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The Living Orchestra

Series of Consultations

with Carol Kopp and Ed Kopp


Creating a “Sound” Ascension


Learning to work with your own unique inner sound and music


In this very moment you are vibrating. You have cells and molecules that are moving, chakras that are spinning and these movements and vibrations create a sound and that sound is you. You are a living orchestra, you literally are music! Knowing this allows one to address one’s body, life, relationships and dreams in terms of the music that one is creating. By learning to address life and body issues in terms of sound and music you can learn to sweeten your sound and tune up your field so that you sing a sweeter tune and in turn call sweeter dreams to yourself.


That is the focus of this series. To learn how to work with your own music and sound and apply it to your life, your body and your ascension so that the sound of your truth resonates with who you are and in turn calls a resonant and harmonious dream to you.  The following are a few examples of possible sessions. Each session can be catered to your truth and sound and one can be as creative as one wishes in their approach to their own sonic self healing.


Session 1: The Sound of Your Field


In ascension you learn that you are not just a physical body but you also have an energetic system that surrounds your body and this is known as your “field” and it includes your chakras and subtle bodies and many other components as well. As your field spins it vibrates and makes a sound. If everything is spinning properly and in balance then the sound should be sweet and harmonious. But if one is struggling with a piece of karma or patterning or is out of balance in some way then one’s music can go sour. In this session we will address the sound of your field and discuss techniques to tune yourself up so you can come back into balance, sweetness and health.


Session 2: The Music of Your Body Instrument


You could say your body is like a tuning fork and that if your body is “in tune” and singing sweetly you will be healthy. If the sound of your body begins to play sour music, over time one may get ill in a certain area. One can address the sound of your body and work on the underlying karma and patterning as to why it will not sweeten and as you forgive then that area of the body can sweeten and come to greater health. In this session we will address any sour areas of the body and underlying karma, music and patterning to clear in order for it to sweeten in sound and return to health.


Session 3: The Harmonies of Your Inner Family


All relationships have a sound and the sound can be harmonious and sweet or discordant or somewhere in the middle. Those harmonious sounding relationships will be more enjoyable but sometimes even those relationships can sour. In this session we will look at the patterning involved in keeping sweet sounding relationships within your inner family and looking at where you may still go into discord. As your inner family comes into greater harmony so will the relationships in your life.


Session 4: The Melodies of Your Truth and Dreams


Do you know the sound of your truth? Are you able to sing your dreams? Do you have your own distinctive voice from which you sing your melodic truth each day?  Are you the lead singer with those around you or are you more of a “backup singer” and support the lead singer? The sound of unity comes from each having their own unique melody and expressing it and having all those melodies harmonize with the melodies and truths of others. In this session we can look at what your melody and truth is, what they sound like, how you harmonize with others and the music of your truth and dreams


Session 5: The Rhythm of Your Life Dance


In this session we can take a look at where you tend to dance to the beat of others or follow your own rhythm. Rhythm can be one’s flow and divine timing and this will be different for everyone but sometimes we feel we need to cater to what others want when they want it and this can cause stress and pull us out of our rhythm. Stress can be equated as a jittery rhythm and so we can look at the rhythms that you flow with including Earth’s rhythms and work on getting you more properly aligned rhythmically so you are more in the flow of your own timing in the dance of life.


Session 6: The Song of Your Heart


In this session we will address the song your heart is singing to yourself and to others. Is your heart singing a song of co-dependence and attachment or one of honor and non-conditional love? Is your heart singing a song of joy and fulfillment or one of boredom and complacency?  It is the song of the heart that often attracts others to one’s self and by learning to sing a sweeter heart song and opening the heart enough to bless one’s self and others around one’s self the song of the heart can draw those who resonate with the song of love into one’s life.



Donation for the series of 6 one hour consultations: $350


E-mail Carol Kopp aflowerdream@yahoo.com

or Ed Kopp soundslikeunity@yahoo.com

for more information or to book a series