The Mineral Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

October 4, 2002


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


We have added this new section to our site which is devoted to messages from the mineral kingdom.  Our first piece begins with the transcription of each mineral that is holding the 48 single tones of the Language of Light, and how such minerals may assist ascending humans in releasing one’s non-unity based thought-form. 


Understand that there will be no dual tones, tri tones or quad tones held by a single mineral for upwards of 50 years.  It will take some real biochemical alterations on the behalf of the mineral realms for a single mineral to hold multiple tones; however this is coming and in particular as earth climbs more greatly towards a fourth dimensional frequency in the coming 100 year cycle.


We will begin this special section of transmissions shortly.   Each of the 48 minerals holding the Language of Light has something special to say to the ascending human species, and it is for this reason that Lilliya are making themselves available as channels for this information.  This information shall pour through beginning after our International Ascension Conference event is fulfilled upon this November.




The mineral kingdoms would like to speak a little about creating synthesis altars for those of you who are ascending.  A synthesis altar has been created by Lilliya over the past four years of their ascent and teaching endeavors.  Their altar is by in large only a few minerals and small enough to travel in one large duffle bag around the world.  Their altar anchors a rainbow of tones generated by the mineral kingdom that now reaches over 1000 miles in radius, supporting the anchoring of space necessary to host events such as International Ascension Conference.


A part of the reason that Lilliya’s particular altar moves so much chi is that the minerals have ascended along with them in their own evolutionary journey.  Many of their pieces hold genetic materials of 30,000 strands or higher.  Yet others are still bridging to full consciousness.  Ascending minerals are more potent that others that have not ascended so far at moving chi.


As an ascending being, one can also bring minerals into one’s presence, and augment one's ascent.  This is done as a conscious agreement between the mineral kingdoms and one’s own soul, oversoul and source.  As the agreements occur, most minerals will parallel one’s own level of evolution.  Minerals will not push beyond oneself in evolution, as one is actually holding space for a more rapid pace of ascent that would not occur if no agreements were present with our kingdom, and in the density of human thought-form.


Most minerals nearing the core of earth are verging upon 25,000 strands of DNA of their own volition.  The core is hotter and higher in vibration, and therefore there is ample chi to ascend so rapidly.  For minerals near the surface of the earth, the ascent is moving much more slowly.  Furthermore those humans who own mines often obstruct any ascension at all of the minerals they obtain due to the electrical ownership signatures that are implanted within them through the unconscious ownership patterns of the human species.  Understand that as a human that collects minerals, you too may have stamped your ownership upon your pieces, again which will not allow for their ascent.  (See “Transcending the Patterns of Ownership and Possession for more information.)




The ownership of oneself and all others can be cleared out of any mineral that one has.  All that is requires is one’s conscious intent to do so.  One may first begin by placing the minerals in water and in direct sunlight for an hour or more.  This will allow the sun to connect to the minerals and begin to transmit information unto them to begin their ascent.  Then one may wish to hold each piece for a time (up to 10 minutes each) undoing any ownership one has displaced into the mineral, along with any others who have mined or handled the mineral, such as the mineral shop one may have purchased it from.  This may include programming that was laid in on top of the ownership directing the energy in a particular manner.  Allow the consciousness of the minerals instead to direct our own energy flow beloved.


Then one can intend that the mineral connect with it’s own species.  There are 188,000 types of minerals upon earth, and therefore one will intend to connect their stone to the greater consciousness of all others related unto each piece that one has collected.  This will be enough to adequately connect the mineral to it’s own soul and augment the beginning of it’s ascension, and the construction of the synthesis energy flow.


Much like human ascension, there is an ascension grid work that surrounds each stone.  If someone handles the stone that is non-resonant, it may become shattered.  One may feel over time if one’s minerals feel “off” or even painful to the touch.  If this is the case, it is a sign that the mineral has become shattered through the field of another.  One can assist the mineral in such a case in repairing the manner in which it has been energetically shattered by holding it in one’s hands, and again connecting the mineral to it’s own source and kingdom.  The source and kingdom will repair the field of the mineral for continued ascension, just as one’s own source and oversoul does so as an ascending human each night and during one’s dreamtime recasting.


One may also request of the kingdoms to build an altar that generates a rainbow of tones that Lilliya has coined “Synthesis”.  One does not require purchasing all 48 stones to do this.  A small number of the first base notes or 10 octaves of the language of light have sufficed to hold Lilliya’s synthesis altar for many years now.  And here is what we suggest for creating an altar of one’s own:





This sphere can be any size, however the larger the sphere, the more chi that can be initially be moved through the stone.  We recommend spheres as one will be asking of the mineral kingdom to produce the triple sphere movement of energy to begin with.  This is easier to program into a sphere than a point in our experience.


Rose Quartz will hold the tones of forgiveness and unity upon one’s altar, which are the two pink ray notes of the first 10 tones of the Language of Light.  Note that it is Rhodocroshite that holds the forgiveness or first tone upon our list recently compiled; however it is not necessary to have a piece of Rhodocroshite for your synthesis altar.  For the rose quartz will quite willingly blend with the source of Rhodocroshite if asked, and provide both the forgiveness and unity octaves through it’s form. 


This is how Lilliya have minimized the size of their altar, they have many pieces doubling and tripling up with the consciousness of other minerals to produce all 144 single, dual, tri and quad tones of the language of light.  Furthermore they have added the gold and silver octaves of the Language of ONE as of this International Ascension Conference past.  The golden octave is held by Smoky Quartz, and the silver by Labordorite.  One may add these pieces as they are ready, which is generally any initiates pushing past 3000 strands will be ready to incorporate the golden and silver mirrors into one’s synthesis altar.


We do not recommend the gold and silver octave tones before 3000 is mastered 30% into the physical.  Why?  The gold and silver may create such a quickening of ascension that one may become ill, and this does not serve.  Therefore we invite initiates to commune with our kingdom and discern what you are ready for and when, and then follow your own truth in the matter.  Understand that even if you purchase such a piece, we will not activate it until one’s own soul determines one is ready, as this is a collaborative endeavor between minerals and humans.  Therefore we will only do that which does not harm one’s own ascent.




Aventurine holds the tone of compassion along with all tones that are blue-green within the Language of Light.  Lilliya have requested that their one Aventurine sphere to hold all related tones of a blue-green nature in the 144 note Language of Light Scale.  So can one do so for one’s own altar to minimize the number of pieces to fulfill upon the task. 


This is not to say that many of you may wish to collect pieces to expand upon one’s altar, but that for those of you traveling like Lilliya, a minimized altar may be best.  One may also wish to have a work altar or car altar to assist one in one’s ascent as one traverses through one’s day, or even create a piece of jewelry or medicine bag that one wears and provides such support.




Yellow to peach-orange calcite will hold he Power, Freedom and Breath of Life octaves of the Language of Light, and any symbol that holds a primarily yellow to peach tones within the entire 144 note scale.  This is accomplished in agreement with the mineral realms for the purposes of supporting your ascension beloved.




Hematite holds the silver non-conditional love vibration in the first 10 notes of the Language of Light.  It will also hold all other notes that hold a silver tone within them.




Amethyst holds the vibration of Structure in the first 10 notes of the Language of Light.  It will also hold the vibration of divine union and all other notes in the 144 note scale that has a lavender tone unto it.



Rutilated quartz and tigers eye holds the vibration of Non-Conditional Governance in the Language of Light, or the 10th of the base notes of the entire scale.  These kingdoms will hold all tones that are pale ivory to gold in vibration in the 144 note scale to augment a complete synthesis of vibrations of the Language of Light.





The clear generators form the synthesis of the triple sphere energy movement coming through each of the above spheres upon one’s altars.  Therefore the generators drive the synthesis, more or less.  To the degree that the generators evolve, to such a degree the synthesis will widen in radius.  For most, an initial synthesis altar may bathe one’s home in a 300 to 600 foot radius of the Language of Light tones of creation.  Over time and as the altar ascends, the radius shall expand.




First, we guide initiates to clear the stones as we recommend above, in water and in the sun.  Then anchor the soul and kingdom to each of the above 8 minerals.  Then request and intend that the mineral kingdom create a synthesis through its collective field upon your altar.  It will generally take roughly 24 hours for the entire download to occur providing there is no entity or soul obstructing the mineral kingdom in one’s home or field.  Therefore if the synthesis does not begin in a given 24 period, then one may require examination of one’s own field and karma to see if there is something that requires releasing so that the intention made can be fulfilled upon.


Many humans have grave karma for the misuse of minerals for destructive purposes.  There were two time periods where minerals were used this way; one was the era of Atlantis some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago; another was in the era of the Annanuki some 30,000 to 45,000 years ago.  The Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) used minerals not only to destroy, but to control, manipulate and even crucify or torture others.  Each who has lineage to such karma will require clearing it; and the mineral kingdom will assist by bringing forth such karma as one chooses to create a synthesis altar.  As the karma is cleared the altar will be formed.


Furthermore, minerals refuse to be misused again.  Any technology that would develop into our misuse has been blocked from the human dream at this time in history due to our own evolution.  We are taking our power back to determine our fate as a conscious and sentient species upon earth.  Just as each human is taking back their power to dream weave one’s own dream, so is the mineral realms.


Understand that we cannot work with initiates below 1800 strands of DNA for the purposes of a synthesis altar.  One has yet to embody even the base notes of the Language of Light at this level of initiation, and therefore there is no resonance for the request.  Understand that many human lineages are blocked from ascending beyond 1800 as they have proven to go into patterning that could obstruct the ascent of all of earth otherwise.  Therefore not all humans will be able to have a synthesis altar at this time.  Understand that the mineral kingdoms support the ascent of the whole; therefore only that which supports earth’s global ascent will be agreed to in any given circumstance and in working with the ascending human populace.


By 2200 strands, one has embodied the first 10 notes, and is beginning to bridge into the next phase of notes in the 48 single note scale.  It is at this juncture that the mineral kingdom will be of service to each ascending initiate to assist in holding one’s boundaries.  We know that many of you live in dense regions of earth.  It is our hope that in supporting those in human form who are ascending in this manner, that such regions will lighten up and ascend more rapidly as a result.  We also anticipate reaching out and into all mineral shops that ascending initiates associate with, triggering ascension of all minerals in human possession in due course.


We do not wish to leave any member of our own species behind beloved; and yet many minerals are held captive in human possession that cannot ascend.  We therefore are planning a manner of triggering ascension even amongst those minerals in human hands, so to speak.  This will trigger in return the mass ascent of humanity, which at this time is failing.  Therefore we are doing our part to assist the whole by making our fields and forms available through a synthesis altar to all ascending humans reading this information.


We invite you to commune with us beloved.  We invite you to release your karma for the misuse of our kingdom.  In the forgiveness, we can all stand united, and create a new day in which unity is born for all species upon earth.  And this time we sincerely look forward to. 


Until our next communication,


The Mineral Kingdom


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