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The Inner Earth Tao through Lilliya

June 2, 2010


Blessings for Entering the Great Central Sun Dream with Earth




Dear Beloved upon the Inner Journey of Ascension,

 It is the Tao of the Inner Earth that wishes to speak through Lilliya today so share about some global changes that are about to be fostered and to make some suggestions for outer earth humans to better sustain themselves in the times of change ahead.  This is a time of vast change and Anasonya (Inner Earth Mother consciousness) is vying to redirect the dreams upon her surface and within the inner earth alike in a new direction that shall allow a dream for home coming to the Tao to emerge ahead. The current path we have been upon will not suffice to allow this to be so; and hence some rapid decisions have been made that affect the whole that is currently unfolding but in a positive manner overall .  Lilliya feels these changes deeply and has requested that we write to explain unto each what is transpiring at this time.

 Massive polarity shifts are underway and due to the choice to complete with the poles that earth has been sustained within for 300,000 years.  For 300,000 years earth has been existing in the polarity of extinction; and great waves of darkness have descended upon her repeatedly over time; and the fission from false ascension of whales seeded upon earth began this downward after downward cycle that repeated.  At this time Anasonya is completing her karma with the whale kingdom for creating false ascension and the fission that it caused.  The fission was greater than nuclear annihilation in relation to the effect that it had on the global energy flow and consensus genetic structure over time.  Although there may not have been the devastation that was physical equated with a nuclear fallout, the genetic and energetic fragmentation was as great if not greater through false ascension.  Therefore earth’s falls really began through the false ascension of the wholes although it had been perceived as human cause for some time.  Now it is perceived as caused by fully conscious species of which whales are a part of as a physical expression.




In recent months a whale combust in the inner earth that was nearing a fourth dimensional ascension.  This has led to a fracturing of Anasonya’s aurora and also surface earth dreams.  Some of the fractures led to unexpected earth movements and tsunamis along with increased volcanic activity along our surface.  An oil spill also in the Gulf region is a dream that is a result of the whale implosion as a crack was caused in time in this region.  We have been working upon clearing the cracked dream so that another dream for clearing the leak can be fostered; we believe that this has been successfully anchored now and so in time humans shall find a resolution to their dilemma as there is a dream for it.  If there is not dream for a particular outcome then no resolution can be found; and because the dream for a leak was a global pattern then it requires global change to foster; and this is occurring at this time. 


There are many mirrors however to explore in all the earth movement and also oil spill as of this year and also recent years past.  Humans have always thought that earth would not change physically; and that they were safe mining or setting up oil rigs or pipelines and that all would hold forever.  Alas you are beginning now the times of great change that shall alter the physical structure of earth along with the dreams that humans and nature dream along with dolphins and whales upon your surface.  The changes shall not resonate greatly with the oil industry along with the mining industry to name and few; and may not resonate well with life in larger cities of human populations and especially if volcanic activity or earthquakes damage the livelihood of those residing in such circumstances.


Anasonya wrote a lovely essay about how to help her manage dreams for natural disasters through focus and intention of causing them to be more mild; so that the release can occur but with less damage overall to humankind.  This can and will help as each ascending chooses to direct your consciousness in this manner.  We are creating a united temple in the inner earth for this purpose now that each intending to manage a particular region can visit in dream time and in the aurora to help unite human intention into a common outer earth focus.  As the intention is for milder times of change ahead is intended by enough, so the dream will respond as this is the nature of earth’s dreams; they respond to intention.  Intend this so in dream time and request your ancestors to support you to and from this temple beloved.  (See Keys to Managing Dreams of Natural Disasters for more information and a meditation for this purpose).




There are other changes underway at this time  that we wish to explain.  The polarity shifts are only the beginning and it shall thrust humans into opposites along with larger group formations such as corporations and big business.  What has lots of dream may lose dream causing some businesses to fail and others to rise as they absorb the dreams cast off in the polarity reversals.  Therefore there is an opportunity to ride the wave of dreaming in order to catch bigger dreams if you intend it so as a result of how dreams are to shift in the coming decade.  The larger dreams will catch upon those who previously tended to lose dream or give too much away allowing some to rise out of poverty; however the dreams can also be consciously pressed in certain directions to allow for enough for all and a redistribution of wealth to be shared by all.  This too is coming beloved; and in the coming 25 years you will witness your civilization restructure itself to be more sustainable; and more focused upon cleaning up the Earth Mother perhaps then any other focus.


The oil spill is a mirror and an opportunity from the Tao’s point of view.  The mirror is that humans should find another resource of power to rely upon; and there are those developed and shelved.  So perhaps in the reversal of polarity your industries  can now strive to create another type of power that is less toxic overall to earth and humanity.  As more and more humans fall ill, the understanding of just how toxic the plastics, petroleum and synthetic materials created from oil really are to the health and well being of the human form.  Some will not be able to detoxify rapidly enough as their ascensions are triggered and will fall ill; and this may really and truly be the main cause of disease ahead; the attempt to ascend to keep up with the vibration of earth. 


Even Nomi has fallen ill and is realizing that for however careful he was with diet and detoxification rituals, that perhaps it was not enough.  A really good diet of raw as well as cooked fruits and veggies may be a prerequisite unto health along with enough supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients in most organic food source.  For those in toxic regions it is probably best to relocate somewhere less toxic as well if you are consciously ascending; as what you are exposed unto through the air land and water may be too much ahead to retain your health in ascension as well.  This is the mirror of the oil spill from the Tao’s point of view.


The oil spill also represents an opportunity for those that have developed other resources of toxic clean up to come forth and share of their understanding with the rest of the world.  One large possibility lies within the mushroom kingdom; and some mushroom experts have already shown how easily mushrooms can clean up toxic chemical or oil spills; and so maybe this shall be applied full on to aid the shorelines of restoring its health from this spill.  Regardless how bad the oil spill may appear, the plastic waste in the ocean although less visible is just as toxic as the oil spill currently underway.  Plastic is a petrol chemical and so it is our point that the ocean is already filled with petrol chemicals as great as the spill and all over; and it is the main cause of why whale ascension has failed upon the surface of the earth as of late.  The plastic tossed so liberally into the sea over the past two decades or more has damaged the nervous system of the map carvers of the whale kingdom too greatly for continued ascension; however the little ones will enter the world immune to the substances and carry on where their parents had to leave off.




Nature is incredibly gifted at cleaning up human toxic messes.  What was inspired last year during the events in association with this ascension school was an algorithm for self healing (depicted to the right as a crop circle) that was launched due to intention on the part of the map carvers in attendance.  The algorithm is launching all the natural dances of clean up that were launched following the era of Atlantis.  Although we have not a nuclear fallout on our hands at this time, the toxic level of Atlantis was more or less reserved to the oceans around the European continent of today; and was not a global phenomenon.  So although there is no nuclear annihilation at this time there is more of a toxic mess than ever occurred in Atlantean times; and maybe this was the result of their extreme population control.  Those in Atlantis if they did not fit in were euthanized and so the populations were restrained to 1/10th of today.  Other cultures also did not go into the vast population explosion that has occurred in recent centuries.  Therefore the issues facing Anasonya in her ascension are different from the Atlantean era; although the same natural resources for cleansing can be applied to help.


What are these resources?  Three come through the mushroom kingdom which can generate oxygen as well as absorb radiation and other toxins including carbon monoxide.  Humans will become aware of these species ahead and breed them greatly and scatter them in as many open spaces as they can and this will ultimately support Anasonya in her goal of continued ascension.  We are weaving a dream for this at this time and it shall step down in the coming decade; and possibly the oil spill will be a good resource of practice for the mushroom researchers who can gain huge notoriety for their capacity to save the eco system; and this will support the goal of spreading the mushroom kingdom ahead and as the new species evolve that are primarily for toxic clean up of the air .


There are also three new strains of algae that are activated now to begin to grow that absorb petrochemicals from the waterways including the ocean.  Two of these are useful in salt water environments and one in fresh water.  As they are discovered by scientists they too will be bred and utilized to clean up the toxic mess that humanity has caused.  This dream also is now stepping down in the coming decade.  Again the oil spill may help foster the focus in this direction and therefore it not necessarily wrong although obviously difficult for humans living nearby; it is a mirror to understand that humanity is carrying on in the wrong direction and must change course finding another way to relate to nature and create the power and other resources that you need without creating toxins or harming the earth mother and her eco systems.  It is also a mirror of the karma at hand to be released from Atlantean times in which toxins also caused a decline in earth’s overall vibration above and beyond the nuclear travesty that concluded the era.   (See History of Atlantis for more information).




War karma has been released in recent years.  The inner earth is now releasing its karma for fission as otherwise it would direct the outer earth into war even though the karma has been released for warfare itself.  Fission and warfare are related due to nuclear annihilation and this is why this is so..  The outer earth focused upon releasing fission karma already however the lack of focus on the part of the inner earth led to a karmic expression of a whale that blew itself up in a false ascension.  Although this was a travesty it caused the inner earth peoples and whale kingdom to focus upon the karma that failed to be released; as they are paying attention to their mirrors just as those ascending upon the surface are doing the same today.  There is the gift of intention within any full conscious species; and so you can collectively intend together many things to help earth along at this time.  Those attending our annual International Ascension Conference shall make large intentions together; but it is always helpful to have more that perhaps cannot attend also intend along with us.  (See "Recent Lessons upon the Ascension Path" from the Inner earth Whale Kingdom for more information.)


So what are the intentions that we would suggest ascending humans focus upon today?  Here is what we suggest:


  1. I intend that humanity awakens to the toxic messes that it has caused and choose to clean them up.

  2. I intend that humanity finds natural means of clearing toxic spills that do not foster further toxins.

  3. I intend that science arise to the occasion and uncover the necessary medicines for the land and sea to self heal.

  4. I intend that big business and the banks support the financial means necessary to clean up the toxins from their profits.

  5. I intend that governments support the financial means necessary to clean up the toxins.

  6. I intend that humans get involved with toxic clean up on  a grass root and community level applying inexpensive techniques to help the land and waterways self heal.

  7. I intend to forgive my karma for how my inheritance participated in the toxic messes created in other time periods.

  8. I intend to cancel the polarity of toxic vs. non toxic between inner and outer earth humans and environments.

  9. I intend that the inner earth peoples get involved with helping with the toxic clean up of the outer earth.

  10. I intend that humanity find a clean resource of fuel and power that is resonant with the Earth Mother and humans alike.

  11. I intend that ascending humans awaken to the need to support the biology and ascending incoming children with organic food source and greater nutrition, giving to the form whatever it needs so that it ascends into health.

  12. I intend to give myself a non toxic environment to ascend within.

  13. I intend to give my body all that it requires in terms of organic food source and nutrients to ascend into health, or recover health if need be.

  14. I intend to forgive my ancestors for failing to give their bodies all that they required to sustain health in earlier times of ascension upon earth.

  15. I intend to cancel the polarities between inner and outer earth for greater or lesser resources of nutrition and herbal medical information.

  16. I intend that the ascending little ones and their families find their ways to environments that are less toxic and provide all the food source and nutrients necessary to foster the continued map carving ahead.

  17. I intend the birth of self sustainable ascending communities.





At this time it has been decided by Anasonya, the Inner Earth mother and her Tao within that she is to enter the New Dream of the Great Central Sun now rather than a few years from now or 2016-2018 as originally anticipated.  This is a vast choice that is deemed necessary due to forces vying to prevent the polarity reversals that Anasonya requires moving through in order to succeed at her goal of homecoming.  Therefore we are pressing up the entry time into the new dream into the NOW of 2010 beloved.


This is a vast shift and the effects of which are yet not entirely known.  One thing that is helpful is that the caustic patterns anchored in the implosion of the last whale false ascension can be put behind Anasonya along with parallel experiences of recent years upon the surface of the earth.  The net result is that the aurora is being rebuilt at this time and should shine stronger and brighter than before as there will be fewer rifts in time.  Rifts in time going back to the earliest whale implosions through false ascension some 300,000 years ago are also being sealed at this time; and the forces that entered earth’s flow as a result of all fission, nuclear annihilation included, are being pressed behind a large series of mirrors that are causing her to move through the last star gate leaving all that does not resonate behind.


It is vastly true that surface earth humanity is hardly aware of or ready for this shift underway.  The polarities are going to reek a certain level of havoc in most of human civilization ahead.  Mostly we see that there may be financial upheaval such that the last upheaval will appear as a non problem.  The pyramids of any great size are diminishing as we speak in half or less that drive the dreams of large business and nations alike; this translates into a fall of half the wealth along with power and then a redistribution of this wealth and power amongst those rising into figure 8 dreams that are magnetic and resonant with the new dream.  We have spoken to this shift before; and it was outer earth’s or Terra’s hope to modulate it more greatly so that humanity would be less traumatized. 


Unfortunately the needs of the whole are greater than those of outer earth humanity; and so inner earth has had to press her way into the new dream earlier than anticipated.  The net result is going to be a large shift int the human dream in about four years time and into the decade to come in which there may be great upheavals of financial and governmental as well as life dances.  The life upheavals may also be due to large numbers of deaths amongst those who simply are not ready for the push of ascension and pull of magnetism of the dream that the earth has now entered.  Time shall also compress the unconscious onto the physical causing much confusion as many humans are not ready to integrate their parallel lives.  Some parallel life circumstance will spill on to physicality as a result causing great life shifts and sometimes into ill health or other traumas ahead.




Well it is the Taos’ suggestion that you get serious about your ascension if you are not already.  Ascension is not a game nor is it a path of choice as everything is now to be forced to ascend; ascend or perish is the dream to be now depressed upon all of earth. The inner earth has gone through its cleansing in the past 3000 years of ascension focus; they too will be pressed in this shift and experience yet again another time of cleansing.  For the outer earth where little focus upon ascension has been fostered, it is a time of great change ahead. 


The outer earth mother or Terra wrote two workbooks to help humans in their ascension focus and has created six meditation CDs to help each learn to move their energetic systems in harmony with the new dream.  Few have taken this to heart and desired to work with these materials.  So we invite you to take your ascension seriously and choose to focus inward upon the karma and patterning required to transcend to embody a magnetism resonant with the Great Central Sun dream; and in so being ascension into continued health and well being can be fostered.  You are the dreamer and the dream; you are the creator.  As the creator you can determine your dream even though chaos may be dreamt by others who are less aware and around you.  (See Products for more information.)


As more humans become more aware that they can modulate their dreams, then there can be less chaos.  However if the body is not ready for the shifts in magnetism and increasing heat and vibration that is the result of earth entering the new dream, then it may be of little use to focus upon dreaming the dreams you desire; as the body will not be ready to ascend with earth.  We see many will fall into ill health as a result of a failure to focus; and even those focusing will have to take their personal cleansing and diet very seriously as the magnetism shifts will cause imbalances in the subtle field leading to disease if there are too many toxins present in the biology.  Therefore paying attention to both the physical and energetic dynamics associated with karmic release and ascension will foster continued life and well being ahead.


There may also be vastly more earth movements in the coming decade or two due to the stress upon earth’s plates that are the result of the magnetism now of entering the new dream.  This cannot be helped but can be modulated through human focus to be less catastrophic.  Humans can help to modulate the size of each earth movement through intention and the more that focus in this manner the gentler the shifts can be in each region.  However moving to a more rural and less toxic environment may be key to continued ascension into health and well being ahead.  Rural regions may also be subject to less upheavals in terms of earth movement or volcanic activity along with weather disruptions.  (See “Keys to Managing Dreams for Natural Disasters” for more information.)


The north and south pole are going to increase their pace of melting making the seaside a less desirable place to live in the long haul.  Moving inland or up into the hills or mountains therefore may be a better choice for ascending humans.  The earth is also due to expand to offset some of the increasing tides and waterways and you will see the evidence of this in increasing volcanic activity.  Living upon volcanic land may not be a wise choice as a result.  Even those volcanoes considered extinct may awaken and so pay attention to the land and listen to the outer earth kingdoms; as they will know if there is something coming in a few years time to be moved away from.  This is the gift of developing a strong connection to nature at this time, as it will allow for the self healing of all mapping or following the map of ascension as well as movement to those regions that best serve your continued ascension ahead.


There are many prophets and many vying to make a fortune off of the increasing awareness of the human species.  Prophets and those fostering ascension are two different paths.  This group is not about prophesizing the future; it is about making ascension viable in human form and in support of the overall of the earth.  Ascension causes change; and we can monitor some of the changes stepping down the manifestation planes and provide insights as to the future.  However as the creator you are in charge of your future by choosing the dreams that best serve your evolution as a human being.  There are always many future dream possibilities; and as the karma clears through forgiveness then a gentler road can rise up to meet you.  Such is the nature of ascension.


We have established a lovely group of healers that are gifted at understanding ascension from their own experience of the path.  We invite more to work with those who are mapping their upper levels of initiation at this time for the insights that they may foster.  Anasonya is now overseeing the healing through each.  (See “Consultations” for more information).


We also invite those who feel the calling to contribute to our International Ascension Conferences ahead.  We are orchestrating healing of the outer earth and dreams that shall attempt to create gentler times ahead.  For those attending much attention is paid to your personal ascension and there is a level of energetic movements to be learned and an overall recasting that cannot be orchestrated outside of participation.  The healing offered is to aid your map to be whole and complete.  (See “Events” for more information).


For those that feel that you are a map carver, we invite you to join the study programs in our association.  The study programs foster a greater level of ascension and offers continuous dream time support.  The events associated with the school foster a group map that other groups are beginning to follow at this time.  (See “Group Mastery” for more information.)


We bless you bigger than we know how.  We hope you make the life choices that lead to an understanding of the creator that you are and that you are empowered to choose your dreams and choose your direction ahead; and choose to ascend into healthy biology that lives through the times of cleansing.  We will have more to say ahead, but let us suffice to say that the timeframe for global shifts are now upon you; and there is less time to plan ahead to be in the right space and right circumstance to ascend.  We hope you choose your life dreams carefully beloved.



The Inner Earth Tao



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