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Jenny Martin


 Ascension Consultations

Working with the Ancestors

Working with Earth and Nature to Heal



Mastering Your Dream Workshop

September 11-13

Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


Ancestor Reading Series of Consultations:

Reading 1:  Assessing the Ascending Energy Field

Reading 2:  Assessing Ancestral Karma


Reading 3:  Assessing your Inner Family


Reading 4:  Assessing your Dream and Retrieving your Magic


Reading 5:  Assessing your Connections to Earth and Nature


Reading 6:  Completion Consultation




 Bearer of Communication

Year of the Wolf



anewdreamnow@ yahoo.com


Articles by Jenny


Jenny Martin "Ahmala"

e-mail: anewdreamnow@yahoo.com




I am Jenny Martin, also known as Ahmala. The name Ahmala is ancient and means: “to cut away down to the truth” and implies as well, “one who fights for the truth.”


When I came in at birth, I had a load of information on dream weaving, a grandmaster hologram and I also had agreements to ascend in this lifetime. Although this good and I am certainly grateful for it now, it set me up to be stripped and consumed by those around me, and I was. I also came in as a present day red nation individual of North American root race ancestry, which also set me up to always lose my truth and EVERYTHING else to those around me as well.


So, it does seem to me now as though I have had to “fight” to retrieve back my truth, and everything else lost or taken from me on an energetic level. Even before ascension, it seemed that my life was difficult in some respects, as I was predisposed to dream weaving for others around me and not able or allowed to dream weave for myself on an energetic level.


Dream weaving is the act of creating your life, the way you would like for it to be expressed. Through dream weaving we can also bring our hearts desire into our physical lives and live to experience them.  It truly is through ascension that you retrieve back your dream weaving abilities, power, truth and love from those physical and non-physical forces that have stripped you through out your life and taken your dreams.


I am not the only one this has happened to, most of us have gone through this experience of non-love, rejection, the loss of one truth, soul, power, love, and consciousness. This is all a karmic replay of the losses that our ancestors had to endure, the loss and falls in consciousness. But now, we can actually do something about it, we can get back what we lost and heal ourselves and through our healing our ancestors heal as well. We can release the karmic dance of pain and loss, and ascend into unity and wholeness and our individual truths.


Ascension is an individual, deeply personal experience in which you address your deepest fears and through intention and forgiveness come to healing and balance. Your ancestors also play a major role; as what you address originated in their lifetimes. As you heal yourself, you also heal them.


Your ancient ancestors hold a remembrance of a time of unity, peace, and joy, they wish for you to begin to remember this. “Intend to ascend into your truth as your ancient truth is based on unity, power, love and joy!”


Thank you, and if you feel that I can be of assistance to your journey; then I invite you to contact me. I offer the following healing sessions:


30 minute "Tune Up" session:

In 30 minutes we will go over your energetic systems and field and tune them up! Some days we just need a quickie. I offer this to those who already have an understanding of the energetic systems, and have been doing their ascension work; but would like to have their fields checked and “tuned up”. We would start from the grounding chakras and work our way, through the moving and non-moving energetic systems in between, up to the source connecting chakras and Source. If anything is not functioning properly, we will reweave, repair and get you on your way!  The donation fee is: $40 US dollars per session


60 minute session:

This is a full session, that would serve just about any purpose or questions you may have that is ascension based.  We would cover what is reasonably possible in one session, as well as address any energetic issues that are up for you. The donation fee is: $80 US dollars per session.


90 minute session:

I usually recommend this session if it is our first time reading together, as it allows enough time to ask questions, relax a little and not worry about time. Generally, we go into more depth and detail with this session, and so it is also a good choice if you would prefer a longer more rounded session, even if this is not our first time reading together. The donation fee is: $110 US dollars per session.


Three 60 minute Mini Ancestral Karmic Healing Series:

We would have 3 sessions, which would be 60min each session, spaced over a 1 to 2 week period.  This mini series is designed to help you focus inward on ancestral karma that may be difficult to move through or perceive. This is also helpful in working through karmic blocks and help to bring to your consciousness what it is that needs to be focused upon and released. This particular series will focus in depth on 1 to 2 specific ancestral issues, lifetimes and the related karma. You may already know what the issues are and wish to focus upon them or you can ask the ancestors to bring to your consciousness what it is you should focus upon to help release and transcend ancestral karmic issues. The donation fee is: $175 us dollars per series of 3 consultations.


Ancestral Reading Series:

I have been offering this series of 6 sessions (60 min. each) with good feedback. It is designed by the ancestors themselves. The ancestors wish to bring to your consciousness; what it is they (the ancestors) would like for you to focus upon releasing.  This is a highly focused series designed to help you release, transcend, and lift through your ancestral karma, and is spread out over a 6 week period. The donation fee is: $350 us dollars per series of 6 consultations.


Inner Family Series:

A new series of 3 sessions (60 min. each) designed to focus upon the inner family as designed by the ancestors themselves.  The ancestors will help focus upon various parts of the inner family to allow for self healing of childhood and teenage experiences along with young adult trauma; as well as understand the ancestral karma associated so that a thorough forgiveness can occur for the purposes of inner transformation of the patterns associated.  The donation fee is: $175 us dollars per series of 3 consultations.


My e-mail address is: anewdreamnow@yahoo.com

I look forward to the dance! HO! 


Namaste, Jenny






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