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Ancestral Readings

with Jenny Martin

A series of six consultations each with special focus as designed by the Ancestors




I am Jennifer Martin, and I am participating in the Mastering The Living Dream program this year of 2007.


I have been guided and given the opportunity by the ancestors to create a series of ancestor readings. The ancestors would like the opportunity to work more closely with those whom they are related to on a deeper personal level.


Often the ancestors would like to relay a message that would be helpful on your ascension path but find it difficult to get the message across for one reason or another. This has prompted them to suggest the ancestral readings, with the intent to connect and work with you consciously on certain areas of your ascent. The ancestors would like for you to know how much they love and honor you, their present day physical expressions of themselves. “It is through you that we will ascend home!”



The first reading will focus upon energetic stuck points, and working on a fully magnetic flow and pulling in the ancient dna that will more fully ground you to the aurora. As well as releasing ancestral karma that blocks your ancient genetic dna from fully embodying itself into the physical. We will also assess your energetic systems and working upon balancing them so that you may be prepared for the continuing series of work with your ancient ancestors.



The second reading will focus on releasing thought forms, patterns, and algorithms that your ancestors wish for you to focus upon releasing and clearing. We will look at the specific karma related to individual ancestral lifetimes and the thought forms, patterns, and algorithms that affected your ancestors lifetimes and how it affects you today as their present day ancestor.



The third reading will focus upon the inner family and how your inner family members are getting along. We will also address the rejection karma between your ancestors and the earth mother, that their own inner family perceived. Our very ancient ancestors had no agreements with Earth to be seeded here and they wish to heal their own inner family through and with your inner family. Ancient records and information will blend with you and your inner family on unity based relations between all family members and your larger ascending “Ohana”.



The fourth reading will focus on standing in your truth and bringing the magic back into your life. Your ancestral truth is also your present day truth. Through out the many falls in consciousness that each ancestral lifetime experienced a load of information, truth, power and love was lost and never retrieved. Your ancestors lives were magical before the falls down ward  in vibration, dream and consciousness. Reconnect with your ancestral lifetimes of magic and remember your truth. We will also focus on bringing your ancestral skills and talents to your conscious awareness.



The fifth reading will be about your ancestral connections to the Earth Mother, nature, plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.  Your ancestors lived in unity and harmony with the surrounding nature, animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Often they would commune with one of the kingdoms and create an ongoing relationship that helped to guide them along their paths. Your ancestral “totem” guides also wish to offer their guidance. The nature, plant, animal, and mineral kingdom as well as the Earth Mother are honored to step forth and work with you and your ancestors during this session to address and bring to consciousness their advice and guidance for your ascension at this time.



The sixth reading, this is the final session with the ancestors and they would like to focus on any questions you may have as well as visit with you.  During this session the ancestors will also work on any remaining energetic repairs and or issues you may have liked to address but didn’t during the series.


This series is designed to be energetically healing and the ancestors, the Earth Mother and all other participating kingdoms will ensure all healing has been received and downloaded in a manner that honors your physical form and ascent.  I request a donation of $325 for the six consultations.  Please e-mail me if you are interested at anewdreamnow@yahoo.com


Namaste, Jenny

Ahhamala, Flaming Sword