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Ancestral Inner Family Readings

with Jenny Martin "Ahmala"


A series of three consultations each with special focus of healing the inner family

as designed by the Ancestors 


Greetings from the Ancestors and Ahmala,


I and the ancestors are pleased to offer a new mini series of 3 sessions which will focus upon healing ones inner family.  Under the guidance of your ancestors, we will look at inner family patterns that affect your everyday life and ascension.


Each session will be 90 minutes, allowing enough time to thoroughly process and clear thought forms and the karma at hand.


Session 1: Retrieving the inner children and lost parts of self associated. In this first session we will work upon the inner children, ages 1-7 as well as your experience within the womb, prior to birth.  We will bring thought forms to consciousness that affected you as a child and that may still be playing out today in your life.


Session 2: Retrieving the inner child ages 8-14. We will look at your inner children  from 8-14 years of age and address the issues up for them at this time. Your ancestors will also assist in pulling back  lost unconsciousness during this time of your life, that may have fractured off in karmic episodes.


Session 3: Retrieving the inner teenagers ages 14-21. The inner teenagers are vital to your ascension, as are all inner family; but the teenagers are your passion behind your desire to ascend. We will look at blocks, thought forms, ancestral karma and patterns that interfere with your inner teenagers, and retrieve back ones inner truth as well as your ancestral truth.



Donations for the Ancestral Inner Family Healing Mini Series is: $285 us currency.

Jennifer "Ahmala" can be contacted at: anewdreamnow@yahoo.com