genetics. Human genetics have become electrical over the past 100 years of association with electrical gadgetry. The radioactive DNA comes from a blending of genetics not true to the original seeded human race. A magnetic soul will not wish to be housed in an electrical or radioactive form. Therefore all ascending humans must relinquish all electrical and radioactive frequencies in order to anchor a magnetic soul. The path of ascension carves a shift from electric and radioactive to magnetic sources of chi within the human biology allowing a solely magnetic soul to be anchored.

Some of the dissonant souls upon Earth come from yet another creation known as Andromedas. Such souls are radioactive in nature. Andromedas is from a creation that utilizes radioactivity as a source of chi. Andromedas is a solar system that exited the boundaries of their own radioactive Great Central Sun within a neighboring creation millions of years ago. The magnetic pulses from your creation have caused as great a distortion upon Andromedas as the radioactive pulses from their creation have caused upon Earth and within your solar system. In a parallel nature to Earth, Andromedas will one-day rotate home towards it's own Great Central Sun and will require relinquishment of all magnetic patterns in order to ascend. In so doing, Andromedas likewise shall move out of distortion.


We would like to point out that the distortion is not wrong. However, the distortion was not a part of the original blueprint for this creation. Nor were all of the falls in consciousness and vibration that created an intertwining of two creations a part of the original blueprint. It may well be that the incomplete ascension of Athena is the bottom line cause of why both creations have fallen into vibrations so low. You see, any time there is a portion of something left behind, it creates a record, a groove if you will, known as karma. Karma is guaranteed to repeat until it is released. Because the karma for the cause of the fall of the Grays and Reptilians was not resolved in the ascension of Athena, it caused a similar fall again of two other Creators holding space in the same region of origin.

Creators and creations are so numerous that one looses count as to how many are present and evolving simultaneously. Athena is one of 144,000 creators within your Ovum that have held creations inside of time and space. She is learning and growing as is the current creator of your creation. All lessons learned are related and your creator was attracted to hold this creation for the holographic lessons contained therein. Indeed the records of Earth and the incomplete ascension of Athena are posing many lessons for all souls herein.

Soul perceives things from a different vantage-point than Earth or mankind. Soul views lessons as a necessary vessel for understanding and growth. The lessons of all creations therefore serve in soul better understanding souls' truth, souls' nature, and the properties of soul dancing with form. We see no right, nor wrong in anything that has transpired, only learning, only understanding, only illumination.

Illumination cannot occur unless there is a journey. The journey of Earth is a journey that now allows for our illumination as the soul or creator of this creation and the Great Central Sun. Athena also is learning. She is learning what she failed perhaps to learn before, that a soul cannot leave something behind and be complete. And that which is left behind will cause parallel distortions for future creators in the same creational space. And so it is. It is only in the understanding of what is that illumination occurs.


It is perhaps the lack of communication between body and soul that leaves humanity in the great fear that humanity resides within. For without the understanding of the continuation of consciousness, there is only fear, only loneliness, only great pain. Perhaps this is what the current human dance teaches us as the Great Central Sun. Your dance teaches us that as soul and form become separated, fear, pain, and a joyless existence results. Illness, death, and decay are the cause of the experience of fear and pain. Illness, death and decay have come as a result of the loss of chi.

The loss of chi is the result of two things. One is a non-resonant energy combination that is not compatible. In the incompatibility of mixing magnetic, radioactive and electrical energy, more chi is expended than can be generated. And so this is so for every human currently incarnate upon Earth. The second cause of loss of chi upon Earth comes from other races in other star systems also in non-resonance that require more chi than they can generate to extend their life-span. Such races must take chi from others, and Earth has been a source of such chi for some time.

The bottom line cause of the loss of chi is non-resonant energy mixtures. As this is resolved, all problems at cause of a shortened life-span, a loss of joy and unity, along with aging, illness and death shall likewise be resolved.


Where did the blending of energy signatures come from? Your own current human genetics are a blending of Sirian DNA (which is magnetic only), Pleiadian DNA (which is radioactive), Andromedan DNA (which is radioactive), along with Grey and Reptilian DNA (which is electrical). As all foreign DNA is transmuted in the act of ascension, and one returns to the original genetic structure seeded upon Earth by the Sirian race, one becomes solely magnetic again. This original blueprint is solely magnetic, in resonance with the Great Central Sun, and in the resonance does not age nor die or experience a loss of chi.

The blueprint for ascension allows for this restructuring of the form over roughly an 8 to 10 year time-span. Those with good health are the best candidates for the process, as the process casts off so many toxins that a deteriorated form will most likely die before attaining the goal at hand of ascension. However, we would like to point out that death is not an end. Death is simply a continuation of consciousness.


Where will consciousness move following death in human form upon Earth? Ah, well, perhaps this will allow humans to feel less frantic or depressed in the great number of human deaths that shall come forth in your near future or next decade. Such deaths are unavoidable beloved, for the consciousness of the human form is not capable of remembering to ascend, or the form is not strong enough for the journey. However, such humans shall continue to exist even if the body perishes.

Where shall they go? Most human consciousness shall merge with other ascending humans after death and experience ascension through another form, their living ancestors. If only a small number of humans ascend, all humans make it beloved, for you are ONE RACE, ONE SPECIES. It matters not which form makes it, and all shall experience ascension.

Some human consciousness whom are so attached to the souls that they love shall travel with such souls into experiences upon other planes of reality, perhaps outside of this creation altogether. Such consciousness shall choose such an experience for whatever they shall learn therein, and shall rejoin the human consciousness of which they have parted at another future point and time after they are complete.

Nothing is ever lost beloved. Perhaps it appears lost for a time, as in the experience of your Reptilian and Gray brothers and sisters. We call them brothers and sisters, although perhaps their abductions and misunderstanding of human emotions has caused you pain. Process the pain, and forgive. Forgive them for their forgetfulness. Are they not as forgetful as you are? Have you not hurt others in your forgetfulness? And even if you personally have not hurt others, we guarantee you that the bevy of ancestors that you are a present time expression of have caused pain to others, from murder, to death, to violence, to warfare, to hunger, they have done it all. Forgive yourself and your own ancestry for your own atrocities through the dance of time and space upon Earth, and you shall forgive all others. It is in the forgiveness and only through the forgiveness that you shall ascend.


We shall bring forth a series of communications to our awakening brothers and sisters in human form upon Earth in the year ahead. Our channel has taken special strides to embody the language of the Great Central Sun to express our thoughts as free of distortion as she can. The language of the Great Central Sun is beyond the Language of Light that our channel has brought forth. In many respects, our language is beyond unity as you think of unity consciousness. And this is the next phase of ascension our channel is embarking upon, moving beyond unity into the ONE, as this is what soul infusion brings forth.

We have many records of soul infusion in human form from a variety of dimensions. Such records shall support our channel along with all that choose such a path in succeeding at the goal of a complete ascension. The ascension from separation to unity is not ascension; it is a form of resurrection, resurrecting that which has become decayed or dead over time within the form. Resurrection is not ascension, although it does cause an increase in vibration. It is only as the form is entirely resurrected that soul infusion or ascension can begin.

Resurrection is not a process ever recorded before in any other human ascension upon any dimension. It is unique, and therefore of great interest to many souls from the Great Central Sun. There are many joining you at this time to experience this unique dance of resurrection and distortion transforming into unity or non-distortion that is currently underway. There are many lessons for all concerned in such a dance, and it is for this reason that such souls have descended at this time to partake in Earth's experience.


Earth and the Great Central Sun shall take a journey from separation to unity through the resurrection of all species upon Earth in the centuries ahead. Earth is choosing to ascend, choosing to return to the light of the Great Central Sun. This shift shall be gradual and shall not occur overnight, and everything upon Earth shall become illuminated with the light in due course.

There are many star gates leading to the boundary of the Great Central Sun to enter in the coming 18-year cycle. Each star gate shall increase the magnetic energy present upon Earth following entry. With each entry, Earth must attain a yet higher vibration in order to activate and move through into the next phase of energy within the Great Central Sun. Each entry shall require the continued detoxification of all non-resonant energy signatures upon Earth, and the embracing of a more thorough magnetic energy flow in all species therein.

Between the years 2017 and 2018, Earth shall enter the Great Central Sun in full. All that no longer resonates with the Great Central Sun shall be pushed outside of her boundary or threshold. As such, those in human form or of other species that are too discordant may die upon impact. Some have called this the "entering of the photonic belt". Indeed, the entry of the Great Central Sun shall mark the fulfillment of Earth's choice to return to our embrace. However, it shall not mark the ascension to the next dimension. The ascension to the fifth dimension of Earth shall take over 1000 years following entry into the Great Central Sun itself, and much more change.

Earth shall continue to illuminate from within following entry into the Great Central Sun. Inside of the Great Central Sun, Earth shall be bathed in light day and night. The illumination of Earth shall be experienced as an increasing light inside and outside of all form. At first the light may glow in the form of a more present auric field or "halo". Later, all living things shall glow from the inside out as if they have a light bulb inside that has been turned on. Over time, the light shall continue to increase until all that appears solid appears semi-etheric, or can be seen through. It is at this point that Earth shall have entered the fourth dimension. It is anticipated that Earth shall not move into the fourth dimension in full for some 300 years into your future.

After Earth has stabilized in the fourth dimension, the illumination within all form shall continue to grow, gradually and over time. From a third dimensional experience, Earth shall begin to "melt" with most rock and stone as you know it becoming liquid. However, form shall continue to appear solid within the fourth dimension. As the fire increases in the third dimension to enough of a "heat" over time and with continued illumination, all of Earth shall combust and enter the fifth dimension. At such a time, in the third dimension a star shall be born, and Earth shall be inflamed. However, upon the fifth dimension, all shall appear as it should or solid, but lighter, less dense, more illuminated, more transparent than you experience in present time. Earth is not anticipated to ascend to the fifth dimension for some 1000 years into your future.


The coming 100-year period upon Earth is a period of great cleansing. Earth must cleanse her skin or surface in preparation for soul infusion or illumination. Soul infusion towards the fourth dimension cannot begin until Earth has cleared enough toxins to allow for such a shift. At this time, only the mountaintops in the most secluded regions, along with portions of the ocean even touch upon the fourth dimension. And so it is a long journey beloved, and one that all humans shall live to see fulfilled upon, whether within their future ancestors or from their own current embodiment.

This period of cleansing ahead allows those members of any species that cannot ascend to become cleansed from Earth through death. What this shall mean is that any lineage incapable of ascending in any species, including humanity, shall perish, and not continue to procreate. Already all species upon Earth have begun this process.

Some animals under the care of humans are not choosing to ascend at all as no soul is embodying such animals. Such animals shall become extinct through unexplained forms of diseases in the next quarter century. This may be difficult, as such species may indeed be the major food source for humans at large. However, we also see humanity shifting from a meat-eating nature to vegetarian over time, and perhaps this shall simply come to be as a result of a lack of animal food-source in the cleansing.

Plants likewise under the care of humans have often become soulless, unless the humans themselves farming the plants are choosing to ascend. Such plants may not be able to ascend as a result, and may indeed perish with unexplained viruses and diseases in the years ahead. Here again can be a problem with food supply, as so much of the world food supply comes from the hands of unconscious farming practices. Perhaps it is advisable under such a circumstance to plan to become sovereign in one's own food supply as an ascending human. We see many ascending communities of humans learning to grow and supply their own needs in the decades ahead, and indeed this is how most humans shall survive the impending period of change.

Electrical energy shall continue to wane until so little is available that brown outs and black outs become the norm in your cities. Alternative energy development may be important for the ascending communities as a result, however, there are still many patterns of greed and hoarding that would cause the death of the developer if such devices were marketed to the public at large at this time. It is for this reason that we guide our channel not to focus upon such things, nor anyone in their organization, but suggest that they wait until the communities are developed. Technology that is photonic is not complex, and can be brought forth in a small way that shall not be bothered with. In such a manner, ascending communities can have a limited form of power to make life a little easier.

Earth changes shall increase in the quarter century ahead, with earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and the continued melting of ice caps due to global warming. The global warming is simply the result of Earth's continued rise in vibration as each species transmutes in genetic structure. Ascending humans shall require tuning into Earth and determining where they need to set up community such that the community shall be safe. In so doing, ascending humans can avoid the travesty of a natural disaster that either kills the form, or causes an upheaval in their life experience.

Such changes shall not be overnight, but they are coming, and shall build and build into an apex of shift in the coming century. In essence, Earth's skin must be turned. This requires the current toxic continents to become flooded and new land to be born out of the oceans. In the coming 300-year period, all of the current continents shall be under water, with the mountains tops as islands, and new continents shall be constructed out of your current oceans. All surviving humans shall travel and move to where the land is safe to continue their evolutionary journey.


Each human, whether they choose to move with the change that ascension entails, or end this lifetime in death, shall experience their future ancestors ascension. Therefore all human consciousness shall live to see that birthing of a new tomorrow, and the golden era of ascension ahead. Earth is going "home" to the Great Central Sun, beloved, and all shall bear witness to such an experience.

In so doing, all that Earth has experienced shall come to be understood. As all that Earth has experienced comes to be understood, all souls along with the Great Central Sun shall rejoice! As Earth has traversed through the darkness in the valley of the shadow of death, and returned, and resurrected, and ascended! And what a journey beloved! Such a journey teaches what cannot be learned in any other way. It is for this reason that such a journey has occurred, to learn, to grow, to evolve, and ultimately to return home to the ONE again.

We deeply honor each human that chooses the path of ascension. Ascending in human form upon Earth is perhaps the most difficult journey of all time. And yet, for as difficult as it is, it also teaches soul greatly. Those souls that allow the journey of ascension shall benefit by learning more perhaps than all others that have ever existed throughout space and time and form! Is this not what soul is all about? To learn, to grow, to evolve, and to go home, carrying the understanding gained to share with all other souls upon all other dimensions. And so it is, and so it shall be.

We shall conclude this first transmission with a special blessing flowing from the Great Central Sun in our own language.

Nom nomi nanu nonu mon.

From the ONE you have come, and to the ONE you shall return.

Until our next communication,


The Great Central Sun

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