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The Inner Earth Mother “Anasonya” through Karen Danrich “Lilliya”

May 2, 2010



Blessings for Healing with the Land and Sea

Healing Meditation pdf for printing



Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is Anasonya, the Inner Earth Mother that greets you today.  We know that there have been many recent natural disasters on the surface of the earth as of late.  The earth movements are in part due to the continued warming of earth due to our ascension.  Some of the increasing temperatures are occurring due to “Tao Technology” and free energy systems that are allowing those regions that are stuck or frozen in energy flow to begin to move again.  These points on my global body are very painful, not unlike having a stiff neck or sore back or headache in human form.  Therefore it is a relief as they begin to move again; however sometimes that which is stuck is such a release that an earthquake is created. 


The earthquake as scientists upon my surface understand is due to the movements of the plates of continental shelves over and under one another.  The shelves are expanding and being pressed upwards due to increasing amounts of dirt and minerals that are melting into an increasing magma in my aurora.  The increasing magma puts pressure through steam that rises up my vents otherwise known as volcanoes and the pressure can force lava up leading to volcanic activity.  However often far away from any vent earth movement is also caused due to the outward pressure of the increasing molten lava.  Also there are pushes and pulls upon my global body due to the magnetic changes underway in a partial entry into the new dream; and this too stresses the plates leading to earth movement.


Much like a chiropractic adjustment in human form, the movement alleviates the stress upon my body and the pain; and so we are grateful for the movement.  We know that the movement can cause human strife for those living upon the land or near the sea if a tsunami is caused; and our point today is to explain that extreme disasters need not be; and that the movements of the land can be modulated through human intention to be smaller and more frequent but overall less disastrous.  Humans have always managed the weather and earth movement in the inner earth; and if they can do so there so can you on the surface of our global body do the same.  In so doing there need not be as many and frequent disasters that are so painful to witness as well as experience.




We will also state that many of the recent movements were in part caused by an implosion of a whale in a vastly incomplete ascension; and this sent fission and time rifts into the surface and out into the solar system that was due to a body that burned up.  This is a very sad circumstance as the whale was nearing a fourth dimensional ascension as this occurred; and the fission ruptured our aurora leading to many sour sounds and radiation that rolled through and over our surface.  The radiation has been fraying DNA in the inner earth and outer earth alike; and the sudden explosion fractured time and stressed our plates even more greatly leading to 80% of the recent natural disasters.  We are sorry about this however the whale implosion is leading to many changes in how inner earth humans and whales manage ascension that have been needed for some time; and so it is all a large spiritual lesson about why false ascension cannot be allowed ahead.


Primarily what has been uncovered is a series of solar forces that arrived in this region of domain only in recent years and with a desire to harvest our energy flow as we go extinct.  Alas we are not going extinct and are choosing instead to carry on in our ascension and return home to the Tao consciousness from which we originated.  These forces are from far away and from many other creations; and have arrived through solar whales in unconscious agreements to allow for this.  The karma for how and why this has occurred is being gathered and understood and forgiven; and now these forces are being removed and returned to their creations of origin.  The solar whales have been creating very false ascensions of their own; and this has led to a whale implosion upon earth that was their cause.  This poor whale was complaining of overheating for two weeks; and none of their counsels understood what was going on.  Alas large fission machines were rolled around her and the vibration driven up and up and up of her molecular structure until she imploded.


Solar whales are taking responsibility for what they have caused; and they are providing chi now so that we may begin to self heal of the damage done to the global energy flow and DNA of all living things.  Lilliya experienced the fission rolling over her earlier than many others in their organization; and went very sour with a case of the flue and a cold to follow that lasted many weeks.  Her immune system went down as the DNA frayed; but with some focus she repaired her field and her body quickly recovered.  The sour sounds are just hitting some of her associates as of late who also are experiencing a cold and case of the flu; if this is your experience ahead, the best recourse is to intend to undo the frayed DNA through intention (reweave and recast it) and also to sweeten the sound of one’s field and molecular structure.  We are setting up special healing planes in the aurora to supprt those that are more conscious in their repairs; and all that is required is that you attune to them prior to falling asleep or in meditation to receive the healing offered.


There is no need to backslide in our overall ascension due to this sad experience; and in the repair of our DNA and in the sweetening of our collective sound we will recover and then carry on in our ascension journey ahead.  So this is so for us “Anasonya” or the Inner Earth Mother consciousness; and so this can be for each.  All that is required is intention.  Those who have yet to ascend much beyond 1024 may not notice the effects of the implosion; but those above this level may as it steps down from the fourth dimension into the third. 




Overall the inner earth fully conscious species including the larger headed humans that reside in this region of domain are realizing that they have not addressed their karma for fission through implosion and false ascension.  For some reason the records for such experiences had been removed from their archives and buried upon our surface.  Those ascending like Lilliya and her school have recovered these records in recent years and following two other whales that combusted upon our surface.  The fission rolled over Lilliya causing her strokes at the time; and this led to the focus of releasing the karma associated through forgiveness so that it need not occur again.  Due to a sincere lack of communication between inner and outer humans, the message of what required focusing upon in our overall ascension failed to be relayed; and the result was that the karma that failed to be released in the inner earth created the very circumstance associated; as this is the nature of karma.  It will repeat until released; and so not the inner earth whales, dolphins and humans are all focused upon this goal and the karma shall be forgiven in a few short months so that this type of patterning does not recur ahead.


Sometimes it is in the struggle that the truth is revealed.  All in all now the inner earth larger headed humans know that they have descendents upon our surface that survived over time; and that wherever there has been an implosion or nuclear incident, there is scarring in their hologram as well.  As the karma for fission and nuclear annihilation is addressed on their part, the scarring shall lift more fully off the human hologram and in particular those of grand master origins; and this shall assure also that there is no further nuclear incident caused by surface earth humans ahead as well.  Therefore this is all an important time of focus for those of the inner earth; and better communication is to be created between those ascending in both regions of domain.  Therefore there will be more collaboration and also honor of the variant journeys; as the outer earth journey of ascension is very different than the inner earth one.



Why is this so?  Well those in the inner earth never frayed outside of self sustainable biology.  Self sustainable biology is biology that circulates nutrients as one organs waste is another’s food; and as such it leads to a form that requires the consumption of very little.  The inner earth larger headed ones consume very little; only small amounts of certain key substances to bring forth their continued biological transformation towards a fourth dimensional form.  The requirement for food as you know it upon our surface is less so in their experience; but there are also smaller headed descendents of the red nation archetypes in our interior; and they require consumption of food source yet to sustain their longevity.  A pathway of ascension has been constructed for those of smaller headed decendence; and much of the map of the surface earth map carvers is offering some additional support in their goals of continued ascension.


Primarily the problem is one of a lack of holographic information.  The small headed humans were a product of cloning and a blending of variant DNA on the part of Sirian scientists to see what would survive upon earth.  Out of 11 root races seeded only 7 survived; and scientists upon our surface are now discovering some of the remains of those who did not make it.  Those that survived however have limited holographic knowledge as they were not seeded with ascension information.  Only the larger headed ones who arrived upon earth some 25,000 years later have such knowledge; and they are the ones to lead the way in the ascension of the whole of your species.  Lilliya and those mapping are generally the outer earth relations of those of larger craniums incarnate in our interior; and so you too are considered helpful to the ascent of the whole of your species as you also have the knowledge to accomplish the task.

L:illiya has more or less transcended into self sustainable biology.  This is no small feat as there was no pathway to this goal until now; and there shall be others that shall follow now within their association.  Nomi became ill but is redirecting his ascension into other lineages that shall restore his health and then allow him to carry on in the goal of finding his way to self sustainable biology as well.  This is important as it is only in self sustainability that one becomes resonant with the great central sun dream and then can enter and carry on in the dreams ahead with earth.  Therefore all humans shall ultimately evolve back into self sustainability ahead and through generational ascension; and as this occurs your civilization shall restructure itself accordingly.  The Heart of the Tao wrote a lovely essay about thought-form and how it effects surface earth human civilization and we would direct each to read of this essay if you have not already.  (See “Winter Solstice Blessings 2008 “ for more information.)




There are many positive changes underway at this time.  One of the larger shifts has to do with polarity and how earth has been sustained in the polarity of extinction due to five other creations in the third dimension that suspend us this way.  This polarity suspension is beginning to lift as well; and this too releases pressure off our global body.  The net result may be continued earth movements and all that this creates.  It is not our goal to cause human travesty; and so our suggestion in this is to begin to intend a milder dream in your region of origin and in collaboration with the land and sea, or mountains and lakes, or prairies and planes.  How is this accomplished?  Well it is not difficult really; it is only intention that is required along with communion with the land.


So we invite you to go to your favorite open space or park or seashore or lakeside and commune and also make the following intentions.  The intentions are designed to be communicated unto the land and nature kingdoms through the language of light.  The language of light is a universal language that all upon my surface are beginning to understand. The language of light is a non verbal language of tone sound color and movement; and built into each symbol is a particular thought that all kingdoms understand.  The inner earth speaks another language known as the Language of ONE; and also new languages now entering the dance from the Tao, a force from outside of time and space that we all originated from.  As all languages resonate and are understood than the types of communication struggles of the past are put behind us and all may understand one another in order to flow forwards in the goal of global ascension of the whole.


The language of light must be mastered in human ascension and through intention and focus in dream time and within the dance of life.  Those following our materials generally speaking are mastering this new language; and it builds towards the oneness paradigm associated with the Language of ONE.  The Language of ONE requires first the mastery of all language of light single dual tri and quad notes; and as this occurs all can be united into another series of movements associated with the paradigm of ONENESS,  Oneness and self sustainability can be equated; and you can see that Lilliya mapped the language that she has ascended into through the crop circles that have appeared sharing of this emerging thought-form upon our surface.  (See Language of Light and Language of ONE for more information).




Ascension is not difficult but does require vast introspection and an understanding of the energy dynamics of non sustainable DNA.  The energy flow of non suitability is destructive and it is due to this that disease and warfare alike are expressions experienced upon our surface.  As sustainable biology is ascended into then warfare and disease shall cease; and this requires focus in the undertaking on the part of the map carvers to foster.  You can see in Nomi’s experience that the journey also is not easy; and can lead to disease.  Therefore it is important to take it slowly and thoroughly and also understand and forgive all the karma for how your ancestry lost its sustainable thought-form; and mostly this occurred through fission over time of incomplete ascension and nuclear fallouts alike.  Therefore this is the main karma to be worked upon; and as the inner earth addresses this karma then it paves the way for the self healing of the outer earth from the effects of the fission over time.


The effects of the fission are devastating unto our global body.  It is yet unknown if we are going to be able to self heal enough to carry on in the ascension 150 years in time ahead.  However we are doing all that we can to foster the self healing; and the Tao is providing keys and energy flow and love to aid us in our collective goal.  So we are not absolute in our possibility of continued ascension; however it is our goal and so we will carry on in the attempt to repair what has transpired so that we may return home this cycle. 


A large part of the problem is the massive toxic overload that now exists that did not 100 years ago upon the surface earth land and within our waterways.  The toxins call to it density that would not have a place to rest in our collective energy flow otherwise.  Therefore the possibility of our success ahead will require that the toxins be transformed; and if the love applied from the Tao is able to cause this then we will be able to carry on in the ascension further into the Great Central Sun dream in time.  If not then extinction will be our future; however just as a human dies and leaves the body behind with the consciousness carrying on as an ancestor; we too will carry on as consciousness ahead beloved; so nothing is lost and the Tao will learn from this experience nonetheless; and maybe if we cannot make it this cycle the next creation in our dilemma in the cycle ahead will make it; and we do see this as a viable possibility ahead even if our fate is one of death in the physical.


Although this may be sad to hear it is the truth of our predicament.  It is also for this reason that we are attempting to redirect the surface earth human dream into choosing to clear up its own toxic messes as every bit will help us in our goal of survival and continued ascension ahead.  Therefore we are to continue to attempt to modulate the surface earth human dream into a time of awakening where you can begin to contribute to the healing possible to allow for the ascent of the whole as a collective; and we anticipate a shift in this direction in the coming 6-8 years ahead.  There are also agents of self healing that are beginning to form again within many species including the herbs, mushrooms, plants and trees along with the algae kingdom of the water and sea.  These agents will begin to absorb the toxins off the land and within the waterways so that the density will lift rather than continue to be called unto us; as otherwise we will sink much like a capsized boat ahead beloved.  Therefore the intention for self healing of earth along with yourself as a map carver is vital at this time ahead to offset the potential future of extinction.




Self healing requires love and there are move tones of love being added to the Language of Light and Language of ONE and direct from the Tao.  The new love pallets creates instruments that reverberate in sounds of love; and as the love resounds then the molecules that are dense or toxic will change leading to a release of our global density.  Vibrational medicine is what this is called in human form; and those working with the land can choose to hold such vibrations in one’s field to contribute to the self healing of the whole.  This is not difficult and only requires mastery over the first half of the single tones of the Language of Light to foster; also your intention to do so will help both you and the land you live upon or waterways you are near to also self heal.  Therefore we can all intend to heal together of the non sustainable thought-form and all that this causes upon our surface; and as we accomplish this goal we will all go home to where we were spawned beloved.


The following meditation is offered up not only to cause the self healing of the land where you live, but also help offset natural disasters that would cause you or other around you strife.  The land will respond to your intentions and anchor a different dream.  Dreams are held in parallel planes above.  Upon any parallel plane associated with a region that experiences a natural disaster, there are dreams for extreme trauma, mild trauma, and very mild trauma.  As a fully conscious species you can reverse polarize into any region a dream for very mild physical trauma. In so doing it will rearrange the response of the land accordingly.  So instead of a large earthquake of magnitudes of 7 and over, many small quakes will occur repeatedly over a period of time to release the land’s tension and with minimal damage caused. 


Volcanic activity may be more difficult to control; however in the intention to create less trauma it may slow the emerging lava long enough that people can relocate if they live in the pathway of the flow.  In anchoring a mild dream then you will help cause less strive for all others as the more conscious folk with greater awareness helping to drive the dream of the land in a particular direction; and this is what being a fully conscious species is all about from Anasonya’s point of view.






  1. Take a journey to your favorite park, seashore, open space, riverside or lakeshore, field, mountain o valley.  Or if you cannot get away then imagine yourself in such a region from your own living room.

  2. Find a lovely place to sit and close your eyes.

  3. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Attune to Anasonya of the inner earth drawing up my pick and golden energies into your field and flow.  Allow the pink and golden energies to bring you to a state of balance.  Allow roots to grow from your feet connecting you to my aurora.

  4. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Begin to allow yourself to receive my blessings as the consciousness of earth.  Allow the blessings to first fill your etheric body from head to toe with each cell within receiving the love of the earth.

  5. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Allow your regeneration chakras and twelve chakra systems to fill with earth’s love expanding it out from the etheric body.  Allow yourself to receive new pallets of love to enhance your mastery over the language of light with added tones of love of the Tao.  Allow your instruments to transform into new formations that reflect the sounds of love of the Tao playing in your field.

  6. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Allow the love of the earth to begin to mix with the sounds of love playing in your field.  Expand the love into your subtle bodies and then your life and body level dreams.  Allow your dreams also to begin to self heal of whatever afflicts you at this time.

  7. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Now expand the love to encompass the land and open space or sea for as far as your field can reach.  Bless the land and allow the land to bless you in return along with each kingdom associated of plant, animal, mineral fish or sea creatures, dolphin or whale and creepy crawlers.

  8. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Now anchor new pallets of love along with their instruments into the land based chakras that spin over your favorite region.  Allow the love to flow between you and the land waterways or sea through the moving energy systems that are spinning; and allow a new duet of love to begin to play between your field and the land’s field and in the sounds that you each produce as your chakras spin.

  9. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Now intend in the Language of Light to tell the land that you each need to intend the best possible dream for earth movement that allows all to exist in peace and joy in association.  Allow the intentions to resound between your field and the field of the land or sea.

  10. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Now intend in the Language of Light to tell the land that you need the best possible dream for the weather.  Intend to rebalance the elements of the land with those arising through your field from my aurora and the inner earth.  Intend that air water fire and earth elements along with ether vapor smoke and lava inverse elements find their way to the perfect balance to bring the weather to balance.  Intend that if there is need of more rain that the elements of water and vapor increase; if there is a need for more sun that the elements of fire smoke and fire increase; if there is a need of more wind that the elements of air and ether increase; if there is a need for greater grounding to our aurora intend that the element of earth and lava increase.

  11. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Bless the land waterways or sea again allowing the love to flow back and forth between you.  Bless each kingdom upon the land and allow the love to flow between you and the trees, plants and nature kingdoms, waterways or sea and their nature kingdoms.  Intend that the land or sea begin its process of self healing through love at this time.

  12. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Several nature kingdoms may show up in your awareness or in the physical to advise you.  Take the time to listen inward to what each kingdom has to say about your own process of ascension or life circumstance at this time.

  13. Inhale and exhale slowly.  Sit with the communion if body land and earth for as long as you wish.  As you are complete open your eyes and enjoy the beauty before departing for home.




We hope that you find that what we have shared is of use upon your personal path of ascension at this time.  Humans as a fully conscious species can direct the weather and the land movements.  Intend not only gentle land movements and change but the best possible weather for the regeneration of the whole.  For some regions this will call in more rain, or less rain; or more sun or less sun; or more wind or less wind to aid in the regeneration.  As we can work together towards global salve healing, it may be realized ahead beloved. This is the reason that we write today of what we have to share.


We bless you for your own self healing of whatever ails you at this time in your ascension.  Ascension is an ongoing process of self healing of the wounds of the past; whether the wounds are of this lifetime or of your ancestors matters not.  It is in the wounding of the loss of sustainable biology and thinking that all pain rests upon; as the memories of each fall are released then the pain is put behind you and you will rise into another level of vibration and biology that is more greatly balanced as well as healthy.  This is the path of ascension at this time upon our surface. 


We bless you for a complete ascension and thank you for contributing to global ascension by participating in the above meditation and in the sharing of the love between yourself and earth.  May we each succeed at our goal beloved of returning home to our Tao within.



Anasonya (The Inner Earth Consciousness)




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