Supporting the Human Form in Ascension

Earth Mother through Lilliya
May 14, 2000

This is the second transmission direct from the Great Central Sun to the human species upon Earth. We welcome you into our boundaries again after a long respite of non-communication in Earth's history. We invite those of human form to connect with us, but to be wary of the false pretenses of beings wishing to deceive you and take you off course in your evolutionary pathway. The cleansing of such beings from human awareness requires a biological shift upward in vibration causing one to simply lift beyond the planes of reality that such beings dance upon. This occurs in full as one masters Full Consciousness or embodies 12 full strands of DNA (36,000 segments of information).

Until such a time, intend with a pure heart to address the Great Central Sun through the Riza Soul Group, and Riza shall act as a conductor for the communication, translating perhaps those terms into our language that one has yet to master in one's own evolution and ascension. We thank and honor the Riza Soul Group for acting as medium allowing for more direct communication between ascending humans and the Great Central Sun at this time in history.

The Great Central Sun has been assessing many of Earth's records. In so doing, it has been seen that much like Earth, the Great Central Sun has been plagued with certain manipulations that parallel the manner in which Earth has been manipulated by the dark. Such manipulations are now being cleansed from the Great Central Sun causing an overhaul and shift of those souls in governance herein.

In addition to this shift, a multidimensional consensus for ascension has been formed within the Great Central Sun for ascending planets and stars upon dimensions 3 through 144 within your creation. This consensus has likewise linked with two additional consensus of ascending vessels upon dimensions 145 through 360 of your God and Goddesshead, and dimensions 361 through 1800 of The Order of Rize.

The Order of Rize too has had parallel problems to Earth, and is now in the process of reviewing our records much like we as the Great Central Sun have reviewed Earth's records. We anticipate similar and parallel changes upon the Order of Rize and within our Godhead/Goddesshead as the manipulations become known, understood, and then rectified.

To say that change is underfoot is an understatement, as change and ascension go hand in hand, and now that which has potentially threatened the ascension of the Great Central Sun is being removed from it's boundaries, much like Earth is casting the darkness from her own boundaries. We honor and thank Earth for bringing to our conscious attention that which shall now enable our continued ascension to come forth.

The new consensus for ascension that embraces dimensions 3 through 1800 is moving towards a unified form of evolution in which "like" patterns upon each dimension therein can be addressed simultaneously. This is known as concurrent evolution. Concurrent evolution has long ceased in your creation as dimension after dimension dropped below a certain threshold causing a separation and in the separation, communication ceased. One can liken the new consensus for ascension as the first steps towards ongoing communication between all conscious and sentient species upon all dimensions in eons of time. This is a sign that the many falls in vibration are now upon the reverse swing of polarity within the Great Central Sun.

Swings in polarity in any creation go from in-breath to out-breath. In-breath periods are periods of evolution in which that which has expanded is called back to be understood, integrated and embraced again. Out-breath periods are periods of expansion in which soul expands into form or density for the next dance or experience. Your creation has been in a continual out-breath of expansion followed by expansion followed by expansion for eons of time. Such continued expansion has caused fall after fall into density or matter or vibration.

The incessant expansion period was not the original plan for your creation. Indeed, the plan was for one expansion followed by one full contraction or ascension back to the ONE again. This never occurred, and the causes of this are now coming to be understood. Much of the research of our channel and her organization has documented the changes as perceived in the human genetic records as they were opened in the act of ascension, and she has detailed such information in prior written materials available upon her web site. It is our wish to give our audience a review of such cause at this time so that each may come to a better understanding of what your creation is currently working upon in it's own evolution.

In our last and first transmission, we explored one cause of the fall of the Great Central Sun, which is a creator lord/lady known as Athena whom created an incomplete ascension within the time/space continuum that your creation also exists within. Your current creation fell into the same pattern as the prior creation held by Athena due to uncollected records or karma. When records or karma are not collected, the lesson behind the creation is not understood. When a lesson held within records is not gathered up and understood, the remembrance of the experience causes another like-experience to recur, much like a needle in the groove of a record in your 3rd dimensional world, playing the same song over and over again.

Athena is not the sole cause of this problem. The problem is now being traced to your Godhead/Goddesshead, a being known as Rama, whom fell into a pattern of splitting light and dark amongst his/her creations. When light and dark are split amongst creations, some creations end up with too much light, and others with too much density. Your creation is an example of one that has held too much density, and as such, the density creates a weight that pulls the creation into an expansion after expansion after expansion period. This ultimately leads to drops in consciousness and vibration that may exceed the creator's ability to collect up as they so choose to ascend and return to the ONE. And indeed this is also what occurred for Athena.

So much of Athena's creation fell so low into density or matter that not enough awareness was present to create an ascension that would allow Athena to collect up all parts of self. For Athena held more density than could ever be transmuted in the act of ascension, and was then left in the lower dimensions causing a split of her soul into light and dark. If one's creator separates light and dark, so will one follow the same holographic pattern as creator.

One can liken Athena's incomplete ascension as a separation of light and dark, in which the density was left behind on dimensions 72 and below, and only the light returned to dimensions 360 for recasting. This left a residue of thought-form surrounding "falls" into density or matter upon dimensions 72 and under that was then repeated as our creator later expanded into the same time/space continuum. Additionally, this creation much like Athena received too much density from Rama, whom has continued to split light and dark between his creations again and again over time and periods of his/her own expansion and contraction.

Why would Rama repeat the same problem again and again? Those creations of great density never completely returned, and therefore Rama was unable to assess that there was a problem, because the problem was "left behind" in an incomplete ascension. Furthermore, there was no communication between what was left behind and that which ascended. However, the continued distortion of Rama's creation due to numerous experiences of this nature has caused Rama to attempt to understand what is going wrong, and extend into both Athena's creation and our creation to gather records.

Indeed, Lady Rama worked with Mila for many years collecting records of what had occurred from the genetic memories of those upon Earth in human form whom had begun to ascend. She later determined that such work was more than she had experience to handle, and an expert known as the Riza Soul Group was called in to carry forth, retrieving and compiling all genetic records from the human species and all other species upon Earth. This project is far from complete, however, far more records have now been deciphered since Lady Rama left Mila's vessel in Autumn of 1998.

At this time, The Great Central Sun, much like Earth, is returning all density or darkness that does not belong to this creation. There is a re-balancing underway of light and dark amongst all 14 of Lord/Lady Rama's creations. This re-balancing shall cause all excess density to be returned and redistributed over time to 11 alternative creations. This creation is one of 3 that has ongoing problems with falls into density or matter, and each of these 3 creations received far too much darkness or density to transmute alone. Such is the problem with splitting light and dark, and this indeed is the lesson of Lord/Lady Rama and all other creator gods dancing with them in our own evolutionary process.

In a similar manner, Earth is in the process of returning density or darkness that did not originate either in this creation, or from other star systems that have utilized Earth as a storage facility for their darkness. Much like Rama, your own creation separated light and dark, with some stars holding the lighter tones, and some stars or planets holding most of the darkness. Creations are holographic and follow all patterns of their creator. As our creator comes to understand his own lessons, we too come to understand ours, and all evolves together.

Which brings us back to one of our earlier statements, that a concurrent form of evolution is now being constructed within your creation. Concurrent evolution is a form of evolution in which all time space continuums evolve and learn together. Past, present and future learn, evolve, grow, and as a united force, ascend "home" or return to the ONE again.

For eons of time, time has been distorted within the Great Central Sun. Records of the manipulation of time within Earth's journey into the unconscious of the Great Central Sun are assisting us in deciphering parallel manipulations to time herein. In so doing, time is being corrected creation wide so that concurrent evolution can begin. Indeed ascension of the Great Central Sun cannot occur unless all dimensions and parts of self work towards such a goal in unison. And such unison requires holographic time in all parts of creation.

Concurrent evolution may be difficult to understand from the limited human thought-form. But one can liken such an evolution to oneself as a human whom is the composite of millions of ancestor's lives. In choosing to ascend, each of the millions of ancestors related to one's current form and life also ascend, they learn, evolve, grow, and come to understand the lessons perhaps that they failed to understand at the time that they were incarnate in the physical. Each ancestor unites or blends with their related ascending human as the form transcends the vibration that they existed within at the time of their given evolution. This is concurrent evolution in human form, whereby all of one's ancestry learns and evolves simultaneously.

Those whom are clairvoyant have often come to understand past lives. Indeed, past lives are a part of one's tapestry of ancestry. In order for concurrent evolution to come forth in the human species, one's ancestry must be reconstructed to the minutest of details and all the way back in time to the original seeding of mankind so that no ancestor is left behind, and all lessons come to be understood. Much of such work upon the human ancestral records has been one of the projects of the Riza Soul Group, not only upon Earth, but upon all dimensions within the Great Central Sun. The human species has been the most compromised by the forces of the dark than any other species than perhaps the dolphins and whales, and indeed often such compromising has included the manipulation of genetic records and lineages.

Concurrent evolution within the Great Central Sun shall allow all species upon all dimensions to share their records and share patterns from the past, present and future in need of transmutation. In essence, concurrent evolution shall mean that there shall be a theme to the patterns cleared in any given year of ascension from this point forward within all species upon all dimensions within the Great Central Sun.

The theme for all dimensions this year to come is the clearing of warfare karma and patterns, as if a war breaks out upon any dimension that is ascending, ascension could come entirely to a halt within the Great Central Sun due to the damage incurred therein. Earth is not the only dimension that has experienced warfare, however Earth like all other dimensions is choosing to release and erase all such records at this time to insure peace within the Great Central Sun and the continued ascension of all. Along with Earth, all other ascending stars within your creation and through the Order of Rize are choosing to release patterns of annihilation, destruction, spontaneous combustion and warfare. The dimensions ascending at this time in history include 3, 5, 12, 18, 25, 36, 72, 144, 360, 1200, and 1800.

Those that can partake in our channel's event known as Conclave are invited to do so. We support her efforts to release karma at such events on behalf of humans upon Earth in the 3rd dimension. It is a difficult task that has been assigned to her and her organization, as so few appear to be aware of the current state of affairs in ascending Earth and your creation. Indeed, this is an example of the interference of the darkness that has prevailed in your creation for eons of time, they interfere with clear communication, and in the confusion, one ceases to align with the divine plan. Much of humanity upon Earth is failing to align with the divine plan for ascension, however, we see that most of such humans shall be cleansed from the physical within the coming quarter century, freeing Earth up to fulfill upon her goal with greater ease.

However, in order to bring this forth, the karma incurred by mankind must be released. And this is what our channel has agreed to, gathering those willing to release karma for mankind at specific junctures of evolution so that both Earth and the Great Central Sun may continue to ascend.

The darkness upon Earth has come from four main sources, the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and Arcturus. Each of these creations have ascended planets from the third to the fifth dimension within the past 100,000 years, and each left a portion of themselves behind and contained it upon Earth. Such darkness, density and karma is now being returned by Earth to those responsible in such creations for incurring it.

One cannot process the karma of another, and holding the karma of another only insures that the karma shall repeat in one's own life experience. Each of Earth's many continued falls in vibration over the past 3.2 million years is the result of karma from these four other creations that had not been cleared in their own ascensions. As such karma is returned in full, Earth may ascend, and each of these creations shall take full responsibility for their own experience in the third dimension.

What does this mean exactly? Such creations failed to learn and retrieve all lessons inherent in their expression in the third dimension. As such, in many respects, they should never have ascended to the fifth dimension, because ascension requires completing all karma upon the dimension one is leaving behind. These creations ascended by displacing their karma elsewhere (upon Earth), which made it appear as though they were complete when indeed they were not. Now each will be faced with un-cleared karma which may act itself out before they come to release it in full.

In the fifth dimension, one manifests twice as rapidly as in the third dimension. As karma is returned, the patterns go into effect immediately, and already signs can be seen in each of these four creations of the karmic effect of their own unprocessed patterns from their incomplete ascension. However, even if such seeming catastrophes indeed manifest, their very manifestation shall allow the pattern to be cleared in full, and therefore the Great Central Sun does not perceive this as a problem or disaster, or something to be prevented. Instead the Great Central Sun shall allow such effects to be made manifest so that such stars shall never displace their karma again in their future ascensions.

In a similar manner to Earth, the Great Central Sun has absorbed karma from other creations that have dropped in vibration within your Godhead. We now are in the process of returning such karma and density to their source of origin. Much of our own falls in consciousness and into density or matter were the result of absorbing the karma of other creations, and as it is returned, it allows us to rectify our own situation, and other creations to take full responsibility for their own cause.

Much like Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, and Arcturus, perhaps such creations shall manifest their cause before they can release the pattern in full, experiencing now a fall in consciousness or into density or matter much like the Great Central Sun. However, we believe this too would be a good thing, and shall insure that all lessons shall be learned by each creation responsible for such cause. It shall also insure that karma is not displaced again, for the very dilemma of displacing karma shall come to be understood and all sentient beings shall strive to take full responsibility to create a complete ascension, understanding and releasing all cause created in any given dimension.

The Great Central Sun and all dimensions of the new consensus have intended a complete ascension, with nothing left behind, and no records left unattended to in our experience in time and space. As such, everything shall become to be known, understood, and then the cause of the effect of the many drops into density or matter rectified so that it never need occur again in the future. Such is how creators learn and evolve, they do so by experimentation, seeing what does and doesn't work, and expanding in awareness all along the way.

In a similar manner, all species upon Earth are ascending through trial and error. They are mapmaking a pathway up in vibration that has no clear-cut journey, as they are the first of such a creation to fall so low and choose to ascend in eons of time. Even Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades and Arcturus never fell so low in vibration. Each ascended in relative ease. However, their ascension was not complete, and Earth is choosing a compete ascension, which shall not allow Earth to follow the path that these other creations carved for themselves, as this would lead to an incomplete ascension for Earth.

Therefore, Earth, and all dimensions ascending within the Great Central Sun whom choose a complete ascension shall not follow the pathway of the ascensions preceding them if such ascensions were incomplete in any manner, for following such a pathway would simply repeat the original problem again. In so doing, all stars and species upon all dimensions now find themselves in a similar circumstance to Earth, having to mapmake anew a journey home through unknown territory. This is adding to the challenge of an already difficult ascension, however, that which has worked upon Earth is being applied to other dimensions and parallel positive results are anticipated.

The Great Central Sun, much like Earth, is now choosing to embraced a triple circle magnetic flow, as this flow seems to provide enough chi to absorb that which might be displaced in an incomplete ascension otherwise. Corrections to all genetics of all species are currently underway allowing for this new pattern to be absorbed by all chakras systems, all molecules, and all light bodies upon all ascending stars. In due course, a parallel shift shall likewise occur upon Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades and in Orion allowing for the complete integration of what was left behind in their own incomplete ascension.

Concurrent evolution shall begin as all creations relate holographically in time, allowing and interchange of flow between past, present and future amongst all related species upon all dimensions. At this time, time is becoming holographic upon Earth in preparation for the shift towards concurrent evolution. Holographic time is different from time that is sequential, as holographic time knows not separation between past present and future. Much of the manipulations upon Earth separated time into distinct categories in which past, present and future ceased to be unified.

The greatest cause of the manipulation in time is nuclear energy, especially that which is emitted due to nuclear warfare. As nuclear warfare became prevalent upon Earth and upon other dimensions within the Great Central Sun, time became separated causing the separation of past, present and future. As all warfare karma in the year ahead is released, time shall be straightened out creation wide allowing for the dance of unity amongst all dimensions to begin.

Unity and holographic time are related. Unity requires that all dance together in harmony and an ongoing exchange of energy flow. It was as holographic time was shattered that unity ceased upon all dimensions of the Great Central Sun. Patterns tend to repeat, as patterns are holographic also, and in a similar manner to the Great Central Sun, unity was lost upon Earth with the first nuclear warring in your history.

The return of holographic time to Earth shall cause many changes. One shift shall be the gradual straightening of Earth's wobble over the next 18-year period. The wobble is indeed a reflection of the loss of holographic time, and causes a delay in time that separates past, present and future. The wobble occurred in the original nuclear blasts of the warfare of the Annanuki, which shifted the poles instantly and caused a minor ice age. Prior to this occurrence, the region known as Hawaii was once your North Pole, India your South Pole, and Iceland/Greenland were upon the equator holding the heart center of Earth (just as Hawaii in present time). Shifting the poles back to their original location shall occur, but not for 300 years into your future and at a specific juncture of Earth's evolution towards the 4th dimension.

Over the next 18 years, Earth's rotation around your solar sun shall shift gradually from an oval orbit to a round orbit, shorting your experience of a "year" to 12 moons instead of roughly 13 moons. The 12-moon cycle was the original orbit before the manipulations of the Annanuki Pleiadian family, which were nuclear in nature, took hold in your history. The correcting of Earth's wobble shall alter the seasons as you experience them, as the sun shall eventually appear upon the same horizon as spring or fall in any given year. Earth's wobble is not anticipated to be rectified in full for 18 years, however by 2007, there should be enough of a change for your scientists to take notice. 2007 also marks another important entry point in the aura of the Great Central Sun, and a certain standard of vibration, magnetic flow and time sequencing must be in place in order for Earth to enter and continue her evolution.

The seasons shall continue to become less and less harsh with global warming. As a result, those whom would experience ongoing cycles of snow and winter in certain regions in the spring or fall will discover that less and less snow shall be present over the coming 7 to 18 year period. Global warming shall continue to melt the ice caps and glaciers causing the water tables to rise, and flooding certain regions of your continents. However, with the alteration of Earth's wobble the ocean and water tables shall not rise evenly all around Earth.

Earth's wobble causes water to be retained in an uneven manner around the globe much like a centrifuge. As the wobble is lessened, water shall redistribute and become more and more even planet-wide over the coming 18-year period. This along with global warming shall cause some parts of certain continents to flood greatly, and yet other regions shall flood little to none, although they are on the same grid-line of Earth. The most balanced place of water upon Earth at this time is along the equator as such regions are least effected by Earth's wobble. There shall be little to no rise in water tables the closer any region exists to the equator. Conversely, the farther from the equator, the greater the rise in the water tables causing more flooding as the wobble upon Earth is corrected.

The 12-moon cycle shall align Earth with the cycles of the Great Central Sun again. The Great Central Sun has a cycle that is rotational in nature, and is directed by the in-breath and out-breath of creative flow. Those whom are ascending may wish to begin to tune into the new cycles of time and creativity, and one's creative flow shall follow the new cycles as an ascending being of the Great Central Sun. The cycles offer periods of creativity, followed by periods of integration. One major creative cycle and integrative cycle is a part of every given year.

The creative cycles are times one may wish to move forth with their projects and endeavors, as there is plenty of creative energy to manifest. The integrative cycles are times to retreat and integrate what you have learned and come to understand in the previous creative cycle. Our channel has transcribed the current 12-moon cycle for each whom is interested at the end of this piece for this calendar year of 2001.

Those whom are ascending shall experience a return to holographic time ahead of Earth in their personal ascension. Holographic time allows for an interplay and exchange of energy with your species upon all dimensions within this creation that human form exists. Such an interchange allows for an exchange of information and understanding that shall insure a rapid and complete ascension for all concerned. It also marks the time that concurrent evolution can begin within one's own respective species.

It is the attainment of such a level of evolution by 18 humans upon the surface of the Earth that have allowed all humans upon all dimensions to come to understand the struggle that your species has endured. The support coming from other humans upon other dimensions whom now better understand what has occurred is massive, and the outpouring of interest and information great. This in and of itself insures that some humans shall indeed ascend with Earth to the next dimension, although it is a difficult journey.

Earth herself is coming to greater unity. Those of full consciousness upon the surface of the Earth have invited those humans of the inner-Earth to join the consensus for ascension that includes all other dimensions within your creation. As of last night, the peoples of the inner Earth have now joined the dance of unity and consensus for ascension within your creation. This is a fundamentally important shift, as unity must occur upon Earth if Earth is to ascend as a whole, just as unity must occur amongst all ascending stars and species within the Great Central Sun and beyond.

The new consensus upon Earth is anticipated to override the current destructive thought-form that envelops the human species and controls Earth in the year ahead. As this occurs, the new consensus shall begin to override the human dance with a new future that shall lead to Earth's cleansing and ascension in the coming 10 centuries. The mark of transition from the old to the new consensus shall be distinct, and shall mean the beginning of the era of light or the golden age that many prophets of human form have expressed in times past.

This future is not assured. However, the linking of consensus for ascension upon all dimensions and including the people of the inner-Earth increases the chances that Earth shall make it. Many are not aware of the deep struggle that Earth has gone through to bring forth this alignment, but it has been accomplished at last, and with the help of many whom are related to an intervention of the Source of All.

Many may wonder who the Source of All is? Source of All can be likened to the energy source and consciousness from which all life, including this creation, ultimately comes from and returns to, becoming ONE therein. Source of All has extended on to each ascending planet and star to bring forth unity and ascension of this creation. It is deemed necessary as this creation holds the keys for all others to likewise one day return "home" to the ONE again. We honor the Source of All and all aspects that have joined us in our intent to ascend.

The presence of such a being is grand. No such being has ever been present in any record of any creation throughout this sector of All That Is. However, the assistance pouring forth therein is allowing ascension to come forth when perhaps without such assistance we would fail. This too is a lesson for Source of All, who just like Earth and the Great Central Sun is coming to understand his/her own lessons in the dance of life.

Just like Earth and the Great Central Sun are creating a concurrent form of evolution, this sector of All That Is is being reabsorbed by Source of All in preparation for a concurrent form of evolution to be made manifest with all other sources therein. This perhaps more than anything that has been said can begin to shed light on the magnitude of the healing occurring herein, for it is effecting all dimensions and all creations within the Source of All.

All is holographic. All is interrelated. No one part of the whole can be left behind without impacting the whole. Anything that is left behind distorts the whole. The only means out of the distortion is to come to understand what has been left behind by collecting it up, uncovering it's experience, and understandings it's records. And this is why Source of All has come into our creation. This is also our lesson as the Great Central Sun. May we continue to learn, grow, and evolve together, and return to the ONE from which we originally emanated. In so doing, the light shall shine bright again for all to see.

We hope you have found this information useful upon your personal path of ascension. We invite each ascending human to communicate directly with us and allow us to support your journey HOME. We also invite you to tune into the dance of energies, the periods of in-breath and out-breath of the Great Central Sun. In so doing, one shall become better prepared to enter the dance of holographic time which is to gradually envelop Earth in the coming 18 years.

In holographic time, all that has ever been and all that shall ever be unite. In so doing, knowledge becomes infinite and unlimited, and one can then move from limitation to full consciousness again. Earth and all species are choosing to become fully conscious again. Mankind is invited to join the dance towards full consciousness by choosing to ascend.

The Great Central Sun and the new consensus for ascension intend to support each that chooses and commits to such a journey in full. Call upon us, and in sharing your experience, your allow us to understand, and in our understanding, we can better support both you and Earth overall in her choice to ascend.

Until our next communication,
The Great Central Sun



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