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Director, Spiritual School of Ascension
 e-mail ascendpressorg@attglobal.net


 "Lilliya" is a mastering spiritual initiate of great fortitude and strength in the attempt to map carve evolutionary fulfillment for the human species.  She gathers to her many others who are also willing to master their ascensions and shares of her personal understanding gifts and talents at the many events that are produced each year and in the studies of the school.  Lilliya is grateful to the Tao and all the forces that support her ascension and is mastering love in her personal work.

There are many articles to explore upon this web site.  For those who are new we would invite you to explore the Creating Community page for our latest materials.  The materials bridge into new thought-form of unity that leads to the goal of ascending partnership and the return of the beloved within.  The school is about to diverge into a new path in which relationship to all things is looked at and used as a "mirror" to foster one's evolutionary path.

Mirrors are an important part of the studies of our organization.  Mirrors are the concept that all in life is a mirror for one's inner state of being.  One can use the mirrors wisely and look inward clearing patterns within oneself through love and forgiveness in order to transform the dreams that one dreams.  Dreams can then be dreamt that are more joyful and fulfilling to experience.  As such conscious dreaming is also a part of this path in which the dreams intended are what one learns to live. 

Lilliya offers two groups of study; one is a self study program that includes some consultations with Lilliya and those associated each half year to compliment working with the materials.  The materials include two workbooks to create complete ascension along with transmissions to the school that focus upon the group purpose and mastery that occurs during events.  The transmissions offer the more in debth sstudy to be worked with and appears to foster ascension amongst those associated.  (See Group Mastery Program) for more information). 

The second level of study is for those who desire to master their living dream.  Each body is a living dream in an inexplicable drama in the dance of life.  In conscious dreaming one learns to modulate the dreams that one creates through intention and also forgiveness and love.  As one learns to consciously dream weave, there is a restoration of power within to mold one's life in directions one prefers rather than karmic encounters that are difficult. 

We invite each to explore our materials for whatever support they offer.  The Tao and Earth Mother "Anasonya" provide healing and love to those attuning to the information.  Many events are also offered each year for those in the programs and those interested in the materials alike.  See Events for more information.  We thank each that has worked with us past and present.  Ascension foseters many changes within and often this leads to changes without causing paths to part and then new folk to join the group to take the map of ascension to the next level.  We invite you to join us if you feel you wish to within.