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The Heart of the Tao through Karen Danrich "Mila"

March 17, 2008


Blessings of Balance from the Heart of the Tao




Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


The Heart of the Tao would like to share with you a different perspective of the current economic crisis that is causing severe losses to the banks and banking system along with the real estate market at this time.  The cause of the crisis is really founded upon the polarity reversals and energetic changes that are the result of Terra’s (earth’s) global ascension.  For the past six years, Terra has entered gateway after gateway of energy flow known as “Star Gates” towards the Great Central Sun dream.  Each star gate has offered up new energetic movements; some of which have been embraced leading to further global ascension.  Some of the movements that are supportive have become a new language upon Terra known as the “Language of ONE” and have been captured as crop circles around the globe.  (See “Language of ONE” section for more information.)


For the past 2000 human years you have been in a Anu based cycle.  The Anu based cycle is the result of a group of Pleiadians that came to earth and strip mined her of gold to extend life back home.  Life in the Pleiades was dying due to a missing vibration related to the golden octave.  As the golden octave was moved from earth, life in the Pleiades was restored and Terra began to move towards extinction.  Fall after fall in vibration and energy flow occurred in the era of the Anu due to the loss of Terra’s gold; and the loss created the space for a Pleiadian energetic geometry to be increasingly set in motion in earth’s field.  This pattern is pyramidal in nature and many metaphysical aspirants are familiar with what is known as the “Merkaba”.  The formation of electrical pyramidal flow is really a foreign geometry set up by a particularly small group of humans that required this flow to extend their lives.


The Anu became bored after a time and chose to heavily breed a slave nation of humans.  These humans grew into the billions in numbers and increased the pyramidal energetic movements around their civilization and upon Terra.  The electrical pyramidal flow increased so heavily that it drew a dream of nuclear annihilation left over from another Pleiadian war unto earth; and the culmination in the era of the Anu was a vast travesty.  The era concluded in six large nuclear bombs detonated upon Terra’s surface that sent her downward in vibration, pressed her upon her side, and it took 24, 000 human years thereafter just to balance her energy flow enough that she could stabilize.  A nuclear winter that scientists perceive as the “great freeze” occurred in this time period.  (For more historical information as gathered through human and global ascension, see “Chapter 1” of our Complete Ascension Workbook.)


The Anu left a human cycle of pyramidal energy dynamics that has repeated several times in Terra’s history.  During the era of Atlantis, again a pyramidal formation of geometrical patterns emerged as a dominant force in Terra’s history.  Humans related to the Anu and their slaves arose into a technological era that is related to the current cycle underway at this end of time period upon earth.  Humans in Atlantis again rose into dominion over earth, stripping her of resources, however the resources were not sent to other creations, and so it was less damaging overall to Terra’s vibrations.  However the era concluded just as it had in the era of the Anu in a nuclear holocaust.  (See “The History of Atlantis” for more information.)




At this time, there is vast conflict between the pyramidal energy flow in the human dream and Terra's ascending flow.  The pyramidal flow is at the foundation of all human dreams at this time include the monetary system, the educational system, the health and beauty system, the work system, the housing and construction system and the farming and food distribution system, the religious system and marriage and family system.  The pyramidal flow associated with all of these dreams are in conflict with Terra’s new emerging energy flow and Language of ONE.  The end result is that the pyramidal flow holding the human dreams in all of your civilization are collapsing. 


Those pyramids that are the largest and most global are collapsing the most rapidly, and this includes the monetary and commodity system along with the housing system.  These systems may downsize in worth and power by 50% this year and into the years ahead due to how Terra’s own magnetic energy is shrinking their size in global geometrical patterns.  This is necessary as Terra's further ascension could not come forth otherwise.  There will be a redistribution of wealth and lower cost of housing as the end result of this shift; however this is perceived as necessary from a spiritual point of view.  Most humans are spending too much money in interest to the banks in their credit use and mortgages and housing costs too much causing humans to have to work too hard to subsist,  This change will bring about a more balanced system ahead where ones’ outflow may be less and then one’s requirement to work may be less, and this leads to more time for introspection upon the spiritual path.


This is necessary as we are at the end of the Pleiadian cycle again and a new cycle is about to be born that is Grand Master in nature.  This is the beginning of the times of cleansing ahead in which all that has been known will fade into another dream and system that is magnetic and rotational in geometry.  The rotational geometrical patterns will redistribute the dream to be more equitable for all of humanity.  First the pyramids will sink and then a new dream will catch that is figure 8 or triple lotus in patterning (flower of life); and this pattern will take all dream available and distribute it more evenly around the globe.  Great wealth will cease as well as great poverty and starvation in this shift, and the focus of the internal momentum of the spiritual path will also take off.  Therefore the sinking of the pyramidal system is nothing to be feared; as there is a new dream that will catch as the Pleiadian cycle concludes that will be more equitable for all.




The banking system is the keeper of most dreams for humanity at this time.  Dreams can be equated to anything that one chooses to do from taking a trip via the train, plane or automobile, to purchasing a house, to remodeling the house that one has, to purchasing a car or some furnishings.  Even the dreams for entertainment are held by the banks as one uses the credit card to pay for the concert, movie or drinks and dinner out at a restaurant.  Today the banks control almost the entire dream of humans founded upon credit, mortgages and loans.  This is an old and limited Pleiadian dream that is very ridged and is difficult to alter or change. 


The rigidity of the Pleiadian dream can be seen clearly in the world mirror in many areas of human life.  One is within the oil industry.  There are many other forms of fuel that humans could choose to power your transportation and cities with what is far less toxic.  There is wind, solar, hydrogen and vegetable oil based fuels to choose from.  And yet the fossil fuel oil industry prevails even though humans perceive that their resources are running out; and the oil cartel appears to be at an impasse to change.  Perhaps those reaping large gains off of the system do not desire the system to change; however the reality is that that pyramidal dream is so ridged that it cannot flow into a new dream.  As more humans ascend into the magnetic figure 8 dream and as this becomes the dominant dream for humanity, then a change of fuels will become more viable for the whole.


The rigidity of the pyramidal dream also effects humans personally in relation to addictions.  Humans have become addicted to substances that destroy the physical vessel such as smoking, drugs and overuse of alcohol.  Humans are addicted to energetic violence through the media.  Humans are also addicted to many non-nutritious junk foods that destroy the body over time.  The dreams for drugs, smoking, alcohol and junk food are all pyramidal dreams that also occurred in the era of Atlantis and the Anu alike and are repeating in present time.  Many humans find it difficult to transcend their addictions due to the repetitive and mechanical nature of pyramidal dreams, which seek to repeat endlessly even if they are killing you.  As more humans ascend and transcend into the magnetic figure 8 dream, transcending addictions will become more effortless as the magnetic dreams allow for the birth of change and are less ridged in nature.




There are also scientists who have developed magnetic energy but are not even given credit for what has been created.  Why is this so?  Within an electrical pyramidal dream how can you acknowledge magnetism as a power source?  You cannot as the dominant force is electricity within an electrical dream; and so hence the response of the other scientific community that magnetic energy is not possible even when presented with a working device.  As the magnetic figure 8 dream becomes the dominant dream, then magnetic energy will be more readily validated and then developed. 


It is necessary for humanity to move into magnetism as an energy source as the reality is that both electricity and combustion will cease the further Terra enters the dream of the Great Central Sun as they do not resonate.  The development of magnetic energy will be the only power source available at some future point; and humans would have to resort to transport by foot or horse again if they choose not to move in this direction.  We see most ascending initiates really like their creature comforts and so it is most likely that a magnetic form of chi to power technology will be developed ahead and as the magnetic dream dominates enough to do so.  The magnetic dream will be less ridged and more fluid allowing for many other changes within human civilization ahead as a result.


The magnetic figure 8 dream has always been upon earth and remains in some regions that are more rural in nature.  The ascending map carvers have moved into a figure 8 dream some time ago as it is a gentler dream to ascend within, and have aided Terra in reuniting this dream as a global force for humans to return to ahead.  As more humans ascend and millions of ascending children enter the world, the figure 8 dream will become the dominant dream.  The figure 8 dream has also been dominant in other time periods in which humans lived in greater unity and peace with one another.




The Pleiadian dream and pyramidal flow is on target to completely collapse as Terra enters the new dream in full around 2016 to 2018.  There is a transition period occurring at this time to diminish the pyramidal flow allowing the magnetic flow of figure 8 dreams and triple lotus dreams to begin to catch.  If Terra did not transition the dreams in this manner, then all would collapse within the human dream and there would be little to replace it initially leading to total chaos for humanity. This does not serve those ascending and especially for the ascending little ones entering the world and so Terra is modulating the human dream to create a gentler transition.  Terra has great compassion for humans, and many ascending humans are learning to work with her and with nature in your ascensions, and in so doing you will be aided in your dream weaving so that your life is less chaotic than perhaps many others who are less aware of the changing times or those who have no spiritual focus at this time.


Dreams from the pyramidal system are being moved into figure 8 dreams already in place throughout the world.  Many impoverished regions spin figure 8 dreams due to the energy flow upon the land remaining from earlier time periods upon earth.  Those living in such regions will reap the benefit of more dream, and will then create a pathway out of their impoverishment as a result.  The figure 8 dream also spins quite nicely in many rural towns around the globe and those in these regions may discover that they continue to prosper when life in the big city becomes increasingly tough ahead.  It is for this reason that nature and earth alike have guided ascending humans if at all possible to remove yourselves from the city life and move more out into the countryside where life may carry on in greater peace at this time of changing dreams.


Food prices are increasing also due to the redistribution of dream towards figure 8 magnetism.  Farmlands spin figure 8 movements as if they did not, the electricity associated with pyramidal flow would kill the plants.  Therefore farmers will receive more dream ahead.  As a result farmers may be paid more what they are worth ahead for their labor rather than receiving the bare minimum to grow and harvest each yield.  This will allow more farmers to catch an ascending organic dream as they will be paid more and can afford to switch over to organic practices; and this too is necessary as food source that is non-organic may begin to die off in the coming 10 years, and in particular as Terra moves into the new dream in full. 


Other dreams that have been less abundant may discover more abundance which includes dreams for the labor force in any industry.  Labor has often been poorly paid with most of the profits and gain going to management or the CEO’s of corporations.  In the times ahead, labor may be hard to find as more and more humans become ill in the times of cleansing ahead.  This will force companies to pay more for labor and the dance of income will come to greater balanced in so being.


We see however that many indigos or pale indigo ascending children will not desire the slavery to the workplace and will be more free floating, finding jobs where they can and living a simpler life than their parents.  Already Mila observes this in many ascending indigos that live in the islands or have crossed the path of SSOA; many simply do not desire to work like their parents; and the reality is that their parents worked in many cases far too hard and paid too many taxes; and now there is a debt in the opposite direction.  Some indigos even collect welfare in countries that this is easier to do such as in Europe; the indigos are collecting the debts from the government that their ancestors (parents) accrued and are balancing the scales in so doing.


The times ahead may bring about few indigos and pale indigos who desire to work and many who live in large campsites together or tent cities like gypsies and prefer this lifestyle due to the freedom that it creates.  They may learn to grow their own vegetables and raise their own goats, sheep and cows for milk and cheese, and may create a community of sorts in so doing.  This may be more how the communities ahead are born that Terra is weaving a dream for.  Terra desires humans to return to the land again and work with it to provide for their sustenance.  In working with the land, one comes closer to Terra and can then more easily build an ascending partnership with her along with nature. 




It has been in each time period that humans withdrew from working the land that little attention was paid to the needs of Terra and consumption of her grew to be so great.  In this time period again humans have vacated the land and moved into cities and become overly consumptive.  More of Terra's resources are harvested each year than she can regenerate.  Soon and if this continues, Terra will become so compromised that she cannot carry on in her ascension.  Therefore the consumptive era must conclude and a new era of spiritual awakening amongst humans must take off. 


The dance of consumption is also a ridged pyramidal dream that does not easily change.  Therefore Terra is intending a deep recession and economic depression ahead for humanity.  In the depression, humans will learn to conserve more and recycle rather than continue to plunder Terra's resources.  The reality is that there has already been so much harvested that you could recreate everything already made three times over in the Tao's estimation.  All that is required is that humans gather up your garbage and recreate and recycle what you need from it.  Therefore the times ahead will bring about a large resurgence of greater recycling which will help to conclude the dream of the great consumption of Terra's resources enough that she may carry on in her ascent.


The reality is that many kingdoms have gone extinct due to the consumption of Terra along with the toxic pollutants that have entered the land, waterways and air from human endeavors.  For each kingdom that goes extinct and in however many numbers their populations have ceased to exist, equal number of humans must perish in order to balance the scales of karma accrued with nature.  For each kingdom that has starved and in however many numbers, so many humans must also starve to balance the scales of karma with nature.  This is the difficult karma that humanity now faces; and many shall either suffer and perish or ascend and forgive what your ancestors have done in all the time periods that have paralleled. 


There is great karma to be settled ahead.  The karma will drive the human dream in a particular direction that may be very difficult for many to bear, and hard to witness as an awakening human upon the spiritual path.  One can learn to forgive and in the forgiveness transcend the need to participate in the trauma that the masses of humans may experience.  One can also learn to accept that there is karma that each is settling in the difficult circumstances that they find themselves within.  No one can forgive for another.  Each experience allows for the spiritual lessons of the individual and whole to be understood and completed upon.  In the greater understanding of how and why this is so, it is easier to have compassion and accept, and sit in peace within.  This is the gift of the conscious path of ascension through the difficult times ahead.




The current confines of human economics is very fragile; it is so out of proportion in relation to balanced giving and receiving that the system must crash in order to bring about a restoration of balance.  The out or proportion dance comes from vast wealth accrued through real estate and commodities or stocks and bonds along with interest.  None of the profit of such a nature had an energetic return to those who lost in counter balance to each who gained.  One cannot gain so greatly without creating another who loses as greatly in the dance of life.  The growth of greater wealth the past quarter century has led to also the growth of greater poverty.  The numbers of homeless upon the streets of the US is an example of what occurs when there is greater wealth; there are those who fall out of the system altogether and cannot succeed enough even to create a roof over their head.


In Los Angeles alone there are over 1 million homeless.  In an article Mila recently read upon the BBC news, hospitals have taken to throwing their aged and dying that have no insurance or assets to pay their bills onto skid row; sometimes only to arrive with epidemic needles still in their arms and in their hospital gown on to the streets.  Extreme greed also creates great callousness towards your fellow humans in present time; and the hospitals refuse to cover people until their death if they cannot afford.  On the other hand there are those who have millions or even billions in the banks from their profit and gain; and they have not enough heart to share to create an equitable system in which everyone is supported and sustained.  This is the result of the extremes created within the pyramidal dream system.

The laws in Europe, Canada and Australia are a little better and there are fewer homeless unless they choose such a dance, however even this system may collapse ahead as well.  Already Mila and Oa discovered that in Austria and since going on the Euro dollar, there are over 1 million now in poverty that cannot make enough to feed their families
in this small country.  What is the cause?  All businesses raised the cost of living by determining that if the product or service cost $1 shilling it would now cost $1 Euro, although the shilling was only valued at 33 cents to each Euro.  The cost of living went up 70%, and those on the edge now do not make enough to subsist as all employers only recalculated the earnings to be 33 cents per Euro of income.  The net result is that everyone is strapped further in the cost of living, and those businesses thriving off the 70% increase now profit more greatly redistributing the wealth and creating a greater upper class and lower class in counterbalance in those countries sharing the Euro currency. 


What is causing Europe to move into the path of greed that heretofore had been the underlying thought-form of the United States?  Europe is uniting as a group in the Economic Union and in a dollar known as the Euro.  The EU is becoming a United States of Europe and the end result is that the dream of greed is moving from the US into the EU as a result.  The United States will now move upon a path of redistribution of wealth that may cause a greater middle class and fewer wealthy and impoverished over time.  This is polarity reversals in actions beloved and is also how pyramidal dreams move from one continent to the next in the cyclic changes over time.



There is however another major shift underway through the intervention of Terra and the Tao who are altering the dream to another format in which now the cycle of pyramidal flow that creates extreme wealth and extreme poverty will conclude; and the birth of a magnetic dream of greater unity and equality shall be born.  It shall be those ascending and the ascending children in particular that shall anchor this dream for all humans to live within over time and in the coming quarter century upon earth.  As this occurs, not only will resources be distributed leading to the end of starvation and hunger, but also wars shall cease.  Why is this so?  There is no dream in the figure 8 modality of thought-form for war.  The figure 8 thought-form leads to unity and honor, compassion, and negotiation over disputes through honest communication and not military action.  World peace will also come forth as the figure 8 dream catches more greatly upon each continent that humans reside.


Great turmoil ahead may occur within the human dream in the times of transition out of electrical and pyramidal thought-form and into magnetic rotational thought-form ahead.  Those choosing to ascend and weave one’s own dream, forgive one’s own karma, and complete with those that no longer resonate will carve another dream ahead with less life turmoil.  One will become the captain of one’s own boat rather than allowing the sea of chaos and the storm to capsize one’s vessel, sinking one’s dream into oblivion.  For those who learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s dreams to fruition, you will never be hungry and you will never be homeless, and you will navigate your way, learning your spiritual lessons along the way, and through forgiveness find your way “home” within.


Today there is much fear.  There is fear about losing the house.  Give the home back to the banks and free yourself finding another way to be that no longer is indebted to the banks.  There is fear about losing the job.  If you are laid off in the economic turmoil ahead, then intend to forgive and learn from your experience of what it feels like to be without work and without money.  Perhaps you will take the many possessions you have hoarded and sell them off at the flea markets to help you over the financial struggle of the moment.  Then intend to weave a dream for a new job and follow your dreams until they are fulfilled upon.  There are always debts owed to you as greatly as debts are owed to others.  This is known as karma.  So call in your good karma and weave it into your dream; and the good karma will call the employment that settles the karma to your doorstep.


If you lose many assets that have been gained due to interest along with stocks and bonds due to a failing market, then intend to balance the scales of this type of fortune and complete.  Then sell off all your assets and invest it in something solvent, such as a business that you can create in balanced giving and receiving while providing goods and services in exchange; or a piece of land that you can move unto and work for sustenance as well as a little profit as an organic farmer.  Balanced giving and receiving must be mastered to enter the new dream with Terra and so these are good ascension based choices to make ahead. 




If you have too many possessions  or wealth you cannot enter the new dream in ease.  Possessions and wealth create attachment and attachment causes the energy field to wobble; and if it wobbles enough one cannot master the movements of the new dream and enter it in full.  Furthermore if you enter the new dream anyway due to Terra's transition into the new dream in 2017 with all your assets and attachment, the attachment will create such discord that it will rapidly lead to disease ahead.  It is therefore perceived by the Tao that those who own to much or are too wealthy will simply die off after Terra enters the new dream ahead as a result. 


If you have too little and tend to be non-giving to yourself, those of this nature will balance the scales by learning to hold more dream in order to enter the new dream, and have a little more in the dance of life as a result.  Perhaps you will manifest a beautiful place to live, or the loving partnership, or give birth to an ascending child, or find the occupation that you really love and enjoy and find fulfilling.  There is a lovely essay from the Hawaiian Ancestors about “Transcending Democratic Slavery” that may be helpful for those facing imbalances in one direction or another in your life dance and ascension ahead.


The reality is that the Pleiadian system of dream is going to collapse as it is so greatly out of balance.  Every dream that is out of balance must come to balance in order to move with earth into the new dream.  Those earning too much or who have too many possessions will come to balance; perhaps they will give their fortunes or possessions away to good causes; or perhaps they will lose their fortune due to collapsing banking and investment dreams.  Those who have too little will also come to balance and learn to have just enough to subsist.  Mila and Oa have own nothing but a car and a storage unit; they live on the road where they are needed for world service and events; and they always have enough.  Balance creates the experience of enough to fulfill upon one’s dreams and goals ahead.


One can either come to voluntary balance by choosing a simpler lifestyle that then hosts a dream that resonates with the Great Central Sun Dream; or one will be forced to balance by circumstances as the Pleiadian system of dream collapses.  Perhaps it is better to choose to ascend and balance one’s lifestyle becoming the captain of one’s boat than to be forced into chaos due to the changing dreams ahead.  The choice however is up to each.



The Heart of the Tao



This is a first in a series of articles through Mila and the Heart of the Tao to address the patterns and issues of becoming a creator in human form as well as a steward of this space craft known as Terra ahead.  We hope each enjoys this information as it pours forth.  We also highly recommend the “Heart of the Tao Audio Suggested Meditation CD Special” to aid those who are choosing to enter the New Dream ahead and in coming to balance in your energy flow and life.  We also recommend working with the “Complete Ascension Workbook” to foster as complete an ascension as possible this lifetime.  A complete ascension without schisms is necessary to the sustenance of health in the new dream.  Workbook II has just been released and focuses upon the emotional issues of separation and imbalance in ascension and how to bring them to a new state of unity and integrity within.


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