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 Ascension Consultations to Remember One's Beautiful Internal Music


Swedish Version

Workshop in  Sweden

September 23-25



 Bearer of Evolution

Year of the Fox








Henrik Westberg

e-mail:  mid.rd.journey@gmail.com

Swedish Version


Workshop in  Sweden September 23-25




My name is Henrik / Khamir. You could say that my singing triggered my spiritual awakening. I was an opera singer and not a very happy one. I was hoping that my life as an opera singer would give me freedom to create a life for myself that would be fulfilling; only the joy disappeared. I decided to stop singing until I could find the joy in singing again. It led to many years of unemployment and on to the spiritual path. I was drawn to the teachings that would say that you your self are responsible for the circumstance that you find yourself in. I found that this way of looking at life would give you the freedom to direct your life in a direction to more joy and fulfilment. I still have to remind myself that I created the life situation that I am experiencing and as I do so there is a possibility of change.


I came to hear about ascension and I wondered what it could be. I searched on the internet and found SSOA. As I was reading the material it became clear why often the change I wanted to create wouldn’t be as I expected or wouldn’t come at all; Had I not been thinking a whole bunch of positive thoughts? Had I not been standing in front of the mirror every day saying that I loved myself just the way I am 500 times for weeks? And had I not made all these elaborated affirmations about how I wanted my life to be and then “programmed my unconscious” with them? Yes I had, and what they did was perhaps to help me on my way forward in my pursuit, but they couldn’t help me in fundamentally changing my life. I learned that there has to be a real understanding of the cause of the issue you’re dealing with to really be able to forgive and transmute. And then the dream that you want to fulfil upon can be made manifest.


This cause can be very complex and have many layers and aspects. And so to our help in perceiving these matters come the nature kingdoms. For me there is always a sense of joy to be able to connect to the nature kingdoms as the communication is founded upon exchanges of blessings of love thru an open heart. I believe my heart was in a very mechanized state as an opera singer, and the journey that has lead me to a more and more open heart has been both difficult and magic. It has also lead me to a state where I can feel the joy of singing, as the tones are a channelling of nature thru my heart. This has also been a big change for me to be able to work so closely with Earth and nature. We are really one; many expressions but we are all of the same, so why not collaborate? We have to to be able to find our way home.


In the consultations that I am offering I will also be able to interpret the music in your field that is healing in nature letting you know your truth and where you’re going and that can heal the problematic issues that you’re struggling with at the moment. Lately I have also found that singing the music of the field is a way for me to more easily perceive what has to be cleared.


We will collaborate with the consciousness of Earth that we are a part of along with the nature kingdoms. The nature kingdoms will be there and tell you what they see and perhaps from another perspective than you would have thought of. Your ancestors whose life experiences and talents are very important to us will also be present to guide you and let you know of the karma that is in the way of expressing your truth.


Deep down there is always a group of thought forms that will direct your life in the way that it is. These thought forms also existed in your ancestry and perhaps had your ancestors trapped in circumstances that are siLilliyar to what you are experiencing in your life today. In transmuting the thought forms of polarity and replacing them with more of unity based thought form you can free yourself and your ancestry a little at a time and eventually more fully live your truth.

If you would like to save my interpretation of your music you could record the consultation over the phone.  I am offering 60 min consultations in Swedish or in English. The donation for this is $80US / 600SEK. I am also offering a series of five consultations for a donation of $350 / 2500SEK or three for $210/1500SEK

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