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Silvija Križanac  


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Silvija Križanac "Nanya"

E-Mail:   taolovewithin@gmail.com     Croatian Translation

Dear friends,

When I call you friends, it is easy to me open more love in heart flower during writing this biography. So, dear friends I am closing my eyes and blessing you in your Inner movements .My name is Silvija Križanac and was renamed with many names by lemurian ancestors :"Natasha",(one who rises above illusions), Nanya (One with nature),Onoluya (Peace) I was born on 10 th February 1977. in small town Sinj located at south Croatia ,also not to much far from Bosnia and Hercegovina.As little girl I enjoyed going in nature with my parents, sister and brother.

We could not imagine other possibilities but swimming in rivers, lakes or the sea, visiting caves, or climbing on mountains, That was our ways of living. So I thought as little girl that everybody loves nature .My mother worked with children who need special care and my father worked with the police. Most of the time in my childhood I was a typical indigo , ...wearing unusual clothes,...speaking with myself, or just in silence sitting for hours,...sensitive also to  energetic movements .

Attending school was a difficult life experience for me.  Abuse by some of the female school teachers pushed me into fear.  Being different in perception caused also rejection from other class mates.  I stayed shy till high school .As a teenager during the war in Croatia and Bosnia, we lived ina  basement.  In that time my mother was working with refugees in evacuation and my father was needed in the police station.  Our grandmother prepared lunch for me and my little sister and brother.

In that basement I started to look for some answers, wanted to know why is that happening.  Reading spiritual books, beginning my first meditation experience and meeting others who also were seeking answers were my primary occupations. It was interesting to try embrace peace through meditation in that basement.

Studying Croatian language and literature at University moved me in Zadar where I am still living with my brother. In my early twenties I studied  Reiki techniques, alternative medicine and with that kind knowledge worked with socially problematic individuals .

When I discovered the SSOA web site, soon I started working with the ancestors.  After some time other types work was released and replaced with a new perception.

I studied the SSOA materials for about five years before joined the school. 2008.. In that time period, before joining SSOA ,I was living alone and wanted little bit slower ascending path,  .Sometimes it takes time in opening to your truth  in complete understanding. The Nature Kingdoms were very supportive in this time.  Together we worked to heal the unconsciousness and anchor my truth.

Little friends inthe  Nature Kingdoms asked me to send Lilliya (Lilliya) and Nomi (Oa) e-mail to join SSOA. So, here I am dear friends with ancestral wish to contribute unto global ascension in this time in Earth's history.

The dream of my last job was that I have been working (reception in hotel) is coming to closure, so that we (me and the ancestors) can open New Doors. I am very grateful for the big energetic study that this job triggered within me. If we perceive one country as one garden than I can say that many representatives of different gardens visited me in these  four years. During one day we had groups of hundred people from the whole world with different cultures. It was interesting to hear voices of their gardens before giving them a  key and put them in recasting.

Many blessings to each of you, dear friends,.. I love the song "Imagine..." You may say  I am dreamer,...but I am not only one,...

Also like you dear friends had many movements that we call "bad ascension day", even I have wanted to give up, but in such moments the lemurian ancestors were very helpful with their insights.The  Nature Kingdoms can be very supported too by healing your LOL tones in your  integration.

I asked Anasonya, (Inner Earth), lemurian ancestors and Nature Kingdoms how they would like  orchestrate healing work through me.  This is their suggestions :

 Special work with Indigos

Many may realize that you are a part of the emerging indigo consciousness.  Often life is difficult due to ho most of the world's population is still asleep in mechanical dances. Indigo humans have many keys to open to the New World, so this session can help you to receive more love and support to keep going and opening to the keys that you possess.

 Embracing your Inner Spark with Anasonya (Inner Earth Mother)

This session is for those who feel the need to open more to perceiving your Inner World. Between the heart holograms and dream catcher region sits your Inner Spark that leads into the capacity to create from your Inner World.  Sometimes your Inner Spark is fractured and requires healing.  Anasonya will help to look at and heal those issues related and offers her true blessings.

 Consultations with the Lemurian Ancestors

This session is for those that need more understanding of their ascension path through  connecting with particular ancestors from more ancient times that hold keys to unity thought-form,  The Ancestors will focus upon those patterns you are in need of forgiving so that you can move forward upon your path.

  Consultations with Nature Kingdoms

 Working with the Nature Kingdoms is my favorite healing time,  It is easier to open your  heart in the Nature World. Various  different Nature Kingdoms will be rpesent in these sessions to help you attune to the Language of Light or tune up your inner music.

Suggested Donations

·         60 minutes consultations by phone in balance of giving and receiving is 55 Euro

for those from Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina is 260 Kn

·         90 minutes consultations in balanced of giving and receiving is 65 Euro

for those from Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina is 310 Kn

·         three sessions of 60 consultations in balanced of giving and receiving is 110 Euro

for those from Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina is 650 Kn

If you feel in your heart need for our common work you can contact me at taolovewithin@gmail.com

 Many blessings

 Silvija "Nanya"






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