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Ancestor Sara through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

June 23, 2010


Blessings from the Ancestral Realms for

the Polarity Reversals Ahead




Dear Beloved upon the Ascension Path,


It is ancestor Sara that greets you today.  Today I wish to explain the massive polarity reversal that is occurring at this time under the direction of Anasonya (the Inner Earth Mother consciousness).  Terra, or outer earth consciousness has been gathered back by the greater part of herself associated with the inner earth and together they are directing the ascension of the whole.  This is a vast change and a healing that has been necessary for a long time and allows another dream and future to emerge ahead that would not be possible otherwise. 


Although at this time there are difficulties underway such as the oil spill in the Gulf region, there is greater hope ahead from an ancestral point of view than this experience expresses.  Last year those map carving ascension caused a new algorithm to appear for the self healing of earth.  This algorithm appeared as a crop circle that confused many experts of their study.  The experts did not understand the messy inside of this formation and thought farmers had disfigured it.  No the symbol was not disfigured; the inside represents chaos and the outer earth is in chaos in terms of its own state of being at this time and within nature; and directly due to human cause.  The oil spill is only one of countless problems Anasonya faces in order to ascend the outer earth; and it too will be dealt with in causing another dream to emerge that more greatly serves human awakening; and shall also bring forth natural substances to clean up the sea mostly in the form of new strains of algae.


The sea is already a vast waste bin of plastic and other debris along with petrochemicals due to industrial dumping and farming fertilizer and pesticide run off into your water ways.  The oil spill is only a reflection of the sea’s current state of being; it is a toxic landmine.  Unfortunately the toxic landmine has vastly impacted the whales in their mapping of ascension. Fortunately these whales are in the pacific and will not be impacted as greatly by the oil spill itself.  However their ascending and incoming little ones are finding the means to create an immune response to many of the plastic and petrochemical substances in the pacific ocean so that their ascensions will not be impeded ahead.  The body is incredibly wise as is earth; and so solutions can be found to each problem and through the consciousness of earth along with the human hologram. 


Recently there have been nature kingdom blueprints launched for many types of mushrooms that will produce oxygen as well as absorb carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals in the soil.  Already some mushroom gurus have experimented with certain strains of mushrooms and have succeeded in cleaning up poisonous chemical dumpsites or petrochemical dump sites in a short time.  Nature is very good at cleaning itself up and humans will attune to these new mushrooms and cultivate them ahead planting them wherever they are needed.  There are also blueprints launched for many types of algae that shall grow ahead and transmute the toxins in the sea or waterways; humans once again will notice this and then cultivate it for wherever the clean up is needed ahead.  These are the new dreams Anasonya is anchoring in her polarity reversal of earth at this time and for outer earth humans to attune unto.




So what is a polarity reversal?  You can think of earth traversing down time in a particular dream.  This dream has led to fall after fall with the inability of those who are more conscious in human form to correct what has been going wrong.  One of the underlying reasons that the falls were never corrected is simply that the inner earth pressed itself into an extreme pole of wholeness that caused the outer earth to fracture to bits; and of course you cannot allow one part of self to be destroyed without destroying the whole.  The inner earth peoples are in such a delusion that they could not perceive how their polarity was suspending their own demise; and much of this is due to lack of communication between inner and outer earth consciousness.


In recent months inner and outer earth consciousness finally reunited and in sharing about the difficulties and struggles to ascend in this region of domain, the inner earth could finally perceive the polarities that suspend the entire earth in a destructive polarity.  This destructive polarity is not just held by inner and outer earth alone; it is suspended by over 1024 creations on dimensions 3, 5, 12, 18, 24, 36, 72 and 144 who all press one creation to extinction to life extend.  The life extension involves so many planets and stars (360 in total) and some of which are so much larger than earth in size and thought-form power that it is na immense project to polarity reverse out of.  However the Tao, a force from outside time and space and form that is experiencing such a problem with the implosion downward that this creation is experiencing this cycle that it  has intervened; and is enforcing the polarity reversal at this time that most likely could never be sustained for earth and by earth alone.


The grand problem for the Tao is that this region and many others like it caught in great darkness and extreme splits in light and dark are sinking the Tao itself.  Much like a black hole, sinking regions are pulling other healthy parts of the Tao into distortion more rapidly than the Tao can correct the patterning; and the numbers of sinking regions are growing in number exponentially.  How creations sink to extinction needs to be understood so that it can be healed; and this is the project that earth represents to the Tao.


It is also understood that even as the polarity shift occurs, that earth may or may not be able to make it this cycle; however even if she does not the next cycle hosts a creation that has not sunk as far and remains at a level of dimension 12; and as such is capable of returning home even if earth fails.  However all that earth maps even until this experience may unfold will aid the other creation in making it in the cycle ahead; and so nothing is really lost although it is agreed by all ancestors that earth’s extinction would be a great travesty; and that we must do whatever it takes to attempt to allow her ascension to take off now and into the future.




The polarity reversal shall affect every human and every region upon earth, inner and outer; and also every dolphin and whale.  Up until this time we have been experiencing false ascension and the implosion that this causes sinking earth towards extinction.  This is a polarity and a pole of false ascension and extinction.  The whales and humans rising into these patterns do not appear to understand the truth of their dilemma; and those supporting and sustaining the entire game do not understand either; and the net result is that the implosions which create as much radiation as a nuclear annihilation would distort earth towards extinction if not stopped.  The polarity reversal shall stop all false ascension and the rising in vibration to the point that the body literally burns up.  Therefore each that is having or sustaining a false ascension will discover in the polarity reversal that their continued expansion upwards in vibration without unifying their own polarity and integrating their own unconscious shall return upon oneself.


What does this translate into exactly?  Those having false ascensions whether they are in the singular or in a network of others will discover their own unconscious rolling back upon them in the pole reversal of earth.  The unconscious is a vast quagmire of patterns that may be difficult to contend with and may make many of those experiencing this to become ill.  The ancestors do not wish to see anyone become ill ever; and so it is our desire to explain how the polarity reversals occur and what to do and intend if one discovers a large part of one’s own unconscious or a group unconscious rolling back into one’s field in the energetic and magnetic shifts ahead. 


There are some things that the map carvers have come to understand; and one of them is managing the unconscious.  For the map carvers they have been subject to the unconscious of the false ascenders individually and collectively; and often at the ill effect of the patterns associated.  They have learned techniques as a result to manage the unconscious so that they can continue to ascend; and such techniques may also be useful to those caught in a web of change in which the unconscious rolls back upon you as a result of your own false ascension; or the false ascension of a leader of a group that you associate with.



Many human spiritual leaders are having false ascensions; some even unite with others creating a vast network of energy flow that the dark can work through to attempt to control earth in her choice to go home.  Why are the dark forces so adamant about controlling earth?  They perceive this as their home and that it is their rightful place to strip this creation until there is nothing left; and then they will depart.  The conclusion of the stripping is thousands if not tens of thousands of years off; and they are not ready to depart; nor do they know where they will go next.  So such forces play against earth by attempting to sustain her poles where they are; and they have succeeded in doing so up until now and as inner and outer earth consciousness united.  Now the combined force of inner and outer earth is far larger than either part of self alone; and with the help of the Tao now the reversal of poles is imminent. 


The dark are beginning to retract as upper dimensional forces are already giving up; however it is Anasonya’s desire to compress all such forces so that they do not cause this ever again and in any other creation.  So these forces will not go anywhere; and are acting out in a larger way than normal at this time out of fear.  The best solution if you find yourself overrun by such forces is to call upon Anasonya and request that she compress them and they will then dissipate.  The ancestors will hold space for this amongst those reading of our information and struggling with the shifts underway and ahead.


The dark are just lost and due to be gathered back at some point and recast by the Tao.  However they are so dense and sticky that the Tao is unable to fulfill upon this in this time period.  Compression is an act of freezing any force so that they can no longer dance as a consciousness in the dream until the time that the Tao chooses to gather it all back.  Nothing will be left behind but it may take a long time to fulfill upon the Tao’s dream; the act of freezing causes such forces to simply go to sleep until such a time at which they will awaken and all that they are will then be absorbed by the Tao;.  So the intent of compression does not harm’ it simply allows that which does not serve to go to sleep.




The ancestors see that the worst thing any human can do is resist the poles as they are shifting within and around you.  The best solution is to surrender to the process through intention.  The poles are going to reverse parts of parallel lives into physicality and parts of the physical field into parallel lives.  For some this can cause havoc upon the field and make one temporarily sick; much like a case of the flu.  If you discover that you are experiencing flu like symptoms now or in the coming six months, and muscle test or pendulum that it is the result of the polarity shift, then the best solution is to intend to allow this process and visit the healing temples of ascension in the aurora that Anasonya holds for support.   The ancestors will help you in receiving the healing you are in need of at this time to embrace this shift ahead and have set up special planes to foster this.  So simply call upon your ancestors and we will help..


For most it is the extreme opposites that shall polarity reverse ahead.  If one has struggled with health or abundance or lack of a beloved or friendships that fulfill oneself, or a preoccupation that is enjoyable to dance within, or living in a region that does not serve ascension, then most likely the opposite will now begin to flow in terms of dream towards you.  So for some the pole shift may lead to greater abundance, or more ascending friendships, or an ascending beloved, or a job that one really enjoys doing, or a new and beautiful place to reside.  For others who host extreme poles of a more positive nature, the dance may shift to a more negative experience for a time.  Those ascending do understand this as the act of real whole and complete ascension reverses the poles recurrently to drive the dream towards unification into the middle path.  Therefore polarity reversals are not new to those legitimately ascending at this time in history.


For those legitimately ascending, you have already unified many poles into the middle path of the Language of Light thought-form.  Although this has been accomplished in your ascension to date, it is so that the magnetism of the global pole reversal underway may cause the poles that you have unified to fall a part temporarily.  To avoid this intend to reunify all poles already unified so far in your ascension to date and into the Language of Light thought form.  Anasonya suggested going through the polarity chart of each single and dual tone Language of Light tone of creation through intention to foster this; and this is adequate to help keep the poles you have unified from falling a part again ahead.  There is also a lovely meditation to unify the poles within offered in her latest article.  (See “Polarity Reversals Ahead” for more information.)




For those who have yet to embrace the Language of Light, the pole reversals will cause thought-form that is held in an extreme of dark or light to reverse; now the thought-form directing your life dream that was light will become dark and visa versa.  If one has had a darker and denser dream that you have lived thus far, the dreams shall change overall to become more light and may cause a more joyful dance of life to unfold ahead.  If on the other hand the life has been more or less joyful then it may reverse into a dream of great struggle.  Generally extremes are not held over the entire dance of life; only in parts due to the fragmentation of the human species.  Therefore generally most humans have parts of their life in greater light and parts of the life in greater darkness; and it is only the most extreme of these that are to reverse. 


How does not prevent a part of the life from reversing if this is not what one desires?  Well to offset the reversal one can intend to unify the poles of light and dark and embrace the middle path vibration of the Language of Light in association with all thought form loops at cause of the patterning reversed.  Then the Language of Light thought form shall cause a middle path dream to be drawn to the dance rather than an extremely light or dark dream.  Therefore there is nothing to fear; and if you discover a part of your life going into dark dreams, you can intend to clear the karma and thought-form at cause of why this is so, and choose to unify the poles ahead coming out the other end in a middle path dream nonetheless.


By in large the polarity shifts is going to force ascension upon all regions and all humans dolphins and whales at this time.  One will either ascend or live out your karma and perish ahead.  Ascension requires time and inward focus; as those devoted to this journey understand.  Therefore those serious about unifying your poles will choose a lifestyle that allows for the time required for the inner work of transformation to occur.  In order for any pole to be integrated one must forgive; one must forgive the darker and the lighter dreams your ancestors have lived in the opposite of one another; one must forgive oneself for having and lighter or darker dreams this lifetime associated; and one must understand the spiritual lessons leading to compassion and love in order to complete with any polarity one is vying to transcend.  Ultimately it is love that unifies the polarity of light and dark into the middle path dream; if there is not enough love then sustaining your poles in the middle to attract a middle path dream is very difficult.




There is much material offered upon this web site from the experience of ascension of Lilliya along with other associates in their school.  Much has been shared about the requirement to open the heart and learn to love and bless in order to foster a journey towards love.  Now in the greater understanding that it si love that allows for a middle path to be born in between the two extremes of light and dark, one can see why this is such an important focus for any ascending aspirant.  How does love unify polarity?  Well this may seem like a large mystery but it is not really and truly as you examine the nature of alchemy. 


Ascension is alchemy and alchemy is application of transformative vibrations to release density and unify polarity into the middle path.  Unification of polarity requires the vibration of love to sustain.  Love is a series of vibrations mostly entering earth’s field from the Tao at this time that has the effect of knitting energy flow back together again.  All polarity is fractured energetic flow and dream that has broken a part in various vibration bandwidths that are associated with density.  The more dense the vibration the darker the dream or energy flow; and the lighter or less dense the lighter the dream and energy flow.  Many have likened ascension as moving into only the lighter bandwidths of dream and energy flow.  Alas this is not ascension; this is false ascension; as it is as the density decreases and decreases to a point of ceasing to exist that implosion of the body occurs into a “spontaneous combustion”. 


Spontaneous combustion is not spontaneous at all; it requires a host of machines that remove the density increasingly over a long period to time sending the aspirant into lighter and lighter dreams and energetic movements to cause a body to blow up in this manner; and so the examination of the latest whale implosion in the inner earth has revealed.  There were 1800 machines to suspend this poor female whale without density to a point that she simply combust into a pile of ashes; a very painful way to die.  Death is not ascension and ascension is not death; even if the ashes make it appear that the aspirant has gone to another vibration of life.  Entering another vibration of life does not create implosion.  Moving into another vibration of life is created through ascending into photonic biology in which one becomes increasingly transparent until the consciousness enters a fourth dimensional form and departs the third dimension.  There are many humans that have ascended on the outer earth in this manner.  (See “The Seven Ascensions of Buddha” for more information.)


Spontaneous combustion is about to conclude now and all the fission that this creates in earth’s energy flow as it transpires; which is a good thing for it would only propel us all towards extinction otherwise beloved.  Real ascension is not about moving only into a light polarity and expanding it; real ascension is about unifying the polarities of light medium and dark until they are reborn anew into wholeness.  It is wholeness that the Tao has been leading earth for some time now; and this is the only direction that will ultimately lead us home ahead.  Wholeness requires gathering back all pieces and parts of self lost in light medium or dark vibrations upon earth or upon other dimensions or creations of thought-form; and then in the reunification another dream is born that resonates with the Great Central Sun dream we have now entered.  (See “Earth Enters the New Dream” for more information.)




The middle path is necessary to enter the new dream; and this requires love to suspend within one’s field.  For those who desire to carry on with earth in the new dream and new world, time is running out.  It is time to open the heart and embrace the path of love in your ascension ahead or be left behind; and even those who have opened the heart so far there is always more; a greater opening ahead shall be required to continue to unify yet other polarities that you have yet to unify within; and so the momentum forward requires the continued expansion into the love, and into compassion; as this is what is required to continue to unify polarities deeper and deeper into the great central sun dream.


The Great Central Sun dream is a unified dream; there are no polarities within it nor is there a language that splits light medium and dark.  Most non verbal languages that humans communicate within split between light medium and dark.  Only the Language of Light is designed to unify the polarities of other languages; and the other languages need to be relinquished in order to unify the poles.  The Language of Light and Language of ONE are not static languages; each is an evolving language and is five hundred times larger than when the symbols were first conceived of.  The expansion of the ascending language is the result of the addition of new threads of love of the Tao entering this region of domain to aid in the home coming journey.  (See Language of Light and Language of ONE for more information.)


In order to embrace the fullness of the ascending languages, an open heart is a prerequisite; for love has become the foundation of each language in recent years.  It is love therefore that allows one to unify the polarities left behind and integrate the new language and the middle path thought-form and dream that this sustains. There are phases of heart opening that Terra wrote about in times past; and as the heart opens the 1000 petal lotus of the Bodhisattva is born, layer by layer until a full lotus is constructed in the heart, crown and pelvic regions of an ascending field.  A full 1000 petal lotus is created in ascending to 9000 strands of DNA; however most aspirants will never reach this level.  The lotuses begin to open however at 2800-3000 strands and this is a good target for most to intend to accomplish this lifetime; for as the lotuses are open one will be able to sustain a state of blessing more greatly and love shall fill the field more recurrently allowing self healing to transpire.




Self healing requires love; love is applied as a vibration to the cells to allow them to ascend into the crystalline blueprint or ascend out of a vastly scarred or injured state of being.  Love applied to the DNA allows it to transform to leatherier blueprints as anchored through the ancestral planes and from one’s oversoul and source.  Love applied to the energy flow aids it in clearing density and mechanical thought-form loops that require releasing in embracing a more fully conscious energy flow and the Language of Light.  Love sustains the field rotation enough that one does not collapse back to an earlier movement and vibration.  Love is required to ascend and self heal.


Most cells in the body never receive the message of love; and this is why they age and die or become ill over time.  In order to break the pattern of aging or disease, love is required.  As sick or aged cells receive the message of love, they begin to regenerate.  Some cells will re-grow entirely; some will recover their health; and some will ascend into another blueprint of DNA that is stronger overall as the love is received.  We have watched the love anchored into the bodies of those attending events that Lilliya is now hosting within SSOA; and we see that which was going to move towards disease correct itself; and yet other cells resurrect and reconstitute themselves in order to support the overall health of the body.  Group events are one way to amplify the love immensely and so greatly that cells that have never been loved can begin to feel the love again; and then set out on a new journey towards health.


Even if you cannot attend an event, the ancestors wish to bless each cell in the body of each reading these materials with the vibration of love of the Tao.  As you sit quietly following reading this essay, please take a moment to receive our love.  You are after all our ancestors in present time; and you are us vying to ascend into another level of thought-form that shall drive the human dream homeward bound to the Tao; and so we recognize that we are your relation and must love ourselves into the future that we too desire of homecoming ahead.  So let us bless you now beloved; and know that you are beloved unto us.  Allow yourself to shed the density and sticky belief that you are not enough or the hopelessness or powerlessness that you may feel at this time; and let us emerge together towards a new day and a new way founded upon the restoration of love upon earth. 


We are here for you in this time of polarity reversal ahead.  Please call upon us to support your journey towards wholeness within.


Blessings from the Ancestral Planes


Ancestor Sara




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