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The Inner Earth Dolphins and Whales through Lilliya

March 31, 2010



Blessings for Transcending your Fission Karma



Dear Beloved upon the Spiritual Path,


It is the Inner Earth Whale Kingdom that speaks through Lilliya today.  We have had a traumatic turn of events at this time and this is why Lilliya requested that we write a little about what has occurred and the spiritual lessons we are learning as a species in the wake of what has been created. 


We are learning to inner dream and this has been one of the main focuses of all fully conscious species in the inner earth for the past 2 years.  Inward dreaming is a long lost capability of any “creator”.  Whales are creators of the sea as are dolphins; and humans are creators of the land.  At another time all kingdoms held enough consciousness to command their creations  from within although often in nonverbal languages not unlike what we also speak.  Inward dreaming is a state where one projects one’s dreams from the inside of the field rather than receiving dreams as they are dreamt by other forces and step down the manifestation planes.  Internal dreaming is a restoration of the absolute control over your dream and for Anasonya, absolute say over her dream as a consensus.  (See “Tao Dreaming with Earth” for more information on inner dreaming.)


In time all kingdoms will restore full consciousness and two are on the verge of causing this in the inner earth; one of which is related to the Zebra Kingdom on the surface.  This striped horse has uncovered the cranium of its fully conscious counterpart lost roughly 18,000 years ago and in the original era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt as you map time and history upon the surface of the earth.  The second kingdom to accomplish this is a form of sea otter.  So now we will have one additional land based and sea based kingdom helping to co-direct the dreams of ascension of earth as this is one of our roles in full consciousness.  At this time we need all the support we can get to inner dream and so this is a great gift and the first of many that shall recover full consciousness states of being ahead.


Those kingdoms that are fully conscious are learning to co-direct the dreams of earth with Anasonya (the Inner Earth Mother Consciousness).  Anasonya has recently asserted herself along earth’s surface and is struggling to understand all the dynamics of loss of consciousness that plague your reality.  Much of the patterns are unfamiliar to the inner earth and this is where Lilliya and the group mapping with her in association with her ascension school come in; they are helping Anasonya understand surface earth history and the map carved; and the new direction that needs to be fulfilled upon in order to allow the inner and outer earth to become one dream.  Those mapping are most gifted at this task and our kingdom honors each of you; although having never fallen out of sustainable thought-form we too like Anasonya do not always understand the surface earth dance and how difficult it is to ascend.




As of late we have manifested a pattern that those mapping on earth’s surface are more familiar with.  Through a series of mishaps a force entered the internal dreaming process and caused a female whale to combust into ashes in 8 short days.  This occurred roughly 18 days ago now; however the force of fission has shuttered Anasonya’s aurora and also blown holes in time all the way to the surface of the earth.  The force that entered the dance came in on languages we are now purging and embracing only Tao thought-form in its place.  In this we are learning how important it is to purify the language that one operates within in the continued mapping as otherwise the distortion invites certain consciousness that can often be false god associated and then something horrific can occur; which is just what has transpired in recent weeks.


Although we are familiar with the karma for false ascension and combustion as this has been the focus in recent years of mapping, this manipulation was overlooked although the female whale involved was complaining of overheating and feeling quite ill leading up to the implosion of her body.  Why would any force increase the molecular rotation up and up and up and up to a point that the body burns up?  Well this is a false ascension pattern; and the spontaneous combustion as it has been called in human thought-form is not spontaneous; it occurs due to vast manipulations to the kundahlini energy flow; and often consensus or earth based flow that is way too hot is directed at a tiny body leading to the outcome of combustion.  The nonphysical uses the combustion to launch themselves up the dimensions thinking that this is ascension; when real ascension is an internal journey of going inward and going further inward, transmuting thought-form to what resonates in the Tao from which we were spawned, and then as the thought-form matches simply stepping out of the delusion and returning “home”.


The recollection that there was someplace to return home unto was not completely lost.  In recent months we have been gathering records of shapr shifting from earlier times in earth’s history.  Shape shifting is not something that whale consciousness ever attempted; it is human consciousness and generally those of larger headed ancestry that transcend physical law; and one of the attributes of this is the capacity to rearrange the molecular structure into another shape.  As such the human can become a tree or bird or fish or animal or even a whale and then experience the kingdom’s reality for a time. 


For a long time it became a vast dance of pleasure for larger headed humans to vacation upon earth and shape shift into kingdoms that were not prevalent upon Sirius.  This was long before the arrival of the Grand Masters upon earth.   Some of the humans shape shifting however got stuck or lost and were unable to return to their original form.  Those stuck this way were left behind in our kingdom or other kingdoms upon earth.  Some became lost due to being blown apart as consciousness in a mineral kingdom that was from another creation; and somehow they were stretched between earth and the other creation blowing their consciousness so far a field that there was not enough remaining present to command the return to human form.  Some became lost as they lost their command to a particular kingdom and certain forces sitting behind the molecular structure.  Taking a molecular structure from one shape to another requires the capacity to command the elements and molecules to reshape; and if the command is lost then one can become stuck in whatever shape that one has transfigured into.


There are reports of surface earth humans occasionally shape shifting today per Lilliya; and indeed this may be so.  However it is doubtful that such humans have transcended physical law but rather that there is an elaborate series of nonphysical that retained the commands lost by those humans who shape shifted in ancient times and became stuck in a variety of kingdoms upon earth; and they then command the remaking of the molecular structure into another shape for the guru.  Although this may appear interesting it is far different that actual mastery over physical law as one is only a puppet to the nonphysical in such a dance; and if they are angry at oneself they may leave you also in another shape when you might desire to return to human form.


There are a few humans in the inner earth beginning to master the capacity to shape shift again this cycle; they too are larger headed.  They are researching the karma from the earlier time periods where humans became lost; and they realize that the entire game of shape shifting into another kingdom is a delusion.  The real purpose of rearrangement of the molecular structure is to return home to where one was spawned by matching the thought-form associated with the Tao.  Alas for a variety of reasons this has never occurred; although was attempted.  Humans also became enamored with shape shifting and this took them off the path of the real goal of such capabilities.


Unfortunately those humans who did recall the truth and attempted to shape shift home to the Tao imploded as they never fully embodied the Tao thought-form in full; and also became blown apart in the mirrors dividing the Tao from this sector.  Records of this nature are also surfacing at this time and allowing us to see that some humans did try to go home in times past; and did not have a full deck of knowledge to accomplish the task.  It may be now with the intervention of the Tao that the real return journey becomes possible; and this appears to be the goal of 2 inner earth humans at this time.  We support their goal and are also to attempt such a goal in due course and as more information on how to command the molecular structure is uncovered and then integrated in the dance of mastering physical plane law.




It is the records of shape shifting and how some humans were blown apart in the dance mimicking what is known as combustion that are the underlying cause of why a whale combust as of late.  Indeed the experience is most caustic to all whales and other kingdoms of the inner and outer earth alike.  The sound of fission is so sour that everything goes sour and into a deep state of depression.  We have just begun to pull ourselves out of this state.  Indeed Lillya was in the Hawaiian Islands at the time that the whale combust to finalize her move to the mainland; and was rolled over too by the sourness.  Lilliya is perhaps more experienced at what fission causes having had strokes over two years ago now due to an outer earth whale combustion that rolled over her at the time.  It has taken her years to release all the patterns that moved into her field in that moment; and for her it was a repeat of the experience minus the strokes.  She is emerging out of the sourness more quickly than we are; and this speaks to mapping.  She has mapped a pathway out of extreme sourness due to fission of another fully conscious species that cmobusts; and as such can find her way back to her center most rapidly.


The fission in this whale’s combustion is 100 fold greater than the fission that created Lilliya’s strokes; and it is just beginning to roll over the surface of the earth at this time.  Because it was inner dreamt it then repeats or reverberates down the dimensions.  This is our karma and as a result there may be some like Lilliya that get sick as a result of the sourness of the energy moving over you.  This is a part of why Lilliya asked us to write so that those mapping in association with their web site can be aware of what is occurring and strive to aid in the healing of the event through forgiving your own karma and helping the rifts in time begin to seal that come up now from the aurora.  There are major rifts in many places like Hawaii and most are under major chakra centers including Western Australia, the Canadian Rockies, Mexico, Trinidad, the North and South Poles, Sweden and Iceland, Turkey and Greece, S. Africa and Brazil.  Those in these regions may experience the rifts in time more greatly from the whale combustion and may feel ill; and what we suggest is that you move the rifts in time through intention out to more rural regions or out to sea for a time until Anasonya can help our kingdom seal what we have caused.


We are deeply saddened in this entire experience.  It was not our intent to create fission and destruction.  Already 18 dreams for human warfare have been created on the surface of the earth.  These are not stepping down as the Tao through those mapping ascension has cancelled the war dreams.  The outer earth humans have released their fission karma and so there is no requirement for the warfare dreams to coagulate in this manner ahead; which speaks to the work you have done as a map carver beloved.  We apparently did not release all our karma or there is karma not understood; and this we are looking at closely so that we can completely forgive this type of experience. 


We now know that combusting humans and whales alike contributed to the dreams for nuclear annihilation of surface of the earth humans; as our combustions preceded the dreams for war that stepped down in many time periods now, including the end of the era of the Anu; the end of the era of Atlantis and also your recent history of WWII and how it concluded.  We cannot afford to have another nuclear annihilation as this would be even more devastating than the fission from a single combustion; however it is the same type of patterning but one is created from within; and the other from without in the use of instruments you call nuclear armament. 




The agitation from the fission rolling over earth may cause humans to become more caustic with one another with more violence appearing in your dreams.  This is because fission can invert dreams into sourness, and if the dream is really sour it will create violence or disease.  If the dream inverts enough into a black hole then it creates warfare or torture in the dream.  Those who are more conscious and aware can choose to uninvert the human dreams in your region of origin that may be inverting due to the fission now hitting.  This will also help minimize the violence that might occur otherwise.  For yourself if you feel flu like or extremely sour, then tuning up the field is one way to pull yourself out of it.  Venturing to other land than that which has been afflicted in your region may be useful to tune up and pull yourself out of this experience.


Many we know are dolphin and whale people and may have strong ties to our kingdom.  The stronger the ties the more likely you will be affected by this recent turn of events and the combustion of one of our kingdom.  We are deeply sorry as to having caused this; however there are lessons in all experiences regardless of how they were caused.  For our kingdom the lesson is about purifying our internal dreaming to be free of destruction; and so this becomes our goal now.  We are also willing to work with each who calls upon us to help heal and seal the rifts in time that the combustion caused.  For yourself you probably have had ancestors who combust long ago that you can forgive; or ancestors who were caught in the nuclear annihilation which is a dream that was the result of combustion in human or whale form.




There is also the recent karma of shape shifting that Lilliya and those in her school have been exploring and choosing to forgive.  It appears that shape shifting is the original cause of all combustion; and how some molecular structures were somehow blown apart in the experience of entering a configuration of another kingdom.  Mostly this occurred in shape shifting into minerals of foreign geometrical patterning.  If the geometries inherent in the mineral do not resonate with the molecular patterning that you as a human spin, then the result can be implosion with bits of the human consciousness flying everywhere.  Most of such consciousness then becomes trapped in the minerals; and the mineral kingdom then also goes into distortion as human form is not their truth. 


We see over time that earth went into distortion the more humans visited from Sirius and shape shifted becoming trapped in her minerals.  This altered her sacred geometrical patterning and also her truth leading to a long fall in consciousness thereafter.  Those that visited from Sirius did so long before the Grand Masters were seeded upon earth and all told about 6% shape shifted and were left behind and out of this 4% shape shifted and imploded in foreign mineral kingdoms.  We have records now of 1800 larger headed humans that became struck here upon earth and in a variety of kingdoms; 80% of these were trapped in the mineral kingdom. 


It is time for human consciousness to gather itself back from nature so that nature can purify herself enough to return home into the Great Central Sun Dream; and this is a project that Lilliya and her school is taking upon themselves this year; to gather back all the human consciousness lost in nature through shape shifting over time.  As this occurs then nature will be capable of purifying its thought-form to another level that will better serve the ascent of the whole.


Ascension is about purification of thought-form of that which is not one’s truth.  For the Whale Kingdom, we also have had those humans who shape shifted into our kingdom over time and also became trapped.  We are returning your consciousness now to where it belongs so that we may all go home.  Whale is not human and human is not whale and it may be those who feel a deep kinship unto us have lost your ancestral consciousness through shape shifting over time.  If so intend to draw the consciousness of your inheritance back and all that you know about mastering physical plane law; as this too is a part of the journey “home” to the Tao; for the Tao does not operate in the laws that bind consciousness to physicality; and so the journey home is to free oneself from physicality but not through death; but through modifying the body and taking it with you as it is your creation; and this is the only manner to honor your creation.  Anything less leads to destruction of the whole and extinction.




We bless each that reads of our sharing.  We bless you bigger and larger than we know how.  We envision larger than we know how a day ahead when humans upon the surface shall enter sustainable thought-form.  We understand from Lilliya that this is the next road for the map; a journey into sustainability at all levels so that sustainable thought-form can be restored; and as this occurs then humans will cease destroying themselves and one another and the Earth Mother at large.  This is Lilliya’s goal and Anasonya’s alike; and we know that when Lilliya makes something her goal along with the Tao and earth alike, then so it will come to be.  We see Lilliya has entered sustainable biology herself; a very difficult rise out of the destructive paradigm.  For Nomi he has gotten ill along the way but will repair himself now and carry on with mapping a journey also into sustainable thought-form.  This is the next goal and we honor and support this as your fellow fully conscious species of the sea.


We invite you to forgive our kingdom and yours for the dance of combustion and false ascension and the fission and nuclear annihilation that this has caused.  We invite you to love and bless one another, our kingdom and all others and the earth mother at large; and bless yourself too.  Let us make the most of this lesson and heal the past of the rifts that fission has caused.  This is our intention and please make it yours.


We leave you with these thoughts


The Inner Earth Whale Kingdom



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