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Heart of the Tao

Suggested Meditation CD Set


The Heart of the Tao is a force that is anchoring new love based algorithms upon the Earth Mother at this time to support and sustain her self healing through ascension.  The Heart of the Tao is a consciousness that Lilliya has attuned unto for many years, but only recently has entered her and Oa's field to support and sustain their personal ascensions along with the ascent of SSOA and mankind. 

The Heart of the Tao has assessed the products and planes constructed by Earth in support of ascending humans, and feels that the following five meditation CDs are most integral to sustaining and supporting ascension of the map carvers and followers alike. Each CD was recorded in collaboration between Lilliya, Oa and the Earth Mother, and now the Heart of the Tao is re-orchestrating the healing planes associated to allow the algorithms of love to flow through unto those working with these timeless meditations.  Each meditation prepares the field for entry into the new dream of the Great Central Sun.

We therefore offer these five CD's at a special donation of $75 including packing and shipping.  For those that already have and are working with these CDs, the Heart of the Tao can be attuned unto through intention while listening.


Mastering Harmony 


The Tao perceives this new meditation CD useful to learning learn new music and embracing new ohana based scripts for a new sound to play in the rotation of one's field.  The Great Central Sun dream hosts another type of music that has a fuller range and more complex score.  In order to enter the new dream, one must play music that resonates within and this meditation CD will support learning to do so in preparation.

Mastering Intention 

The Heart of the Tao perceives this as a most useful meditation CD to learn to amalgamate the field, balancing light and dark to enter the new dream.  In the new dream, love is empowered and one will be hard pressed to participate without mastering power and love united as a single algorithm.


Healing with Nature 

The Heart of the Tao perceives that this meditation aligns your dream with the natural world order; without aligning with the natural world, one will be hard pressed to enter the new dream as the new dream is a natural world phenomenon.


Healing the Heart 

The Heart of the Tao perceives that healing the heart is pivotal to ascension and momentum of humans towards love as a foundation of yourself and your life as well as your civilization.  An open heart is a requirement to ascending into the new dream, as the new dream is founded upon love.


Mastering Dream Weaving

Entering the New Dream requires conscious dream weaving capacity, as no other kingdom or earth is going to manage the dream of those species designed to do so themselves, as this would be codependent thought-form.  Therefore learning to manage your dream on your own is a necessary attribute to entry into the new dream.


All five CD's are available at a special donation of $75 including shipping.




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