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Instrumental Seasons

Music CD

By Ed Kopp


Instrumental Seasons is a collection of meditative songs that express many musical seasons...from the joyful flute of new life in springtime to the passionate and percussive dance of summer followed by autumnal guitar with cascading melodies that fall on the ears to the meditative sounds of winter that call one to go within to the warmth of one’s own soul.


Ed and Carol and their ancestors feel honored to have been asked to contribute the music to the latest CD “Mastering Compassion” and we hope that you enjoy hearing the compositions as they were originally written to offer another listening experience to the music behind the beautiful meditations.


Donation Requested (including postage) is $25


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To order “Instrumental Seasons” or any of the other ascension music CD’s by Ed and Carol Kopp contact Ed at soundslikeunity@yahoo.com


 We thank you for supporting ascending music!

 Ed and Carol

Ed and Carol also offer ascension consultations both separately and as a couple.  See Ed Kopp and Carol Kopp for their individual healer biographies.


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