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Wolf wanted me to channel and so here is the first in a series of three essays. I must say it is an interesting journey to listen inwards to hear what the kingdoms have to say and also to sense how the energies differ among them. I thank Wolf and I thank you for listening.




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Blessings For Homecoming in the NOW


The Wolf Kingdom through Henrik Westberg




We would like to speak about truth today. We are all on our way back to our truths you could say, or going home. Our way of finding our path is to look and see what went wrong and made us all end up in this creation of lawlessness. For all of you that have chosen to walk this path in human form you are searching through the records of your history so that you can have an understanding of why things happened as they did and then be able to forgive it all. For many this path of investigation brings shame or feelings of guilt to you and also the feeling of needing to blame another. As we see it, the feelings of shame and blame is only showing you that you have lost your perspective of what your truth really is.


Try to do a little exercise with us; take a few deep breaths so that you can ground yourself into the aurora and make contact to your over soul and come into the center of your field. And then lean yourself backwards into your heart and back into whom and what you really are. In leaning yourself into your heart like this, let go of all the shame and blame and all the thoughts of what you think you should be and do, to be enough. In leaning yourself backwards into your Tao truth you are all that you need to be to fulfill on what you came here to do. Whether you make contact with your Tao truth through your own Tao connection or through the help of the healing temples doesnít matter. We are all an expression of the infinite wisdom or the Tao and this is our truth.


What we see is that you often catch the illusion of your truth being what you are investigating. You are trying to express your truth as the one who picks up the records and looks at them and then you get caught emotionally and find yourself expressing the truth of an unfulfilled ancestor or the truth of one who perhaps created harm channeling the false gods and then you are on your way to blame yourself or another. Lean yourself back into your heart and let go of all your disturbing ancestral experiences. They are not your truth. Let go of all the false guidance that either tell you that you are too small and not worthy of this, or that your truth would be too big for you to handle. How could your truth be too big for you to handle? It is just as big as you need it to be to do what you came here to do.


Maybe there is an agreement to think of your truth as too big. This truth that we are talking about is beyond your limited holographic truth. Your holograms are something that you are working on reconstructing as you ascend because they have fallen and fractured in the falls in consciousness of humanity. But also they were not whole to begin with either. They were created in a way that would make us all go extinct. In being created in a laboratory weather you are of Grand Master or Red Nation hologram is the feeling of not being free to express who you are. There are agreements with the High Priests of Sirius who manufactured our Grand Master ancestors to give away your information so that you canít ascend. So lean yourself backwards and beyond these agreements. They are not in alignment with who you are.


In the feeling of not being enough or being too much for your own good there is also a tendency to please to have the right to exist like the archetype of Rosetti who tried to not be too much and to give away her information to the Anu family. She tried to please them by being entertaining or giving and not boring or selfish in the eyes of the Anu, and Onton who tried to be a good boy instead of a failure in the eyes of Athena. Or Persephone who thought she had to give away all her love to have the right to exist. There are polarities in these examples that you now in leaning yourself into your truth in your heart can let go of. You are enough. Your truth is bigger than you dare to accept. Break the agreements not to accept who you are.


Maybe these thought forms of being too little or too big also are expressed in the holographic manipulation that led to the Gurus, where the Red Nation archetype would try to contribute to the whole by making him or her self bigger than they were. And the Grand Masters trying to contribute to the whole by giving, as their agreements told them to do. You canít make yourself bigger than you are. There is no bigger or smaller in the truth of who you are. You canít measure it in big and small. It just is. And what you are here to do is to investigate the possibilities and limitations of your body and its holographic nature and its lineages that you chose. You chose the body that you have because you could see that this was something that you could contribute to the whole with, by examining it and because you could learn something from it yourself. So you could say that your body is your tool to find your way home and to let the whole consensus find its way home.


Maybe also the false gods that want you to channel them is an expression of the concept of bigger and smaller truth. They are trying to be something they are not and your ancestry has contributed to their power and they are trying to lead you forward into what they think is the best way, in their limited and mechanical state. They are of course a mirror to you and how off center you are, how far away from your truth that you are. So lean yourself back into your own truth and embrace the Law of the Tao. Take a deep breath and intend to envision or sense yourself expressing your truth in this life time and how that would feel and in what ways you could express yourself.


Yes this is a limited place to try to express oneself. And yes your body is limited and this is what we are all working ourselves out of, but still you can express yourself in a way that will show the world your truth. So envision and sense how you best could express yourself as an extension of your Tao within as you sit down and let go of all the expectations from others, or limitations that aren't real, or fear of not fitting in. Let all the love and joy and peace and honor and freedom flow through you as you cancel the agreements to channel the false gods and instead start channeling your truth.


Maybe also what we are really looking at is how we are now trying to cancel the polarities and coming into the middle path as the way to find our way home, and as you look closely at the polarities of bigger or smaller truth it is really striking how strange and unsupportive such a concept is and then in seeing it for what it is we can all cancel the polarities that bring us out of center of who we are. So take a deep breath and as you lean yourself back into who you are intend to cancel the polarities of bigger and smaller truth and also the medium polarity of appropriate or enough truth perhaps. Truth is truth and as you embrace it you can now feel how it feels to come home to what you are in the now.


Many blessings for your homecoming



The Wolf Kingdom



Henrik Westberg is a gifted healer of ascension. He offers consultations with focus on attuning to your own inner sweet music to heal and ascend.   Henrik is also a teacher of ascension and will teach a workshop in Sweden in September 10-12, 2010. You can reach Henrik at



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